Son Gets Aunt as Mom is taken by un

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Hi friends, I always had a fantasy to fuck my Aunt Agnes. Although I always masturbate thinking of her I never got a chance to fuck her until now.

Aunt Agnes stays in kerala. She has 2 children. Her husband is decent looking guy. Aunt Agnes is fairly tall, a bit fat but looks sexy with her 36d pair and plump ass.

One-day mom and I decided to go kerala. I was preety happy and was even happier when I came to know that her children had gone to their granny’s house for a week.

So we reached there to spend the week. Aunt’s house was preety big and everyone slept in separate rooms. I was always eyeing Aunt and she knew that also. I would watch Agnes washing clothes. As her nighty was loose and silky when she would bend down her big breasts could be clearly seen. She would also notice the buldge in my pants.

Then at night, mom went to sleep early. Agnes and I were watching TV and waiting for Uncle Peter (aunty’s husband) to come home. He used to come late from work. We were watching TV when suddenly a french kissing scene began. Agnes looked at me and gave a naughty smile. She asked me ” want to kiss your Aunt”. I gave her a naughty smile. She came closer to me and placed her lips on mine. She said “oopp you marks head bobbers porno are a really good kisser aaghh”. Her right hand was moving through my hair. While her left hand was moving up my hairy thigh. Her eyes were closed as if she was lost in some other world. I placed my right hand on her soft breasts and began massaging it.

Aunt Agnes was giving light moans

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaahhhhhh, yeaaaaaahhhhhh that’s itttttttt”.

I moved down to her pussy. It was already wet. We continued the kissing when suddenly the bell rang. Uncle peter had come. Agnes looked at me and said

“I want you for the night”.

She had to go to assist her husband. I awaited aunty and at midnight. I heard the door opening. I got up and switched on the light. Agnes said, ” let the light be off, we will enjoy more”. I switched off the light. There was a dim light coming from window. I could see her in that light. She had her silk nighty on, which was sleeveless. Her hard nipples poked through the nighty, clearly showing that she was’nt wearing a bra inside. My cock was up in a minute. She came closer and sat on the bed. We began our deep kissing in a flash. Suddenly massage porno we heard some coming from uncle’s room. Frightened of being caught. We quickly hurried out of the room. We peeped through the door crack and could not believe what we saw. My mom was lying naked on the bed and Uncle peter was sucking and fondling her breasts. Mom had his erect member in her hand and was jerking it. His cock was smaller than mine. After finishing his work with her breasts. He applied some cream on his cock and pushed it in mom’s leaking pussy. He started ramping hard and fast. Mom was leaving moans,

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, haaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaa


He emtied his load in mom’s pussy. I was very angry but was horny also. This sex scene made me more desparate to fuck Aunty Agnes.

I caught her hand and dragged her into my room. Locking it from inside. I pushed her on the bed and ripped off her nighty. She was looking gorgeous completely nude as she had not worn anything inside. Her nipples were standing erect and were waitng to be sucked.

In a moment I poanced on her breasts and started sucking her breasts. I pinched her erect nippleand played with it. I placed my one hand meet-suck and fuck porno on her ass and cupped and squeezed it. I moved my hand on her bare ass and ass crack. It really felt very good. Agnes was getting impatient now so she removed my pant and underwear in one instant. My erect member popped out like a jack in the box. She began jerking it as I continued working over her breasts. Her breasts were nice and firm. She then closed her lips over my cock and began sucking it. Then she left my cock and spread her legs wide open. I understood she wanted me to work on her pussy. I sat between her legs and began working on her red pussy with my tongue. I then inserted my index finger and began finger fucking her. She was giving moans,

“Aaaaakkkkaaaahhhhahhhaa, asssshhhhhhaaaaahhhh”.

Now she and I were ready for a fuck. I got up and put on a condom. I placed my cock near her pussy and began rubbing her pussy mould with my cock that made her horny. She was leaving moans’ “oooooooaooooooaaaayeaaaaa, that’s it’.”

Then I put my cock in her wet pussy and started ramping like a horse. Aunt’s breasts were jiggling like a mould of jelly. I caught hold of them and gave them a squeeze. Both of us were leaving moans, “aaaaaaaaa aaaaasa

Take me take me”.

I was so exhausted I cloasped over her.

In the night I heard Uncle fucking my mom again and I fucked Aunt Agnes again, but this time doggy style. I even fucked her in the bathroom the next day.

Please send your feedback for there is many more stories too come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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