Spankings [S-42] Pt. 01

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I don’t like to brag but I’m an absolute knockout with my five foot five inch tall petite body. I’ve got shoulder length kind of a strawberry blonde hair that frames my gorgeous face with my perfect complexion. There isn’t a flaw on it. I’ve had guys stare all day into my lovely blue eyes and never get tired of looking at my beauty.

I was not really what you would call a redhead, yet close to it. My hair has a slightly natural reddish tint to it, that’s why people call it a strawberry blonde color. My hair is always perfect, that is to say, it’s never out of place. My breasts are nothing more than average, about a thirty-six C, but like the rest of me they’re perfect too. My lovely breasts are firm and full, the type that men are always dying to caress, squeeze and of course suck on.

Behind all this is my Angelina Joline butt. I know there are a lot of guys out there who just love Angelina Joline, and the way her tight little shapely butt swishes along like it had a life all its own. I’m here to tell you having a butt like that definitely has its drawbacks. I’m nineteen, two years removed from high school, but the men in my life still treat me like I’m a twelve year old brat. That is to say they use any excuse, and I mean any excuse, to take me over their knee and spank my shapely young hinny long and hard and often.

First there’s Daddy. He’s told me that as long as I’m living under his roof, I will be subject to his rules and that included spankings. His spankings are bare butt spankings that never fail to leave my poor little bottom looking as if I’m wearing a pair of tight bright red shorts. The way I look at it, it’s got to be my butt, or otherwise, it would be my eighteen year old twin sisters, Paige and Linda, getting spanked. They get in just as much trouble as I do. We’ll almost as much, and get away with only getting their panties lowered maybe every three months or more. Yours truly gets it three or four times a month, minimum. I mean there have been weeks when my fanny has been reddened four times. Let’s face it folks, that’s every other day even if you failed math.

Not to digress but I do like my shapely little hinny and the reason I do doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. It’s because the boys all love it. I just wish they’d prefer to pat or squeeze or fondle it, but they almost always end up spanking it.

Case in point, my boyfriend, Shawn; he was so sweet in the beginning. He’d give me these little pats of love once in awhile and I gotta tell you they always got my juices flowing. One Saturday night when I got home an hour after curfew, that all changed. Yes, Daddy has also given me a curfew. I figured I’d be doing some time over Daddy’s knee, but the thing I never suspected was that he’d invite Shawn to watch.

There I was, my shapely little bare ass jutting up across Daddy’s knee like I was asking for a good old-fashioned spanking. Shawn was sitting four feet away and very interested I might add. Daddy izmir escort bayan works in the steel mill and he’s got a hand that’s hard and calloused and can sure light a fire in a naughty girl’s fanny. As soon as he …smack… started smacking my bare …smack… butt, I was …smack… squirming and bucking …smack… over his lap. Whether I …smack… liked it or not, I just know …smack… that Shawn was watching and …smack… enjoying the show. When I glance …smack… over my shoulder at him, he was …smack… mesmerized. Every …smack… wobble, every jiggle, and every …smack… bounce of my poor …smack… naked butt was …smack…right there before …smack… his eyes for him to …smack… savor and enjoy.

All of a sudden Daddy stopped and turned toward Shawn. What happened next was so humiliating I can hardly tell you about it. Daddy lifted me up off his lap and told Shawn to slide over and take over. I could have just died. My sore bottom was already cherry red, but that wasn’t the thing that drove me up the wall. Shawn! My sweet loving Shawn was gonna take over for Daddy and spank the living daylights out of my very bare butt. I’m here to tell you Shawn must have watched Daddy’s technique because he …smack… like to set my …smack… butt cheeks on …smack… fire. There were tears …smack… flowing down my cheeks …smack… and I was blubbering like …smack… a three year old when Shawn …smack… finally rolled me off his knee and onto the floor.

For the next few minutes all I could do was lie on my belly and try to rub some of the pain out of my pretty little hinny. When I looked up I saw Daddy and Shawn standing there with big grins on their face like they’d just won the lotto.

In the weeks that followed Shawn became not only my lover but also an avid spanking fan. Daddy and Shawn use to sit around drinking beer, and thinking up reasons to spank me. After two or three joint spankings, they were good buddies. There was so much camaraderie between them that after my spanking, Daddy told Shawn that he could take me to my bedroom and fuck me. It was sort of like a bonus/reward for the spanking he gave me.

I think the most days in a row that I went without having my tight little butt attended to was five but that was only because Shawn was off with the National Guard.

Upon Shawn’s return, he and Daddy were joined by Uncle Josh, and with the three of them taking turns, I got it every night for a solid week. Once the three of them banded together, I was no longer allowed to wear clothes in the house. I think that my eighteen year-old-sister, Linda a slightly younger and blonder version of me is destined to soon join our ranks of fun and games. After I was forced to start running around the house naked, I noticed that she started taking quite an interest in watching me. Often, when I’d look up she would be lurking in the background watching me with lust-filled eyes getting my little bottom spanked. escort izmir

Uncle Josh is a bachelor. After the first time he spanked me, it was soon obvious that he just loved spanking a tight little shapely butt like mine. I was looking through his video library once and I found a whole collection of Angelina Joline tapes. I mean the man must have every piece of tape the lady ever made. Right next to those was a couple of tapes without a label. Knowing my uncle wasn’t due home for another hour I put one in and (you guessed it) there was this guy spanking the daylights out of a young woman dressed like a catholic schoolgirl, knee sox, plaid skirt, and white blouse. Her panties were down around her ankles and her butt was bright red and getting redder. The guy was using this little paddle that must have stung something fierce judging from the way the girl was bawling and thrashing around across his lap. The funny thing was I started getting turned on watching her get it. I even put my hand down my pants and started playing with myself. Naturally, thanks to Murphy’s Law just as I got my hand in my pants, that’s when Uncle Josh walked in.

When Uncle Josh saw that besides meddling with his stuff, I had my hand in my pants he angrily grabbed my hair and physically threw me across his lap. I struggled but my wrists were quickly penned behind my back and my pants were being pulled done. Uncle Josh …smack… spanked as hard …smack… as Daddy. Despite …smack…my thrashing …smack… and bucking in …smack… his lap, my …smack… eyes were brimming …smack… over with …smack… tears and …smack… my butt glowed …smack… a cherry …smack… red.

When he finished spanking me, Uncle Josh began removing my clothes. Once I was stripped, he started running his fingers between my legs in a very un-uncle like manor. Not once did I try to stop him. My crotch was soaking wet, and my built up sexual tension was tremendous. My juices were flowing from only his touch. I was beginning to think that I was allowing his advances on my body because he I caught me in the act of what I thought was something dirty or nasty. Was I letting him do this in hopes that what he saw would be our secret? Was this payment for his silence? I wasn’t really sure. He wasn’t saying anything. It was kind of like blackmail, I thought. I wondered how far he would go.

As I lay across his lap, he continued fondling my breasts and probing my crotch. Then as he slid me off his lap and down on my knees, he said, “Take my cock out and suck it for me.”

With a scared look on my face, I stammered, “I don’t do that.” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Here I was a gorgeous young 19-year old woman that had never had a cock in my mouth. “I don’t even do that for my boyfriend. We just have intercourse, but I never put him in my mouth.”

“Then,” he said, “It’s about damn time you learn to try new things and how to enjoy different feelings your body can give you. There izmir escort are many ways to have sex. All of them can be pleasurable. You just have to let yourself go and experienced them. And what’s this “intercourse” talk? Say what you mean. You just like to fuck and that’s it. Your boyfriend obviously isn’t satisfying you, if you have to masturbate here in my house.”

The embarrassment came back over me as he mentioned what he’d caught me doing. As I watched, Uncle Josh unbuckled his trousers and dropped them to the floor. “Now c’mon, you little bitch, take my cock and put it in your mouth.” He looked down at me for a moment, and then pulled his underwear down exposing his already hard 8-inch cock. As I looked up at him, he placed the head of his cock against my lips. “Go ahead, don’t be afraid. Do it.” Nervously my mouth opened and I tentatively took in about two inches. “Put your tongue on it and lick,” he whispered. While I did as I was told, Uncle Josh grabbed my head and pushed a little more of his cock in.

While I sucked on him, Uncle Josh was slowly feeding me more of his cock. I was really getting turned on and was actually giving him a pretty good blowjob for a first timer. “That’s it baby,” he moaned. “You’re a great cocksucker. Your mouth is so warm and wet and seeing your beautiful face in my crotch sucking my cock is such a turn on.

I pulled him out of my mouth for a second and smiled, “I didn’t think I would like it, but I do.” Then I took him back in and started sucking him faster and deeper. Bobbing my head up and down on his stiff shaft, I was delighted to feel it hit the back of my throat. The viscous pre-cum that oozed out of the slit at the tip of his cock felt slippery and delicious on my tongue. As I sucked away, I fondled his balls.

“Ooooooh,” gasped Uncle Josh, seemingly about to faint from the pleasure my hot, wet mouth was giving him. Digging his fingers into my shoulders, “I’m cumming!” and then with muffled scream, his hard cock let go of blast after blast of hot cum down my throat.

Later that night lying on my bed, on my belly, I could still feel the heat rising from my hinny. Not only had Uncle Josh given me a real butt burner of a spanking, but also he’d called my Dad and Shawn and told them that he’d caught me snooping in his stuff. He’d kept his part of our unspoken agreement though; he’d told them about my snooping but not about my playing with myself or about giving him a blowjob.

When I got home Dad and Shawn were waiting for me. I had to …smack… take a turn …smack… over both their …smack… knees before …smack… I was allowed …smack… to race upstairs and after sitting in a cold sink full of water for five minutes and then lie face down on my bed.

While I was lying there Linda came in and for a minute just stared lustfully at my naked red butt. Then as she sat down on the edge of the bed, she said, “You’ve been a naughty girl.” The next thing I know I’m lying naked across here lap and …smack.

The funny thing was that later thinking about all my spankings got me all turned on again. Come to think of it, having a butt just like Angelina Joline is not such a bad thing after all.

The end…

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