Sex Games In The City Ch. 02

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Saturday, 10am.

Stepping out of the shower, she rung the excess water from her hair and wrapped a soft, white towel around her body. She stood for a moment, her skin adjusting to the relative coolness of the bathroom, before vigorously rubbing herself dry. She dropped the towel and picked up a small bottle of scented body lotion; pouring a little into her hands she worked them together before massaging the cream into her skin. Using gentle, circular movements she worked her way from her neck, down over her breasts and belly, onto her thighs and calves, then back up her legs, across her bottom and into her back.

Picking up the towel again, she wrapped it around her chest like a high sarong: the bottom of the towel skimmed her thighs. She slicked her hair back behind her ears and applied a little lip gloss to her mouth.

Just as she turned away from the mirror, she heard a light knock at the door of the room. Opening it slightly, she was relieved to see an attractive young woman standing there. Her name badge revealed her to be called Melissa.

“Room service, miss”, said the girl. “Shall I come back later?”

“No, please come in. I’m just getting ready to go out anyway.”

Melissa entered the room and headed towards the bed: the sheets were crumpled as a result of their earlier action. As she stripped off the pillowcases, the hem of her skirt rose up her legs revealing smooth, tanned legs. She felt someone’s eyes on her and turned to find the woman standing behind her, staring at her. She stared back. The woman was not much older than her and, in her towel, looked beylikdüzü escort to have a good figure. Sexy. She certainly had striking eyes: Melissa could hardly pull her gaze away from them. She licked her lips and took a step towards the woman, running her finger down her cleavage as she did so. The woman stepped forward too, her hands smoothing the towel over her thighs. They stood face to face, eyes roaming over each others’ bodies. Melissa reached forward and loosened the towel, letting it fall to the floor. She was right: she did have a good figure. Small, pert breasts, curved belly and a neatly clipped little mound between her legs. Her pupils dilated.
The woman’s hands moved to the buttons of Melissa’s blouse and slowly undid them, working from top to bottom. She slipped off her shirt and pulled her skirt down to the floor, leaving Melissa standing in a red bra and thong and tan stockings. Her blonde hair was caught up in a clip, and the woman loosened it, letting the thick mane tumble around Melissa’s shoulders. Her pale skin was almost translucent and her blue eyes were as clear as iced water; her breasts were full, but not heavy. Melissa turned around and the woman unhooked her bra, letting them spill out of the restraining fabric. Her fingers roamed down to the thong and slipped it over Melissa’s curvaceous bottom, letting it fall down her legs. Melissa stepped out of it and faced the woman again.

She leaned forward; taking the woman’s face in her hands, she kissed her mouth softly. She tasted of strawberries. beyoğlu escort Her hands moved around Melissa’s waist and brushed against the skin of her ass, smooth and firm. Their tongues entwined as they kissed more passionately.

Melissa manoeuvred the woman to the freshly-made bed and laid her down on her back. She kissed first one breast, then the other, knowing exactly the right firmness to use when sucking on her nipples. The woman’s hands moved to Melissa’s own tits and squeezed them, massaged them, kneaded them. Melissa ran her tongue down the centre of the woman’s belly, then circled her hard clit. The woman’s back arched, pushing her pussy against Melissa’s mouth. She began to eat out her hot cunt, lapping up the wetness and sucking on her lips. The woman stroked her tits with one hand; the other gripped Melissa’s hair and pulled her face closer towards her pussy.

It was at that moment that she opened her eyes and saw him standing at the foot of the bed, naked. His cock was in his hand and he was watching Melissa, ass in the air, lapping at her pussy, while she played with her breasts. She had never seen him look so aroused. Tapping Melissa on the head, she nodded towards him and smiled. Melissa smiled back, a secret look passing between the girls. They rose to their knees and crawled down the bed, stopping before him. Facing each other, they kissed passionately, tongues exploring each other’s mouths. As he watched, they positioned his cock between their mouths and kissed again: as they did so, their bizimkent escort tongues worked over him. The woman took him deep into her mouth and Melissa lay down lower, taking his balls in her mouth. They sucked and licked him until he thought that his knees would give way, the feeling was so intense; he pushed them back against the bed and let them play with each other again.

It was the woman’s turn to eat out Melissa and, as she kneeled over her, he could see her pussy shining at him from between the cheeks of her upturned ass. Stepping forwards, he took hold of her hips and drove his cock inside her: she gasped, then resumed licking out Melissa’s cunt. As he fucked her hard from behind, he could see her tongue working on Melissa, as the girl herself pinched her own nipples and licked her fingers seductively. She squirmed against the woman’s mouth, aroused by the sight of her being fucked so ferociously. Her hips gyrated against the bed and her nipples stood up, rock hard and rosy, from her full tits. Both girls moaned loudly as their pussies grew hotter and wetter; the woman let out sharp cries of ecstasy as he slapped her ass. He groaned with pleasure as his balls smacked against her, his cock pushing deep inside her cunt, feeling the wetness flooding over him as her muscles tightened and relaxed, tightened and relaxed. Melissa’s back arched and her moans grew louder; the woman was gasping now, her cries muffled by Melissa’s pussy. He pushed harder and deeper, pulling him against her, gripping her waist, riding her faster and faster until both woman screamed in ecstasy and he felt her cunt squeeze him tight. His balls tightened and he pumped his cum into her; she fell away from him and Melissa took his cock in her mouth, licking him clean. Finally, he collapsed onto the bed between them and lay there, letting them run their fingers over his skin and each other, one head on each side of his chest. This was proving to be a good weekend…

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