Silken Skin

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I watched her from across the room, greeting guests and laughing at jokes. Her intense green eyes watched me as I watched her. I wondered what she thought.

Was she imagining me naked, lying on the bed, my legs spread waiting for her?

Was she seeing me tied up, my breasts glistening with sweat after my second orgasm from her lithe fingers on my pussy?

My date, Jonathan, was guiding me to the bar and unaware of my wandering eye. I ordered a Pepsi and sipped it as we mingled with the rest of the guests.

My eye caught her again, this woman in the black thigh-length dress. Her back was toward me and I took the luxury of examining the curves of her hips and the tan of her back, bared by the tight back-less evening dress.

Jonathan kissed my cheek and patted my ass causing my eyes to leave her. I smiled at him and sipped more of my drink.

Jonathan said he had to use the restroom and took off in search of them. I turned around slowly, watching the other guests casually until my eyes came upon her again.

My pussy started to itch as I saw her, bent over with her ass to me, talking to someone sitting in a chair. I couldn’t stop watching, imaging her pulling her dress up over her soft thighs as my fingers caressed her nipples.

I must have been staring because as she turned around and saw me, she smiled seductively and walked away, her sway exaggerated enticingly.

I finished my drink, gulping the rest of the cold liquid and made my way to the bathrooms. I passed Jonathan on the way there and told him I had to use them now and I would find him later.

I threw open the door to the bathroom and nearly ran to the sink. I smiled at myself in the mirror, remembering her look to me and thinking of the nasty things we could do to each other.

I could feel my pussy getting wetter and that only made me want her more. Her soft lips on my clit, her finger sliding in and out of my cunt. My legs were trembling with the thought and I locked the door to the bathroom.

I took my shoes off and sat on the edge of the bathtub. I lifted up my dress and spread my legs, rubbing my pussy. I could feel its wetness through my panties and nylons, getting wetter as I thought about licking her nipples.

I stood up and took my nylons off. I threw them on my shoes and started to unzip my dress.

The zipper caught on itself and I couldn’t get it to move up or down so I pulled it up from the bottom and removed my panties, too wanton to wait.

I sat on the edge of the bathtub and ran my hand over my trimmed pubic hair. I smelled my juices filling the Otele Gelen Escort room and I got hotter just thinking of her black dress falling to the floor.

I spread my legs and my fingers touched my clit, hot and hard. I used my left hand to spread my pussy lips as I ran my fingers through my cunt. Its slickness and heat turned me on, moans escaping me as I rubbed gently over my clit.

I could hardly stand it, visions of our mouths on each others bodies was driving me wild. My fingers went faster over my clit and I arched my back in pleasure.

The music and chatter of the party outside the door was masking my elevating moans, my body wanting to come but me wanting to keep it going, rubbing my drenched pussy faster.

My pussy lips were vibrating with pleasure and I screamed as my first orgasm hit. My legs tingled as I came again, hot juices flowing from my cunt. I slowed my rubbing down and licked my lips, dry from my gasping breaths.

I sat there in ecstasy, catching my breath. Apparently no one heard my moaning since there was no one knocking on the door. I washed my hands, pulled my panties and nylons back on and stepped into my shoes. I re-adjusted my dress and as I felt the cold air against my back I remembered that it was stuck half way down my back.

I didn’t know what to do since everyone would see that I didn’t have to unzip my dress to go to the bathroom. I peaked out the door, looking for Jonathan but I didn’t see him.

I was about to close the door again when I saw her, smiling and coming straight for me. Before I could close the door, she was there.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

I cleared my throat and managed, “Yeah, thanks.”

“I walked by once to go to the wine cellar and heard awful moaning.”

I could feel my face redden. “Oh, my darn dress got stuck,” I covered.

I turned for her to see and I felt her hands run down my back. “I can fix that, come with me.”

She turned around and we went further down the hall that the led to the bathroom and started up some stairs at the end.

I watched her ass as she climbed the steps, right at my eye level. I let myself fall behind a step or two and I looked up, right under her dress. She wasn’t wearing any panties or nylons. She was completely shaved and I started to get wet again.

She reached the top and waited for me. I dropped my eyes to the stairs and finished climbing.

The second floor of the house was bedroom after bedroom. We walked to the fourth room on the left and she closed the Balgat Escort door behind us.

“Here, you can cover up with this,” she said as she handed me a robe. “It will be easier to fix if you aren’t in the dress.”

She turned around and I picked the robe up off the bed. She sat in a reading chair and looked out the window, her back to me.

I pulled the dress off over my head and laid in on the bed. In just my nylons and panties, I tugged the robe tight around me and said, “Ok.”

She got up and came to get the dress. “Have a seat,” she said and motioned to the bed.

“Thanks,” I said as I sat down on the edge.

She took a seat on a chair near a sewing machine and poked through drawers looking for stuff.

I looked around the room. Huge and filled with antiques.

As she worked, her humming filled the room. I began to relax and pushed myself further on the mattress and I laid back.

The robe had fallen off one of my legs but my mind was still imaging us, lips to lips while our hands explored each other.

I didn’t hear her stand up. “With legs like that, you don’t even need nylons.”

She broke my reverie and I looked up at her. Her eyes were examining my legs intensely.

“Thank you,” I said, blushing.

“You look so cute when you blush,” she said with a smile.

I could only blush more, unsure of where she wanted to go with this.

“Would you blush if rubbed your leg?” she asked.

“Probably,” I told her. She moved closer, my dress still hanging over her left arm.

She moved the robe away from both my legs and I felt her fingertips light on my thighs.

“I’m sure you have such smooth legs under these nylons.”

I lay still on the bed as she untied the robe around my waist, pushing it off of my legs completely. She hung my dress on a nearby chair and moved closer. Her eyes were on mine as she traced the waist of the nylons on my stomach with her hand.

I closed my eyes and my breaths starting getting deeper as she ran her fingers over my pussy.

She moaned at its wetness and pulled my nylons off as well as my panties. She ran her hands over my thighs, “Yes, I knew it was true. Such beautiful legs.”

I spread my legs a little and she kneeled on the bed, moving between them. She pushed the robe off my stomach and breasts. I opened my eyes, she was looking at me. I smiled and leaned up as she removed the robe from my arms.

I laid down again, feeling her naked legs against mine. She leaned over, planting kisses on my neck.

“Would Büyükesat Escort you scream like you did in the bathroom for me?”, she whispered in my ear.

“Yes,” I replied.

She stood up and I heard her unzipping her dress. I looked up, her dress was falling to the floor.

She was indeed naked underneath. She laid on her side, next to me on the bed.

Tan all over, her skin was smooth as silk as I ran my hand over her breasts and her hardening nipples.

She easily took over my fumbling attempts and started sucking on my nipple. I moaned, such pleasure I’ve never felt.

Her fingers tracing over my stomach, teasingly going lower and lower to my pussy.

Finally her finger touched my red hot clit and I nearly came. I moaned loudly and she began to nibble my breast, tremors running through my body. I ran my hand over her back, so smooth and soft… pure silk.

Her nimble fingers ran over my pussy lips, my wetness flowing faster. I gasp at every wondrous touch to my clit. She slid her fingers down, tracing around my hole. It was very sensitive, her gentle strokes vibrating through my whole body.

Her lips moved lower, to my stomach. She slid two fingers in my cunt, my muscles tightening around them.

Her feathery brushes over my clit made me come with a deep yell. I felt her mouth on my pussy as her fingers spread my swollen lips.

I spread my legs more as I climaxed again, her tongue flicking my clit incessantly. Her fingers slid easily in and out of my cunt.

She wasn’t letting up on my pussy, slowing going in and out of my cunt, her tongue teasing my clit.

She straddled her legs above me and her pussy was nearly in my face. Her ass was round and her pussy lips revealed her swollen clit as she spread her legs more.

I ran my finger over her pink clit and for the first time she stopped, moaning with my touch. I rubbed harder, her moans continuing.

I rub faster and faster, her ass moving in rhythm with my caresses. She spread her legs further, her cunt now in my face.

Hungrily, I sucked her clit. Her juices were a sweet, hot sensation. She tried to focus back on my pussy, but I was relentless: sucking and nibbling and licking.

She came, screaming and arching her back. I was hotter than ever and I flicked my tongue in her hole, juices still flowing out.

I circled her cunt hole with my tongue as I moved my finger to her clit. Still swollen, I rubbed it again.

Her cries were getting louder. I felt her muscles tighten around my tongue as she came again.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I moved my hand to my own pussy. I was so wet and hot. Fingering my clit wildly, I kept teasing her clit with my other hand.

I came again, screaming ecstatically.

I finally laid back on the bed, spent. She moved off the bed to her dress. I closed my eyes, breathing hard. I never heard the door close, and I never learned her name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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