Session Wrestler to Slave Ch. 06

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The next day at work was nowhere near typical. After tossing and turning all night she was a bit worn out, physically and mentally. Her beating the night before had taken a physical toll as well: her neck, her jaw, her shoulders, and her head all hurt from the punishment she took. She didn’t think it was bad at the time, but the adrenaline wore off and the pain set in overnight. More troubling, her tongue hurt and her jaw was also tired in addition to be sore, both probably exhausted from licking his soles and flossing and sucking his toes for two and a half hours. Her jaw was the worst, paying for last night in two different ways.

She was also short with people and not in a good mood. At one point she had to go apologize to a coworker when she felt she jumped on him for no reason. He had said don’t worry about it, of course, and she made something up like she was frustrated trying to tackle a spreadsheet that wouldn’t balance when he popped into her office. But she did feel bad about it, she had never done that to a coworker before, she was troubled that she had done it then.

The next few days were more of the same, she didn’t snap at anyone, but she did not have a good week. Thoughts and feeling came into her mind constantly, some she felt were natural after a session like that: at one moment she would be angry that he beat her down like that, then guilty that she felt angry at him for her losing so bad, then feel loss at not collecting the money (she had not gotten the nerve to email or text him). She felt other, stranger thoughts too: why did she beg to lick his feet, was it really ‘her pleasure’ to floss his toes like she said, why did she lift her head for that front head scissor, and why did she say “Ok, will this work” when she lifted her head as high as she could so he could put his junk on her face and clamp his thighs around her neck and jaw?

It was a very weird week, and of all the thoughts that came across her mind in the coming days there were two that became very clear: confusion of how he had done what he had done and how those events transpired and, more disturbing, a slowly developing idea she that maybe she had enjoyed every minute.

Jamie ended the week by having a few drinks with her coworkers Friday night: margaritas at the local Mexican restaurant not far from her condo before meeting a few of her personal friends for dinner and a few more drinks. She got home around 9 and checked her email she used for sessions that all her booking requests went to. She had been off that email since the session, not wanting to think about another session.

She saw three emails from Tim, one of her regulars who booked her every few weeks. The first was from Tuesday at 8:34 pm, when her hands and mouth had been full of Ray’s feet and toes. There was one more Wednesday night and another Thursday around noon. Tim was sorry for badgering her, but he really wanted a session Saturday night.

“All the badgering men are sorry, but it doesn’t stop them from badgering me. Tim, you get a free pass this week” she said out loud, alone in her condo. She responded, saying she was available and asked what time he had in mind.

She had decided earlier, while on her way home (and concentrating very hard on the white and yellow lines), that taking another session was probably the best way to get past the feelings and growing sense of…. she couldn’t say what…. that were still lingering after the last session. Just her luck, Tim was the perfect man for the job!

Tim was 28 and worked some job as a park ranger or with some park district in town, Jamie wasn’t quite sure. He worked for the state and had a fairly late model pickup truck, so Jamie assumed he made very good money doing whatever it was that he did. He had two little children, seemed to be happily married, and always gave her a fat tip after their sessions. He had a consistent request during every one of their sessions: he wanted to be beaten down by her. Nothing that would leave a mark for a wife to see, but no part of the session was competitive. He wanted to be tossed around, scissored in every way she knew how, choked via sleeper hold, forced to tap, and posed over with her feet usually on his face or chest or with Jamie sitting on his chest/neck, her thighs pressing up against his ears.

It was probably best he didn’t want anything competitive: Tim was huge! He said he was 6’6″ and claimed to be 240 lbs, but she suspected he was both an inch taller and 30 or more pounds heavier. He had been an athlete, football and basketball, in high school but not college, although he says he was good enough to do so (they all say that, Jamie thought). Like many men, and women, he had let himself go a bit with age and had gotten a bit soft around the midsection and the chest. However, he was immensely strong, and she had no doubt he could not only beat her, but seriously hurt her if he so chose. Thank God he was a gentleman and a bit of a pushover! Those traits paired with his massive size meant she enjoyed making istanbul travesti him tap more than any other client! He loved massaging and worshiping her feet, and he was very easy on the eyes, Jamie thought with a smile. She liked both of those qualities in Tim.

She answered a few more emails, typical questions from perspective clients that they would have the answer to if they just read her profile, that same profile that listed her email…. Time wasters. She had been warned about them by the woman who ran the profile website, who was also a session wrestler, that Jamie was listed on. Jamie hated to think of these people that way, even though the woman had been proven right over and over again. So, even though she knew by the tone of the email whether it was a time waster or not, she got back to everyone and answered their questions as best she could.

Tim responded within a few minutes of her sending the message and offered 6 p.m. Saturday. He was now asking for a two hour session. He had never done that before, neither had Jamie, and they had sessioned several times. Jamie was a bit nervous to say yes after what just happened, so she didn’t immediately agree. She responded, and politely asked why. Tim was back instantly, stating his family was out of town, he had the night to himself, and he wanted to get beaten up for 1:15 or an hour and a half (however much he could handle) then wanted to worship her feet and, to quote the email, “talk about your experiences as a session wrestler”.

He also offered to pay for two full hours of her time.

She responded back that it would be fine, Tim instantly thanked her profusely and said he was looking forward to it. Jamie shut her computer and laid down to go to sleep.

Sleep was elusive, once again, as it had been each night since the session. Whenever she wasn’t working and her mind not occupied with spreadsheets, email, or socializing it went straight back to Tuesday. Why did she say those things? How did they keep coming out of her mouth seemingly against her brain’s wishes?

How did so much time pass under his feet? Two hours?!

What the hell did “Call me when you are ready.” mean? Honestly, what could he have possible meant?

Her thoughts, as they had for days, focused on frustration, anger, feeling sorry for herself, defiance in defeat, to confusion for how she really felt, deep down, about the experience. Did she really like it? No, she couldn’t have. Right?

She woke up at 8:30 on Saturday and went to the gym for a very light workout and stretching session. Nothing hard, she needed her strength to crush Tim later on. She went as much to work out as to occupy her mind to keep it from racing with all those conflicting thoughts.

She got home and decided to deep clean her condo. It wasn’t really dirty or unkept, but it kept her mind occupied. Since the thoughts that kept creeping in were those she didn’t quite know how to process just yet, occupying her mind had become top priority. When she was done it was 2:15, and she had over 3 hours before she had to meet Tim. She was getting weary from the lack of sleep, the light workout, and the deep clean, but before she went to take a nap she gave her feet some quick attention with her ped egg to clean up any roughness. She then put on a thick layer of lotion and some socks to maximize the lotions effect, set her alarm, and took a nap.

She woke up, took another shower to be ready for Tim, put on a bikini she knew he would like: black, white trim, with white strings tying at the hip and a matching triangle top tying at the back and neck. Just like the bikini she was wearing when she was trounced by Ray, just a different color. It was warm that day, so she threw on some shorts and a t-shirt over her swimsuit and put on shoes over her socks, no flip flops, so she could keep her feet clean for Tim.

‘Tonight will be different.’ she reassured herself silently.

She met Tim at the side door like usual, said hi and playfully asked if he was ready. He joked that he wasn’t sure, and led her to the room. He opened the door for her and let her enter first, again, being a gentleman, and followed her in. She went in and sat on the bed, something she would not have done with Ray or any other first time client, but she felt very comfortable around Tim.

“So, Tim,” she said, “you have something new in mind tonight?” she questioned with a smile.

He looked a bit nervous and she thought he blushed ever so slightly when he said:

“Yeah, I guess I do….”

He paused, and looked at her, seemingly unsure who should speak next.

She smiled genuinely at his schoolboy nervousness (that she thought was just too cute) and raised her eyebrows, wordlessly urging him to continue. He got the message and continued.

“Yeah,” he stumbled again “I, uh, I guess maybe I was hoping that maybe we could do a normal session, maybe a bit longer than normal if you are ok with me getting two hours of your time. Maybe an hour and twenty minutes? istanbul travestileri I think you know what I like for a session by now but….” He trailed off and paused again, she wasn’t sure why, then continued “…..then maybe we could just talk for the rest of the time about you and me. I would really like to know more about you, nothing personal of course, unless you are ok with those details, then I would love to hear them. Instead, I was more thinking about hearing your thoughts about sessions with guys like me. How did you ever get your start doing this? What goes through your mind when you make a grown man tap for mercy? Does everyone else love to lick your feet and toes as much as me? What do other guys ask of you that I don’t?”

The floodgates opened a bit, Jamie thought, when Tim rattled off his 4th or 5th question without seeming to even take a breath. Not unlike her experience at the end of Ray’s session.

‘Damn it Jamie! Push those thoughts of Ray out of your head for the next two hours!’ she scolded herself silently.

“Ok, ok, ok, easy Tim.” she said with a bit of a genuine laugh. He blushed for real when she did that. When he did, she worried she may have embarrassed him with her laugh.

‘I should probably try to make him more comfortable just in case he is embarrasses easy.’ she thought.

“Come here, sit down by me.” she said to him (he was about 10 feet away on the other side of the room of where her and Ray’s makeshift mat had been)

He came over and knelt on the floor in front of her. She had meant for him to sit down next to her on the bed. This was his foot worshipping position, maybe he just liked that spot

‘Maybe I should have patted the open spot next to me with my hand.’ she thought. She reached out and cupped his cheek with her right hand and said:

“That sounds good to me if that’s what you want to do.” she said reassuringly. “I know how this works, you are spending your hard earned money on me and my time and I want to make sure you leave knowing you got your money’s worth. So yeah, we can talk as much or as little as you like, or I can whoop your ass as much or as little as you like.” she said in a playful arrogance. She also added a light slap to his face with her hand.

He smiled and said “Awesome, that sounds really good!! Thank you so much!”

“Don’t thank me, I should be thanking you! I’m going to get paid to talk instead of wrestle and, if I may make a prediction we both know will come true, I’m pretty sure my feet will be getting massaged or licked during that conversation.”

“Which is also really good for me!” she quipped in a sexy, spoiled brat kinda way.

“I hope it goes that way, I would like to rub and lick your feet tonight.” he said meekly, almost a bit embarrassed for saying it out loud.

“That’s a wish I’m happy to grant.” she said, while sensing he had something else to say

“Anything else before we change and get started?” she said as she stood, now towering over his still kneeling form, his face right at her belly button.

“N.. No, we good.” he stumbled.

‘Did I sound like this around Ray?’ she thought. ‘Knock it off Jamie, focus on Tim now!’ she remembered.

He was obviously nervous about asking something, so she sat back down and turned on her professional tone. She cupped his cheeks with both hands, looked him in the eye, and said:

“Are we good? If there is something else, please say. I promise it won’t be too weird of a question. I have been asked every question you can think of during sessions, there isn’t anything I haven’t heard or request I haven’t gotten. Its ok, just ask.”

“I’m ok, really…..” he said, obviously holding back.

“I insist. Please ask. If you don’t you will regret it, and if I don’t know what you want, I can’t do it. It’s ok, we both know you know the rules, and I’m pretty sure I know you enough to know you aren’t going to ask something that is blatantly over the line. As long as you don’t ask for nudity, it’s a fair question.

‘Well….I…” he hedged. Jamie paused to give him a minute, but he didn’t say any more.

“Tim,” Jamie said as she took a firmer tone. “I’m about to strip to a bikini, put your chin on my crotch for a front headscissor, and feel your hands on my ass when you struggle in my reverse headscissor. There is a built in layer of intimacy and trust here. Stop being a gentleman and please, for me, tell me what you want.”

“Will you face sit me?”

‘Facesit? That’s it?’ She thought. She smiled and laughed and very quickly, before he could feel self conscious about her laughing, said:

“For you, absolutely.” she said directly, still holding his face in her hands. “You are too cute Tim! Too damn cute! The way you hedged you acted like a guy who was about to ask for a happy ending, if ya’ know what I mean!”

He blushed, even more. It was truly too damn cute!

“I’m happy to sit on your face, I may even pin you and make you tap with just my ass, if that works?”

“Please travesti istanbul do. That sounds awesome.” he interrupted.

“Ok, will do! And it will be my pleasure!” she said. “Obviously yours too, but I’m going to enjoy this.”

“Keep in mind, you are getting special treatment here, I don’t do this for everyone.” she continued


“No! Definitely not!” she said maybe a bit too strongly. She continued “I think you know why, based on me basically forcing you to ask, but it’s a very personal type of hold or victory pose. I would never do it for some of the creepier guys, and I do get creepers, but I’m comfortable enough with you that I’m going to enjoy it knowing that you are going to enjoy it.”

“You wrestle creepy guys?” he asked.

“Yeah, sure, but honestly, they are harmless. I had quite a few conversations with the person who runs the session booking site and she says the creepy ones usually just want female contact and attention. I was told very early that if a person was dangerously creepy I would probably know through the early emails. I also background check all my clients, so that helps.”

“Good call.” He said.

“Ok.” she said in a tone implying it was time to wrap this up. “Ready for me?”

She stood, towering over Tim once again, even more now as he had sat back on his heels during their conversation. He moved to turn away when she had a playful thought and grabbed his shoulder.

“I just need to lose these pesky clothes and I’m ready, why don’t you help by taking my shoes off.”

He paused and smiled wide “You’re serious?” he questioned

“Yeah, you are already down there, help me out.” She said dominantly.

He did so, unlacing the right. She lifted her foot and he pulled it off. Same with the left shoe. She lifted her right foot and waited, looking down at him. He looked up, unsure if he should do what came next.

“Do you want me to wrestle in socks? Take them off too” she said, again dominantly and now a little bratty.

“Of course.” he did so with each foot.

“Now my shorts, unless you want me to wrestle in them.”

“You sure?” he questioned.

“I have a bikini underneath, I know you will like it.” she reassured “I’m not going to break my own nudity rule.” she joked.

He reached out and grabbed the bottom and started to pull.

“Nooooo…… I know you have done this type of thing before, and my buns are too big for them to come off that way” she said in a playfully condescending way.

He grabbed her shorts at her hips and slid them off, careful to make sure his fingers didn’t catch her bikini bottom at all.

‘Such a gentleman.’ she thought once again

He dropped them down to her feet and sat back and looked straight at her midsection: he took in her upper thighs, crotch, and belly in a very quick yet obvious way then, being a gentleman, looked back down to her feet at her shorts still around her ankles.

She lifted her right foot and paused. He took the hint and pulled the right leg of the shorts towards him. They repeated the procedure with her left foot.

He sat back on his heel again and looked up at her. He paused.

“We aren’t done.” she said holding up her arms “you are tall enough to deal with this t shirt too.”

He peeled her form fitting t shirt up off her belly, boobs and shoulders and pulled it over her extended fingertips, which was an easy task for his 6’6″ reach.

“Do you need to change? Or just lose the shirt?” she asked, knowing he always wrestled shirtless in gym shorts.

He took off his shirt to show he had lost a few pounds and toned up a bit. She hadn’t noticed through the t shirt.

“I’m ready for you…. I think. You look awesome by the way.” he said as he moved to the bed and knelt on it opposite from her.

Since their session was 100% non-competitive and she basically spent the hour squeezing, crushing, and choking him while twisting various body parts and mixing in plenty of victory poses. They didn’t need the larger makeshift mat: they always had their session on the king sized bed.

This session was different in one way: Jamie destroyed him! Once she got going, she realized that she hadn’t been in control for one minute against Ray and that had really gotten to her. So, she took some frustration out on Tim. Maybe too much, she realized later. She was enjoying the power and control so much, she had trouble holding back.

Early on however, she punished him. Thoughts of tapping to and being controlled and dominated by Ray were running through her head, despite her best attempts to push them out and focus on the task at hand. She normally would have been more playful, holding him in a scissor for a time while clamping her thighs on him only periodically so he could enjoy the hold. He usually held on in a scissor hold for several minutes before she would decide to end it by making him tap and moving to the next hold. More than once he tapped immediately.

About 15 minutes in she worried she was being too rough and decided to ask how he was doing. He was a modified reverse headscissor, currently about two inches from her ass while she laid on her side holding both his arms by the wrist, her body at a 90 degree angle with their torsos parallel to each other.

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