The Hook Up

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This happens this past August, I’m Vanessa, most call me Van or Nesa for short. I stand at 5’2 about 160lbs but built a frame. I was in dispatch with my co-worker Angie shes a nice redbone Amber Rose look-alike with the lips and tongue ring to match. She’s very pretty and if I could I so totally would so fuck her but sadly she has a boyfriend and a terrible ongoing girlfriend experience that I am not sure where if anywhere its going. We sometimes talk, about this and that n the other and all in between. She knows I am like totally gay and at times or almost everytime ask questions about this and that and the hows. I have respectfully told her that whenever she wants to, I will be more happy to show her rather than explain. After all, there are things that are much easy for me to show, and is more fun that way for both of us. Unfortunately for me she somewhat into her girlfriend and her boyfriend so I let that go. Since well there’s no room there for me, even thought the only thing I am interested in is just fucking her, fucking the living lights out of her. Basically, I want to fuck her into stupidity, well can’t have them all, some sadly do get away. We still talk and exchange stories about different things here and there and a lot of time are about SEX. Ok, to be honest, we talk about SEX a lot of times, almost all the time. I would say there is a hidden underlying sexual Chemsity or tension in there, between us but I could be misreading her or most likely wishful thinking, I think is mostly wishful thinking. Either way, this is a Friday night leading to Saturday morning and we were exchange different stories. I told her about a good friend of mines from back in the service Jackson good boy Jackson his a pervert. A real big one. Reason him and I get along and for a few years he was my wingman and I was his wingwoman. I remember every straight female I met I use to pass on to him and every l. female he met he would pass on to me. Angie and I were in the midst of exchanging stories she was telling me about her boyfriend sex that she had a week before. I am somewhat there and not really, I find straight sex boring not much to it and is dulled to me. I prefer hearing about 2 males better. (yes I am a la lesbian that gets off to male on male, what they are HOT especially the hardcore one, I love u guys). I will confess there is some about the way she talks about fucking that well even though I find it boring I got to admit I enjoy listening to her. (one day I swear I will find a way to get her to read out loud one of my stories, just haven’t figured out which one)(Angie, I know you reading this, you been warned, my birthday is coming up so get to it, I will be waiting). We carried on the whole night exchanging stories and experiences and talking abt the same old same old in a relationship. Is, all the same, don’t matter if it’s a straight or gay or lesbian. Relationships are all the same in one way or the other different dynamics and factors but mostly the same in some aspects. The night went on with no issues and for the most part, we both stay awake and alert. Soon 8 am kicked it in it was clocking out time. As I was making my way home I got a call none other than Jackson. What a coincides

“Hey J whats up I was just talking about you to my co-worker last night at some time,” I say picking up

“how you been?” Long time” I say

“Hey Vee, I am on my way to you. I’m scooping you up,”

What?” wait is coming off work not even near home” I reply surprise

‘Vee hurry your butt home and get ready I have 2 beautiful black queens back at the house and they are in the search for a stud. I have been telling them about you for the pass 2 nights and they are ready. I have a few things to do few stops to make and I will be coming to scoop you up. Bring your bag of toys and lets party” J said all excited and thrill not even being able to hold back his excitement.

“oh ok I’m heading straight home I should be ready within 45mins at max “

Just as I was getting the dress in tight blue jean and a tight black top wetting and gelling down my hair I hear the honk outside my house. There is in Ford Superduty black truck is Jackson popping open the door for me as I place my black gym like a bag on the back and pop right into the front of the truck.

Jackson is about 50ish but he looks good, his tall slight built from his days in the armed forces his a piece of chocolate with tattoos and a personality to match. The phrase ‘anything goes’ comes into mind. Jackson and I have history when back in the service we had a threesome with an ex that he had at the time. I was her ‘frist experience’ he was a good boy and seat off to the side of the room and let me have her all to myself mid way to the night we started tapping one another taking turns, his ex-was just there taking every bit of it over and over and over and over again. Good times. I trust J he knows my taste and I know his. Ironically, I haven’t heard from him since Christmas a year ago so this is totally a bit of a surprise and what a coincident I was just speaking about him. Like they say “speak of the devil’

Before long we are at J house is a nice 3 bedroom house. He has the master bedroom that’s only for him and his lady friend nice big full-size bed where 3 people can fit in everything is black on red or black on silver. He has a nice modern art deco type of feel but his a single male so he keeps everything simple.

As I get off the truck and make my way inside his house as I walk in there are these two beautiful about 5’8 nice thick black one with long wavy hair down to her mid-back nice watermelon size t. and perfect hips and butt to match. The other one was about the same height maybe an inch shorter and she had reddish hair up to her shoulder nice g****fruit size t. the one with the wavey long hair her name is Roeslori and the one with the red hair her name is Tameka. Both were beautiful on their own but together they look even more beautiful as if they complement each other.

J walks in from the back locking the door and scooping over directly for his wine and champagne collection. As he said

“ladies please introduce yourself and get comfortable’ he said picking up some bottle and glasses.

The two ladies look at each other and walk about to me they are both just dress in a long over top one is seek thru black, the other is in a red that compliments her skin tone.

“well, Vee, you are cute,” Tameka said coming over to me and kissing me. As Roselori does the same both taking me from each arm Tameka to my left and Roselori to my right and they walk somewhat dragging me with them. We make our way to the secondary guest bedroom. This bedroom is all red with a black curtain and a black rug. They both take me and guide me to the bedroom and one is caressing my back while the other is kissing me down my left neck. Shortly after J pops into the room with my bag

“I love him” he has perfect time the old pervert!’ He pops the bag over by the bed in case I need it

The two ladies speaking to each other

“I want her first” Tameka said to Roselori, who agree with no hesitation kissing me as she stepped off to the side and goes over to J whos off the side and she reaches over to him and starts j him and his 8 dick. As they kiss and start to make out and caress each other as he begins to place her over on the dresser counter and slide his dick inside her pussy. rolling it inside her as he starts to thruster her. She leans back off the mirror behind her and rolls her hips back. While this is all going on and goes on for a good 30 solid minutes or so.

Tameka reaches over to my bag and pulls out a nice 9in I have strapless that goes inserted straight inside me from deep inside me. As I see her pulling for the bag I pop my shoes off and pull my pants down as she soon reaches over and takes off my top rubbing my tt n taking off my bra. As she rubs my whole body up and down. She leans back all the way on the bed and pulls me over on to her as she starts to take the small head n rubs it in n out in n out inside me and finally inserts it in me jerkin the long over the shaft and rubbing it down. As she takes me by my neck pulls me down to her and spreads her legs eagle spread open as I rub the head inside her rubbing n teasing her clit with it playfully rubbing it and finally I thrust the dick over inside and let it push inside her. She pushes back and takes it all inside her as I thrust faster and faster picking up the speed with every thrust. This goes on for about an hour or so.

At one point J and I lock eyes as his looking back at me f. this other female on his bed thru the mirror on his dresser and I look at him f this other female up on the dresser from an overhead mirror he has over the bedstand of the bed. We both wink at each other and give each other a thumbs up while grinding both our ladies inside them. Both are screaming n moaning in ecstasy.

J n I are glancing at each other him thru the mirror in front of him from the dresser and me looking straight at him, we both wink at each other like, “yeah give it to her” we both encourage each other to do better. Our two ladies are screaming and moaning and wildly filled with escasty covering their bodies. I fuck my girl into I feel her pussy goes numped and locks tight around the base of my strap-on and gets stuck there as she locks me in between her legs and holds me tight in there. I go with it I don’t mind one bit as we both share in a few kisses.

J is there still slamming it to his girl while his girl is screaming at the top of her voice ‘FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME” overfilled as J is exploding and shooting cum and is barely hanging on.
He glances up looking at me as my girl she fades away drained from all the hardcore fucking I just gave her.
J looks over to me and drainage in sweat and barely hanging on as his knees are becoming weak he barely says
Vee tag!! he screams to me. I immediately look up and pop up to my feet and walk over to the J as he steps off to the side I pull a chair that was off to the side and i stand on top of it getting me at the perfect level as J slide his dick out i jam my strap on dick inside her (now J is about 8inch with the little extra skin on top, my strap-on is gonna be a full-on 9inches and thick, I am always going to be bigger thanks to my Napolean syndrome and well I am the one writing the story duh). I slide my dick inside her and grip her by the hips and i go on a full on massive hardcored penertration that forces her to gag and scream and moaning in ways she hadn’t all night.
I keep fucking her thrusthing wildly to the point everythign on the top of the dressers starts to fall off and the mirror shakes and almost comes undone from the wall as everything falls and shatters. J is off to the side just jerking what little bit of cum he has left watching me fuck his lady friend and cheering me on to top her off.
After a few deeper hard thrusting she slams up against the wall blacking out as her pussy drips violently all over my strap-on and the wetness dripping all over the dresser dripping down to the floor some squirting over on the chair in which I was standing. I pull off and look at J, J walks up to me and high fives me, let’s go get the ladies some dinner and prep for tomorrow we can’t just fuck them and let them leave without at least giving them a thank you.

We need to give them a reason to come back every six months and visit us. He said smiling as I jerk off my strap-on smiling like WOW so you fuck them first and then you dine them WOW J how did u ever pull that off?”

He replies “easy, I told them I would introduce them to my hardcore fuck lesbian friend” they both decided to skip the dining.

Since this was a once in a lifetime type of thing, his ladies friends were only in town for a few days and were leaving back to NY the Monday morning, I had no choice but to call out from work for my next three nights.

Monday night when upon returning to work the first mouth I heard Angie.
The FUCK Vanessa, really fucking call out 3 nights, 3 fucking nights leaving me by myself dealing with this idiots on the radio… she carries on and on and on and on” she is not used to me calling out so it’s rare I do

She goes on and on telling me about the calls and the stupidity of the nights while I was out.
“V seriously what kind of BS is this, give me one reason one reason you had to call out three fucking nights?”

the whole time I’m sitting in silence letting her go off on me, she is cute when she’s mad!
Well?? whats my answer?”

I look at her for a few…. stop looking at me silly and tell me what would possess you to call out so many fucking nights?
giving me “a what the fuck look”,

PUSSY!!!!! my reply..
Angie, shut the fuck up or I’ll put something in your mouth to shut you up” I say jokingly off course, but the context in which I said it she just pulled away went to her station and for the rest of the night she didn’t speak a single word but would keep giving me these off looks. I must confess I liked the silence is rare for her to be quiet she always talks even in her sleep state she sleeps talks ( Angie, yes you do, yes, no I am not BS you do sleep talk).

Suddenly within about an hour or so just when we were about to clock out
Vanessa,” she speaks my name in a soft voice like, I turn and just look at her
“So what are you gonna put in my mouth, when are you gonna show me, I wanna know,” she said in the most teasing way suddenly looking straight at me and flickering her tongue ring over her lips

to be contiue ( i need to decide in what way from the 2000 ways I want to fuck her!)

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