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Cheri lay sleeping by my side. She was turned toward me with her head on her arm, her red hair cascading over it, partially hiding her face. I lay there propping my head up on my hand, gazing at her trim nude body, watching her breasts heave a little with each breath. Her legs were bent slightly at the knees, such that I could barely make out the tuft of pubic hair peeking out between them. I looked at the wet spot on the bedspread and smiled to myself.

Reaching over to stroke her side, I ran my fingers up to her soft inviting breasts. Her nipples immediately regained the erect state that they had been in for most of the past hour. Cheri opened her eyes and pushed her hair away from them. Her eyes sparkled and she smiled back at me. Grabbing my head she pulled me closer and gave me a deep, penetrating kiss. Laughing, she got up and sauntered into the bathroom. I watched with delight as her ass swayed with each step. She sat down on the toilet and looked back at me through the open doorway, smiling that wicked little smile of hers.

We had just made love for the first time and had, in fact, only just met, in person, for the first time an hour earlier. But we had known each other and had been intimate on-line with each other for about a month. I marveled to myself how this sweet vixen had seduced me into the this hotel room so many miles away from my home, so many miles away from my wife and family.

It all started out innocently enough. I had discovered the internet and was having fun surfing and meeting people. Finding that I liked to flirt, I found myself looking through the profiles on the various services looking for interesting women. I never dreamed that there were so many women that liked to talk and flirt with strange men. I was discovering a side of myself that I didn’t know existed. Well, maybe I knew that it existed, but I was finding a means to express that side.

While looking through the profiles of these women, I came across Cheri’s profile. At first glance, it didn’t sound promising. Her picture was lovely, but in her comments section she spelled out her “rules” and the first rule was “No sexually explicit chat”. Now I wasn’t specifically looking for sexually explicit chat, I was looking to flirt, but I didn’t want to rule out that possibility. She indicated that she liked to flirt, however, and there was something very alluring about her photograph that I went ahead and sent her a letter introducing myself.

Later that day, I got an e-mail from her, telling me that she had looked at my profile and that she thought that it would be fun corresponding.

At first there wasn’t much in the way of flirtation going on, but we did exchange a lot of information about ourselves and our families. By her descriptions, it was clear that she liked to wear provocative outfits and reveled in the wolf whistles that she seemed to get on a regular basis. As we got to know each other, it came out that her marriage was not as fulfilling as she would like and that she was having an affair. Although I had been very happily married for quite a long time, I did not chide her for her affair, and made a strong effort to support her.

Her e-mails were long and detailed and she talked about shopping with bahis siteleri her daughter and her travails at finding a new job. I talked about my kids and my wife’s up-coming birthday party. As we exchanged a few notes, she began adding a few very flirtatious comments. Terrific double entendres that suggested a deep-seeded passion that was lurking there inside her. Of course, I jumped at the chance to respond in kind. But there was nothing to suggest what was to come later.

I suggested that we meet sometime in Instant Messenger so we could chat. I knew that this would be a little tricky because we were several times zones apart.

Getting up on a Sunday morning and immediately going to look at my e-mail, I logged into the IM service. I have a few friends with whom I chat on Sunday mornings. Just as I was getting ready to log off at about 11 o’clock, I got a message from Cheri. It was 8 o’clock her time and she had just gotten up. I had made a comment in my last e-mail that she had the “attitude”. My meaning was that I thought she was sexy not so much because of her good looks, but because of her demeanor.

She opened our chat with “So you think I’ve got attitude?”

I was surprised and delighted to see her on-line. We chatted cordially and it didn’t take long before were we flirting up a storm. She told me a highly provocative story about a customer coming into her store. I teased her and told her what I would have done, had I been the man she was waiting on.

Then it happened. And I was totally unprepared for it. She began telling me of a highly erotic encounter with her lover. And she did it expertly. In short sentences. With long teasing pauses in between. The story started out fairly innocently, but as she went on, her descriptions became more graphic, until finally she described in very intimate details her love-making with this man. For the most part, I was quiet throughout her story, because I was mesmerized about it.

Not only that, I was stunned. This from the woman whose number one rule was “no sexually explicit chat”.

But above all else I was also extremely turned on and I told her so.

Seizing on my vulnerable state, Cheri began an even sexier encounter she had with the same man. This time I interacted with her a little more as her story unfolded. Making it clear that I was turned on, I told her about the throbbing erection she was giving me. That only encouraged her to make her story steamier and more graphic.

When she finished, I decided to throw caution to the wind a began relating a recent encounter with my wife. Sparing no detail, I described our love-making following my wife’s birthday party.

Cheri had seduced me. This woman that I had nearly passed over had just given me the most exciting, enticing and sexy chat session I had ever had.

From that point forward our relationship took on a distinctively sexual tone.

We still traded information on family and daily life, but the flirtations were more blatant. I was being lured ever deeper into her erotic web. And I was loving every minute.

Our Sunday morning chats were highly charged sexual encounters. They started to change from descriptions of sexual activities with others to interactive canlı bahis cyber sexual encounters with each other. Eagerly exploring each others minds and souls we fucked and sucked each other every way possible. Cheri was deadly with her descriptions of how she would suck my cock and I often forgot that it was imaginary. She would beg and whimper for more as I described nibbling on her clit or sucking on her breasts. She sent me seductive photos of herself — clad only in bra and panties.

It was inevitable. We began thinking how wonderful it would be to meet.

I was torn. I loved my wife. I didn’t want to destroy my marriage. But these Sunday morning sessions were pure and utter heaven. Cheri was a totally captivating woman, the most sexual woman I had ever known. I wanted her. I wanted her with a lust that had to be satiated.

The solution came with a business trip that came up. I had a chance to travel across the country for a meeting and used the excuse to make a side trip to her city. We made the arrangements to meet in a hotel in the afternoon.

Arriving before her, I got a room. Cheri arrived about an hour later and I met her in the lobby. Wearing a short skirt and a low cut top, she was a vision of loveliness. Rushing into my arms we embraced for the first time. Her touch sent shivers of electricity through my body. I whispered to her, “Cheri, at last you’re mine!”

Looking up at me, she smiled wickedly. “Where’s our room?”

Arriving at our room after taking the elevator up to the seventh floor, I opened the door and motioned for Cheri to enter. She bounded into the room and I followed behind. She turned and looked at me as I stopped near the bed. “It’s perfect!” she exclaimed, “A perfect love nest for us!” Running toward me, she practically leaped into my arms and we fell backwards onto the bed, kissing deeply even as we fell.

Stripping off her clothes in what seemed to be a blink of the eye, she was soon unbuckling my belt, as if in a frenzy. I began unbuttoning my shirt while she pulled my pants down to my knees before eagerly putting her mouth to my cock. Her tongue and lips soon had it hard as a rock. I struggled to pull off my pants and shoes as she clung desperately to my cock. Finally out of my clothes I moved her around so I could enjoy the pleasures of her body as well. Spreading her legs, I began sucking on her clit and fingering her pussy, surprised at how wet she already was.

Cheri’s tongue was heavenly as she moved her mouth up and down the shaft of my cock and her pussy had a distinctively sweet taste. As if we were two teenagers enjoying our first sexual experience, we devoured each other. Soon Cheri was squirming as she came and feeling her pussy gush its juices and her legs tighten around my head, I also climaxed in a great eruption, my cum shooting into her mouth, enticing her to suck it ever more deeply.

During this whole encounter not a word was said. Our passion said it all. We lay there, my head still between her legs and her head resting on my leg.

After a few moments, Cheri began playing with my cock again. It was way too early for a second round, I thought to myself. Taking my flaccid member into her lips again, she soon had it grow into a rigid güvenilir bahis condition again.

“Now we can go more slowly,” she said and she began caressing my body. I returned the favor in kind and touched her breasts and nipples. There was an electricity in her touch. I could feel the hairs on my body rise as her fingers brushed over my skin. I began kissing her, lightly touching my lips to her breasts, and then down to her stomach. She purred with delight at my touch. Her body was so soft, the softest I’ve ever felt and in undulated under my caresses. Kissing her ass, I gently parted her cheeks and probed her asshole with my finger and, as I did so, she wiggled her ass, allowing my finger to slid in farther. Next her feet were the targets of my attention. While massaging them, I kissed her toes, one-by-one. Cheri seemed content to luxuriate in my attentions to her body. Over the course of 30 minutes, I kissed every inch of her perfect body. Throughout this time she was moaning softly and squirming ever so slightly.

Finally, moving between her legs, I placed the head of my swollen cock at the entrance of her dripping pussy. Looking down into her eyes, I could see that she was ready. She parted her legs a little further, giving me easier access into her. Inserting the head of my cock into her pussy, she gasped with delight. I let my cock remain there for a moment as I felt her wetness engulf it. Slowly, I pushed a little farther into her. The pleasure of her pussy on my cock was unimaginable. Cheri had such a look of longing on her face that I could no longer stand it. I thrust into her as deeply as I could. She let out a loud moan and reached for my chest. Intercepting her hands, I pushed them back over her head and leaned forward to press them into the bed. I held them there as I began pumping her hard, and she wrapped her legs tightly around me.

With each stroke she groaned with pleasure. With each stroke I was sure that I wouldn’t last to make another stroke. But I did. As I moved in and out of her pussy, she pushed back with her hips. A low guttural groan began emanating from deep inside her. Cheri pulled me more tightly into her as we rocked together in unison. Her groans grew louder and louder until they nearly became screams. Her body convulsing with pleasure, Cheri came again in a violent spasm of ecstasy. Her pussy muscles tightened around my cock and I began spurting into her. Later she said that she could feel my pulsating cock as I shot my cum into her. Her cum mixed with mine and began oozing out of her pussy, down the crack of her ass and onto the bedspread.

We lay there, side by side, exhausted from our passions. After a few moments she fell asleep and I lay there looking at her, marvelling at her beauty.

After wiping herself, Cheri got up from the toilet and flushed the tissue. Then glancing into the mirror, she adjusted her hair. Turning back towards the bedroom, Cheri walked over to the bed. My God, who is this alluring woman, I thought to myself, this woman that has so captivated me?. I sat up on the bed and she came over and kissed me again. She folded herself into my arms. I could feel her nipples harden and push into my chest. And I could feel the blood rushing into my cock as it was readying itself for another round of lust and passion.

Gone were all thoughts of home, and of family, of job and career. My only thoughts were of Cheri and the hours ahead of us in our little love nest…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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