Red Alice, After Class

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“Late again,” Hansika cried, attempting to button her silk blouse as she sprinted full speed through the eastern annex. Students scattered to the sides of the hallway, fully willing to make room for the reckless girl as she raced passed them. Humility is usually the better option when compared to being tackled. Luckily not a student was blown over for once, though one particularly clumsy girl did trip of her own accord.

Thoomb, with a heavy kick the young dancer flung the stairwell doors open, leaping past the first set completely before turning on pointe, then skipping the rest of the way down to the first floor. Flared heels had been a poor choice in footwear, something Hansika was now regretting, feeling a throbbing pressure in her ankle from the previous leap. But where could she have left her boots? Seemed they disappeared sometime the night before while out with Lynn and the girls. Perhaps they disappeared sometime in between taking shots in the common room and her deciding it would be smart to run barefoot through the hedge maze. Perhaps that would also explain sleeping in so late, along with the slight hangover.

It didn’t matter, Hansika had arrived at the rear entrance of the dressing room. If she were fast enough getting into her leotard, she could almost sneak in before the end of stretches. Mistress Lovetta never paid much attention during warmup, usually allowing the dancers to pair up and do their own thing. For an instructor she didn’t pay much attention to most things, which was fortunate given Hansika’s only available leotard had a large tear right above the thigh. Glaring at her exposed butt cheek in the changing room mirror, Hansika shrugged, slowly turning the handle to the studio door as she silently slipped in.

“Hanna,” a familiar voice yelped loudly. Across the room, positioned in a forward split, Lynn waved her arms wildly trying to gain her friend’s attention. Golden blond pigtails bounced as she rocked her head side to side, naive to how much unwanted attention she was calling.

Eyes rolled back in disbelief, Hansika hoped her hand gestures would get that point across. Sadly she only gained the attention of Lillian, who was more than eager to pester the poor girl.

“Someone wake up late?” Lillian was giddy with delight, more brighteyed than you’d expect considering she’d had an entire bottle of red to herself. This said a lot given the fact she was half the size of nearly everyone else in the entire program. “Either way it’s a pleasure for you to finally join us,” dipping low into a plie’, Lillian sarcastically bowed, clearly trying to garner attention from the back office. “I’ve already partnered up, but Lynn could really use some help with her stretches, and she does seem quite eager.”

“Right,” Hansika coldly replied, “I’ll get on that, thank you Lilly.” With a fake smile and a nod, the dancer made her way towards the back of the studio. Being partnered up with Lynn didn’t bother her, she had actually grown quite fond of her since joining the troupe. However What she couldn’t stand were spoiled, smart mouthed brats. Although Lynn was also a little bit of a smart mouth, and also a little bit cute.

“So, guess we overdid it last night?” Lynn was just as vigorous as Lillian, but at least she had the sense to show some compassion for her clearly hungover friend. Switching into a butterfly position, she quickly adjusted her outfit to avoid anything peaking out. Deciding to go with the thicker black leotard had been a choice in comfort, though the drawback was how often it would ride up in the rear given that the cut fully exposed her thighs and hips. Hansika didn’t mind the view at all, doing her best not to make it too obvious. “Sit on me?”

“What’s that?” Hansika was completely thrown off, not sure how she should approach the proposal.

Giggling, Lynn shook her head, “To help me stretch. Trying to get my forehead to touch the floor, I almost had it last semester but got lazy.”

Too embarrassed for words, Hansika moved behind Lynn, placing her hand upon the young girls bare shoulders. Sliding her fingers around to the collarbone, Hansika couldn’t help but notice how tight her friend’s neck was. In fact, Lynn was pretty muscular all around. It was to be expected given her floor game, however her thighs were especially large, which Hansika couldn’t help but admire, once more catching herself staring.

“Anytime now,” Lynn laughed.

“Oh, right.” Pushing. Pressing all of her weight down onto Lynn, she got in tight. Close enough to smell the sweet honey lavender scent that her friend must have sprayed on earlier that morning. It contrasted strongly with the burnt tobacco in her hair. Apparently she hadn’t been telling the truth when she told everyone she quit. It didn’t matter, Hansika loved her scent regardless, perhaps moving a bit too close to the neck without realising it. It didn’t matter, Lynn enjoyed the feeling of soft breathing behind her ear.

“Ladies,” Mistress Lovetta stood at the door, arms folded with that deep scowl she always wore. “I expect you to at least Eryaman Escort try to pretend to be proper when in my presence, you can flirt with one another after class. Right now I need you to line up with everyone else.” Brushing her long raven bangs away from her face, Lovetta moved towards the front of the studio, Lynn and Hansika quickly falling into line behind her.

Warm up would go by faster than usual, Mistress Lovetta was desperate to make up time before the upcoming performance. She was nervous, and had reason to be. The school was in need of more financing, a good performance could do the trick, but with these girls? Her dancers spent more time drinking than practicing, and it showed. Half of them couldn’t remember the routine, the other half couldn’t keep their balance due to being hung over, and Hansika clearly hadn’t stretched on top of showing up late. It didn’t matter, she’d probably lose her job anyway.

“Right then,” Mistress Lovetta clapped her hands together in front of her breasts, “let’s pair off.”

Lynn immediately grabbed Hansika by the wrist, wanting to claim her partner before anyone else got the chance. Unnecessary, considering no one else in that class had any interest in being paired with the ‘new girl’. Escorting her off to the side, the two began practicing their set as instructed. Despite the almost indistinguishable height advantage, as well as a much fuller body, Lynn didn’t want to lead. Planting Hansika’s hand firmly at her waist, she placed hers on her partner’s shoulder, leaning into her collar.

Pulling. Not missing the beat, Hansika gripped lynn firmly above the waist, their bodies locking tight as the two rocked their hips along to the monotone rhythm coming from the record player. Dissonant and distorted, the notes leaving that dinosaur of a phonograph twisted eerily, dragging out slowly with an od off tempo swing. Lynn pushed in deeper, rocking side to side with the vibrating hum of the cellos, not worrying much about the actual choreography.

An abrupt silence. “Ladies,” Mistress Lovetta scolded, “if it’s not too much trouble, would you mind practicing the steps we’ll actually be performing?” All eyes were on the pair, mostly looks of disappointment, though Lillian seemed to be absolutely gleeful. The entire time she watched, that stupid smile never left her face. “Right then, back to the top.”

Needle landing in position, the music wailed once more, dancers soberly waltzing one two three.

“I really like your perfume,” Lynn whispered into Hansika’s ear, nearly throwing the dancer off balance. “Wanna say vanilla, but there’s something like a faint coffee aroma.” Pulling in tighter she nuzzled her nose into Hansika’s copper brunette hair, breathing in her scent. Sure Lynn was drawing just a tiny bit of attention, but she also made doubly sure not to lose step, she was a professional after all.

“Thank you,” Hansika replied, pulling close in herself. “I noticed your perfume earlier as well.”

“Yeah, could tell,” a soft laugh. “Not that I mind, I think it’s cute how obvious you can be sometimes.” Hand slipping lower, she now found herself hovering just above Hansika’s left breast. Not in a way that would cause a scene mind you, but just close enough to get the hint across. Both dancers found themselves flush in the face, but continued to play shy, admiring each other’s bodies and they spun round one another. Hansika’s frame was especially thin compared to her partner’s, ribs showing through her sheer leotard as she raised her arms high above, continuing to pirouette quickly in succession. Maybe that’s what Lynn liked about her, she wasn’t a model by any standards, but still so adorable.

Moving back towards one another, the dancers clasped their hands together before embracing. Hips swaying, one two three, they continued to swing to that eerie, off kilter beat. They were perfectly in sync, bodies working together in tanthom, almost as if they were one. Perhaps today wouldn’t be so bad afterall?

Riiiip, with a flick of her tiny wrist, Lillian had wrapped her finger around the tear in Hansika’s leotard, gashing it wide open, exposing her.

“You stupid bitch,” Hansika swung around, slapping Lillian’s arm away as she broke form. Fist clenched, she was more than ready to swing before reason caught hold.

“Hansika,” Mistress Lovetta scolded once more, “I’ve put up with more than enough from you today. How does staying after class to clean out the rear storage room sound?”

“But, Lilly grabbed by uniform, and,”

“Enough, I’m not hearing another word.” Lovetta was already over it, resetting the record needle once more. There would be no arguing, it was time to get back in position, “Once more from the top.”

The rest of class was as awkward as one would think, but Hansika pushed through, keeping her mouth shut and her mind focused. Lovetta eventually let up, focusing back on the rest of the class, but at that point she was much too nervous to take anymore chances flirting with Lynn. Throw Sincan Escort in the fact that half of her ass was now hanging out due to the tear in her leotard, and she was doubly anxious, unaware that this only made Lynn stare at her body even more. It didn’t matter, soon the bell would ring and she could slink back into the dressing room for a change of clothing.

“Can’t believe the nerve that stupid twat,” Hansika stomped about the rear of the studio, buttoning her blouse for the second time that day. At least this time around she took a moment to line the clasps up correctly, before loosely tucking the hem into her skirt, then adjusted the unusually stiff collar in her mirror. She wouldn’t bother with the stockings, or shoes in fact. Running about the storage room with her slippers would be more than acceptable, and there was no way in hell she was about to let herself carry heavy equipment in heels.

Pushing her way towards the back, the dancer got to work folding costumes and categorising stage props. Thankfully none of the other girls were around to disturb her, deciding it was best to leave while Hansika received a very angry lecture from Mistress Lovetta. A mixed blessing some would say. It really wouldn’t take all that long to do the simple task she’d been given, more a chore of principle, but the alone time was good for her. It was nice to have a moment to relax in silence every now and again.

Click, the door to the storage room began to creak open, Letting in the glow of the studio’s bright overheads.

“Hey, Hanna,” that familiar voice chimed, “you’re still here, right?” Skipping into the room to an inaudible beat, Lynn bounced about the room before hopping up onto a large storage chest. “Would have joined you a bit sooner, but I wanted to make sure Miss Lovetta was gone for the evening, not dealing with that headache.” Pausing herself midthaught, she took a moment to adjust her top, making sure she hadn’t spilt out during all her bouncing.

Hansika wouldn’t have been all that upset, fixated on her friends cleavage. She felt almost childish. It’s not like she’d never seen another woman naked, in fact it was something so common that it was surprising she’d even take a second glance. But still, Lynn did look amazing in that sundress, the shear material perfectly molded to her thick curves, and the low shoulder cut pushed her breasts up in just the right way. To bad it was early february, a walk out in the botanical would be nothing short of magic. Only the two of them, dancing out under the moonlight.

“You day dreamin’ again?” Lynn snapped her fingers trying to get her friend to make eye contact. “Guess you really did drink too much last night. Sorry love, didn’t mean to make you over do it.”

“What? No,” Hansika replied, “it’s not that, I’m just a bit distracted. Last night was a blast. That drunken sing along in the common room, priceless. I just need to learn to hold my liquor.”

“Well, as long as you had fun, that’s all that matters.” Lynn kicked her legs back and forth, still hyper from class. “Hey,” she continued, “before I forget, you left your boots in my room, maybe you could swing by and grab them tonight?”

“My boots?” Hansika was dumbstruck, she had no recollection of being in Lynn’s room, most likely blacking out that part of the evening. “How’d they wind up in your room?”

Hoping down from her perch, Lynn approached her friend with the largest grin ever, “You really don’t remember? You’re gonna make me cry Hanna.” Aggressive and eye’s full of fire, she now somehow appeared to tower over Hansika, pushing her back into a shelving unit. Forehead to forehead, she bit down on her lip, enjoying the anxious look on her friend’s face. “Do you remember this?” Pulling her hair out of the way, Lynn exposed several small bruises along the side of her neck, hidden earlier by her practice leotard. “You can be pretty rough.”

“I, really had no idea,” Hansika nervously responded, embarrassed she couldn’t recall her encounter.

“Relax, nothing happened. Well, we did kiss, a lot actually, but that’s fine.” Softly grabbing Hansika by the chin, she pulled in close, making sure she had the girl’s full attention. “Trully, I don’t mind, you’re actually pretty good. Your lips are so soft.”

Hansika stuttered, even if she could find words they could never leave her mouth, not with Lynn’s thumb delicately massaging her lower lip. Her thoughts were hazy, a mixture of getting swept up in the moment and sleep deprivation. Eitherway, she was entranced, sheepishly kissing and suckling at Lynn’s thumb.

“Hanna,” Lynn gasped, she was giddy, shocked by her friends sudden confidence, “I had no idea you were so, eager.”

“We can stop if you want,” Hansika half heartedly proposed, kissing along her friend’s palm and down her wrist. She had no plans of further hiding her intentions, now moving into Lynn’s bare collar bone, continuing her work from the other night.

“No, no, keep going,” Lynn moaned, “I really was just playin’ with you, but Etlik Escort I’m glad you went and called me on my bluff.”

It was all innocent at first. Their kisses were short, barely making contact as they nervously felt eachother out. With each brief encounter they pressed harder and harder, until Hansika couldn’t help but make a move, pushing her tongue into her partner’s mouth. Not wanting to be one upped, Lynn pushed back hard, quickly winning the wrestling match and taking over.

“That tongue!” Hansika squealed as Lynn threw her onto the clothing chest, burying her in an avalanche of raw fabrics. Jumping on top, Lynn flung the large spools out of her way, before continuing her assault of kisses.

The two wrestled back and forth, knocking stage props about, accidentally letting a hand slip every so often. To Lynn’s shock and dismay, Hansika was easily able to take control in the end, rolling on top and pinning her arms high above.

Momentarily lost in a trance, Hansika stared deeply into Lynn’s eyes, loosening her grip. “I’ve never noticed how blue your eyes are, Almost like staring into the ocean. They’re beautiful.”

“They’re bloodshot from all the laughter.”

“Oh, fuck you,” Hansika giggled, tightening her grip as she slid her chin down toaward Lynn’s sternum.

“What are you?”

Before the question could be heard, Hansika pressed her jaw into Lynn’s chest, shaking her head side to side and sending the helpless girl into a frenzied laughter.

“Stop that you ass,” Lynn cackled wildly, “you’re going to make me piss myself.” Thrashing about wildly, she managed to break free, gripping Hansika tightly by the shoulders and flipping her around, taking control. Stradling Hansika by the waist,she pulled her face towards her’s, their lips locking together once more as she buried her tongue deeply. There was a passionate wanting in their kisses, Lynn had been on Hansika’s mind since the very first night they spent together, and judging by the way they both moved their hips you could tell the feeling was mutual.

Not one to waste time, Hansika moved her lips to Lynn’s navel, pulling her top down, freeing her large breasts. Her tongue danced around Lynn’s belly button, cold fingers running down her rib cage. Continuing to kiss upwards, the dancer gently massaged her partner’s chest, teasing at her inverted nipple as she rolled her thumb around them. “You sure you’re okay with this?”

Lynn gripped Hansika by the wrists, pulling her closer. “Come here,” she invited, kissing her partner deeply as she grabbed her by the ass, grinding her thigh into the girl’s crotch.

Trying to hide her moans, Hansika softly kissed and licked at Lynn’s nipples, trying to lure them out of hiding. Her Hands moved lower, fingers running down the girls ribs and waistline, before removing her simple cotton panties and tossing them across the room. Massaging the inside of Lynn’s thighs, she took a moment to admire how perfectly trim the girl kept herself. “I almost get the impression you planned this out,” Hansika sarcastically remarked, teasing at Lynn’s smooth outer labia.

“I like to stay groomed,” Lynn quickly turned her head away, attempting to hide her flush red face.

“Uh huh,” Hansika rolled her eyes, delivering a quick bite to Lynn’s inner thigh before returning to her breast. Her tongue and lips continued to tenderly caress Lynn’s nipples, her fingers moving vigorously between the young girls thighs.

Lynn’s moans were soft and short, “Hanna,” she begged, pulling her hand further up. Taking the hint, Hansika began moving her fingers along lynn’s lips, occasionally slipping the tips of her thin digits in, inciting beautiful soprano moans. “Why do you keep teasing?” Lynn whined, tugging harder as Hansika plunged her fingers deeper, pulling on her g-spot. “Yes, right there. Keep doing that.” Her hips shifted, thighs quivering as they rocked.

“That was pretty fast,” Hansika lauged, continuing to massage her friend’s most sensitive areas.

“I love this, I knew I would,” Lynn cried, their lips meeting, pushing deeply once more. “Why are you so wonderfully soft? Kissing you feels amazing, I can’t stop myself. It’s not fair.” Her panting gained in volume, legs slowly spreading on their own, reacting to the pleasure. Lynn was nearly there, “Please, just a little more,” she whispered into her lover’s ear. Hansika pulled back hard, biting down on Lynn, causing her body to instantly tighten, writhing in pleasure as she peaked.

“There we go,” Hansika whispered, nibbling on Lynn’s ear as she began working her clit. She’d never been with someone so wet, and Lynn’s bedroom voice was even more of a turn on. In class she tried to throw in a bit of bass, attempting to come off more mature than her peers, this version of Lynn was surprisingly sweet, almost innocent. “Hey,” Hansika paused, giving her partner a moment to catch her breath, “would you, be okay if I got on top?”

Not wanting to appear greedy, Lynn lay herself back, allowing Hansika to position herself above her. It wasn’t as if she didn’t want to return the favor, in truth she had very little experience with other women, and Hansika was so good. “Fuck,” she gasped, thrown off by how quickly her partner had gotten back into things. Trying to keep up, she began shyly licking at Hansika’s inner lips. Just barely making contact, sometimes even missing completely.

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