Summer Night Swim

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It was a warm summer night. My husband, Dolan, had been working all day and was intolerable when he was tired. He had come home from work and after his shower, he hid in his man cave and gamed for most of the evening. When he finally made an appearance, I was tired and irritable. The home was stuffy and humid. There was poor air flow even though the windows were wide open. We both felt a need to get out of the house.

“Would you like to go for a drive?” he asked me.

I shrugged my shoulders with a bit of indifference and nodded “Sure. Why not.”

We locked up and began a drive to the outskirts of town and barley talked for the first half hour of the drive.

“I was doing a delivery for somebody today and found a little spot I thought you might like.” He told me. “I know how you like to meditate in the outdoors so I figured this might be a nice place if you like it.”

My heart fluttered a little. “He thought of me?” I couldn’t help but smile. “How sweet.” I replied. “Why didn’t you say something earlier?” I asked.

“I figured you would want to go right away and I thought it might be better to visit when nobody else would be around. More privacy that way and less noise.”

I grabbed his hand and squeezed it then raised it to my lips for a gentle kiss. “I don’t know what to say. You know me too well.”

With that, we turned into a small alcove and parked. Dolan took my hand and began to walk me through a set of trees to a small pond. It looked like it was behind a major highway system so it was unlikely anybody privately owned the property. I immediately took my shoes off and began to walk along the edge of the water and listened for a while for any other life forms. I could hear a faint sound of passing vehicles in the distance but most just the water. It felt warm to the toes so I pulled up my pant legs to my knees and walked in a bit further. As I was feeling sancaktepe escort the smooth rocks beneath my feet, I heard a splash and turned suddenly to see Dolan surface from beneath the water.

“You should come in,” he invited playfully. Then he splashed me and dove under water again. He was like a child again. Suspecting almost anything from him I quickly left the water and began to undress. For the first time, in a long time, I felt like I could just be a teenager again. I ran back into the water and just as I get up to my knees in water, I felt his hands around my ankles and he pulled me down.

I shrieked first, then squealed with delight as his strong arms caught me when I felt in. He tried to nibble on my neck but I splashed him instead and he dropped me into the water. As I stood up to regain some footing, he swam between my legs and lifted me up on his shoulders.

“Dolan!” I cried, between the giggles. “Don’t fall on the rocks!” I grabbed his shoulders for balance and then his head.

“What shall I do with you?” he asked mischievously. “Let’s see…I could drop you back in again.”

I squealed in response to his suggestion and he laughed with evil intent. “I could dive in and let you swim away, but I don’t like that idea too much.” He glanced up to see my facial expression and I grinned down at him with my own deviant smile.

“I could squeeze my legs together and crush you into submission,” I suggested to him. With that, he lifted me off of his shoulders and slid me down in front of him to turn me toward him.

“I like the idea of you squeezing your legs around me” he replied. With that he embraced me and held me tightly to him as we kissed like we hadn’t kissed in a long time.

My hands held his head as his hands roamed downward to grasp my ass cheeks with a beautiful squeeze, and he crushed ümraniye escort me against him. My nipples were chilled from the dampness of the water contrasting with the open air, but this embrace caused them to perk upright like two temples. Dolan’s lips roamed down along my neck and the sensitive touch of each nibble on the nerve drove me crazy.

Pulling away, I moaned, “I want to taste your body. I want to drive every inch of you mad for me like we used to do for each other.”

He lifted me up by my ass as I wrapped my legs around him and we walked out of the water to the shoreline. Placing his shirt over a nearby log, he sat on it and I was on my knees in the sand. I grasped hi cock in my hand and brought my lips to it, tasting the fresh water on it along with traces of the body wash he used in the shower earlier. He ran his fingers through my hair and pulled my head back just ever so slightly so he could look into my eyes as I gave him head.

His shaft was quickly growing and it drove deeper into my throat with each thrust. I loved the feel of it on the back of my throat and the sensations of his firm cock on my cheeks made me drool more with each thrust. The outward movement created a beautiful, natural suction. Just enough to feel my lips tighten around him to perfection. The sensation caused a feeling on my lips that heightened my arousal and I had to have him all. As I pulled back for some air, my hand gripped him firmly to continue the rhythm and my tongue flicked out to tickle his testicles beneath. He always loved it when I tickled him underneath.

My hand slid down to hold him gently as my tongue began to trace a pattern of circles upward over his abdomen. My hands continued to gently weave finger patterns along his cock as my lips zoned in on his right nipple. Gently biting him. My fingers left the tip tuzla escort of his penis and flicked over the other nipple then traced circles around it before flicking it again. My lips switched back and forth over each nipple and my vaginal lips were dripping. One of my hands slid down between my legs to rub my clitoris. As I began to moan, the vibrations on my lips transferred back to his nipples and he began to buck against me.

We switched positions as he sat me on the log and he knelt in the sand before me rubbing my pussy lips firmly against his hand. His lips quickly claimed my own as we devoured each other. Our tongues duelled fiercely. He pulled his fingers up to meet my lips and I could taste myself on his hand, then he tasted them too before our lips joined again. I laid back resting on my hands and my ass still on the log. He lifted my legs up in the air and positioned his cock at my entrance. Without waiting, he entered me quickly and aggressively. With each firm thrust, my breasts jiggled and he grabbed them with his hands to hold onto me. My head was thrown back in ecstasy. It felt so good. We had not been this wild, this unabashed before. It was like it had been all pent up for too long and it all came pouring out in this moment. He leaned over me so I could hold him around the neck and he lifted me upward, still bouncing up and down on him.

We fell back on the shore and I began to ride him right there, on the shore. His hands on my ass again, he moved my hips in sync with his hips and I rode him with every speedy thrust he drove into me. I leaned forward and my breast fell naturally into his mouth as he returned the favour. The moment he sucked on nipple between his lips, I climaxed. Rising each wave of ecstasy, he pumped fiercely until his own released was imminent and I fell onto him. His cock was released from me and his hand grasped his cock to bring himself to the final point of no return. I could feel the warmth flood over my back with every shot.

As he slowed his release, we both collapsed. After a few more minutes of rest. We returned to the cool waters to wash off and gather up our clothes. When we returned home, we went straight to the bedroom where we made love again before falling into a beautiful sleep.

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