The Angel Pt. 02

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Female Ejaculation


I awoke before my alarm went off. I could just make out soft light through a small gap in the curtains but had no idea what time it was. My arm was still draped around Angela and I warmed inwardly, recalling our love making from the night before and immediately feeling a little tingle but also worrying about how she would feel about the whole thing when she woke up.

I spent a few moments taking in the scent of her hair, which was pressed between us. There was a delicious coconut waft to it.

I decided to look at my phone to see what time it was and, slowly so as not to disturb her, tried to slide my arm out. I was mildly, but pleasantly, surprised when I heard a sleepy murmur, “Don’t you dare let go of me.”

I whispered, “Sorry, Angel. I just wanted to see what time it is.”

She slowly turned over so that she was facing me. That beautiful, perfect face and those deep brown eyes half open.

She pushed herself towards me and our lips met in a tender kiss. Well, that answered the question about possible regrets.

When we broke she said, “Good morning, Anna. What a lovely way to wake up. You holding me. Then seeing you and then kissing you.”

Some of her hair had fallen over her face so I brushed my hand through it, pushing it back behind her perfectly formed ear.

“And what a wonderful sight I am blessed with, Angel. Did you sleep well?”

She smiled, her eyes opening a little more fully making my tummy do a summersault, “Surprisingly well,” she murmured, “I was sure I would lie awake and worry but I didn’t. I think you have mesmerised me in some way. Bewitched me.”

I let out a small laugh and replied, “I slept well too, I’m so rested. If you are my Angel then maybe I’m your Witch?”

She smiled and kissed me quickly, “No. Not a witch. A sorceress. My sorceress.”

I kissed her again and this time it became more passionate. Our bodies entwined, our arms around each other, my leg draped over her, pulling her close. I could feel the tingles increase and she moaned into me, gently taking my lower lip in between her teeth and pulling on it. We lay like that for ages, kissing and stroking.

I was more than happy to just kiss, revelling in the feelings of closeness, so was a little surprised when I felt Angela’s hand slide down between us and down to my very eager clit. With my leg over her thigh I was slightly open and gasped as I felt her finger slide down between my lips. I felt a gentle pressure from her body and I rolled onto my back. At no point did we stop the delicious kisses. I opened my legs to her and felt her finger slide down to my entrance and slide into me. At this point her thumb stroked over my now very engorged clit and I moaned with pleasure. I could feel the warmth slowly moving all the way from my insides, through my surely very swollen lips and out from my clit as she continued her stroking. I felt a second finger being added to the first and was full with her. Then I felt her fingers contact my little pad inside and that pushed me over. I felt a small gush and my cunt walls clamped down on her fingers. Her thumb continued to stroke and push me up and over a higher peak. My skin was coming alive, tingling everywhere. I was practically losing consciousness with the waves of pleasure rushing through me.

She slowed down and eventually I came down to earth as her movements stopped.

Our lips had remained fused together all the way through and she finally pulled away and I opened my eyes to find her smiling down at me, her long hair draped down, surrounding us.

“There… I feel better now. I so wanted to do that for you.”

I smiled back, “Oh god. Thank you Angel. That was… spectacular.”

She frowned, “Really? It was that good? You’re not just…”

I stopped her by lifting up and kissing her then saying, “Stop worrying. Yes. Really. It would seem you’re a natural.”

I felt her fingers slide out which gave me a delicious after shock. She surprised me once more by bringing up the fingers that had so recently been inside and put them to her lips, her tongue popping out, tentatively at first, to taste me. A surprised look followed, “Oh. It’s actually quite lovely. You taste delicious Anna. Or is that the sorceress making me think that?”

I giggled and kissed her briefly, “Thank you Angel. Now… “

I pushed gently on her so that she was lying on her back and I was now on my side, looking down at her. Her hair was splayed out around the pillow making a wonderful black halo around her head. I leaned down and we kissed. Our eyes closed as I stroked my hand down over her beautiful breasts and through her pubic hair. She sighed softly.

At that moment the alarm on my phone started ringing out. I sighed in frustration and whispered, “Just one second, Angel.”

I turned away for a moment and I felt Angela’s hand stroking my back as I fished in my bag, getting the phone out and cancelling the alarm.

Turning back to her I saw a worried look on her face.

“Anna, what time is it?”

“Seven, Eryaman Escort Angel.”

“Oh no! No! I have to be at the office at eight. I have to go back to my room and put some normal clothes on.”

She started to climb out of bed and I took a moment to realise that the best thing would be to help her, so I slipped out of my side of the bed and came round, retrieving her underwear saying, “It’s okay. Here.”

I held out her panties and she stepped into them and I drew them up, taking her scent once more before covering her up. I stood up and helped her with her bra, sliding it up her shoulders before going behind her, pushing her hair out of the way and placing a kiss on her shoulder as I fastened the clasp.

I picked up her dress and held it open for her as she stepped in and I slid it up and over her shoulders, sliding the zip up and closing the clasp.

As I was helping her with her shoes she said, “What time do you want to meet tonight?”

My heart lifted, she still wanted to see me.

“I finish about six but I’ll need to come back and change. How about seven? In the bar?”

I finally grabbed her hair tie and bunched her beautiful hair and rearranged her ponytail.

“Yes. Seven. Today is going to drag, I just know it.”

I took out my pen and scribbled my mobile number in the flyleaf of the book I’d signed for her. “Call me if there’s a problem.”

She smiled a little sadly, “I hate to run like this. I’m sorry Anna.”

I smiled back, “Don’t be. The world doesn’t stop for us, sadly.”

I picked up her Kindle and handed that and her book to her. I suddenly realised she didn’t have a handbag with her. “Angel, where’s your room key?”

She smiled and patted the side of her dress which I realised had small pockets on the side. “Don’t worry Sorceress Anna, I have it here.”

We stopped for a lingering kiss, and I realised that with her wedge heels on she was slightly taller than me. I hadn’t thought about it before but we must be about the same height in our bare feet.

We finally broke and headed to the door which I held open for her. She said, “I have to run, my Sorceress. I’ll see you tonight?”

I looked down the hall, with the sudden realisation that I was naked, and luckily there was nobody there so I gave her a quick kiss and said, “Yes, tonight. You look gorgeous by the way. I love that dress on you.”

“I actually wore it especially for you, you know. I don’t often wear dresses or skirts.”

A lot of things slotted into place in my head. Not only had I dressed to hopefully impress her, she had clearly done the same.

“Well, you should. They suit you, Angel.”

We shared another quick kiss and she walked down the hall.

I watched her walk away and then hurriedly closed the door as I heard another room door open, leaning back against my door, my mind whirling.

I had a slightly less frantic schedule than Angela. I didn’t have to be at the conference centre until nine so I walked back to the bed, looking at the dishevelled covers, seeing the imprint of my Angel’s head on the pillow. I lay down briefly and was once again struck by that slight scent of coconut. I closed my eyes and remembered every detail. I still worried that things were moving too fast and that at some point during the day she would shudder with second thoughts and abandon me but, right then, there was nothing I could do about it, so I got up and showered.

When I was finished I went to the window and took a peek through the curtains to discover that it was a beautiful day with fluffy white clouds slowly scudding across an azure sky so I headed to the wardrobe with the thought in mind that I could dress for warm weather once again.

I always travel with about twice as many clothes as I need because I like to dress for work during the day, dress up a little more for the evening and to have as many choices as possible. I rifled through my collection, trying to decide what to wear. I finally decided on a cobalt blue shift dress with a high neck, figure hugging waist and elbow length bell sleeves. The hemline just past mid thigh. For underwear, I picked out a matching pale blue set. Once I was dressed I decided that my black, knee-high boots would go well. They have a three inch block heel and give me that little extra height.

I sat and fixed my hair and makeup and looked at the time. Just past eight.

I suddenly had an image of Angela sitting at her desk in her office, and wondered if she was thinking about me, or trying to forget me. For my part she was rarely far from the front and centre of my mind. I grabbed my handbag and laptop and headed out.

The day passed by reasonably well. I managed to focus on the work, and we had a lot of fun in a couple of the joint writing sessions, but I just wanted to get back to the hotel and see my Angel. When six O’clock came I was, once again in a hurry to leave when Mariane, an author I’ve known for some time, stopped Sincan Escort me as I was making for the exit.

She gave me a hug, which I returned with real affection. I really do count her as a good friend and was surprised I hadn’t bumped into her or seen her. She is a beautiful woman with a mane of brunette hair going just past her shoulders. She’s originally from the US but has lived in the UK for a decade. She moved here with her British husband. She was dressed in blue jeans with a pale cream blouse and black crop jacket.

“Anna! I keep catching sight of you but haven’t had a chance. How are things?”

I was flustered. I wanted to get away but couldn’t be overtly rude, “Oh, Hi Mariane. Yeah. They’re great, thanks. How about you? I read your I loved it.”

She smiled, “Thank you, honey. That is so sweet. I have to admit that I haven’t read ‘Field of Roses’ yet but I’m sure it’s as wonderful as your other books. Why don’t we go and get a drink somewhere? It would be great to catch up.”

The look of conflict on my face was clear so she said, “Oh. You have something else planned already?”

I felt the blush rise in my cheeks, “Well, yes. Well spotted. Maybe we could get lunch tomorrow?”

Her face broke into a big grin. “Oh. It’s that serious is it? Well, I hope she’s good for you. You deserve it.”

Mariane can be incredibly perceptive, something that fuels her wonderful writing.She continued, “Yes, let’s get lunch tomorrow. I’ll search you out in the morning. You can tell me all about her.”

I inwardly breathed a sigh of relief, “Thanks babe. Yes. Tomorrow.”

We hugged again and I raced out of the building and got back to the hotel in record time. I got up to my room and put everything down. I looked at the time. It was six thirty. I had plenty of time to get changed and meet Angela but somehow I felt rushed.

I calmed myself a little, doing a deep breathing exercise.

‘Get a grip of yourself, Anna. It’s going to be fine.’

I looked through my wardrobe once more, wondering what I should wear for my new lover. I remembered how she had liked my mini-dress the night before so I was suddenly inspired. Yes. One of my favourites. My Little Black Dress. It is very form fitting, with a lace trim on the bodice and spaghetti straps. I took off my shift dress and bra, you can’t wear one with those straps, and slid into it. The top reveals quite a lot of cleavage so I decided I needed to add something over my shoulders and immediately went for my orange woollen shrug. Putting it on I realised the boots didn’t work so unzipped them and replaced them with my black, low spike heel slip ons.

I took a look in my mirror. My hair was a mess so I sat at the dressing table and brushed it out, finishing off by touching up my lipstick and mascara once again. Finally I was ready.

Picking up my handbag once more I took a deep breath and headed out and down to the bar.

I walked in and my heart fell. Angela wasn’t there. I looked at my phone and saw that it was just after seven.

I tried not to let my disappointment show openly as I approached the bar. Kendra was there and she said, “Good evening, Anna. The usual?”

I nodded, “Yes, please. Thank you, Kendra.”

I kept glancing towards the door, hoping that at any moment my Angel would walk in.

Kendra came back with my wine and said, “Is Angela joining us tonight? Did you enjoy your meal yesterday?”

I swallowed, “Yes. Thank you. She said she’d be here. Probably running a little late.”

As I took a sip of my wine, Kendra said, “I started reading ‘Field of Roses’ last night. I see what Angela means. You write so well. You are taken into the story. It’s wonderful.”

I was still distracted, “Oh. Thank you Kendra. That’s very kind. I’m glad you like it.”

She obviously realised I wasn’t all there when she asked, “Is everything alright Anna? You seem a little preoccupied.”

I decided I would let my disappointment sink away, at least for now.

“Yes. Sorry Kendra. Just been one of those days.”

She smiled and said, “Well, time to relax with a drink. I’ll be right back.”

My phone beeped with a text message. I looked and it was from a number that wasn’t in my address book. Of course, I didn’t have Angela’s phone number and I now regretted not asking her for it earlier in the day.

I was shaking slightly as I opened the text. The first words made my heart sink:

‘Hi Anna. Sorry, but I really don’t want to go out for dinner tonight. I don’t think I could sit there and pretend.’

I almost let out an audible cry but then read on and, well, judge for yourself:

‘I think I’d rather we just went straight to bed. Sorry I’m running a little late. Just getting changed. Your Angel wants to look good for her Sorceress. Xxxx’

Now I almost cried from happiness and relief. She wasn’t running away. I would see her soon.

I quickly texted back, ‘Yes please Angel! Xxxx’

Kendra came back, Etlik Escort “So something happened? You look like all your Christmases have come at once all of a sudden.”

I smiled and sipped my wine before saying, “Yes, well, I just heard from Angela. She’s on her way.”

A curious look came over Kendra’s face, “If I didn’t know better I’d say you have a little crush on Angela. A pity she’s straight, hm?”

Of course I couldn’t let her know, so I just said, “Well, you know. It’s like a new best friend. You just want to spend all your time with them.”

She surprised me by putting a hand on my wrist and, with a wisdom in excess of her years, she said, “Don’t get hurt Anna. A crush on a straight woman can cut you down.”

I smiled, “Oh, don’t worry about me, but thank you, Kendra. It’s kind of you to care.”

She smiled back, “You’re welcome Anna. You and Angela have become my favourite guests. I really like you both.”

I was about to reply when I heard Kendra say, “Oh my.”

She was staring towards the bar entrance and there stood my Angel. She was wearing a black, figure hugging, mini dress, well above mid thigh, with long sleeves, a choker neck and an open top that showed off her wonderful cleavage. Her beautiful thighs filled the skirt part perfectly. She was wearing black stilettos and carrying a small shoulder bag in a mid grey. Her hair was down, not in its ponytail, but with an alice band pushing it back so that it arrayed around her shoulders. It goes without saying that she looked stunning. Every eye in the bar followed her as she smiled at me and walked over.

I stood and took her shoulders in my hands, saying, “Wow. Look at you. Expecting a hot date tonight?”

She giggled, “Good evening, Anna, lovely to see you. Sorry I’m late. You too look like you’re expecting company. Maybe we’ll both get lucky.”

We hugged briefly, aware that all eyes were on us.

We sat back down in our now familiar positions, next to each other at the bar and the desire to reach out and hold her hand, stroke her face, was almost insurmountable. I was terribly aware of how short my dress was and likewise it was clear that Angela was careful to pull the hem down on hers.

Kendra said, “Angela, you look stunning. Do you always travel with high fashion packed just in case?”

Angela winked at me as she said, “No. I went shopping today for something special to wear. I thought it would be nice to wear something unexpected and I found this. I’m so glad you like it.”

Kendra said, “I do. Very much. Can I get you a drink?”

“Yes, please. The usual.”

“Coming right up,” she said and headed to the back of the bar to mix Angela’s drink.

Quietly she whispered, “Let’s just have the one drink? I have waited for this moment all day.”

I just nodded, filling up with emotion and desire.

Kendra brought the drink over and I said, “Can you put it on my tab and I’ll close it, please Kendra. We have to go out.”

Kendra looked a little crestfallen, but said, “Yes. Of course. I’ll sort that out for you now.”

As she went to the till, we clinked glasses and I said, “To Angels and Sorceresses.”

She replied with, “And more…”

Kendra came back and I signed the bill, thanking her.

I asked, “So, how was your day?”

She smiled at me and sipped her drink before saying, “Far too long. I couldn’t get anything done. You’ve been on my mind all day, Anna. All day. How about you?”

I laughed softly, “Pretty much the same. Distracted. I bumped into an old friend and she wanted to go out for a drink. I had to tell her I had an arrangement for this evening. She knows me well enough that she said ‘I hope she’s good for you’ which I thought was sweet.”

She looked at me and smiled, “I don’t know how much longer I can just sit here looking at you. I want you so much.”

I suddenly noticed Kendra nearby and the look of shock on her face was clear, but understandable. She came over and whispered, “You two… you’re… but Angela, you’re…”

Angela reached her hand out and placed it on Kendra’s, saying in an almost whisper, “I’m not. Please don’t tell anyone. Anna is opening my eyes but right now she is the only woman in the world I could be with.”

My heart soared.

Kendra said, “Okay. I get it. Just don’t break Anna’s heart, okay?”

Angela smiled, “I promise.”

Kendra visibly relaxed, “Good. Thank you. In that case have a wonderful evening you two. Wherever you go, all eyes will be on you.”

We finished our drinks as quickly as possible and walked out of the bar, down the corridor into a waiting lift. I would have loved to kiss her there and then but, sadly, we had to share it with a stiff looking businessman. We got out on my floor and headed down to my room, silent with an air of delicious expectation.

We got into my room and dropped our handbags on the bedside table and fell into each other’s arms, kissing passionately. Holding each other tight, our arms around each other, caressing each other.

Eventually we broke away and stared into each other’s eyes.

“God, Sorceress, you really have put a spell on me. When I was getting dressed up for this evening I could feel the heat inside me. You know… down there. I want to feel you everywhere. On me and…” She stopped, clearly not sure how to say what she wanted.

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