Road to the Sun Ch. 06

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 or older.

Comments and votes are welcome. Thank you.

I would like to thank GrandTeton for his editing and guidance and time spent.

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Road to the Sun: Chapter 06


James was dog-ass tired. This past Monday he had found a job working for a construction company that was redoing ‘Going to the Sun Road’ in Glacier National Park. It wasn’t what he really wanted to do, but it was money. Working as a ‘strong back’ paid well. Lugging materials from trucks to the work site was a simple matter. The first part of the week anyhow. The last two days, that was a different story. It rained, well, that is, when it didn’t snow. Today it was snowing. It started off with just a few flurries, making the scenic drive more beautiful. James had never seen snow and loved it at first. Now, not so much. He had slipped and slid most of the afternoon. He was glad that today was his last day of the work week. He knew it was only a temporary job to begin with, but the siblings needed the cash; only two more weeks to go.

The eight hundred bucks that he now had in his pocket was going to go a long way, so he hoped. Even though he was tired, he planned to take his sisters out to eat. He just hoped that the snow stopped before too long. He had told his sisters to be ready around five thirty. That was the time he expected to be home. It was already five thirty-five and he was still walking to his truck. He hadn’t accounted for the time that he had to wait in line to be paid. Tension at home had been running a bit high over the last week. Melody and Claire had stopped talking to each other. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but he hoped a good meal together would help.

Finally in his truck, he took a deep breath and headed for home. When he got to the intersection and turned right, he noticed the lodge. Gas pumps out front, a sign for a restaurant and gift shop; he had found where they would have dinner. He didn’t figure that Claire would want to eat at the same place she worked at. He also had another bright idea.

A little bit further down the road, he passed a Park Ranger’s SUV. He tried to look at the driver when they passed but didn’t get a good look. Looking in his rear-view mirror, he noticed that the SUV fishtailed a few times before the driver got it back under control. When the Park Ranger continued on its way, he took a deep breath and went home.


Mariah Brines was glad that she could find a spot on the side of the road to park while she to calm her nerves. She felt dumb for losing control of her duty vehicle, but when she saw the man who had been the star of her fantasies for last several weeks, she got distracted. Feeling a bit giddy at the knowledge that he was still in the area, she put the vehicle in drive, and the thing sputtered and died. She tried a few more times and it still would not start. She jumped out and kicked the driver’s side door several times, cursing it. When that didn’t sate her temper, she drew her weapon and fired!


A rumbling in Melody’s gut let her and her sisters know that they all should have had some lunch. The three of them were looking forward to getting out of the small cabin that they called home. She had only been out of the cabin twice since they moved in, the first time, to turn in the large rental truck; the second time was just this past Monday. She had needed to get away from her sister Claire. So, she got her brother to go to town with her. When they reached the gate to the property and stopped the pickup, Melody crawled across the seat and kissed James.

She was in love with him, plain and simple. The kiss that they both shared proved their love for each other. She had always thought of herself as a lezzy because she had never been interested in boys. Since she had started to explore her sexuality with her twin sister Cindy, she had found other females to be attractive. From their soft lips to the general female form, everything about a woman made Melody want them. There was, however, one male that she had discovered that she was interested in: her brother. She went out of her way to spend time with him. When she found out he wasn’t doing anything on a weekend, she would not set up a date for herself. They would spend their time together holding hands and going to the movies. She always gave him a peck on the lips.

Last weekend everything changed, for the good and the bad. Melody and her brother fell in love and consummated that love on the creek bank. They continued their sexual awaking most of the weekend. She and her twin also discovered their love for each other. She and Cindy had had sex before, but then they made love with each other, more shattering than any sex she’d ever indulged. Both of those events she considered as very positive. The downside part hurt Melody. The way she looked at it, Claire had taken advantage of James. He had rejected her advances and she kept trying. When pendik escort Claire had attempted to follow James to the barn on Monday, Melody had been livid. She got her brother to go to town with her instead.

The kiss at the gate was passionate and fierce. She wanted to desperately have him inside her, but since she was menstruating at the time, she lavished her attention on his cock. She had done that very act on him once before on that weekend. She had never sucked a cock till then. Since it looked like an extra-large clit, she treated it as one, kissing it and licking it and trying to take it all into her mouth and then suck on it. She would try one and then another and sometimes all at the same time. She loved the feel of it, the heat of it pressed to her face, and the taste. Oh yes, the taste, the taste of her lover, nothing could compare; it was all James, all of it, and she loved it. Monday was no different, and she made love to him through his cock, and she was rewarded for it. She drank his juice eagerly.

When James came into the yard, Cindy forced everyone else out the door and into the SUV, for which Melody was grateful. She took shotgun and everyone else jumped in the back. If Claire had taken shotgun or if she had been forced to sit next to Claire, there would have been a fight.


Cindy was tired, not physically, really, but mentally. Children fight, that’s just the nature of things. Thankfully, the four of them didn’t fight very often, well… not as often as other brothers and sisters did, at least that’s what Cindy thought. Ever since Monday afternoon, Cindy had been dealing with a headache. The type that sets in right behind your eyes. She had done her best to try to keep the peace. Her oldest sister, Claire, was not the one that she had to worry about; it was her twin. Melody, it seemed, had reverted to some child having a temper-tantrum. She refused to speak to Claire for some reason. She had decided to use Cindy as a ‘go-between’. After doing so for the last four days, Cindy was tired of it. And looking forward to dinner.


The restaurant at the lodge was packed and Claire was happy that they got the last available table. They had all ordered bison steaks; they were incredible, just melted in her mouth. She had been a bit worried that things between her and her sister would be awkward but they were rather civil. They were currently discussing dessert when the whole restaurant started to sing ‘Happy Birthday’.

Everyone in the restaurant was standing and singing and the siblings felt compelled to stand and sing as well. When the crowd yelled: “Happy One Hundred and Twelfth Birthday Grandma!”, Claire knew that she shared the same look of surprise as her siblings when they all looked at each other.

She had to see who it was. She placed her knee on her seat, held the chair’s back and waited for everyone to sit. There in the middle of the room, sitting in a wheelchair and wearing a white deerskin dress, decorated with red and blue beads, sat the oldest woman that Claire had ever seen. The old woman looked as if she had just stepped out of one of the old black and white pictures that hung in the cafe where she worked. She had feathers hanging on the side of her head, hair that on most people that age should have been white, but was still almost a raven black. Lines on her face told the tale of a hard life.

Finally sitting back in her seat, she noticed that her brother and sisters had started to talk about dessert once again, but before they could choose, a piece of birthday cake was brought to each of them. When James asked for the check an older man came to the table and asked if everyone had enjoyed dinner. When they said yes, he said glad that they enjoyed it and tore up the bill. Then he had told them that everyone had a free dinner due to the special night.

“Anyone who sang Happy Birthday to Grandma gets a free meal.”

Claire was happy and so were her siblings, so much so that Melody was even talking to her again. The time went by faster than what everyone would have liked, and they only had a chance to spend a few moments in the gift shop till the SUV was warm. The snow wasn’t sticking to the roads and the trip home was uneventful for the most part. James’ yawning seemed to be contagious and drew several giggles from everyone after a few rounds of group yawns.


Melody woke to a dark and cold room. Her nose was cold and ran a bit. After rubbing her eyes, she found the fire almost out. Reluctantly crawling out from under the covers, she rebuilt the fire and looked back towards the bed. She wanted to go back to sleep, but her bladder told her otherwise. She turned on the converter and made her way to the sink. The floor was colder than hell and so was the far side of the cabin. She pumped the water pump’s handle for a good while before she could get water to come out. She filled the coffee pot with water and set it on the fire, then she got dressed and headed for the outhouse.

She escort pendik was pissed! The space heater had not come on. After flipping its switch several times, she concluded that the battery was dead. With the toilet seat far too cold to sit on, she hovered over it and did her business. When she got back, the warmth of the cabin felt good, but she still made coffee. Not wanting the pot to get knocked over, she took it back over to the sink. It was still cold as fuck on that side. Worried that the pipes would freeze, she built a fire in the wood stove. She moved back to the fireplace and sat on the edge of the king-sized mattress and stared at the fire while drinking her coffee.

Melody sat there thinking about lots of things; her relationship with her brother was perhaps the primary thought. Cindy, and how she loved her just as much as her brother. She kept them company in her mind. There was no way that she knew of to keep her love for one secret from the other. She wanted to have them both, forever, and the only way that might happen is if they both knew she loved them both. Hopefully they would come to love each other the way she loved them both. She went to take a drink of her coffee and noticed that the cup was empty. She got up and brought the pot back to the fireplace to heat up again.

Now with a warm cup of coffee, her thoughts returned to James and Cindy. She didn’t want to hide her love for one from the other. She wanted to be able to show that love openly and freely with them both and with the world. How much simpler life would be if they both loved each other as well. ‘Wait…what? Cindy and James in love with each other?’ Melody couldn’t help but smile at that thought. She quickly realized that it didn’t bother her in the least. Jealousy didn’t even pop up its evil head.

Another thought that ran through her head was about Claire. Yeah, she was doing things to James after he told her no, but Melody couldn’t begrudge her sister’s love for him either. How could she herself deny her sister the right? After all, you don’t choose who you fall in love with. Melody decided that she was going to have to talk to Claire after all. It was mildly depressing to realize that she’d acted like a child with Claire, that she’d been jealous and possessive and plain rude to her sister. She did love Claire, even if not quite the same way she loved Cindy and James.

She reached for the coffee pot once again and noticed that it was empty. She thought briefly about going back to bed but after looking at the clock she went to make another pot.

“Morning, sis,” Claire yawned.


“Is that coffee I smell?” Claire yawned again.

“Yeah, it should be ready in a few minutes.”


Melody watched her sister get dressed out of the corner of her eye. When her sister bent over to turn on the converter, Melody thought about telling her about the battery being dead but said nothing. She just sat there with an evil grin.

“Fucking hell, it’s cold out there!” Claire hollered after slamming the door shut. She then felt bad and apologized to James and Cindy for having ruined their sleep.

Melody listened as Claire told her sibling that the battery must be dead, and it was James that said he was sorry for not charging it this week, saying something about the fact that he should have thought about doing it since they had been using it so much. All the girls told him it wasn’t his fault, that it was their fault, because they were the ones home while he worked.

Over a breakfast of grits, Melody told everyone about the cabin being cold on the one side, and how she thought that the pipes were trying to freeze. James admonished himself for not thinking about the pipes and went to have a look under the cabin. James came back after twenty minutes and said he needed to go town and get insulation. Cindy offered to go with him but Melody said she needed help with finding stuff in the barn. Claire said she would have gone but needed to be at work at noon.


James was glad that he owned an older vehicle. He started up his pickup and removed the battery. While the engine was still running, he placed the dead battery in the truck to charge. He then took the battery that came out of his truck into the cabin and hooked it up to the converter. Claire was working on getting hot water for a bath, and the twins went to the barn. James then left for town.


Cindy knew darn well that Melody wanted to talk. She may have needed help in the barn, but the look that her sister gave her was a dead giveaway.

“What’s up, sis?”

“I need help getting the living room’s area rug out.”

“Ah, and the other reason?”

“We need to talk.”

“I figured that much. What do you want to talk about?”

“It can wait till Claire leaves. I want to sit down and have a long talk with you.”

“Okay, so… where is the rug?”

“I don’t know,” Melody laughed.


It pendik escort bayan took forever to get to Browning, or at least it felt that way to James. Browning was a small town, but it was the seat of government for the reservation. He would have loved to have been able to get supplies in St. Mary, but it only had two bars, a gas station, the K.O.A. campground and the lodge, maybe a handful of houses. He doubted that more than thirty people lived there.

The clerk at the hardware store gave James an odd look when he asked where the insulation was. It gave James a feeling of not really being wanted around the area. When the guy had asked him about where he lived, James didn’t want to tell him. Partly because he was embarrassed and partly because he didn’t like the look that the guy gave him. He told the guy he was just doing some work for some people. The clerk just smiled and acted like they were old buddies after that. James decided that he didn’t much like the guy.

All his life James had tried to treat people as people. He didn’t care what color their skin was or what religion they believed in, if any at all. It was the first time that he felt like he was a victim of racism. He hoped to god that he had never done that to anyone he had ever met and asked for forgiveness just in case he had.

He was about to leave the store when he noticed an automotive section. He went over to it and grabbed another car battery and some antifreeze, a thing of dry gas, and when he saw de-icer windshield fluid he grabbed a few jugs as well.


Meanwhile back at the ranch, or more precisely the cabin, Melody and Cindy had finished laying the area rug and were sitting on the mattress drinking another cup of coffee.

“So, are you ready to talk now, or are you going to find us something else to do?” Cindy could tell by the way her sister’s head dropped that she wasn’t sure what to say, or maybe how to say whatever it was.

“I’ve been doing a good bit of thinking lately. And I’m not really sure how to put my thoughts into words.” Melody’s words were soft and low.

“Sis, just do the best you can. You know I’ll wait for as long as I have to.”

“I know. It’s…just a strange situation I find myself in.”

“Is this about Claire?” Cindy hated to bring up that conversation.

“No… it’s not about Claire. I know I have to talk with her, but…I’m just not ready to do that yet.”

“Thank god! I wasn’t looking forward to having another discussion about her and James,” Cindy laughed.

“I’m sorry about all the hell I’ve put you through over this past week. Please forgive me!” Melody was looking right into Cindy’s eyes.

“That o… oomph,” Cindy was caught off guard by the kiss her twin gave her.

Cindy couldn’t help but fall backward onto the mattress. The kiss started a bit rough, then gently turned into one of more passion. The only word that she could use to describe the kiss was ‘soulful’. Every bit of love that her twin had for her was poured into that kiss. There was no way that she was going to stop it either. They were breathing into each other’s mouths as their tongues intertwined. Each breathing the life the other gave. Cindy was overwhelmed by the strength of the love Melody was showing her, and returned it in kind.

Melody rolled off her and they both panted, trying to catch their breaths.

“Wow! You can apologize like that to me anytime,” Cindy giggled.

The twins held hands for a minute or two, till Melody spoke: “If you had the opportunity to have sex with James, would you?” Melody then rolled onto her side and faced her sister, propping her head up with her forearm.

She turned her head towards her sister and looked at her a few seconds before she too rolled onto her side and mimicked her twin: “Fuck yeah I would! If it was a mutual consent.” She had to add that part after remembering what happened last weekend.


“Why what?”

“Why would you want to have sex with James?”

“I dream about him often. At least I think it’s him.”

“You think it’s him?”

“Well, yeah! The only person who has ever protected us like a ‘knight in shining armor’ has been James.”

Melody started laughing: “And here I thought I was the only one that had that dream.”

“Not the first time that we had similar dreams.”

“True, probably won’t be last time either. So, are you in love with him?”

“What, like you are?

“Hmm, I don’t know. All I really know is that I really do care a lot for him.”

“Fair enough. Do you ever get horny around him?”

“I don’t want you to get mad at me, but last weekend when I dragged you to the barn, I had to stop myself from sucking his cock right then and there. So, yeah, I get horny around him.”

“What the hell did I miss?”

“Well, when you were checking James’ face last weekend, he got a boner and me… umm…”

Melody giggled: “I think if you hadn’t grabbed me and pull me out of there, I would have been kissing him.”

“Well, you two always did give each other those little pecks.”

“No, I mean just like the kiss we both shared a moment ago,”

“Right, I could just see you making out with a boy.”

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