Selena and The Good Boy

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The library is hiving with people. Exam season is a stressful time for everyone at North University. It is hard to find a seat, hard to stay focused on the documents on your laptop when there are people having a breakdown every few minutes. Selena isn’t freaking out though. She is pleasantly stoned and reading her computing book with a gentle focus, only looking up occasionally when her eyes needed a break.

Scanning the room, Selena notices a few guys who were looking at her. A dark-haired guy wearing a hoody, a preppy guy with blonde hair and a handsome guy with swarthy skin. She pretends not to notice, pursing her pouty glossy lips and unwrapping a lollypop. Licking it all over to get it wet before putting it into her mouth, sucking in her cheeks and pulling it out again. She sees the dark-haired guy squeeze his legs together, and she smiles to herself, excited to have aroused him so easily.

In high school she had been the fat girl. She wore baggy hoodies and leggings and did her best to avoid attention. Thin girls had bullied her when she was younger, and she was keen to avoid their scrutiny. Selena had built her self-esteem through her online presence, posting sultry pictures of herself on the internet. She knew she was sexy, and she was glad that it was being recognised now.

College was a chance to rebrand and she had snatched it. She can wear the clothes from her sexy photoshoots outside of her bedroom. Today, she is wearing a baby blue crop top with a matching skirt, just long enough to cover her big round ass. Her black bob clipped at each of her temples to keep her hair out of her face, her black winged liner making her green eyes look brighter, her cheeks pink with blush and covered in freckles.

Selena continues to suck on her lollypop, running her tongue around the bulb and pulling it out of her mouth to look at it with a sultry smile. The handsome guy is trying to catch her eye, his neck flushed and biting his lip. She looks at him from under her eyelashes, uncrossing her thick thighs and pressing them together. She can feel a heat growing between her legs. Teasing them is making her hot.

The lollypop returns to her mouth and she watched him lick his lips. He pushes some dark hair out of his face and leans on his desk. Selena turns to the girl sitting beside her, Bee, a friend from her computing class,

“I’m going for a smoke. Can you watch my stuff?” She whispers.

“Sure.” Bee says without looking up.

Bee is effortlessly beautiful; long dark wavy hair hangs to her waist, all pulled over one shoulder and spilling over her t-shirt. She never wears any makeup on her face; her chocolate almond shaped eyes are trained on the laptop in front of her as she taps furiously on the keyboard.

Selena routes through her bag, lifting her dry herb vaporiser and her student ID and places the lollypop in her mouth as she strides towards the exit. Outside she breathes in the evening air, it is balmy and warm. She has been in the library all day and she is glad to see the sun for any amount of time. It’s beginning to set, and she enjoys the colours of the sky as she waits for her vape to heat up and sucks on her lollypop.

She brings the vape to her lips, taking a deep draw and holding her breath for a moment before letting it go.

“Can I have a hit?” Asks a voice, she turns to see the preppy blonde guy who had been watching her suck her lollypop.

“You sure you can handle it?” Selena replies as she takes another draw, her lids becoming heavier as she smiles. He nods and she hands it over, replacing the lollypop in her mouth.

He takes a long draw and moves closer, so he is standing very close to her, blowing the smoke against her neck. She feels her hairs stand on end and she sucks the lollypop a little bit harder.

“You are…” He begins to say, sucking in his breath, “Mmm, intoxicating.”

He puts one of his hands on her waist and pulls her closer still. She can feel the heat radiating off his body, she can smell his cologne and the weed on his breath.

“I want you.” He says, “Do you want me?”

Selena pulls the lolly from her mouth with a loud pop and then bites her lip. “Yes.”

He smiles, “I’m Miles, you need to know that because you’ll be screaming it soon.”

“Mm, you’re cocky.” She says, putting her hand on the bulge in his jeans for emphasis. “I’m Selena. You can please me if you do exactly what I say.”

Miles presses himself against her hand and gently slides his hand from her waist, lower to tickle her thigh. “Oh, I will.” He rumbles, his lips make contact with her neck, and she feels her nipples harden. Maybe she should have worn a bra today. She takes the vape from his hand and takes another hit, blowing the vapour into his hair and moaning lightly against his mouth.

“Follow me.” She whispers into pornhub his ear, pulling away from him and beginning to walk back into the library.

“Your ass is out of this world.” He whimpers as he follows her. She smiles and puts her lollypop back into her mouth; she knows.

Inside, Selena makes her way towards one of the printer rooms. She noticed an ‘Out of Order’ sign when she was printing a workbook for Bee earlier. It is dark inside, illuminated only by the pale green light of the printer’s digital displays. Miles closes the door behind him and observes her with hungry eyes, she feels the heat between her legs becoming slick. She backs up against the wall and sucks on her lollypop, watching him contentedly as he waits for her command.

“Can I taste it?” He asks biting his lip desperately. Selena beacons him closer with a curling finger and he immediately rushes forward, pressing himself against her and she can feel his hardness through his jeans. She puts the lollypop in his mouth as she takes his hand and places it on her breast, he gasps loudly. His thumb begins rubbing across her hardened nipple, cupping her breast firmly and releasing it rhythmically. Selena moans happily, widening her stance so his hardness presses against her pubis.

Miles’s mouth is slack, drooling around the lolly as his dark blue eyes stare intensely into her eyes, his hand working on her breast enthusiastically. Selena’s thighs becoming slick with her own excitement, she holds the lollypop stick and holds it in his mouth,

“Suck.” She commands and he moans desperately. His lips closing around it and his fingers pinching her nipple, causing her to gasp. “Good boy.” She murmurs and she feels him getting harder in his jeans, his hips beginning to rock against her.

Selena moans; the friction he is causing between them is rubbing her panties against her engorged clitoris, making her wetter and wetter. She takes his other hand and slides it under the waistband of his skirt, his fingers sandwiched between his own jeans and her damp panties.

“Rub me.” She instructs.

“Your panties are so wet.” He hisses, his fingers beginning to rub up and down over the gusset of her panties, his other hand pulsing against her nipple. She takes the lollypop out of his mouth and begins to suck on it hard, desperately trying to keep herself quiet. His mouth presses into the hollow of her neck, he litters kisses up her neck towards her ear and starts sucking on her earlobe. The fingers against her panties pick up speed, Selena’s back arches against him and she moans happily into her lolly.

Selena pulls her crop top up over her head, exposing her small breasts, piqued nipples and soft stomach. She grabs a handful of his hair and she guides Miles’ mouth to capture the nipple he’s been teasing. He sucks on it gently, then harder. His tongue winding circles around it and his hand moves to her other breast. The hand between her thighs moves up, her gasp gives away the position of her clit and he begins to rub small circles against it.

“Can I take off your underwear?” He asks as he alternates sucking on each of her nipples.

“Say please.” She utters, but she is already so excited that her hips are bucking.

“Please.” He grumbles, pressing his lips against hers, pushing the lollypop stick to one side. He licks her mouth hungrily.

“Good boy.” She moans. She pushes his head down, he gets to his knees and begins to tug on the sides of her skirt, pulling it down over her thick thighs until it is around her ankles. She steps out of it and smiles at him, bringing his face towards her black thong. It is high on her hips and makes her legs look longer.

“Take them off with your teeth.” She instructs and he lets out a guttural growl. Selena lets go of his hair and begins kneading her own breasts with her hands.

“Thank you.” Miles growls from the floor. He presses his nose against her plump tummy, his teeth delicately lifting the waistband of her thong and he starts to pull it downwards. His breath is hot against her sex, she squeezes her nipples and moans excitedly. He shifts them down slowly, revealing dark hair and then her warm pussy, pulling them down over her thighs. He looks up at her sex desperately, and up at her, stilling holding the waistband of her panties between his teeth.

“The whole way.” She commands, though she craves his tongue inside her so much that she squeezes her thighs together.

Miles pulls her thong to the floor quickly and drops it, he looks up at her pleadingly. “Please?” He asks hungrily.

“Please me with your fingers.” She rumbles. His hand begins to snake up the inside of her leg, she parts them slightly, leaning against the wall hard. Her left hand tugging on her nipple desperately, her right hand holding onto her lollypop stick, dissolving porno 92 rapidly, almost sucked out of existence.

Miles’s fingers leave a trail of electricity behind them, she arches one of her knees and he caresses her labia softly. A growl emits from deep within his stomach as his fingers become slick with her excitement, “Oh my God. You’re soaking.” He grunts, his fingers begin to rub along her wetness, prompting deep moans into her lollypop.

His thumb begins to brush against her clitoris rhythmically, as his slippery fingers tease her entrance over and over again. Selena groans loudly, twisting her nipple and pressing back against the wall. Her lollypop is only a stick now and she drops it to the ground, grabbing a handful of his hair and tilting his head up to look at her.

“Do you like that?” She mumbles breathlessly. His blue eyes are full of lust, shining with desire, his mouth salivating and open. She can see his hand glinting with her wetness in the dim light and she pulls his hair a little harder.

“Mmm, yes, baby.” He grunts. “Do you like this?” He asks, pressing one of his fingers inside her. Selena gasps, her hips bucking against him.

“Good boy.” She moans happily, her hand moving to her right breast and squeezing her nipple hard enough to distract herself from the pleasure his fingers are bringing her. His thumb rubs against her clitoris harder, “Another.” She instructs.

“Thank you.” Miles pushes a second finger inside her, curving them forward and pressing into the spongy flesh walls of her vagina. Selena groans excitedly, and watches his unoccupied hand go between his own legs, pressing against his zipper bound cock. She rocks against his fingers and his thumb, intensifying the pleasure.

Selena cannot stand anymore, her legs growing weak with arousal. She slides down the wall, pulling him down with her, until she is sitting on the floor, her heels pressed against her ass cheeks, his head held level with hers as his fingers continue to glide in and out of her. His eyes bore into her and she breathlessly watches his face as he sinks his tooth into his lips.

“Am I pleasing you?” He asks, his voice thick with lust, his fingers beginning to work quicker in and out of her wetness.

“Y-yes.” She chokes, her hips bucking against his hand. She reaches out towards his crotch, pulling his hand away from his zipper then clumsily pulling at his belt. He hisses with excitement, and his lips press against hers, his tongue slipping into her mouth as he sinks his fingers fully into her wetness and rubs circles against her clitoris.

Selena sucks on his tongue as it enters her mouth, her hand pulling his belt loose, then his button, then his zipper. She pulls him away from her face with a fistful of his hair,

“Take your jeans off.” She commands and he pulls his fingers out of her, she lets out an involuntary moan of dismay.

Miles grins at her, putting his fingers in his mouth and licking them clean. He pulls off his shoes and yanks his jeans over his skinny hips revealing his lilac boxer briefs and the outline of his swollen cock. There is already a dark patch where the tip of it strains against the fabric. He pulls his jeans over his feet and tosses them aside.

“Will you kiss it?” He whispers, rubbing his hand over the outline of his cock.

“Let me see it.” Selena slurs and he wastes no time pulling his boxer briefs down to his knees. It isn’t a particularly large penis; she has had bigger and thicker. The head is red, swollen and slick with precum, free from its fabric prison, it sticks straight up against his stomach. She smiles at him, “You are excited.”

“You pussy feels like heaven.” He rumbles.

“Strip and lie down.” Selena instructs and he’s naked on his back in seconds. She gets to her feet and stands over him for a moment, observing his pale trembling body with delight. She kneels behind his head and he looks up at her with unbridled lust in his eyes, his penis pulsing up and down with anticipation.

“Eat my pussy.” She commands and she puts her thick thighs on either side of his head, lowering her sopping wet sex onto his face. His tongue enters her strongly, pushing in and out of her with the determination of his fingers. His hands slide up her thighs between her legs, one of his hands attempting to access and rub at her clitoris. Selena whimpers happily, grinding into his face, enjoying the feeling of his nose against her asshole. Miles moans thunderously into her, his tongue twisting inside of her and his lips wrapping around hers.

Selena leans down over his body as she rolls her hips on his face, occasionally lifting them so he can take a gasping breath. Her hard nipples graze against his stomach and his cock shudders excitedly at the contact. She smiles at it, taking it in qiqitv porno her hand and enjoying how hot it feels. Miles spasms under her at the sudden contact, his tongue working more desperately, his nose rubbing against her asshole in demented pleasure.

Her tongue begins to trace over the head of his cock, tasting the saltiness of his precum and relishing freshly leaking excitement that her teasing prompts. She rolls her tongue around it and then plunges it into her mouth, opening her lips just enough so he can feel her glossy lips against his shaft. Miles grumbles loudly and she lifts her hips from his face to hear his panting.

“Fuck, yes. Fuck, Selena, thank you.” He grunts, thrusting his hips against her. Selena swallows him to the base of his shaft, one hand fondling his balls and the other holding his stomach down in a vain attempt to control his hips. She sits on his face again, squirming against his tongue. His hands leave her clit and move to her ass, squeezing her bubble butt hard, pulling the cheeks apart and rubbing his nose against her more forcefully.

Selena moans happily, releasing his wet cock from her mouth to throw her head back lustily. “Do you have a condom?” She grunts as his tongue pushes in and out of her. She feels him nod against her, holding her ass against his face with one of his hands as the other gropes for his discarded jeans.

Selena reaches for them, managing to pull them closer by the leg, she finds his wallet and opens it. She sits up straight and grinds against his tongue a little harder before lifting up onto her knees, pulling the condom from between his bank notes and tearing off the wrapper. She can hear him panting beneath her, his fingers rubbing her slick clitoris as though he cannot bear to stop touching her. She moans happily, pinching the tip of the condom as she slides it easily over his hardness.

Miles whimpers as she climbs off his face, she crawls down until she hovers over his hips. She leans down to kiss him and tastes her own arousal on his tongue, he moans into her mouth. He gasps as she slides onto him, pushing his member deep inside her as she rubs her clitoris against his pubis, grinding against him.

“You fucking goddess.” He grunts, “This feels fucking amazing.” His hips bucking against her as he attempts to sit up.

“You like being fucked by my fat pussy?” She rumbles, humping him hard and pushing him onto his back again.

“Y-yes.” He stutters, grabbing a fistful of her breast and squeezing on her nipple hard. Selena arches her back.

“Good boy.” She grinds against him harder, then leans down over him so her breasts are in his face. She slides almost all the way off his cock before slamming down to the base again.

Miles cannot control his desperate grunting anymore; he captures her other nipple in his mouth and begins to suck on it hard in an attempt to muffle himself. His other hand slides over her stomach and begins to rub on her clitoris. Selena begins to buck wildly on him, she is so full of his cock and his multiple attacks on her erogenous zones make her head feel foggy.

“Good boy.” She pants, “Good boy.” She repeats it over and over again as she feels her orgasm building inside her.

“I-I’m c-close.” Miles stutters into her breast and she picks up the pace. His fingers are working so quickly on her clit, he twists her nipple with his other hand and rocks his hips against her, matching her rhythm desperately.

“Good boy.” She grunts breathlessly as her walls clench around him. She presses down hard against him, his hand still rubbing her relentlessly and she feels her orgasm wash over her, her hips bucking wildly.

Miles head falls back, and she feels his cock pulsing inside her, the condom straining against his load as he cums with a loud scream of her name. “Selenaaaaaaa!” His intensity magnifies her orgasm and she shakes uncontrollably.

Selena collapses on top of him, her body weak and slick with sweat and her own wetness. Miles moans happily, kissing her forehead and continuing to brush his fingers against her swollen clit.

“That was incredible.” He mumbles.

“Good boy.” Selena repeats, kissing his mouth that still tastes of her pussy. She smiles and slides off his softening cock, encased in a cloudy condom, slick with her own orgasm. She steps into her thong and pulls it up over her ass.

“Can we do this again sometime?” Miles asks, still lying on his back on the floor, unable to find the strength to move.

“Sure.” Selena says, pulling her skirt over her bubble butt, “I like the sound of you screaming my name.”

Miles moans happily, “Can I have your number?”

Selena pulls her crop top over her head and leans down to take his phone out of his jeans pocket. She takes a picture of his naked, cum coated body and saves it as her contact picture.

“Good boy.” She smiles, tossing his phone onto his stomach.

“Thank you.” Miles whimpers.

Selena collects her phone, vape and ID and takes one last look at him. She closes the door behind her and leaves him lying on the floor.

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