Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenger Hunt

A widow in debt finds just what she needs.

Todger65 deserves all the credit for finding my errors.


Susan and Dan met in college, dated throughout, and married upon graduation. Four years later they were still madly in love with each other. They were friends and lovers that were meant to spend a lifetime together, until…


Dan came home from work in a daze. He had been sitting in a parking lot thinking for the last three hours. The parking lot belonged to his doctor. The doctor that gave him news that he now had to tell his wife. He still didn’t know how to tell her. Finally realizing that he had been in the driveway to his home for ten minutes, he shut off the car and got out.

Dan need not have worried about how to start the conversation. One look at his face when he walked in the door told Susan that something was horribly wrong, “Dan, what is it? Please tell me and we can work through it together.”

“I, uhm….

“I have cancer…


“It’s extremely aggressive and the prognosis is not good at all. I am so sorry Susan. You don’t deserve this. You deserve a healthy man to love you for all your life. You need to call your parents and let them know you will be coming home. I don’t have long, and I don’t want you to watch me fade away.”

Tears fell from her eyes, “Don’t you do it Dan. Don’t you dare shut me out when we need each other most. You will not do this alone!”

Dan took her into his arms and held on to her for dear life, “I love you and I don’t want you to be hurt. And… I’m scared babe. Really scared.”

“We will fight together. That’s what we do.”

Dan sat down with her on the couch, “I have cancer in both kidneys, and it has spread. They want to take my kidneys, which means dialysis every day for the rest of my short life. Even then the cancer will still get me. My best case is another five years. Worse case is maybe four months.

The couple cried and held each other until no tears were left. Susan found her backbone. Her voice was husky with grief and sadness, “I will handle everything, and I mean everything, while you focus on what is ahead of us. Deal?”

“OK. Oh god I hate what this has done to us. Sure, I’m scared but that is nothing compared to what you are going to go through. At least I have medical insurance through work. We don’t have to worry about that.”


Two years, 38 days, two hours, and seventeen minutes later, Dan died at home with his loving wife next to him. He left behind a grieving widow and a mountain of debt that he had been kept totally unaware of. He had insurance through his work, but they had reached the maximum it would cover, and left that sum in the dust. Dan’s cost of care was ridiculously expensive. Susan did the best she could to try in some small way to make up the difference. It was never enough to stem the tide of medical bills. When Dan passed away, he left a destitute grieving wife and a huge debt.


A year after Dan passed Susan sat in her living room crying her heart out. The final straw had arrived via certified US Mail, signature required. She had been unable to pay the mortgage payment on the house since Dan passed. She had begged the bank for mercy, but their mercy only lasted a year. To make matters worse, since she defaulted on the contract, she had to pay it all or lose it all. If she couldn’t pay her mortgage, she would lose her house, her home, and the last remnant of her marriage.

The day following the letter from the bank she opened her mailbox to discover the usual stack of twenty to thirty overdue notices from various medical providers, and one manila envelope with no return address.

Susan took the mail inside, dropped the bills, and opened the manila envelope. Within the envelope was an invitation in bright calligraphy. Within the invitation was a typed letter. Susan dropped the envelope and invitation and read the letter.

‘Dearest Susan,

You and Dan were a wonderful couple, and it was easy to see the love you shared. What happened to you both was not the way we would like the world to work. The world, and life, does what it does, whether we approve or not. Now you are faced with losing everything you have. It isn’t fair, it isn’t right, but it’s how it is anyway.

I would offer to take care of your financial problems, but you would never accept. You are much to honorable for that. No, even if you accepted the help, you would sit in your shared home, reminisce, and die of old age, alone. Dan would never have wanted that for you. Above all things, he would want you to be happy.

The enclosed invitation offers you the chance to take care of your financial problems through your own efforts. Along the way it is my hope that you will come alive again as well.


A Friend.’

She wasn’t sure where the envelope came from, or who was behind it, although she suspected someone from the bank. Susan was stunned and sat unmoving for erotik film izle several minutes as a storm of emotions, sadness, anger, then curiosity, washed over her. It was the curiosity that finally made her pick up the invitation. Her mouth fell open as she read it.

‘You Are Invited to A Scavenger Hunt!

You must go to the address below, follow all instructions. Repeat as required. Failure to comply with instructions will result in forfeit.

The winner will receive $100,000.

Go to 285 Hillcrest Drive, Chesterville at noon on Friday, June 25th.

You must arrive within five minutes of the required time or forfeit.’

Susan dropped the invitation. ‘One. Hundred. Thousand. Dollars!’ Enough to save her home. Enough to keep the bill collectors at bay. She knew she could pay them all off if she had some breathing room. She had a good job, and the pay wasn’t bad. She just needed time and money. A lot of money. A hundred thou worth of money. The decision wasn’t that difficult at all.


Two days later Susan put on her thigh high hose, dark grey skirt, and button up blouse. Her lingerie matched her royal blue blouse, which in turn matched her eyes. Her blonde hair was swept back and held by a jade clip that Dan had given her. Her shoes were her normal work heels that gave her legs that muscular tension that men admire so much. She had never given the purpose of heels much thought. They were just something she wore to work at the office.

She did take a moment to admire herself in the mirror. Dan’s illness had kept her home. When she wasn’t working, or helping Dan, she had taken to working out daily to fill the hours. The results were obvious. Her fit body made her breasts stand up proud. ‘My butt doesn’t look bad either’.

She knocked on the door promptly at noon. The shirtless man that answered the door was all business, “Let me see your invitation.”

Susan showed him the invitation and he invited her in. As soon as he closed the door, he handed her several sheets of paper, “Read it and sign it, or leave.”

Susan soon realized that the papers were a non-disclosure agreement. She didn’t see an issue with keeping her mouth shut and signed the agreement without discussion. As soon as she handed the man the signed papers he smiled, “Now we can be friends. You must do as I tell you or you are out.”

He handed her a wooden hanger, “Take off your blouse and hang it up.”


“You heard me. Take off your blouse and hang it up. Or leave. It makes no difference to me.”

Susan began unbuttoning her blouse slowly in the hope that he would say he was kidding. He wasn’t. Susan felt her skin glowing red as she took off her blouse. She put it on the hanger and hung it from the clothes tree by the door.

“Follow me.”

She followed behind as he walked through the house and into a den. An obviously pornographic movie was paused on the huge flat screen television hung on the wall. Susan felt herself getting redder as the man sat in a recliner facing the television. He pointed at a chair positioned diagonal to him and the television, “Sit there.”

She sat and waited. The man took a sip of his beer, stood, and dropped his pants to the floor. His erection stuck out in front of him like some obscene blunt pointer. The only thing that kept Susan seated was her shock. The man kicked his pants away and plopped back down on the recliner. He pulled the lever and fully reclined in the chair. One hand grabbed the remote, the other grabbed his cock.

Susan recovered from her shock only to realize that she wasn’t ready to quit yet. If this guy wants to take advantage of the contest to play with himself it was fine with her. It wasn’t like he was touching her. She’d seen guys beat off before and it didn’t bother her. Every time she had seen a guy masturbating it had made her horny as hell. It had been years since she had sex and she was almost certain she never would again. This guy certainly wasn’t going to get to her.

The man started the movie and began to slowly stroke his cock. Susan started to look away, but he wasn’t having it, “You have to watch. You cannot look away unless I tell you to.”

Susan watched. She couldn’t help but notice that he was well endowed. It seemed to grow with each slow stroke of his hand. After a while she did not have to make herself look. She watched him and wondered when he would shoot. She wondered about it so much that she began to wish he would speed up. She was biting her lip in anticipation when he hesitated, “Take off your bra.”

Susan took off her bra and laid it on the arm of her chair. The man looked over at her, “It’s not cold in here, but your nipples are hard. Do you like watching me?”

“No, uhm yes, uhm I don’t know.”

“Well keep watching. And play with your nipples while you do.”

Susan felt strange following the blatantly sexual commands of this man, but she complied. Her fingertips ran across her nipples tentatively as he returned to his stroking. After a few minutes Susan leaned back in the chair and film izle her other hand began to work her other nipple. The man began to increase his pace. His gaze left the television and fell onto her breasts.

He stared hard at her breasts and Susan unconsciously began to tease him. Her fingers ran around her nipples before squeezing them and pulling them. His orgasm surprised them both. She watched as ropes of cum shot out of his cock and onto his flat stomach. A rush of emotion swept through her. She almost didn’t want it to be over.

The man grabbed the box of tissues by his chair and cleaned himself up. He stood and pulled his pants on, “Follow me.”

He walked her back to the living room, “Put your bra and blouse back on until you get to the next address. Once inside take them back off. They will know you are coming and what I told you to do. You have ten minutes.”

He handed Susan and address, turned his back to her, and walked away. When she finished dressing, she let herself out and went to her car.


Fortunately, the next address was only a block over. Susan had time to run into a local fast-food franchise and use the bathroom. She was shocked when she sat down to pee and discovered how wet she was. She could feel herself turning red again. Moments later she was back in her car and on her way down the street.

Her knock on the next door in her journey was answered by a woman, “Hi, please come in.”

Susan walked in and the woman closed the door. Susan stood just inside and looked at the woman. The woman just stared at her. Finally, Susan realized that the woman was waiting for her to do something. It suddenly occurred to her what she was waiting for. Susan unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. The woman picked up a hanger and took the blouse from her. Susan removed her bra and the lady hung it from the same hanger.

The woman watched Susan for a moment, then nodded as if in approval, “Take off your skirt.”

Susan didn’t hesitate this time. She removed her skirt and handed it to the woman. The woman hung the skirt from a second hanger and waved for Susan to follow her. They walked back through the hallway and into a bedroom. A chair sat next to the bed and the lady waved toward it, “Have a seat. You are to play with your tits, and you can rub your crotch on the outside of your underwear only.”

Susan was still a bit in shock over what was on the bed, or more accurately who. A large barrel-chested man reclined on the bed. The shocking part didn’t come from his obvious nudity. It came from the size of his penis. He was massive in both length and girth and Susan was at a loss as to how any woman could make him fit. The woman that escorted her in was a petite brunette. There was no way she could take on such a beast. Susan hoped that she would not be asked to do anything with it. Her scavenger hunt would end quickly if they tried to make her have sex with him.

The woman climbed onto the bed and fell into the man’s arms. They began kissing passionately and their hands wandered over each other’s bodies. Eventually his hand made it to her crotch and her hand gripped his cock. Her hand looked tiny stroking his weapon. The couple continued to excite each other and the heat between them was obvious.

The man slid down the bed until he was flat on his back and the woman straddled his head. They began to sixty-nine. Susan had been obediently playing with her nipples as she watched the couple in fascination. Her other hand had wandered to her crotch and was rubbing slowly on her cloth covered clit. Susan had forgotten that she had permission to rub her crotch but wasn’t required to. It just seemed to be the right thing to do.

Susan’s fascination, and arousal, increased as she watched the small woman suck the massive cock. The woman had one hand wrapped around it and had taken as much as she could into her mouth. A substantial amount of hard, glistening shaft was left exposed. The woman’s wiggles on the man’s face became erratic and she removed the cock from her mouth long enough to shudder through an orgasm. Susan could feel the wetness leaking through her underwear with her probing fingers.

The woman moved from the man’s face and repositioned straddling his crotch. She held his massive pole and positioned it at her entrance. Over the next five minutes the petite woman impaled herself until only a few inches remained outside of her stretched pussy. She slowly began to slide forward and back. Susan could see the giant member sliding in and out. The view struck something primal in her and she found herself wondering how it would feel. Her fingers moved faster at her crotch as her other hand pulled on her rock-hard nipple.

The man stared directly at Susan. He spoke in grunts and gasps, “I’m going to cum soon. When she gets off my cock you will pump it until I cum in her mouth.”

Susan was as near numb to the strange request as she could get at this point and she just nodded.

“Sit on the edge of the bed and get ready.”

Susan moved to the bed and sat. Her hand seks filmi izle was no longer playing with her breast but was poised to grab the massive wet cock when the woman moved off. The woman was orgasming spectacularly as Susan waited and Susan wandered what she was feeling. She realized she was a bit jealous.

The woman gradually slowed, and the man pushed her off. Susan immediately grabbed his cock and began to stroke it. Her other hand remained between her legs. The woman got on her hands and knees and leaned over the massive erection. No sooner had she done so when Susan felt the huge cock swell even larger. She felt it pulse as the first shot of cum flowed through it and jetted into the woman’s mouth. The next shot caught the woman with her mouth closed while she swallowed and landed on her face.

Susan was quivering with arousal as the third and fourth shots spasmed forth from his cock. A final last spasm resulted in a dribble of cum oozing from the end, “Lick that off.”

Susan leaned forward and her tongue came out tentatively. She licked the head, scooping the cum up with her tongue. When she swallowed a switch flipped in her brain. She began licking the head aggressively and cleaned it thoroughly. She sucked the massive head into her mouth and pumped the cock with her hand to insure she got the last drop from it.

“OK, that’s enough. Go to the front room and wait.”

Susan reluctantly released the spent cock, stood, and walked out of the room. She walked in a daze to the front room and stood in deep thought. She jumped when the man came up behind her, “Put your clothes on. When you get to the next house strip back down like you are now.” After she dressed, he handed her a slip of paper with her next address, “You have ten minutes to get there.”


The next address was a few blocks away. Susan stopped at the same fast-food store she had earlier and went to the restroom. Her legs were shaking as she stood at the sink and looked in the mirror. She didn’t understand what was happening to her. She felt like some wanton whore. The only thing she could think about was that massive cock, how it looked penetrating that woman’s pussy, and how it felt in her hand and mouth. She wet a towel with cold water and held it to her forehead for a few moments before dabbing her eyes. She couldn’t imagine what would happen next.

Susan wasn’t a quitter, and she wasn’t going to start being one now. She climbed back into her car and drove to the next house. She pulled over in front of the house, got out of the car, and rang the doorbell. She was pleasantly surprised when a smiling young woman answered the door, “Please come in. I am so glad you could come. Susan walked in and was unbuttoning her blouse as the door shut behind her.

The young woman had an amazing figure made apparent by the peignoir and thong that were her only clothing. She looked like Susan’s younger twin and her smile was contagious, “I’m Jessica. You won’t be needing those wet panties or your heels either. Susan didn’t hesitate to remove her panties. She kicked off her heels and found that she was the same height as Susan.

“Follow me please.”

Once again Susan walked through a stranger’s house and into a bedroom. The man on the bed was nice looking with broad shoulders and deep blue eyes. He was also very well endowed and obviously excited. His erection stood proud as he watched the two women enter the room. Jessica stopped Susan at the end of the bed. Her hands cupped Susan’s cheeks and the next thing Susan knew she was being kissed by a woman.

Susan was shocked at first and almost pulled away but then her stubborn streak took over. She wasn’t about to quit over a kiss, so she went with it. Once her decision was made, she found that she quite liked the experience. She decided that she liked it a lot. It had been so long since she kissed another human being in a romantic way. It affected her deeply and she sank into the kiss. Susan put her arms around Jessica and held her close as the kiss deepened.

Susan felt Jessica’s hands wandering over her body. Jessica broke the kiss to take Susan’s nipple into her mouth. She gently sucked and licked her nipple before moving to her other breast to repeat the process. Jessica’s hand cupped Susan’s mound and her finger slid down her wet labia, rubbing her clit as it went. Susan’s knees got weak from the attention and her intense arousal.

Jessica’s lips met hers again and they kissed hungrily. Jessica pulled back, “I’m going to lay on the bad and you are going to straddle my face.”

Susan didn’t hesitate. As soon as Jessica laid down, she crawled onto the bed, and Jessica’s face. The feeling of Jessica’s tongue on her clit was mind numbingly erotic. Susan began to rock her hips in time with the amazing tongue.

“It’s time for you to suck my cock.”

Susan had forgotten the man on the bed even existed. Her heightened state of arousal made her enthusiastically reach for his cock. She was laying on top of Jessica, her body angled to the side, and a huge cock at her lips. Her tongue darted out and licked the tip for just a moment. She moaned as her mouth enclosed the tip and slid down his velvety hardness. One hand supported her while the other pumped the big cock and she sucked greedily.

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