The Claiming of Aimee and Patricia Ch. 02

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Pats mind was racing. She had hoped for something to occur but had thought it would be in the future sometime, maybe after Aimee’s two-week assessment was done, maybe. But he was asking her right now — was she ready? Did she want this? She was sure he could hear her heart racing. The beat of it filled her ears. A warm blush fell over her body, and she looked up at Mr. Decker and said, “Yes Sir, I would”

Chris was having a challenging time containing himself. He had the eighteen-year-old Dwight girl in the other room to assess, and now the twenty-four-year-old was also asking. When it rained, it poured.

Chris calmed his nerves, got up from the chair walked towards the door and said, “come”. He entered the small room and watched Aimee while she made small movements to relive her distress.

“Mr. Decker, I can’t stay still any longer,” Aimee implored.

“Well, I’m disappointed Aimee. Would it help if I let you squat down on your haunches?” he said.

“Yes Mr. Decker. It really would,” she replied

“Aimee, take one step back from the wall, and stand still,” he said. As she stepped back, he could see the inside of her legs, to just below the knees, were wet. He felt himself stiffen at the thought.

“If you squat down now, you’ll stretch your dress out of shape. Pull it up to your waist, now.”

Aimee felt a shudder go through her when he told her to raise the dress to her waist. Her hands slipped down to the hem of the dress, and she raised it over her buttocks.

“Higher, up to your waist,” he said.

She tugged the dress up all the way to her waist.

“Now, squat down on your haunches, hands on your knees,” he continued.

She squatted down on her high heels — it felt good to change positions.

He watched her squat down. It was a sight seeing the beautiful young woman in that position. Her engorged vulva fully exposed from behind. He again stiffened a bit when he saw a drops of pussy cream fall to the floor beneath her.

“Just like before Aimee, stay still while you are squatting. When that gets uncomfortable you may resume standing, but again, be still. You can change between these two positions, but keep your dress hiked up on your waist. Understood?” he said methodically.

Aimee quietly responded, “Yes Mr. Decker. Thank you.”

Watching Mr. Decker commanding Aimee like that had an immediate effect on Patricia. Her heart rate and breathing increased and she felt wetness at her vagina’s entrance. She had masturbated a few times, but never had felt like this before. She had read about orgasms but had never had one. She wondered if that was what was happening to her now.

Chris looked at Pat. Bringing her back into the room to watch him handle Aimee had the desired effect on Pat.

“Pat, follow me,” Chris said as he turned back to his office.

Patricia followed closely behind Mr. Decker as he left the room.

Chris turned to Patricia and said, “Close the door.” Which she did, then he said, “Stand there, facing the desk.” pointing to a spot about 3 feet from the side of his desk, parallel to his chair.

Once she turned around and was facing his desk, he started speaking to her, “Pat, when Aimee’s assessment started today, I had no intention of adding you, but I can see from your responses to me that you are probably in greater need then her, but she is the priority. I am going to make this quick and determine if you’re a candidate. Do you understand Pat?”

“Yes Sir,” she responded as she looked down, “I do.”

He continued, “Pat, do you understand the rules as I gave them to Aimee? They now apply to you. Do you have any questions?”

“No Mr. Decker. I understand both rules,” she quietly responded.

“Pat, remove your skirt, don’t let it touch the floor, then hold it out for me to inspect,” he commanded.

The abruptness in his voice startled Pat. She hesitated momentarily which gave Chris time to say, “Now Pat!”

She quickly removed the red leather skirt, not letting it touch the floor, and held it out for Mr. Decker.

After looking at it for a few seconds, he said, “Fold it neatly and place it on my desk.”

Pat quickly and efficiently folded the skirt twice, and placed it on the desk, returning to her standing position.

“Now the panties, but when you present them, you will hold them in your left hand, crotch flat in your hand, front forward, inside facing up. And don’t let them touch the floor.”

She quickly removed her panties and took a second or two to get them in the correct orientation on her left hand. She felt how wet the crotch was as she moved them into position. She held out the panties for his inspection.

As Pat held out her panties, Chris took his index and middle finger and ran them along the crotch. It was soaking wet. Hi fingers picked up a good amount of pussy cream. He looked at Pat, who’s eyes were cast to the floor in embarrassment. Looking at her he said, “Vaginal secretions are full of hormones. The kind that arouses both men and woman. And you’re not immune from your own hormones adıyaman seks hikayeleri either.”

He slowly wiped some of the cream from his fingers under Pat’s nose. She held very still and didn’t move. He then took his middle finger, inserted it into her left nostril, and smeared the remaining cream into it. He took his index finger and did the same to her right nostril.

Pat’s vision was blurring as he smeared her own pussy cream into her nose. She could smell the cream -It was pungent and aromatic. He was right, she was getting hornier from smelling her own cream. She’d never felt like this before.

“Open your mouth,” he said.

Pat did so immediately. He placed his index and middle finger into her mouth and said, “Clean them.”

Pat closed her lips around his fingers and using her tongue and sucking on his fingers, cleaned the last bit of pussy cream off. Pat had never felt so alive.

“Take off your blouse and bra,” he commanded.

Pat quickly removed both items and held them out. “Folded and on the desk,” he said.

As Pat placed the blouse and bra on the desk Chris had a quick look at the laptop. Aimee was just moving from squat to stand position. As she got up her skirt slipped down to her hips. Once standing she quickly raised the skirt back to her waist.

Pat was now standing fully naked in front of Chris. Time was short so he pressed on.

“There are many positions you need to learn, and we’ll get the basics out of the way now. Move your feet apart, wider, wider, good,” he said as she spread her legs widely.

He said, “The reason for spreading your legs is to always provide good access to your pussy and ass,” as he reached down between her legs and ran the tips of his fingers through her slit, collecting more pussy cream. He looked at his fingers and there were gobs of cream sticking to them

Patricia almost fainted. No one had ever touched her there. Electric sparks shot from his fingers as he stroked her slit.

He brought his fingers to her lips, and without him asking, they parted, and she started cleaning his fingers again. Savouring the tasty cream as she swallowed it.

He removed his fingers from her mouth and said, “Now fold your hands behind you head and push your elbows back. Your elbows should stay behind you head.” This would keep her breasts pushed forward, where they should be.

He took a step back and sat on the edge of his desk. Before him stood an exquisitely beautiful young woman, doing his bidding. She stood legs spread wide, hands clasped behind her head, elbows back, perky breasts pushed out with rock hard nipples.

“Pat, this position is called ‘stand’. Legs spread, hands interlocked behind your head, elbows back, head straight forward and eyes down. Do you understand?” he asked

Pat’s head was spinning. So many new sensations and emotions. But she managed to say, “I understand Mr. Decker, and no questions.”

“Good girl Pat,” he said. “We’ll move to the next position. Now, get down on your knees, sit up, and place you hands behind you head again.”

Pat got onto her knees, glad for the carpeting on the floor. Once she was down, she folded her hands behind here neck and pushed her elbows back.

“When on your knees your legs should be further apart than when standing. Spread them until it’s uncomfortable, and then bring them back in a bit so it doesn’t hurt, but you can feel the pull. You’ll be able to spread them wider over time,” he said

Pat did as he said. She pushed her knees as far apart as she could, which was quite a way, and then let them in until the pain went to a stretch. She looked down at herself and could see that her vulva was blatantly exposed for Mr. Decker to see.

“This is the ‘kneel’ position,” he said. “Any questions on this one?”

Pat responded “No Sir. None.”

Chris saw some movement on the laptop and looked over, he saw Aimee moving down into squat position.

He continued, “The next position is fours. Get down on your hands and knee’s, all fours. Legs should be spread like they were on kneel. Far apart as you can, then back in a bit. Hands shoulder width apart.”

Patricia quickly got into position.

“Very good Pat. That’s good form. This is the position you take when I say ‘fours’. Understood?”

“Yes Mr. Decker” Patricia said.

“Now the last position for today is a variation to fours. From the fours position go down in front and place your hands on your ass cheeks. Turn your head left or right, whichever is more comfortable, and place it on the floor,” he said continuing.

Patricia did as he said, but this was a more uncomfortable position.

Once she was down in front with her hands on her butt cheeks Chris continued, “now reach back and place you hands on either side of your vagina and butt hole. Your baby fingers should be at the top of your butt hole, and your index fingers at the top of your vagina. Let me know when you have it.”

Patricia worked her hands back slid her fingers up and down a bit until she got situated. She felt so dirty. Her ass up in the air exposing herself. What’s happened to her she thought. Once she could feel her fingers in the correct location she said, “I think I’ve got it Sir.”

Chris was watching the amazing sight from behind. Her small fingers having found their positions.

He continued, “Using your fingers you are going to spread your butt cheeks, so your asshole is clearly visible, and spread your labia so your pussy hole is visible.”

Chris had purposely stayed away from the slang word cunt. It would come later when the time was right.

Patricia was mortified. She was about to spread her most private parts and put them on display to a man she’d just met. The internal struggle lasted only milliseconds. The need to obey, the need for humiliation, the sexual response to submission — these things all won, and Patricia pulled her labia and cheeks wide apart. She felt so dirty, so owned, so good…

Chris was watching from behind and it was a glorious sight as Pat spread wide for him, showing her cunt dripping with white cream, and her pink asshole. He surmised this was the first time either of those had seen the light of day. He couldn’t stop here. He needed to push her over the edge.

“Very good Pat. You’re learning quickly,” he said while admiring the view. “This is called the ‘display’ position. There are other display positions, this is the one you move too from the fours position. Any questions?

“No Sir” she replied.

“Pat, no matter what happens, stay in this position until I tell you to change. If you get out of position, get back into it quickly. Understood?”

“Yes Sir, I understand,” Patricia said while wondering what he would do that would make her fall out of the correct position.

Chris moved closer to Pat saying, “Pat, you are going to feel things you have not felt before, stay still and embrace the new feelings.”

Chris took his index finger a rubbed it around her cunt hole. She shuddered. He took light swipes of cream and pushed them up to her asshole, smearing it into her butt hole. He continued moving cream to her asshole until he had enough to lubricate his finger for insertion. He slowly pushed his finger into her ass, feeling the first sphincter muscle. When he pushed on the muscle, she slipped forward but quickly pushed back onto his finger getting back into position. He slowly pumped his finger in and out of the first sphincter getting her used to the sensation. He pulled some more cream form her cunt and pushed it into her ass for the next sphincter. He pushed through the first sphincter, to which she had become accustomed and stopped when he felt the next muscle. He firmly rubbed his finger against it and felt her move and tense.

“Hold steady Pat. Don’t move,” he said.

Pat quickly got a better grip and spread herself a bit further. Her mind was a blur of new sensations, none of which she disliked.

He pushed through and “popped” through the second sphincter. He felt Pat shudder and heard her gasp as he wiggled his finger inside of her. He started to finger fuck her second sphincter, popping through it again and again in a constant rhythm. Her hips start to move against his rhythm, bringing his finger deeper into herself.

Pat was beside herself. Whatever was in her bum felt so good. It was moving in and out making her crazy with desire. She was moving her hips to get longer and deeper strokes on it. She started to lose self control and her hips began bucking harder against whatever it was in her bum.

Chris pushed harder into her ass as she started squeezing, pulling his finger in deeper. Chris was finger fucking her rhythmically now. He got his middle finger ready and on the next stroke added it into her ass, and through both sphincters. Pat bucked harder trying to get more of ‘it’ into herself. It took three more strokes, and the young woman was cumming hard. She was screaming “more more more” as she came, a couple of little squirts leaking out, her body quivering and shaking. Her bucking and jerking slowed down as she came down from her orgasm. Chris slowly moved his fingers around in her ass, prolonging her orgasm. After almost a minute of post orgasm twitching, she collapsed into a heap and passed out.

Chris kept his two fingers in her ass as she slumped forward onto the floor. He continued to slowly move them around inside of her ass. Her sphincters randomly responded with light twitches.

Patricia started waking up, laying on the floor. Something was in her bum, and it felt good. It took a few seconds for her to remember where she was. Oh no — She was out of the display position. She tried to quickly get back into position, but her body responded numbly and slowly. She finally got her knees back under her and placed her hands on her ass cheeks.

She heard Mr. Decker encouragingly say, “Come on Pat, back into position. Spread those cheeks.” Which she did.

While still slowly finger fucking the young woman’s ass, Chris used his other hand to stroke her back in a calming manner. “Good girl. You did very well.” He said while slowly and carefully removing his fingers from her ass.

A few seconds later she heard “Spread wider Pat.” Not knowing if he meant her legs or her ass cheeks, she moved her knees apart as far as she could and stretched her ass cheeks and labia wider.

“Good girl” she heard him say. She then felt him start to clean her with what felt like a wet wipe. He started at the top of her vulva, just above the clitoris, wiping firmly towards her vaginal opening in slow methodical swipes, moving down a little with each stroke. Patricia started to cringe at the humiliation of someone cleaning her privates like that. Once he was done with her vulva, he moved up to her anus. Wiping and cleaning from her perineum to the top of her ass crack. It was almost to much for her.

In a softer voice he said, “Kneel.”

She tried to comply quickly, but her limbs were responding slowly. She got into kneel and looked up to see Mr. Decker cleaning his hands with some wet wipes — Now she knew what had been in her bum. When he looked down at her she immediately dropped her gaze to the floor.

“Pat, you should never have an orgasm without my permission first,” he said to her.

“Is that what an orgasm feels like?” the young woman responded questioningly.

“You’ve never had one before?” he asked.

“Nothing like that Sir,” she replied.

Chris looked down at the beauty kneeling before him. He had just pushed her to her first orgasm, by finger banging her ass. He imagined the hours of pleasure that lay in front of him, if he did this right.

“I’m going to teach you one more position Pat. Keep your legs spread as they are and move from kneeling to a sitting position.” He paused to give her time to move. “Now move your hands from your neck to behind your back, each hand cradling the opposite elbow.”

He watched as she moved in compliance with his instructions. He wasn’t sure if he could reach her opposite elbows behind her back, but she easily accomplished it.

“This is the sit position. A bit more comfortable for longer periods. Any questions Pat?”

“No Mr. Decker. This is more comfortable. Thank you”

He continued, “Pat, when you’re in the sit position, and I start speaking to you, you will immediately move to kneel. You won’t move back into sit until I tell you. Understood?”

She responded with, “Yes Mr. Decker.” as she moved back into kneel.

Chris glanced at the laptop to see Aimee moving to the squat position, her black dress still at her waist. Chris sat down behind his desk. He needed a break to gather his thoughts, and he had to rescue poor Aimee. Her legs would be worn out by now. He had an idea.

“Pat, you are going to assist me with Aimee’s assessment, and this will be part of your assessment. You’ve learned five positions, stand, kneel, sit, fours, and display. You are going to show me how well you know them by teaching Aimee. When I test her, any failing will be on both of you. And there will be consequences. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mr. Decker.” a hesitant Patricia replied.

Chris rose from his desk and said, “follow me,” as he went into the next room. When he opened the door, he saw Aimee squatting down. She swung her head around and then quickly back to the front.

“Aimee — what did you just do?” he said in a sharp tone.

The poor young woman blurted, “I’m so sorry Mr. Decker. I forgot. My legs, back, and shoulder hurt so much I just forgot.”

“Stand up and face me,” he said in a stern voice.

Aimee rose, turn around and started pulling the dress down from her waist.

“Did I tell you to pull down the dress?” he said raising his voice.

Aimee started pulling the dress back up to her waist stammering, “No Mr. Decker, you didn’t, I just thought…”

Chris interrupted her “Rule one — Do as your told. What don’t you understand about rule one?”

Aimee stood in from of him, eyes downcast, tears starting to roll down her cheeks. A couple of sobs escaped her as the weight of his chastisement, along with her aching muscles started to overtake her.

His sharp tone brought her back into the moment, “Take off that dress now. Now Aimee!”

She quickly complied and was standing with the dress in her hands — Not knowing what to do with it.

He continued, “Pat has done very well in her assessment so far, you, not so well. I’ve instructed Pat to teach you five different positions. She will have thirty minutes to train you, then I will test you. Any failings you have, will be on both of you — and you both will be punished. Understood Aimee?”

With a crackly voice Aimee responded, “Yes Mr. Decker.”

Chris looked at Pat and said, “thirty minutes — Understood?”

Pat quickly responded, “Yes Sir, understood”

When he got to the door, he turned towards the two naked women and said, “thirty minutes starts now,” and pulled the door closed.

Patricia looked at Aimee and said, “We only have 30 minutes Aimee, you really need to listen and do exactly as I say. Okay?” Before Aimee could answer, Patricia continued, almost tearfully, “I can’t fail this assessment, I need this program.”

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