Seduced by a Stepdaughter

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He heard the door slam. She was home. He would have to hurry upstairs if he was going to have a chance of avoiding her.

“Rick, are you home?” She yelled out as she stalked toward the kitchen.

And stalk was the only way to describe it. She was like a cat on the hunt. A cat in heat.

He had spent the last few weeks avoiding Michelle, his stepdaughter. Since she turned eighteen, she had clearly decided to practice the art of seduction on every man in her field of vision. Unfortunately, that included him and he wasn’t sure how to handle it. Damn, if only her mother were here.

He had married her beautiful mother, Lori, when Michelle was just fourteen and a skinny kid with glasses and braces. Two years later, Lori had been tragically killed in a car accident on her way to work. He and Michelle had been devastated and leaned on each other for support in the months and years to come.

But lately, Michelle was obviously “feeling her oats” as his father used to say. She wore skimpy clothing that didn’t leave much to the imagination. He tried to talk to her about it, but it always ended in an argument with Michelle yelling, “you’re not even my real father” or some equally hurtful comment until he dropped the subject.

Michelle came into the kitchen before he was able to escape up the back stairwell. She was stunningly beautiful, just like her mother when she was younger. She was a petite blonde, only about 5’3″, but perfectly proportioned. Her silky hair hung to her waist even though she had it tied back in a ponytail. She had muscular legs that were tanned and on display in a ridiculously short denim skirt. The top of the skirt fell a good three inches below her belly button and Rick got the idea that either she shaved, or her pubic hair was just under the next millimeter of skirt.

Her tan and flat belly was showing between her skirt and cut off pink tank top that clung to her chest. Her unbelievable breasts were showcased in this far too tight tank top. They must have been about a 34 C, but they totally defied gravity and stood firm and straight out from her chest. Her nipples were long and hard and looked like they might rip through her shirt at any moment.

“Did you actually wear that out of the house?” were Rick’s first words to her.

“Yea, what business is it of yours?” was her retort.

“It’s my job as your stepfather to make sure you grow up to be a responsible adult, and I can’t do that if you are out attracting every thing with two legs and a dick in a 50 mile radius,” Rick shot back.

Michelle came closer to him then. She sidled right up until she was looking straight up into his face and walked her fingers up his chest. With her best seductive voice (one she had been practicing on the stupid boys at school for months), she whispered, “You’re within a 50 mile radius, how do I affect your dick?”

He was shocked. Yes, Michelle had been flirting with him lately, but he figured that it was normal for a teenage girl to practice flirting with the men in her family. She had also been sauntering around the house in skimpy clothing, t-shirts with only panties on or just her bra and underwear. But she had never really propositioned him directly, masaj porno so he hadn’t had to really analyze the feelings he had for her too closely. He figured that Michelle would flirt and hone her skills and then go off to college next year. No harm, no foul. Right?

Now the state of his dick was in question. Certainly he couldn’t tell her that it had been hard since she came into the kitchen in her barely there attire. As if she read his mind, her eyes dropped to the fly of his jeans.

“You know, I have always been curious about your penis,” Michelle said as she brazenly observed his cock getting bigger in his jeans.

“I used to listed to you with my mom and she used to scream about how big you are and how she never wanted you to stop. That was when I first started touching myself. Listening to you fuck her every night,” she confessed. “Can I see it?” Michelle asked.

“That would be extremely inappropriate,” he told her and left the room to escape to his bedroom and then to the shower to beat off.

Michelle went to her own room then, threw herself on the bed and began to sob. What was wrong with her? Wasn’t she pretty like her momma was? All she had every wanted was for Rick to love her like he did her mom. Yes, he was the only father she ever knew, and so maybe her feelings for him were wrong. But he wasn’t her real father. He wasn’t even that old. He was only 40 and was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Tall and muscular without being bulky, brownish auburn hair and piercing green eyes. She had fantasized about Rick ever since he married her mother. When her mother died he was devastated. They both were. She had vowed to herself that she would take care of Rick just like her mom had. She had learned to cook and began cleaning more than her share of the house on a regular basis. She worked hard in school and brought home good grades. But Rick still hadn’t noticed her as anything but a little girl.

When she turned eighteen, Michelle decided to take things into her own hands. That was when she started flirting with him any chance she got. Bending over in short skirts when he was around. She never really wore those slutty outfits anywhere. She would change into or out of them on the side of the house so that she only wore them in the house for Rick. She was a good girl, as far as the rest of the world knew. She was still a virgin and had only kissed a few boys at the end of boring dates. But if she had anything to do with it, all that was about to change.

She took extra time with her shower that night. She washed and conditioned her long hair and was careful to shave everything smooth. She applied body lotion all over until every part of her body was soft, supple and smelled slightly of vanilla. She then sat naked on her bed and brushed her waist length, honey blonde hair until it was dry and shiny.

Finally, when all was quiet in the house and she was sure Rick was asleep, she tiptoed into his room. He slept under only a sheet because he was a hot sleeper. Michelle could see the outline of his muscular chest and abs under the sheet. She could also see that he was at least partially hard. He had to be or his cock could never have been meet suck and fuck porno that big.

Michelle carefully lifted the sheet and slid into bed next to her stepfather. She pulled the sheet over her head so she could look at the beautiful cock he had denied her the sight of earlier that day. She wanted so badly to touch it. She was so close that her breath disturbed his pubic hair. As her breath toughed him, he began to harden and grow even bigger. Michelle couldn’t believe her eyes. He was huge. Were all grown men this big? She didn’t think so or her friends would have talked more about it.

Suddenly, Rick rolled over on his side facing her. He was still asleep, so she curled up facing away from him so he was spooning her. “Lori,” he murmured and pulled her closer, putting his arm around her waist and snuggling his hard cock into the crevice of her ass. He then began a slow humping motion and reached up to massage her breasts. Her nipples grew harder and he began to pinch them.

“Oh, that feels so good,” she moaned quietly. “Lori, baby, it’s been so long. Please let me fuck your sweet cunt,” Rick moaned.

A tear slowly ran down Michelle’s cheek. “I am finally in bed with the man I have loved and lusted after for years and he thinks I am my mother,” she thought. She had to wake him up to the truth.

Michelle rolled over to face him. She kissed him on the lips and gently shook his shoulders.

“Rick, wake up, it’s me, Michelle,” she gently told him. Slowly he opened his eyes. His eyes were foggy and glazed from sleep, but a slow recognition came into them.

“Michelle, what are you doing in my bed?” he asked. “And why are you naked?” he asked. Then he looked down under the sheet at their bodies next to each other. He looked back up to her face and realized she was looking at his cock that was long and hard as a rock.

“Please don’t make me leave,” she requested.

“But baby, this is no good for you, I’m an old man compared to you. You deserve someone your own age for your first time,” Rick replied.

She looked back up at his face and purred, “I want it to be you. I know you love me and would never hurt me. I have fantasized about you for so long. Please don’t say no.”

He paused for what seemed like forever, sighed deeply and said, “Okay, lay back and let me take care of you baby. Get you nice and ready for me.” Rick softly ran the back of his finger across her already tight nipples.

“Beautiful,” he murmured, “and so responsive.”

As her nipples became tighter and longer. Christ! Her tits were perfect. Dark pink nipples extending from her firm breasts. They were as long and thick as the tip of his pinky finger. He couldn’t wait to suck on them.

He bent his head and took one into his mouth. Michelle drew in a breath sharply. He began to lick and suck, moving back and forth between her perfect nipples. He couldn’t get enough of her firm breasts. He laved one after the other as her breathing became heavier and her moaning became louder. Rick eased one of his hands down over her flat little belly to the apex of her thighs. “Oh, yes…” she cried. She spread her thighs for him, eager milf porno for him to touch her.

He ran his middle finger along her slit. “Oh god baby girl, you are soaked for me,” Rick said as he dipped his middle finger into her entrance. He wet his finger as he continued to suck on her beautiful nipples. He pushed his finger into her and he could barely breach the entrance of her cunt with a single finger. He continued to work his finger into her. In response, she moaned louder and lifted her hips.

“Oh, yes, please, more!” she cried.

“That’s just one finger honey. I’m going to ease in a second and get you stretched out a little for me so I don’t hurt you,” he told her.

“Please, I’m ready now. I don’t care if it hurts. Please fuck me. Fuck me now, daddy!”

He just about came in response to her cry. He knelt between her legs and looked down at her gorgeous body all laid out and waiting for him. He couldn’t believe she was his to take. To burry himself in.

He took his hard cock in hand and put it up to her hot, wet entrance. She immediately began to thrust upwards as if she couldn’t wait. He pushed at the same time and forced the head of his dick inside her.

“Jesus, you’re tight, baby. Quit thrusting your hips for a minute or I’m gonna cum inside you right now,” he moaned.

He slowly began to work his shaft in and out, entering her a little more with each thrust. Suddenly he came to her barrier.

“This might hurt a little, but it will be better if I just do it quickly,” he confessed, and without waiting for her to reply, thrust deeply.

“Ahhh!” she cried out and threw her arms around his neck. He held still for a minute, letting her adjust to his girth and then slowly began rocking his hips again. “Damn you feel good. I’ve never felt such anything so amazingly tight and hot in my life!” Rick groaned.

It was then that she began to raise her hips back up at him with every thrust he made.

“Ohhh…that feels so good now. Please don’t stop. I feel so full!” she cried out at she thrashed her head from sided to side.

He then sat back on his heals with his cock still fully embedded in her cunt. He gazed at her and couldn’t believe his good fortune. He licked his thumb and positioned it over her clit. He began to move it in circles. Faster and faster as his thumb became all wet with her juices. She began to thrash from side to side.

“Oh, oh, oh…” she began to pant over and over. He knew she was ready to come so he began to thrust his cock harder and faster into her hot little cunt as he moved his thumb in circles over her clit.

“Come for me Michelle. Come on baby, come on my cock. That’s my girl.”

She began to shake all over and her pussy began to clench his cock, spasming all around it.

“Oh god…I can’t hold back anymore,” Rick groaned and took hold of her hips and slammed his cock into her to the hilt.

When her pussy quit its clutching rhythm, he pulled out of her and stroked his cock over her beautiful stomach and tits and came in long ropey strands all over her. He didn’t remember ever coming so much before.

She smiled up at him and began rubbing his seed into her skin all over her breasts, stomach and thighs.

“Oh, I love being covered in your come. I want you to make me your little slut and fuck me every day. Do you have a problem with that, daddy?” She asked him.

“No, no problem at all, baby,” Rick replied and scooped her into his arms and fell asleep.

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