Thanks, Sister-In-Law Ch. 05

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If you haven’t read parts 0 to 4, it would help if you do. At the end of the story, I explain the genesis of this series. I may revisit these characters if there is interest.

Several months passed since the New Year’s Eve orgy at Andrea’s house. Andrea and Joe delivered a baby girl they named Jennifer. Little Jenny is the spitting image of her parents.

That summer, Andrea and Joe wanted to take a vacation without the baby. Joe’s parents have a condo on the beach in Florida, not far from all the touristy things in Orlando. Andrea asked my wife Donna if we could join them for the week. Donna thought this was a great idea, but not for the same reasons that I had for wanting to go. I was hoping that Andrea and I could get together again.

Because Donna couldn’t get a whole week off, we left from her office after work on Monday. Joe and Andrea had left Jenny with my in-laws, and had been at the condo since Friday night.

We finally pulled into the driveway of the condo at about one o’clock in the morning. Joe had given us a key, so Donna and I figured that they had gone to bed.

Entering the house, we realized just how well off Joe’s parents were. The foyer had a marble floor, and a chandelier that cost more than my salary for a year. It was nicely furnished with a mix of antique and contemporary furniture that complimented each other. Andrea told us ahead of time which bedroom would be ours, and went up stairs to go to bed. As we walked by the master bedroom, the door was open. We didn’t hear anyone asleep. We decided to put our bags in our room and find Andrea and Joe.

We went to the kitchen and noticed that the door to the balcony was open; we could hear the motor for the hot tub. “They must be out there,” Donna told me. Stepping onto the balcony, we got an eyeful.

Andrea and Joe were having sex. Andrea was standing up in the tub, and bent over with her hands on the side of the tub. Joe was behind her thrusting his cock into her. Neither one noticed us. Andrea was obviously enjoying what Joe was doing to her. Andrea’s breasts were swaying to and fro to the rhythm that Joe was setting.

Donna didn’t seem surprised, or upset that I was staring at her sister. “Do you like what you see, Brad?” she asked. “It is pretty hot,” I told her. She put her hands on my belt buckle. I think I already knew what she wanted to do. I turned to my wife and kissed her, reaching for her shirt to take it off. As I’ve mentioned before, my wife is very well endowed with DD breasts.

As we undressed each other, Andrea spoke up, “We had to start without you two. Hurry up, you have a lot of catching up to do.” And Joe piped in, “Shit, Brad, no wonder Andrea’s looking forward to seeing you again. That’s some cock you got there.”

I looked at Donna. “Don’t worry; I’ve known about it since the first time you two did it at that re-enactment event.” With that, she knelt down and took my painfully hard cock in her mouth, rolling it around, and giving me a squeeze on my ass with her free hand. The other one was rubbing the shaft of my cock and playing with my balls. After a minute of her divine oral ministrations, she motioned that we should join her sister and Joe.

As we got in the tub, Andrea kissed me, and Joe kissed Donna. Looking at Joe’s cock, I returned his compliment, “Nice one you got there, Bro.” His rod’s about eight inches long, and had shaved all the hair from around his manhood.

Donna and Joe continued to kiss. I went behind Donna and cupped her breasts, and presented them to Joe. He started licking his way around them, working slowly to her sensitive nipples. I kissed Donna’s neck, while Andrea positioned herself to take my cock in her mouth. Next to my wife, Andrea is the best cocksucker in the world. Knowing how to please me, she sucked and licked until I erupted in her mouth.

Meanwhile, Donna went down on Joe, and started bursa escort blowing him. Joe had to sit on the edge of the hot tub to keep from falling over. Then, she took his cock out of her mouth, and put it between her bountiful tits. She started moving up and down until Joe took over moving his cock up and down between Donna’s orbs. She would kiss and lick at the head of his prick on the upstroke, and moan her pleasure on the down stroke.

After a moment or two, Joe jerked upwards, spraying his cum on Donna’s face and tits. Andrea moved over and licked her husband’s cum off her sister, and kissed her, sharing Joe’s sperm with Donna. She came over and did the same to me.

“Well, since we have the rest of the week ahead of us,” Andrea suggested, “why don’t we all go to bed, and get some rest. I’m sure we’ll need it.”

We said our good nights, and Donna and I went to bed. “You know Brad, I’m glad that you finally know our family’s secret. It felt wrong not sharing it with you.”

“When did you get involved?” I asked.

“When I was in college, I came home from class one afternoon, and there was Jack and Andrea were having sex in the living room. I was shocked at first, then turned on.” As she told me this, her hand moved to my cock, which was swelling. “I knew what they were doing was wrong, but I couldn’t help but be turned on. Jack and Andrea looked so hot there on the couch, that I had to join them,” my wife told me as she slowly ran her hand up and down my shaft.

“Have you had sex with Joe yet?” I asked.

“No, that’s what this week was for. I know that he’s looking forward to it. Are you going to be okay?”

“I was turned on by the sight of him playing with your tits. Obviously you didn’t have a problem with me and Andrea.”

“Only that I haven’t seen you two fuck yet. From what Andrea told me, you’ve come out of your shell.” Donna was of course right. Before any of this happened, I was pretty much a boring guy in bed. Now, I’ve had a threesome, and have had oral sex with another man. “What do you think of Joe?” she asked me.

“He’s different from your brother Jack. I wouldn’t mind playing with him, if he’s okay with it,” I answered.

“Andrea’s told me that he’s more adventurous than Jack. I guess we’ll have to wait and see,” Donna said before putting my cock in her mouth. All the anticipation over what was to happen caused me to orgasm quickly in my wife’s mouth. After that, we both drifted off to sleep.

I woke up first the next morning. I’m the early riser of the four of us, so I put on some jogging shorts, and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. I’ve learned over the years that the best way to wake my wife is by cooking. So, I raided the fridge and the pantry, and started some scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes. My culinary alarm clock seemed to be working, as one by one, Donna, Joe, and Andrea made their way to the kitchen table. Donna was wearing a t-shirt; Joe, shorts like me, and Andrea was wearing only panties.

The food had its desired effect. Everyone began to wake up. Andrea was the first to speak up, “So, are we going to go anywhere today, or are going to stay here and have sex.”

Donna replied, “I thought we could do a little bit of shopping. What do you guys think?”

Joe and I pretty much said at the same time, “Stay here and fuck.” I added, “We should clean up the kitchen and then shower before doing anything.”

Joe added, “Well if we do that we should shower together. I think we can fit in the master bathroom’s shower.”

So, after getting the dishes done, we all headed upstairs. The bathroom was chock full of Italian marble, with his and her sinks, and a gigantic garden tub. It also featured a shower that could not only hold the four of us comfortably, but we could have added a few people. It had multiple showerheads with independent controls, and one of the heads was bursa escort bayan a hand held adjustable type. It also had a built in bench.

After getting water to a temperature we all agreed on, we got in and started soaping each other up. Donna was first to get attention. Andrea, Joe, and I each concentrated on a different part of her body. I soaped up her back and ass. Andrea concentrated her efforts on her sister’s breasts, and Joe worked on her legs, and the center of her womanhood. Each of us took different approaches to our efforts. Andrea worked her sister’s boobs playfully, soaping one, and suckling on the other. I used the soap as if it were massage oil; carefully and slowly working up and down my wife. Joe was the tease. He started at her feet and slowly worked his way up to Donna’s pussy, brush against it, and start over. Finally, Donna grabbed his head and put it at her sex and told him to stop fooling around. Joe chuckled, and then began his oral attack.

Donna kept one hand on Joe to make sure that he didn’t stop what he was doing. With the other, she sought out her sister’s breasts. She traced her fingers over them, circling the nipples. Soon, she replaced her hand with her mouth, and licked and sucked each in turn.

Joe was really going to town on Donna’s twat. I could feel her knees starting to buckle, and I knew she was close to orgasming. I put my arms around her waist, just as the first wave of pleasure hit. She grunted, and came on Joe’s face. He kept going, and two more grunts meant that she came twice more.

Joe stood up, and kissed Donna, Andrea, and then me. I tasted my wife on his lips, and got even harder. “Switch,” I said. “Whose turn is it?”

Donna sat on the bench that was built into the wall of the shower and said it was Andrea’s turn. Andrea went over and sat next to her sister, and Donna surprised me by burying her face in her sister’s snatch. Andrea took Joe’s and my cock in each hand, and began to masturbate us. I knew that I couldn’t last very long, and looking at Joe, I didn’t think he could either. I was right. Just as I started cuming in Andrea’s hand, Joe spurted his spunk on his wife, and Donna’s hair. Andrea encouraged her sister, directing her like it was the invasion of Normandy. Andrea leaned forward, and took both of our shrinking cocks in her mouth and cleaned us both off. This resulted in both of us getting hard again.

With Donna still eating out her sister, Joe moved behind her and put his cock in Donna’s cunt. I’d never seen my wife getting fucked by another man, and it really turned me on. It was having the same effect on Donna. She began moaning and telling him how she liked it, and how she wanted it. Joe obeyed her every command. Soon, they both climaxed together. I was really turned on by what I saw.

Andrea whispered something in my ear. “You sure?” I asked. She nodded.

I moved behind Joe. I took some liquid soap, and poured on the crack of his ass. As I put some on my cock, I fingered Joe’s ass, then replaced my digits with the head of my dick. I slowly pushed my cock into Joe’s ass. He was so tight, and I made sure that my initial penetration didn’t hurt him.

“Shit, Brad, you’re huge,” he said. I slowly started pumping his ass. Andrea and Donna watched us, and began to finger each other. Though I couldn’t see it, Joe was hard again. Donna moved over, and started to suck on his cock. I knew that Joe was close to cuming, because he started pumping faster, and his sphincter was starting to tighten on my cock. I knew I was going to lose it soon myself. When he made one last push against me. The combination was too much for Joe; he let out a primal grunt, which just made me cum that much harder. I gushed my seed into his ass, and he came in Donna’s mouth.

Andrea moved around, and started to lick the cum leaking from her husband’s ass. I was still hard, and cleaned my cock escort bursa off, and mounted Andrea. She moaned at my entry, and my strokes picked up their pace until I could take it no more, and came forcefully.

We rinsed off and moved to the deck off the master bedroom to lie out in the sun, and try to recover some energy. “That was the most intense sex I’ve ever had,” I said.

“I’ve never been so turned on,” said Donna. “You guys got me so hot.”

Andrea agreed, and added, “I’m still turned on. You boys look spent, so I’ll take it out on Pinky,” which is Andrea’s pet name for Donna. She moved like a cat up her sister’s legs, parting them, and began to lick Donna’s snatch. She played with her sister’s clit, the buried her tongue in her sister’s hole. Donna put her hands on her sister’s head, making sure that Andrea didn’t go anywhere.

I could see that the sight of his wife eating her sister, Joe’s cock slowly stirred to life. Mine was too, and we both grinned at each other. Andrea repositioned herself, so that Donna could eat her out. Now sixty-nined, their attention was focused on each other.

I think Joe and I must have been sharing the same thought. We both got up, and moved over to where our wives were enjoying each other. Joe raised Donna’s legs over his shoulders, as I positioned myself behind Andrea. We both began to fuck each other’s spouse. My cock glided into the familiar confines of Andrea, and she sighed at my entrance. We were one big tangle of bodies as we reached a new height. I could feel my wife’s tongue on Andrea’s clit. As the intensity built up, Donna started licking my shaft as it went in and out of her sister. Even after all the orgasms that I had had in the last few hours, my orgasm into Andrea still felt like it went on forever. Almost simultaneously, Joe pulled out of Donna, and Andrea suckled her husband’s orgasm like a baby to a bottle. After untangling our selves, we drifted off to sleep in each other’s embrace.

When we woke up, Joe said that it was only fair that he return the compliment on me. While Andrea went inside and got some lube, he kissed me deeply, then worked his tongue down my body to my hard cook. He licked around my cock and balls, and then swallowed my rod. As I reached over to stroke him, he told me to turn over. I positioned myself on my knees, and presented my ass. Andrea slicked up my crack, and inserted a finger in my bunghole. Then she slathered some lube on Joe, but not before licking up and down the shaft herself.

Joe then slowly inserted himself into my ass. I made sure to relax my sphincter, and he stopped every couple of inches so that I could get used to him. I said that I was sorry I didn’t do the same for him earlier, he said, “I’ve done this more than you have.” Finally he was fully inside me. I could feel his pulsing cock in me.

He told me to set the rhythm, and I slowly pushed forward and back on his prick. God, it felt good. I could feel the every inch of his cock in my ass. As Joe and I pumped each other, Andrea came over, and took my cock in her mouth. Soon, I was in her mouth and off of Joe; then out of his wife’s mouth and onto Joe’s cock. My head was swimming in pleasure, and it wasn’t long before I cried out and came in Andrea’s mouth. It was only a few more thrusts before I felt the warmth of Joe’s release in my bowels. I clenched my ass, and held him there until I felt the throbbing of his orgasm fade. Reluctantly, I let him go, and collapsed.

That was only the beginning of the best week of sex that I’ve ever experienced. We did it in every possible combination, and in every room of the condo. Before we left for home, we promised each other this was only the beginning. We all get together regularly. We even have even had “dates” with each other. And lest you think that we left Jack and Mary out, we include them too. I took Jack’s ass cherry while Joe sucked his cock. Life is good.

Author’s note: This whole series was based on an experience like the one described in the prequel story. Everything from there on was fantasy. Thanks for reading. As always, I want to hear your feedback.

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