The House Boat – Day 05

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Trigger Warning: Some parts will feel familiar to those who’ve had the misfortune of dealing with a protective order, and the asshole who is willing to breach it.

Rest assured, this is still a tale with a happily ever after.

“No fair!” Rin punched me in the arm, the stone on the ring crunching painfully on the muscle. She was wearing her favourite onesie, but had the hood down, for once.

I sucked in air, and rubbed where she had hit, “Do you see me driving!? Just because you’ve only just got up.”

She went to grab the wheel and I knocked her hand aside, “I got an early start, so we could have more time for us, today. I wasn’t trying to piss you off.”

Rin sighed and sank down, holding her knees, “Well, yeah. Didn’t assume you were trying to piss me off. That’d just be dumb. But… You weren’t there when I woke up. It hurt.”


She gave a tiny shrug, “Doesn’t matter. You had sweet reasons for it.”

“Did you really panic attack that I had somehow abandoned you? When we’re on a boat, and I just proposed?”

“I didn’t say it was reasonable.” She said angrily, “Still… Hurt. I… I was so excited to see you first thing. To have you be the thing I woke up to, and not a blank wall. Especially… Because… You did propose.”

I rubbed my arm again, “Well, I’m glad you like the ring. Even if I’m regretting getting a stone that size. That seriously hurt.”

“You deserved it.” Rin retorted and then put her face in her hands and gave a frustrated yell. I glanced towards her as she calmed herself down, and then she spoke quieter. “Sorry. You didn’t deserve it. I’m a real married woman now. Need to stop lying and hiding.”

“Rin, I fell for you. Don’t go changing on me.”

She shuffled over and leaned her head in my lap, “You mean it?”

“Duh.” I patted her on the head, “Though… Have I managed to change your mind about a wedding? You talked about it with Jan. That maybe you were missing out.”

Rin snorted, “It’s been a night. I haven’t had a chance to write my vows yet, but yeah. I’d like to stand in a garden with you and tell the world what I want.”

“Rob cut up your wedding dress.”

She sighed heavily, “Oh, that fucking asshole. I’d nearly forgot about him, with you. I wonder if I can easily get a tearaway wedding dress? That’d be fun. Though… You booked the garden for our last day with the boat. Honeymoon over. Wouldn’t have much chance for you to do anything fun like that before we have to head home.”

“We going to fight over whose apartment we’re going to live in?”

“Uh uh.” Rin shook her head, “Rob has no idea where your place is. So I don’t have to deal with any drunken rants when he comes back and screams at me that I’m missing out by not fuckin’ him.”

“Fuck’s sake, Rin.” I cringed, “Why haven’t you got a restraining order on him, yet?”

“I do. Called a protective order.”


She nestled her head in a bit more, “Can we… Not talk about my ex? You proposed. You’re supposed to be romantic. I’m supposed to be romantic. Not… Slightly depressed.”

“Well, slightly depressed, there’s another sandwich in the toaster oven for you.” I offered.

“Comfy, here.”

I brushed her head some more, “So… Back to wedding planning… Do you think there’s anyone you know who could hack it? That’d be able to show up for it? Friends?”

“Uh… No.” Rin laughed weakly, “I mean… I might have one or two friends I could coax until they’re okay with us, but not in the space of a few days. Oh! We could invite Tom and Jan. Doubt they’d turn up, but I wanna invite someone. Anyone.”

I nodded, “Should be able to put some addresses together from our map.”

“What… About you? Wanna invite anyone?” Rin asked, her tone of voice suggesting she knew the answer.

I shrugged, “Yeah. I already did. Sorry if you feel put out by that. The day is still going to be totally about you or me. If anyone gets too annoying we’ll just leave. Go back to… Our place.”


I laughed softly, “That’s for me to know, and for you to find out.”

“Not for my fucking wedding it’s not.” Rin snapped, “Bride is the bride. Names, Chris. Now.”

I shook my head, “Usually, I’d agree. But… No. I want it to be a surprise. I’ve invited two people. Both of them know us and… Said they want to be there. Accept it. Us.”

“What?” Rin said fearfully, “And… I goddamn hope you were sure of it before you asked them, Chris! Nobody is tearing us apart. I won’t let it happen.”

“I was.”

She punched my leg, “You’re an asshole, sometimes.”

“I love you.” I offered pathetically.

Rin grabbed me around the waist quickly, “I love you, too. I can’t say how much I love you. Don’t want to be anywhere except by your side. Well, on top works pretty good as well. But by your side.”

“Speaking of on top… You were getting a bit… Sore.”

Rin laughed at me, “Fishing to see if we’re going to fuck, today?”

“Kinda. First time sex after our proposal.” I said nervously, “I… May have wanted to, Ordu Escort when you got me to call Vincent instead.”

She chuckled, “Yeah, I’m sore. Good ‘n chafed. So… Extra lube. Which, I happen to have bought. So you can fuck me as much as we want. But… That reminds me. What did the royal dick have to say for his majesty? And why did it take you like two hours on the phone?”

“He thinks Mum and Dad overreacted. So he’s going to give us some space.” I replied honestly, but cautiously. I didn’t want to get her hopes up, or let slip I’d invited him.

Rin glared, “Yeah, right. What did he actually say?”

“He… Apologised. Said he deserved it when I punched him.” I said, still sort of surprised that particular turn of events had happened.

She jerked her head into the steering wheel in shock, “Ow. Also, the fuck? I can’t actually remember him apologising… Ever. I remember Dad ordering him when we were younger, and him biting Dad instead.”


Rin shook off the surprise and knelt her head down again, “Da fuck. You must have given him a concussion or something with that punch of yours. So… Onto less confusing shit… How do you want to fuck me, today? You like plans.”

“There’s a picnic place that’s about an hour’s hike from our next stop.” I offered up the romantic plan, “Or… We can go back to bed and just sit there grinning at each other like idiots and pretending to get some sleep like last night.”

“I wanna scream your name from the top of a mountain.” Rin said quickly, “Dunno if it’s in sex, or just wanna say I love you. Either way, really. So… Sandwiches for lunch?”

I stroked her cheek, “You could do some more house-wifey things and bake us some biscuits to go with. If you wanted.”

“Mmm. Nah.” She yawned, “Instead, I’m going to play dress ups. Do you remember me saying something about buying clothes so you can rip them off me?”

“Vaguely… So… Tights?”

Rin grinned, “You’ll see, soon enough. Oh, hell. I woke up horny, and now you’ve gone and got me really in the damn mood. You better be willing to take responsibility for this wet cunt, Chris.”

“I was thinking that we still haven’t awkwardly tried to fuck in that tiny shower. And that I should probably have one when we get where we’re going.”

She stood up, walking behind me and putting her arms around my neck, “So… How much longer?”

“Twenty minutes?”

“Asshole!” Rin exploded, and then muttered, “I don’t even wanna sunbathe. I just want to feel you inside me. Joined, wearing our rings. Married to our future together.”

I reached up and squeezed her hand, feeling the ring on her hand, and the one on mine. Still amazed that we’d ended up here. “Sorry, I don’t set the speed limit.”

“I can’t even masturbate properly, because I’m raw.” Rin complained, “Need to save what I can for the real deal. Why isn’t autopilot a thing yet?”

“Can I bring you down by asking a worried husband thing?”

“I took the fucking…” Rin trailed off and tapped her chin, “Actually… I didn’t. Sorry.”

She ran off to the bedroom to make sure I wasn’t about to give us both an unexpected kid. There was something about the way Rin got annoyed about the pill that bugged me. Didn’t quite add up, somehow.

Rin came back and heated up her breakfast, and nearly burned it again. Then she sat on the edge of my chair as she ate it, with my arm around her waist to make sure she could stay put.

She let out a belch, and then an embarrassed giggle, “Eh… Get used to that, too. I’m a pig.”

“Oink.” I laughed, “Do you think I’ve forgotten living with you? You either eat nothing, or ten times as much as me. Don’t worry, I’ll still be cooking for you.”

“Oh my god!” Rin suddenly exclaimed, “I just realised… I’m going to have your cooking everyday. Fuck. I’m going to get fat.”

“You really think you can get fat with how active we are?”

She leaned back into me and laughed again, “Eh… Maybe not. Especially if we’re actually active and not just fucking. I like jogging in the mornings.”

“I like sleep.”

Rin grinned and kissed my cheek, “Oh good. Then I can fuck you awake, go for my run, and come back to brother breakfast.”

“Thought I couldn’t take you blowing me awake for granted?”

She shrugged, “Mmm. Dunno. We’ll see, I guess. But I do really like the idea. Especially when you ate me out the other morning, so… Take turns?”

Rin stood up and drifted to the back of the cabin, and I heard her cleaning up after last night. She called innocently, “So… You’ve tied me up, Chris? Um…”

“You wanna tie me up?” I asked, “I did say I was into that. And am. But if we keep talking about stuff it isn’t going to much help your mood, because you’ll just want it quick and hard.”

“I already do.” Rin replied pointedly, dumping the bowl into the bin and then washing her hands.

I checked our progress on the map quickly, “You could get changed.”

“No. Because we’re going to shower and fuck, and after you’ve filled me up like Ordu Escort Bayan you didn’t last time, you can help me into the first outfit for the day.” She replied firmly.

I frowned, “Are you upset at me for not cumming?”

“Kinda.” Rin said nervously, “I mean… There was no way I was up for more at the time. So that was nice of you. But… I was enjoying the fact I could make you bust a nut so easily. And I only ever want it in me on our honeymoon.”

“Still can’t match that double creampie.” I smiled at the memory. “God, you’re hot, Rin.”

She shifted uncomfortably, obviously about to lose her temper about being horny again, “Even if you can’t fuck my ass?”

“Well, if you’re that determined, I think it’s going to happen somewhere in our… How long is this going to be a thing, again?” I teased.

Rin grinned and kissed my cheek, “Forever.”

Then, as she finished speaking, a ribbon I hadn’t noticed she’d been clutching suddenly went around my wrist and lashed me to the steering wheel.

“Eh… Rin?”

“Mmm?” She said as she pranced around to the other side and tied my other hand up.

I laughed nervously, “This is sexy, but I do need to tie up the boat so it won’t drift.”

“I can do that.” She replied and shrugged, “And you can just sit there and wait for me as I do.”

“Are you going to punish me?”

“Pretty much.”

I grinned happily, “Have I ever told you that I love you, sister-wife?”

“Fucking park the boat or whatever!” Rin snapped.

It still took a few more minutes to reach the right part of the river, and then a few more to find an appropriately wide point in the river to stop the boat.

Rin was completely beside herself by the time she was out the front and clumsily lashing the boat to a tree. Giving me nightmares as I remembered how she fell down the bank just getting her suitcases on board.

She had actually tied me to the steering wheel, meaning that getting my hands free was going to take an effort if anything went wrong.

She did manage it, eventually.

Rin closed the door and posed in front of me in her onesie, “So… Like what you see?”

“It’s more cute than sexy.” I admitted.

She rolled her eyes, “Of course you want tits in your face. Well… I can oblige you, there.”

She slipped out of the soft sleep gear, and paced around and out of sight. She put her arms around me and kissed gently at my cheek, before letting out a quiet little growl I had never heard her make yet.

Which had the desired effect as I began to harden.

“How long are you going to love me, Chris?” She whispered quietly.


She bit my neck gently, jerking me into full erectness at the sudden, but tender, action. Her hands ran down my front before struggling to release my pants.

I sat up a little, pushing into the bite, as she pushed the pants down to my knees, as well as moving my underwear out her way.

Rin walked back into view, wiping her mouth, “I think he likes it.”

“I love you.”

She grinned, and then very awkwardly climbed up and over the wheel, crouching over me. I could finally see just what kind of morning she was having.

Her inner thighs were extremely red from the friction of the last few days, but nestled in the middle of that, I could see her actually dripping in anticipation.

“Kinda wish you’d let me have that for breakfast.” I offered.

“Shuddup.” Rin took on a serious look, positioning herself over me, and then slowly beginning to ease herself down.

I sucked in my breath as I found myself not poking at her twat, but at her asshole, which she had clearly well-lubricated.

Rin’s cheek twitched with pain for a moment, and she grunted as the hole ever so slowly opened up and seemed to physically pull the head of my cock inside a world of tightness.

“Eugh.” Rin grunted, “Not an anal girl, my ass.”

I couldn’t help myself but laugh at the pun. She grinned at me, before returning to her task. Focusing on ever so slowly pushing me inside her backdoor, whilst I was all tied up.

I leaned forward to try and kiss her, but she turned her head at the last second, “Eugh. No distracting me.”

“No, distractions are good.” I replied, “But, if you don’t want to kiss me… Can I see that pussy? Rin?”

She smiled weakly, reaching down to her front and playing her lips open a little, “You like that? Too bad it isn’t spilling with your cum. Maybe next time.”

“Do you remember that first time I caught you?” I coaxed her, trying to make this as good for her as it was feeling for me.

Rin’s face somehow flushed some more, “Calling your name.”

“Stroking that little clit.” I suggested.

She smiled, and her hand began moving, “Like you could see. I had my bikini… Eugh… Bottoms… On…”

“You came… Fucking hell you’re tight… In front of me.” I continued, “Head back, eyes shut. Mmm. About… As quiet… As a hu… Hurricane.”

“Fuck. You.” Rin grunted, “You love it.”

I joined her in the Escort Ordu animal sounds, “Eugh… I… Fucking… Love… Everything about… You. Fuck. You’re tight.”

“Mmm. Mmm.” She moaned, finger moving more frantically. “You like my ass… Brother? Fuck. Yours… Just yours.”

I felt her buns on my legs as she finally managed to take my full shaft inside her. We weren’t even really screwing yet, and I was beginning to feel early warning signs.

“I… I don’t think… I can hold on much… More.” I grunted to her, “Fuck. I love your… Ass.”

She tightened at the words, squeezing around me even tighter. Somehow. As if that were possible.

“Yes, yes!” Rin said excitedly, her fingers becoming even more frantic, “Are you going… To cum… In my ass?”

With that, she began to move.

It wasn’t much, just shifting upwards a fingers-width before suddenly impaling herself back downwards again. But with the incredible textures, and the way it gripped me everywhere, feeling it was trying to drag me in, it didn’t need to be much.

My hands were white knuckled on the steering wheel, unable to hold her or grab her. All I could do was stare in wonder at the naked beauty in front of me.

Her flushed face, full of concentration and effort as she grunted and slowly rode my dick. Forcefully invading her backdoor, as she practically snarled.

My dick swelled up, and Rin grunted as she immediately felt it, “Yes! Chris! Yes! Damn it… Fuck! Cum in me! Cum in that ass!”

My head fell into her chest, between her breasts, as I felt her draining the life out of me. My cum blasting inside her, flooding out around my dick.

I grunted loudly, and Rin hit her own orgasm. Grabbing onto my neck as she came. I could feel her pussy moving, even separated from it as I was. “C-chris! Fuuuuuuck!”

I kissed her chest, trying to suck at one of her nipples, but she still easily moved out of reach by pushing me back into the seat.

“Untie me.”

Rin gave a little breathless sigh, “Eugh. No. No, I’m savouring this. Fuck… I think I kinda like you cumming in my ass. It feels… Filling. Squishy. But… Nice.”

“I’m still hard, Rin.”

Her eyes widened, “Oh, fuck. You’re not done with me? Are you going to fuck my ass, again?”

“Aha. Untie me, so I can bend you over.”

She burst into a wide grin, “You say the sweetest things.”

Rin grunted as she slipped up and off me, giving a even bigger grunt as my cum slipped out of her a moment later. “Fuck. God, you always flood me.”

She untied me with shaking hands, and then grabbed me before I could stand, kissing me intensely. Finally free to hold her head to mine, I caressed her, fingers tangling in her hair.

Rin pushed me away with a knowing smile, “Was there a mention of bending me over? I might just let you do that… If you’re sweet about it.”

“We haven’t been on the roof since that first time.” I said thoughtfully, “Wind in your hair. River in front. Me at your backdoor. Does that… Sound fun?”

She pouted, “I said I wanted sweet! Not… Well, it does sound fucking sexy. And yes, let’s go up to the roof. Right now. But… Sweet talk me?”

She grabbed my wrist and dragged me behind her. My eyes were locked on her beautiful backside, unable to see where I had just been, or the cum I knew I had deposited there.

“I… Can’t believe you did that. That we’re doing this.” I said, searching for an answer to her request. “I said you didn’t have to, but you still wanted it. Was it… For you? For me? Us?”

Rin looked back at me as she began to climb the stairs, “You, dummy. Did not expect to enjoy it nearly as much as I did. Didn’t expect to get myself off. It was a present.”

“From my new wife. First sex after our engagement.”

She grinned, “Now, he’s getting it. First on a first, right? First sex. First anal sex. All at once. God, that was hot. How the hell did you stay hard, again?”

Rin leaned against the wall of the roof, shaking her booty, “I think… It’ll be easier this time. I can still feel you inside me. God, its hot. Fuck. Can you put it in me, already?”

I pulled her asscheeks apart slowly, to see a tiny white trail spilling from her star. Smiling and pressing gently up against it, “Did you somehow get even hornier, wife?”

“Aha.” She gulped, hands tensing their grip, “Push. Gently.”

I stopped teasing her, and began to ease into her tight little channel. I groaned loudly, feeling myself being pulled back inside her.

Rin pushed back against me, and I found myself buried in a single slow and sensitive thrust. She shouted as she did, “Ooh… Fuck! Fuck!”

I kissed at her neck, “There’s my sexy screamer.”

“Fuck you.” She grunted, and then took a deep breath, “Oh, shit, Chris… I… I think I’m going to cum…”

I put my hands on her hips and gave an experimental thrust. As small as the little ones she’d been giving me before. We both grunted loudly, voices echoing across the top of the river.

Rin looked back at me, “M-more. Deeper.”

It was easier to fuck her, now. Moving easily up to a gentle pace. Pushing up hard against her, as she struggled to hold her ground with each thrust. My balls slapping against her clit.

“Y-yes!” She yelled, “Oh god, yes! Oh, fuck. I love you. I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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