Sex Games In The City Ch. 03

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Saturday, 4.30pm.

It was a typical November afternoon: the air was cold and damp, engulfing you in a chilly haze of greyness, and the ground was still wet from last night’s rain. The street lights were already on, casting long shadows in the dull amber light and reflecting in the puddles like a cat’s winking eye.

She was huddled up against the elements in a furry coat, the pale white shade of a snow-leopard. Matching gloves, scarf and hat in soft wool protected most of her otherwise exposed skin, but her cheeks were flushed from the cold and the ends of her hair were curling around her face in the dampness. Camel trousers and boots completed her outfit: she looked elegant, but comfortable. As she walked briskly and confidently along the road, she attracted glances from several men, but she took no notice. They didn’t interest her: she had a fantastic lover who knew exactly how to satisfy her. And she was hurrying back to meet him again…

The hotel’s desk clerk handed her a sealed envelope as she collected her key card. She opened it in the lift: he had gone out, but would be back shortly. She should have a shower as they were going out that night and she would undoubtedly take ages to get ready. She smiled softly: he knew her so well.

The door opened on the second attempt and she flicked on the light. He had tidied the room, clearing up the remains of their earlier games, and everything looked pristine and neat. Much like herself, she thought.

She whipped off her outer garments and stood in front of the mirror in trousers and jumper. Her dark hair and eyes complemented her olive skin and looked striking against her pale clothes. Her cheeks still flushed from the walk, she had a wholesome air about her which belied her sexual appetite.

Remembering her earlier encounters with him, she felt her skin prickle and her pussy tingle. She pulled her jumper over her head and dropped her trousers to the floor, revealing a plain white bra and panties. She looked quite different from the raunchy girl who had met him the previous day: well, he wasn’t here now so she had nobody to impress but herself.

Still standing in front of the mirror, she started touching herself, one hand on her crotch and one stroking the soft skin of her chest and stomach. As she found her rhythm and began kartal escort bayan to relax, her fingers pushed aside the fabric of her panties and slid into her moist pussy. She watched herself, enjoying her body.

As the waves of pleasure began to increase, she closed her eyes and pictured him standing naked beside her, erect cock in his hand, tossing himself off at the sight of her playing with herself. She became so caught up in the moment that she didn’t hear the door click open, and then shut again a moment later.

The next thing she knew, a cold hand was clamped to her mouth while her own cream scarf covered her eyes. She was pushed forward onto the dressing table, her arms pinned down by one strong hand as the other one continued to prevent her screaming. A knee came up and replaced the gripping hand, holding her down; she felt cold metal on her wrists and found herself handcuffed to the leg of the table. She felt hot breath on her neck and a rough voice growled in her ear:

“If I take my hand away, you’d better not scream.”

As soon as the hand was removed, she let out a low cry. The hand returned immediately and she felt a stinging pain in her right buttock.

“I said quiet,” he whispered, a hint of amusement in his voice. “I see you’re going to be trouble.”

She heard a scrabbling sound and felt soft fabric on her face: the silk scarf from earlier. It enveloped her mouth and left her only able to utter soft moans and cries; it also left him free to use both his hands. He stroked her hair and traced along the edges of her bra and panties.

“Well, you’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you? What were you supposed to do when you got back?”

She moaned, unable to answer.

“Cat got your tongue? You were meant to get ready to go out. You always take so long and you knew you had to rush, but you still disobeyed me. Why? So that you could be a naughty little girl and play with yourself. Well, you’ll have to be punished for that, you know.”

She whimpered as she heard him opening the dressing table drawer. There was a moment of stillness, then she felt soft leather tickling her upper thighs. She flinched; he brought the strap down onto her left buttock. The sting followed a second later, coupled by a tingle in her pussy. She had counted to ten before escort maltepe the smack came to her right cheek, already sensitive from the earlier slap. Her pussy tightened and she felt dampness on her panties. Another count of ten and the left cheek burned; the dampness increased and her nipples hardened. Seven… eight… nine… ten… nothing. Fingers groped at the elastic of her panties and they were pulled to the floor. The cold air cooled her stinging skin. Then her bra was unhooked and the straps pushed down her arms, stopping at her handcuffed wrists. Her breasts pressed against the hard wood and she rubbed her pussy against the edge of the dressing table, trying to satisfy its desire to be touched. He spotted her and pulled her hips up into the air.

“Naughty girl. Can’t stop playing with it, can you?”

She heard a zip being pulled and then felt his hard cock pressing against her ass. She writhed against it. Strong hands pulled her hair and lifted her face from the table.

“You want this inside you?” he whispered in her ear, using her hair to pull him close to her mouth. She nodded and moaned softly.

“Very well,” he smiled.

She felt the silk scarf being untied and licked her dry lips as her mouth was freed from its bindings. The woollen scarf still covered her eyes, though, so it wasn’t until she felt his skin on her lips and smelt the musky scent of his groin that she knew his cock wasn’t going to be put inside her pussy.

He forced her lips apart and pushed his cock into her mouth. It was already hard, and filled her easily. She gagged once, but soon settled into the sucking and licking rhythm that he enjoyed so much. He grabbed her hair again and pulled her towards him, bobbing her head back and forwards to take him deeper into her throat. As he moved, he whispered to her constantly.

“Oh yeah, baby, you like that, don’t you? You love the taste of my cock. You’re gonna drink all my cum like a good little girl.”

She moaned and shook her head. He pulled his cock away, then slapped it against her face.

“Yes you are. You’ll do exactly what I tell you or I’ll spank you again.”

She took him back into her mouth and sucked harder. His thrusting grew faster and his moans increased as she brought him higher and higher towards the point pendik escort of climax. Then, with one final push, she felt him explode, cum pouring into her mouth like a river. She continued sucking until he pulled away, and then swallowed all the salty liquid, licking her lips to taste every last drop.

Everything fell silent for a few minutes and she lay against the table, pussy still burning to be touched, moaning softly. A movement behind her and she could see again, the woollen scarf being thrown aside onto the bed. In the mirror, she could see her body bent over the dressing table and him standing behind her, stroking himself. He was hard again already and she knew that, at last, she was going to get what she wanted. He approached her back and slapped her ass with his cock, watching her face in the mirror all the time. She gazed at him longingly, her eyes imploring him to satisfy her. He teased her for a little longer though, squeezing her breasts, biting her neck and earlobes, slipping a hand between her legs and pinching her clit.

And then it happened: he thrust his cock deep into her pussy, his balls slapping against her ass, his right hand supporting himself as his left hand played with her clit. Her body screamed with pleasure. Each thrust seemed deeper than the last and, by taking her from behind, he was hitting her G-spot on every inward drive. She felt that she could come any second. His hand moved to her hair and he pulled her head back and around, forcing open her mouth with his tongue and sucking, biting her lower lip. He fucked her hard and fast, with ferociousness and an animalistic desire. Every touch was rough, and it excited her more than even she had expected. Within minutes, her legs were shaking and cum was pouring from her pussy as she shuddered and bucked into the most amazing orgasm of her life.

She fell forwards onto the table as he pulled out of her and felt the wetness gushing from between her legs. Looking up, she grinned when she saw in the mirror that he was standing behind her, once more stroking his cock and about to come again himself. She saw the white liquid falling in an arc and felt it hit the cheeks of her still-tender ass, then watched as he rubbed it into her skin. He half-crawled back round to her face and let her lick every one of his fingers clean. Only then did he unlock the handcuffs, give her one last smack, lie down on the bed and light a cigarette. He took a long drag of it, blew out the smoke and smiled broadly as she slithered off the table and onto the floor, a look of utter contentment on her face…

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