Spanish Hairlem Ch. 6

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Mom had not finished her story she said, “Carmen was busy with Luis. As her fingers danced on his shaft, she felt the thick veins pulsing. Her hands moved up to a very fat head that was even bigger than the shaft. As her finger’s tips rubbed the precum over the head, she felt him slide two of his fingers into her hairy pussy. She said they went in all the way so easy, because she was soaking. His fingers working her pussy roughly as his big thumb grinded into her hard clit. His other hand kneading her ass cheek hard as he finger fucked her soaking pussy faster.”

Isabella had already begun kissing my pussy as her hands reached up under my arms “you really are hairy. I think your underarms are as hairy as Mom’s as her hands moved into the verdant foliage in my luxuriant underarms” I have always been much more hairy than Isabella and it was good that she was now liking my underarms even to compare it with the massive fleece in Conchita’s furry armpits. “Mom tell what was Carmen doing” Isabella cried out as she removed her mouth from my trembling clit covered with my jet-black pussy hair.

Mom said she could hear her pussy sucking his fingers and felt the warm juices running down onto her thighs. Then she felt his hand sliding up her back and grabbing a handful of her long brunette hair. He pulled her roughly away from his mouth and said “SUCK MY COCK YOU HAIRY SLUT JUST LOOK AT YOU AND YOUR HAIRY FRIEND CONCHITA LOVING OUR BIG COCKS.”

Mom said, “I saw that she dropped to her knees in front of him and came face to face with his thick veined cock. Her lipstick painted lips stretched over the fat head of his cock. Her taste buds soaking up the salty precum. Her head bobbing slowly she said that just a little of the shaft could go into her mouth since the head took up so much. His large hands gripping the sides of her head. He started pulling her into his cock, she said she izmir escort bayan started to gag but he didn’t seem to mind. When she thought she couldn’t take anymore, the head slipped into her throat and the gagging was replaced amazement, as she started deep throating Luis. I had always wanted to know how she was able to swallow the entire shaft with no problem.

She said to watch the shaft sliding in and out of her mouth made her have an orgasm. Her muffled screams of pleasure vibrating over his cock caused him to pick up the pace fucking her throat. His stomach slapping into her face as he fucked her mouth faster.

Isabella was really wet and making me wet as she licked at my gushing pussy. Her tongue lashed at my quivering clit as I started to shudder with pleasure. My sister was pleasuring me, as her groans grew louder as Mom described the huge pricks of Javier and Luis.

Mom continued, “Luis told her “wow you are a great cock sucker.” His body stiffened and she felt a large amount of hot cum filling her throat. Her throat milked all he had to give her. When she slid it out of her mouth, the shaft was covered in her red lipstick.

Isabella said “Mom did they fuck you and Aunt Carmen. I want to know did he pierce you with his monster dick.” She was really moaning as her tongue licked at the long bushy hair in my underarms.

She said, “Yes First Javier stroked his magical wand into a massive erection. He had put his mouth into the long hair in my luxuriant armpits and as he came up after breathing my unshaven pits, I simply spread my legs for him to fuck me! He was really huge but I was also very wet and so he slid into me without any trouble. God, his cock was big. It completely filled me up and as he bottomed out with his thrusts he certainly gave my cervix a pounding. I began to cum almost straight away and kept on cumming until he shot his load escort izmir into me. If ever I had a big orgasm it was at that time. I just shook and shook with uncontrollable passion. When Javier pulled out of me he was still very hard. He stood up in front of me and pushed his wet, shining cock into my mouth. I could taste his cum and my juices on his cock but it didn’t matter now – I was ready for anything. He continued to thrust his hard cock into my mouth and I sucked as hard as I could.

Isabella was really wet and having a massive orgasm as she heard Mom describe sucking off Javier’s massive dong. Her saliva had plastered my wet and slick underarms and she continued to lick at the matted hair in my bushy armpits “Mom” she said “Did you suck his hard member again. Was he still hard and huge in your mouth”

Conchita continued her saga “He began to shake and I knew I was about to have his cum shot into my mouth. I was ready for him and when he shot the first load it almost completely filled my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as possible ready for the next blast. I wasn’t disappointed as his cum kept shooting into my mouth as fast as I could swallow. My mouth ached because of his size and took it out and wiped his monster dick in my bushy underarms. I was surprised to see it disappear so fast in the bushy hair of my jet-black bushy armpits as he said “My my Conchita the hair in your underarms is so thick and long that my massive dick will get lost in your bushy armpits” as he slowly pushed his prong into my unshaven pits.”

“Mom” I said “What was Aunty Carmen doing was she watching you or was Luis fucking her too” Conchita replied that Luis was far from watching us in fact he had stuck a couple of fingers in her very wet cunt and then moved between her spread legs and simply stuck his hard cock into her cunt! I just couldn’t believe he had got it all in so quickly and it felt izmir escort really filled her. He just fucked her with long hard pumps until he shot his load of cum inside her! When he was finished he pulled his huge cock out of her and moved up onto the bed and I had to take him in my mouth while Javier stuck his cock in my cum filled cunt! He slid in very easily but Luis in my mouth was giving me some trouble partly because of the size of his cock but also because of how far he wanted to shove it down my throat. I could not believe that he was still erect. He now wanted Carmen. She was absolutely terrified of being impaled on that monstrous cock. He grabbled her ankles and hoisted them high in the air, pulling her legs apart and bringing her hairy cunt level with that monstrous dick. He swung his hips back and in one movement his cock found her cunt. He pushed and was inside. He grabbed her hips and pushed her down on the bed, with one thrust he threw all of his weight upon her and all of that enormous cock disappeared into her. He humped into her with long deliberate strokes. Every stroke seemed to push further in and each stroke brought a squeal although it seemed to me that there was more pleasure than pain each time. Finally he led out a load bellow and pushed hard into her. He bucked three or four times and stopped.

She bucked and heaved as her orgasm approached. She let go of his huge cock and grunted loudly as her orgasm hit her. Then without warning she leaped up and sat astride his face bending over his cock and sucking and playing with it. Now that he was hard again and she looked exhausted it was my turn to savor two hard dicks at the same time.”

“Mom did you really have both Luis and Javier together at the same time. Did they both like you hairy or was Javier turned on more by your hirsute body.” I said pressing my mom to give more details of her lust filled holiday in Majorca.

They were both impressive and they both loved my extremely bushy armpits of course they never fucked me under my arms like your father does or like I saw Miguel fucking you both in your bushy armpits” Conchita said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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