Retiring Boss Has Last Dance

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It was the end of a working era for me. I had been Mr. Crowe’s secretary for three years but he was retiring. He retired the day before the annual dinner. This year the dinner would double as a celebration of his retirement.

Mr. Crowe was 70 and a gentleman. I had loved working for him. Every morning he would greet me with a fatherly smile. He would look me up and down and nearly always compliment me on my appearance. I loved his appreciation and never felt uncomfortable or threatened by his attention. As time went on I started to dress more and more in a way that I hoped he would like. Somehow, I knew he was a stockings man. Work was the only time I wore stockings. (Well except a couple of times when Steve, my husband, insisted that I wore them while taking me from behind.) My skirts or dresses got a little shorter while remaining totally decent. My clothing was always a little formal but aimed to show my body off to my boss. Over the last few months I had taken the opportunity to occasionally give him at least a view of my stocking tops. If I was wearing something low cut I ensured that I positioned myself so that he could get the best view possible. I hoped that he might just have got the odd glimpse of a nipple. If he did get an exciting view he never made anything of it. I did get a little thrill myself from my gentle teasing.

Steve was teasing me as I started to get dressed. He said that I should give the old man a really exciting send off. Stockings were a given. Steve insisted that I wore my sexiest, close fitting dress. This was not work wear. The previous time I had worn it Steve had insisted that I wore no panties. Remembering this I quickly addressed this.

“If you think I am going to a works dinner with no panties on you can forget it.”

With an evil smile he surprised me by answering.

“I completely agree. You must wear panties as we would not like to risk your vibrator dropping out while you are dancing.”

I laughed until I realized that he was serious about me going to the dance with my “c shaped” vibrator buzzing away between my legs. The idea shocked me but excited me at the same time. Surely, as exciting as the thought was it was just not on. But the thought was so exciting that I didn’t fight Steve who was dead set on it. If Steve had realized how excited it was making me feel he would have taken me there and then. I would have welcomed it.

It then hit me that it was a dress that a bra would completely ruin the look of. Nobody at work had ever seen me dressed in anything really sexy. I would feel exposed and vulnerable but incredibly sexy. My makeup had to match the dress and by the time we left the house it did. We were in great danger of being very late leaving as Steve took great care inserting my vibrator into my very aroused pussy. I was concerned that I was so wet that the vibrator would not stay in place. With the right panties I did eventually feel comfortable and confident. By the time we had driven to the hotel Steve had run both the vibrator and me through our paces.

Leaving my coat in the hotel cloakroom I felt almost naked as I walked towards the door. Mr. Crowe was a welcoming committee of one. As we approached him his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

“Mrs. Bainbridge is that really you, you look absolutely ah…..absolutely ah……. wonderful. Steven, good to see you again. I must say that your wife has been the perfect secretary over the last few years. She always made it a joy to come into work.”

“Oh I am so pleased that you appreciated all of my wife’s skills and assets. She is really a very special woman. I know that she has always loved working for you and she will miss you.”

I shot Steve a look that told him not to say anything more. He was looking me up and down paying special attention to my nipples that had decided at this very moment to become almost painfully erect. This had not gone unnoticed by the older man who seemed confused as he tried to drag his eyes away. When he finally succeeded he very quietly said “lovely” as if he had meant to only think it.

As Steve and I made to find our table on the edge of the dance floor Mr. Crowe enquired “I do so hope you allow me the first and last dance tonight.” It was Steve who jumped in with

“Claire would not break that well established tradition. She was just telling me earlier she was excited and looking forward to dancing with you.”

Steve had been in a playful mood all evening. As we walked across the room his smile changed just fractionally before I was hit by the vibrator jumping into life. I managed to hardly break stride as the vibrator teased the area a couple of inches inside my pussy at the same time as buzzing my appreciative clit. As I sat down Steve eased the control onto a higher setting. It felt so good and so naughty I had to stop myself from grinding again my chair.

He went off to get some drinks leaving the vibrator active. I found it very difficult to hold a coherent conversation when one of the other director’s and her husband sat down at the table. Her husband (Bert) asked me whether I was okay as he said that I looked very flushed. Much eskort topkapı to my horror when I looked down I was very red down to and including my chest. From the angle I was looking the dress looked very low cut. My always very large nipples were not only very clearly poking through my dress but also getting very close to popping out of the top. It took a couple of minutes before I was able to adjust my dress discreetly.

I was not only flushed but I was flustered, scared that I would orgasm before Steve returned and I could get the toy switched off. He seemed to take forever before seeing me and switching the vibrator right off. The relief was immense. I had never been so pleased to avoid having an orgasm. The table filled up and conversation was much easier. The Bert was very attentive which seemed to annoy her.

I was almost relieved when Mr. Crowe finished welcoming people and offered me his hand. The first dance was always just the MD and his secretary. A buzz went round the room as we walked out onto the dance floor. I felt very self-conscious as my dress was doing nothing to hide how erect and huge my excited nipples were. This was not helped when the inevitable happened and my pussy was ignited. As always Mr. Crowe held me well away from his body. He even used a hanky in his hand behind my back to ensure my dress didn’t get sweaty. On this occasion I was not going to be treated like a china doll.

“Mr. Crowe let’s make this dance a little more intimate.”

With this I moved much closer, even moving one of my legs between his. His whole body stiffened and he went to move away. I didn’t let him and his struggle was short lived. I was delighted that I could clearly feel either a huge penis or more likely an erection. He even held me closer and I couldn’t resist upping the ante. My pussy was buzzing and I hardly trusted my voice as I said

“I am so pleased that my body has excited you. It feels like you have a lovely erection.”

“Mrs. Bainbridge what has got into you? You cannot ask me about that.”

“There is one nice thing about you retiring and that is you are not my boss any more which means I can ask you and you are free to get excited by my body. Please tell me that it is an erection I am feeling, if not you must be huge.”

“I would have to have ice running through my veins not to be excited by you right now. I am so sorry my dear I am so embarrassed. I do have an erection and it feels so wonderful after all these years. Would you like to stop dancing with me?”

“I would be very disappointed if you were not at least a little bit aroused. I don’t want to stop, I want to feel lots more of your erection as we dance.”

Was he really saying this was his first erection for years? I wanted to tell him how excited that made me feel. I wanted to tell him how my pussy was being aroused by my vibrator. I decided he had been shocked enough for the time being. He was holding me close now and I was ensuring that I made as much contact with his erection as I could. He wasn’t fighting the contact but neither was he seeking more.

“My dear you may not work for me any more but you really should not be doing what you are right now.”

He was clearly fighting to remain the gentleman, but I felt that I could encourage him to loose that fight, at least while we danced. I asked him again whether he wanted to stop dancing with me. He said nothing but for the first time he moved subtly to ensure he was maximizing my contact with his erection. Now I not only knew he was fully erect but also that he was far from insubstantial. I was delighted by this turn of events. The combination of rubbing myself up against an erection and Steve playing me with the vibrator was incredibly arousing. I was in no danger of having an orgasm, something that the vibrator had caused on numerous occasions, but I felt very receptive and alive. We almost cuddled as the dance approached its end. This old man was making me feel secure at the same time as aroused. I had to shake myself out of this contentment as I had plans for the last dance.

“I want to ensure that the last dance tonight is something you will remember forever. If you take to the floor with me you must know that I am going to talk you through a fantasy that I hope will arouse you as much as I know it will me. If you are not up for that then do not accept my invitation to dance.”

“My dear you are teasing an old man to distraction. I don’t know whether I can accept your offer, your challenge.”

I told him he had the rest of the evening to decide. It was the tradition that the invitation to have the last dance was made by the secretary not the MD. I was certain he would not reject the invitation.

During the evening Steve danced with the director he was sitting next to. This left me with little option but to accept Bert’s invitation to dance. I did make it clear to Steve that I would kill him if he dared to employ the vibrator during this dance. For once he complied with my wish. Bert was a little bit handsy for my liking and I had to make it quite clear to him that he needed to back off. After this dance I got bayan escort a number of invites to dance. Even the office stud, an arrogant young sod who always treated me as if I was too old to warrant his attention, asked Steve whether he could dance with me. This angered me on so many fronts.

“Surely I am far too old for a young stud like you to dance with. Have you run out of young innocent girls to apply your legendary charms to?”

“Well I have never seen you looking so let’s say perky as you are tonight. I hoped you would enjoy a dance, you certainly appeared to enjoy dancing with old Mr. Crowe.”

With this he made a big show of staring at my boobs as he walked off. I had won the battle of words but this was undermined by the fact that my nipples were alarmingly aroused and hard at just the wrong moment. Steve found the whole interaction funny but did point out that I was indeed looking very perky.

I did accept a number of dances from colleagues. There were lots of compliments about how I was looking most of which were nicely worded and I was happy to accept. Steve did say he wanted the next to last dance with me. He said he wanted to make sure I was “prepared” for the last dance. By this he meant he wanted to dance and use the vibrator such that my tortured pussy and clit were pleading to be allowed to deliver the orgasm that the whole evening had been building me towards. I even told him that I couldn’t wait until we got home. I was going to insist that he simply pulled my dress up to my waist and entered me from behind with absolutely no foreplay. The vibrator would be left in place while he fucked me senseless. His laugh suggested he had slightly different plans but that he had loved the vision I had created.

The band announced the last dance and I walked over to Mr. Crowe with my hand held out as an invitation. For a split second I thought I had frightened him off but the smile that spread across his face made it clear that this was far from what he was thinking. The floor filled up as nearly everyone decided to enjoy the last dance. I was pleased that we would not be the center of attention for this dance, as I wanted it to be a very special one. One that Mr. Crowe would remember. One that anyone in his position would remember. One that I would remember.

It was, as always, a slow dance and I did not need to encourage old Mr. Crowe to get close to me. He almost wrapped himself round me and we found the comfortable position that maximized the contact between my excited pussy and his erection.

“My fantasy starts at the end of a working day. For some reason I am dressed as I am now. I walk round your desk and ease your chair away from your desk. I then face away from you and stretch myself across your desk. Reaching behind me I slowly inch my tight dress up until you get the full view of my black suspenders. My dress goes on getting higher until you can see my black panties stretched across my bottom.”

I was really getting into the fantasy that I was whispering into his ear. The vibrator was doing its job between my legs. I was gutted when he held me a little tighter and told me to stop. I had got him all wrong and made a complete idiot of myself.

“No dear you have made a lovely start but let me change a couple of things. I want this to be my fantasy.”

This was fine by me. He was clearly as into this as I was. I relaxed and let him take up the fantasy.

“You are not dressed like tonight, as stunning as you look, you are dressed in one of your usual lovely work dresses as you stretch yourself across my desk. You do not pull your dress up but leave me to do so. Pushing my chair forward I reach forward and gently grip the back of each knee with a hand. The stocking feel so sexy as I slide my hands upwards towards the hem of your dress. I cannot resist starting again at yours knees but this time carry on upwards until I feel the stocking tops that are still hidden by you dress. By know my erection has become painful. I carry on upwards uncovering not only the stocking tops but also your beautiful bottom that is covered by pretty but not small panties. These are panties that I have received exciting but fleeting glimpses in the past. I gently kiss these panties in the middle of both of you full beautiful cheeks. I am embarrassed to admit that I love the sweet smell of your arousal.

You ease your hips off the desk as I take the waistband of your panties on either side. When I have the panties turned inside out but still not free from your pussy I pause to take the view in. I know that view will stay with me always. My erection is demanding that I move things forward. As I take your panties off your feet, leaving your high heels in place, you move your legs apart. I want to drink in the increased aroma that alone would keep my erection rock hard. There are so many thoughts of what I want to do to you right at this moment. So many things that I have fantasized about over the last three years. The overriding urge is for me to make love to you. I know I must arouse you to ensure that you are excited enough for it to be comfortable and enjoyable for you. Almost escort mecidiyeköy reluctantly I run my fingers from your bottom right round in an attempt to find your clit. You are so wet and swollen I cannot locate your clitoris but realize that you are so aroused I have no need to excite you further. This was confirmed when you ask me almost politely to please fuck you. You spread your legs even wider as I offered my penis up to your, your eh, pussy. There was little resistance as I eased into your warm body. I was very quickly pushed deeply inside your welcoming body. We settle into a rhythm that clearly suits as both. I want this to last forever but my unstoppable orgasm is fast approaching. I am going to cum, I am sorry, I am going to cum so hard, I am sorry here it comes.”

I had been living the fantasy right from when he had started telling it. I felt our excitement both in the fantasy but also on the dance floor. It was then that I realized that his announcement applied as much to the dance floor as it did the fantasy. He was rubbing his erection firmly against me and the sudden tension in his body left me in no doubt. He was going to orgasm right there in my arms. What a buzz for me. As I felt his body roll through his orgasm his legs gave out and I had to support him to prevent him collapsing. The noises of pure sexual pleasure that he made were beautiful. After a few seconds his legs started to support him again. It was just in time because as I rubbed against his leg my orgasm started to build uncontrollably. I am not sure whether the vibrator was now switched up higher but it was high enough as I hung myself on his shoulders and came violently. I tried to keep my body from appearing to be suffering the violence of a beautiful orgasm, but was far too consumed in the pleasure to do a good job. It was his turn to support me. The music finished just as he hugged me as if in a parting gesture but mainly to stop me from being a heap on the floor. We staggered back to our seats to be welcomed by Steve who had a wicked smile on his face. He had sat out the last dance with controller in hand. I was so embarrassed but needed to know how obvious we had been. Steve didn’t keep me guessing as he said,

“Well that was a fitting climax to the evening. I do so hope you both enjoyed that dance as much as you appeared to. Mr. Crowe you look very tired dancing like that can be exhausting.”

I wanted to shut Steve up but given what I had just done did not feel justified to challenge him. The evening was winding down and I just wanted to be home. Mr. Crowe thanked me again for my service over the years. There was just a little twinkle in his eye as he said this but the smile was once again fatherly. As we went to part his son Mr. Crowe junior joined the three of us. His smile was warm but a long way from fatherly. He drank in my body making me feel vulnerable and almost naked.

“I do so look forward to you starting as my secretary from Monday. You do look stunning tonight my dear.”

“Thank you Mr. Crowe I too look forward to working for you.”

“I am not Mr. Crowe, I am Stephen. I am sure you will find me very different than my father to work with. I do have one request of you; promise me that you will wear that dress to the annual dance next year. I cannot wait to enjoy the last dance as much as my dad seemed to this evening.”

His words said so much about how he saw my future. It frightened me but it did peek my interest just a little. It did make me question whether everybody in the room understood what had just happened? I wanted more than ever to be home.

Steve told me to say nothing as we drove home but set the vibrator onto a medium setting. As we went through the front door it was me telling him not to say a word. I walked into the lounge and simply knelt down in the middle of the floor with my head and chest on the floor and my bottom as high in the air as I could get it.

“Just pull my dress up, adjust my panties, leave the vibrator where it is and fuck the living daylights out of me. Say nothing and just take your pleasure.”

He did exactly what I said, turning the toy up to max. It was the briefest but most explosive fuck we had ever had. I reached my orgasm with frightening ease as I fantasized about Mr. Crowe taking me over his desk. Steve was very noisy through out his powerful ejaculation. We were in bed within minutes and I promised to tell Steve everything when we woke.

In the morning he woke me with a cup of coffee and a huge smile. He was cuddled up on his side with me on my back as I started to try and tell him about the dance. He was delighted to hear every detail with no hint of anger or jealousy only great excitement. I started to talk him through the fantasy that Mr. Crowe had told me. He shifted his position enough to enter me from below and beside me. No foreplay was required and he made love to me with gentleness in stark contrast to the night before. It was lovely to take our time. He played with my nipples and my clit but in a non-demanding way. He was not so much teasing me, as he often does; he was just keeping me just below boiling point. As the fantasy progressed to its climax he asked me if I would like to cum. It was a very strange question but somehow perfect to just encourage me to move slowly to my anticipated orgasm. He moved with me and we cuddled as we shared our very intense but quiet climaxes.

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