The Exotic Nina Ch. 02

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Eating Pussy

I saw Nina several times over the next few weeks. I kept meaning to get to know her, but she was as mysterious as ever… and always, we ended up having hot, hot sex. She was seemingly insatiable, feeling up my cock inpublic, giving me a fantastic blow job in the movie theater, and straddling me into a full-on fuck in the back of a nightclub one late night. She was definitely her own woman-I hinted a couple of times to go back to her place, but it never happened. We ended up either fucking like mad bunnies back in my cozy little house, or driving each other crazy in public. She was clearly up for other activities, too-I was sure she was bi, as she pointed out cute women that we passed in the street, and whenever one of them was flirting with me it would drive her wild.

“Did you see that?” she would say, amazed, “she was giving you the eye with me right here! What do you think is in her dirty little mind?” all the while her tiny little hands would be rubbing the contours of my large cock increasingly straining at my tight jeans, further drawing the stares from the hot young gals. Nina almost invariably wore light, small dresses that showed off her tiny, yet perfectly formed body, and allowed plenty of room to see her perky breasts. She never wore bras, and whenever she leaned over far enough, she revealed the whole splendor of her lovely breasts down to her pointed, dark nipples. When we were dating, she rarely wore underwear, and would squirm with delight whenever I slipped my hand under her short dress to feel her ass, or to play with her clit or pussy.

And I was always amazed at how she could handle my body… I’m a good six foot tall, and my cock is large for my body, yet somehow this tiny dark woman escort gaziantep loved to take it all the way inside her and with mouth grimacing could ride herself to orgasms whenever she was totally impaled on my cock. And she could give me one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever experienced even with her tiny little mouth, sliding my cock all the way back down her throat, all the while working me over with those delicate, feisty little hands. She loved having me come from blowjobs, and drank down my cum as if it were water to someone dying of thirst, milking my cock all the way from the base with her exquisite hands.

Often, back at my place, I would put on some soothing music, and candles, and we would have some wine, and talk about small things… places we’d been, music we liked… but soon the conversation would drift back to sex, and the music would be forgotten, the candles ignored, and we would be soon fondling each other, talking kinky and dirty.. she had a way of digging out experiences, fantasies… the first time that a woman touched my cock (answer: I was very young, and the woman was a camp medic. I went in for a scrape along my ass, and came out having experienced my first blowjob). Whenever I tried to turn the questions back, though, the answers I got seemed a bit vague. “When was the first time you saw a man’s hard cock?” (Her answer: “Oh, well, I don’t know, I came from a very liberal upbringing, very hippy family .”) But she was excellent at digging out information from me, and when we were fucking she would spin wild stories off of some of my fantasies.

“So, you think you want to have a little slave girl, huh? Mmmm, any little girl would be lucky escort gaziantep bayan to be your slave girl….I bet your little slave would love to be fucked by you… and would you make her pregnant, hmmm… and would you fuck her when she was pregnant? Slide your cock into her little tight pregnant tummy, feeling her little slave baby moving deep inside her, hmmm? Moving along your cock?” All the while her little dark body would be sliding up and down on my glistening white cock; the kinkier the talk got, the wetter and hornier Nina would become. “You could do anything you wanted with your little slave family, Tom, anything at all, baby. Fuck me, like you’d fuck your little slave girl!…your little slave girl and her little slave mommy…”

She could talk herself (and me!) into an orgasm, ranting nearly incoherent obscenities at the end, incredibly nasty, kinky fantasies… It was in these moments, right before orgasm, that her carefully constructed concealments seemed to pull away, and what was revealed was an intensely libidinous woman, who celebrated-needed, even-sex and raw, primal, uncontrolled sexuality. I began to see her as some sort of wild sex animal, so in touch with her sexual self that everything else-laws, rules, “morality”-was swept away. She was like some supernova, burning so bright at these moments that she threatened to consume anything in her path. I was absolutely entranced by her. In all my many times of lovemaking and women, I had never experienced anyone who so completely, without even question, accepted any and all of my most kinky fantasies-to her these were completely without shame, natural and therefore desirable. Sex, for Nina, was escort gaziantep kızlar an overwhelming force, and meeting her released something of that force inside of me, too. I have always had a huge sex drive and I had learned over time to tame it, to hold it back, and to pretend that perhaps my kinkiest fantasies didn’t exist. Even still, I was abnormally capable, off the charts for men my age. I learned to shy away from discussions about sex with my friends, who were beginning to complain of lagging sex drive and ability, whereas I was still trying to rein mine in. I hadn’t realized how much I had been doing so, and for how long, until Nina came into my life.

Or, I should say, my sex life. During most of my daily life Nina was still somewhat aloof-we would meet somewhere for dinner or drinks, and perhaps end up back at my apartment, but there was still something very mysterious and distant about her. Even though we seemed to get along great, and had mind-blowing sex, she was holding a part of herself back. I never saw here house, and I had yet to see her “lovely daughtere” as she called her. Perhaps she was playing hard-to-get, I thought. If so, I never saw it work more successfully. I became entranced by the idea of getting her more into my life.

My chance came soon thereafter. A friend of mine who managed a successful rock band called me up. “Hey, Tom, how would you like a free vacation? I’ve got plane tickets to a Caribbean island, and a nice private place on the beach rented. I was supposed to take my band down there for some r&r and group therapy, but they bailed. Too late for a refund-it’s next week. D’you want it?”

“Thanks, could be. Let me work on it, and I’ll call you right back.”

Next phone call: “Nina, Tom here-can I take you for an exotic erotic vacation next week? Somewhere warm where we won’t have to wear any clothes?”

A pause. “That sounds… delicious. But can we take my lovely daughter with us? I think it’s time you two got to know each other….”

A week away, and I already had a boner just thinking about it!

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