The Jig is Up Ch. 01

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Paul had spent all his years since he had turned thirteen thinking about sex! It had started with the onset of puberty. As timed past it grew to be such an obsession it made him worry he was strange in that department. It didn’t help any to have one of the most beautiful girls he knew as his sister. She was only a year and a half older than himself, but at nineteen a sensuous female, in his opinion. His sister=s girl friend was also a gorgeous thing with long dark hair, a body that only came from the genetically endowed. An hourglass figure, which undulated down the halls of his home, with a grace he dreamed of night after night.

To make matters worse, his mother was the most beautiful of all. She had a classic figure that oozed sexuality from her pores as she moved about the house. Sometimes touching him with motherly love and the occasional kiss that loving mothers so casually bestow on their off spring. What she didn’t know was that every time she did this, his quickly maturing penis would harden with desire. He would then rush to his room to masturbate

He felt that he was strange because of this. After all his friends never spoke of their mothers with any sort of attraction, their only thoughts were how to get out from under parental control. They wanted to take out their girl friends and try to make out with them. It wasn’t he didn’t notice girls; in fact, he felt he never missed a glance at a fine cleavage or the curve of a beautiful bottom end. But he didn’t date girls because none of them ever measured up to his sister or her friend, much less his sexy mother.

It was fortunate his family was extremely rich, because he could indulge in his other obsession electronics. It was an expensive hobby, his father allowed him because it was the way the family, or more correctly his father had made his fortune. So from the age of ten on he had his own workroom in the basement where he worked on his hobby. At the age of eighteen, he had actually sold an idea that had come to him as he fooled around. It wasn’t something which began to pay for the money he went through following his hobby. It had made his father proud. More importantly to him, his mother had leaned over at the dinning room table, accidentally exposing a large amount of cleavage, to give him a motherly kiss that did the usual to him.

It was that night he began his plan. Why not combine his two time occupying passions into one enterprise. His father, as he grew richer spent more and more time away from home, which meant the one person who might spot his electronics in the house wasn’t at home. It dawned on him, that good old dad spent little time in his mother=s bedroom. This brought him to the realization it was different to have a mom and dad who had separate bedrooms. That thought then led him to a completely new series of conjectures one of which was about the live in maids dad had hired a couple years ago. Well his new ideas would let him find out if he had hit upon the truth or not.

He went to his favorite electronics store, where he began the purchases he hoped would led him eventually to his goal, to see both his mother and his sister in the nude. He understood video cameras to such an extent he could build ones smaller than one was legally allowed to buy in a store. Adding some sort of sound system would be child=s play to him. Instead of following his mother or sister around the next few days, he feverishly worked in his electronics room. He developed numerous cameras, which could be monitored from a central control panel. They would switch like the channels on his television. A few days later, he took his T. V. down to the basement, and installed his new control panel inside the set. He then tested the controls with the panel installed, discovering it worked, switching from camera to camera easily.

The following day his mother announced the family would be going to the summer cottage. His father would be unable to attend because of the pressures of work. Oh was Paul frustrated, his plans were coming along nicely. He wanted to install the cameras in the places he had selected. They went to the lake. He started to go into a foul mood especially when he found out his sister got to bring her best friend Beverly. No one had thought to ask him if he wanted to bring anyone. He soon discovered what a fool he was being when Beverly exited the cottage closely followed by his sister Dagmar . They were both in their thong bikinis and wanted to sun at the lake side. Their beautiful willowy bodies caused an instant erection, which he had to go into the cottage to satisfy. In the cottage, his mother sat looking at the lake. Her gaze tuned to him. She asked why he wasn’t out with the girls. He thought quickly telling her he had come to find out where she was. He then asked why she was not at the lake with the girls.

She laughed and said; “you don=t want and old fossil like me down there with you.”

Paul immediately replied, “Mom, we are here to relax, all of us, and if you don=t join us, dressed appropriately, then it=s time we went home.”

“You don=t mean that you expect me to wear a bathing suit like those two do you?” She queried.

“I certainly bostancı escort do. I know with your body you’ll put them both to shame!” He exclaimed

It was the first time he had ever referred to his mother=s body. He was frightened that she would take it as sexually as it had come out of him. Fortunately she took it as the compliment that it also was. She promised she would meet him at the lake in a suit that would knock his sock=s off. They both retired to their rooms his mother to put on her suit, he to look after what he had originally come for.

A little while later, he went down to the lake to find three beautiful bottoms looking up at him. It was a good thing he had just looked after himself because it was a sight, which would cause the dead to rise. Mom had not only matched the two girls, but if anything had surpassed them in the skimpiness of her attire. He didn’t think she realized the effect she had on him assuming because he was her son; he would have no interest in an Aold bag@ like her. He furtively examined the fine female flesh laid out before him trying to memorize ever square inch of the sexy bodies. The thin sting that formed the back of Mom=s thong disappeared into her hairy, softly curving bottom as though it was never there. When he looked into her crotch, he couldn’t see for the hair and shadow, where it began again. It was, to that point, the most sensuous sexy thing he had been exposed to in his life.

Eventually he noticed a scent in the air of muskiness that tantalized him, seemed to reach for him pulling him gently toward his mother=s body. He leaned into the aroma, breathing deeply as his body bent toward his mother=s sex, till he snapped out of it realizing what he had been about to do. Sniff his mom=s crotch! What he didn’t realize was that for the first time he had enjoyed the scent of females in heat.

Glancing surreptitiously over to his sister and her friend, he examined each of them. Although they did not have the mature curves of his mother, each in their turn, made his abdomen crunch, sending a message to his penis, which was all most impossible to ignore. Just then his mother turned over on her back showing for the first time the smallness of her bikini top attempting to cover her magnificent chest. The girls rolled over immediately after her. He was able to see the wonderful mounds with hair all around the small wedge of material hiding their sex. The musky aroma strengthened in the breeze. He was forced to return to his bedroom to look after himself for the second time within the hour. It was a fantasy weekend for him. Paul was more determined than ever to put his plans into action when he returned.

The next Monday had him furiously at work installing his cameras in his sister=s bathroom and bedroom. It took hours because he installed enough to give several different views from a number of angles. Fortunately, at the time she was out with Beverly. They arrived home just after he had finished. He hurried to his room to turn on the set to find out if the first phase of his operation was successful. It was better than his wildest dreams! He threw himself on his bed. What as added bonus to have Beverly there.

The girls had been out shopping at their favorite lingerie store. They had come back to model their purchases to each other. The moment he got in his room was the first moment for him to see his first nude women. Beverly had removed all her clothes. She was sliding out of the smallest thong panties he had ever seen. Her breasts were rich mounds of sensuous flesh trimmed with the most gorgeous nipples, which seemed to pop out from their encircling areolas. They were fat and succulent looking. He thought she was turned on at showing her panties to his sister because her nipples seemed to be so erect. Looking down he saw the pubic hair started at her navel. It followed a thin line down for a few inches before it began to expand rapidly over her pubic bone before disappearing between her legs. It was the most luxuriant growth of hair. He had not expected there to be so much. It wasn’t till much later in life he discovered that it in fact it was most unusual. He switched camera angles several times trying to see between her legs but the beautiful muff hid her delights from his sight,

Meanwhile his sister was also disrobing, reaching for her own bag of unmentionables. As she pulled her panties down, he saw a similar luxurious growth between her legs but this time because she was blonde he could make out amongst the pubic veil the pink inner lips pouting from her folds. They appeared to be covered in moisture. He realized she seemed to be in a state of arousal. Instead of putting something on, she told Beverly she was going into the bathroom to use the facilities. He frantically switched to the bathroom cams in time to see her squat over the LEW, letting go a glorious stream into the pot. He grabbed his penis out of his pants. Paul slowly stroked it as his sister reached for the toilet paper, wiping herself. He could see the paper slide along those glorious lips that he had never seen before. It was wonderful!

As his sister left the bathroom, he again switched the cams ümraniye escort bayan back to her bedroom only to find Beverly laying totally nude on his sister=s bed with her legs apart. Her fingers played with the now visible lips of her genitals. His hand stroked more furiously. To his surprise, his sister seemed to take no notice of this behavior other than to get on the bed beside Beverly. She ran her hand over Beverly=s soft curvaceous body sliding down her stomach until her fingers stroked the hair above her slit. Then one finger reached out and pushed down on the top of the crevice causing Beverly=s hips to thrust the slit over the finger. His sister=s entire hand started to stroke Beverly=s pussy, with her middle finger deep in the wet sheath. He turned up the sound to here his sister say;

“Do you like my finger in your honey pot baby? I want your finger in my mine, rubbing it slowly while I reach for my climax.”

Beverly groaned as she acquiesced to his sister’s request slowly rubbing his sister’s pussy. He could hold it no longer. His sperm shot out of his penis and painted the wall behind his head. He couldn’t believe it. His sister and her friend were lesbians. It was a terrible let down. He promptly started to scheme as to how he could use this to his advantage. He continued to watch them as they slowly raised themselves to a climax. Their vaginas turned moist and swollen from their efforts. Soon their hips thrust at each other’s fingers. It was breath taking to watch these two young girl’s pleasure themselves. Thoughts of his mother now entered his mind as he masturbated himself for a second time, watching his first pussies climax without the benefit of a man.

The following morning his mother headed off to buy groceries for the family. It was not something she had to do because of the maids, but she enjoyed looking after her family. As soon as she left the house, he was in her bedroom and bathroom installing. He went back to his room and checked to make sure everything was working as he hoped. Then he sat around in his room, waiting for nightfall. The arrival of his mother in her bedroom would be the culmination of his efforts. He had forgotten he would have to face her once more that day over dinner. As he watched her serve the meal, he realized how much he loved his mom. For a moment he considered not going through with his plan, but then, seeing he was watching her, she leaned over and gave him that quick motherly peck which was so often his down fall.

He renewed his resolve. He returned, after dinner, to his room to await the completion of his plans. He switched on the T.V. to find his mother’s room was still empty so he switched to watch his sister. She was in the shower. He had installed a camera right overhead where he could watch as first she soaped her body, and then paid more attention to her breasts particularly her nipples. As time progressed, she started to soap between her legs. Paul sat there watching as she slowly brought herself to orgasm. He was tempted to play with himself but put it off, waiting for his mother. He switched back to find his mom entering the room,

She took her clothes off without any preamble, heading for her bathroom. He followed with his cameras and watched as she stepped into the shower. He had wished she had taken more time removing her clothes but it was not to be. As she stepped into the shower, he watched her magnificent bottom end flex with her movement. That called for him to remove his clothes. He lay down in his bed. He watched his beautiful mom as she cleaned herself paying particular attention as she cleaned her bottom end. It was obvious she detested being dirty there and cleaned her bottom thoroughly. She exited the shower drying her self off. He enjoyed it as she dried her breasts, her vagina, using her hair drier on her head and her glory, rubbing each as she dried them.

Mom then entered her bed, turning the lights low. She surprised him by not covering herself but lay on top of the bed with her legs slightly spread. She reached for her night table. Out came, what was obviously a vibrator. Dad had not been looking after his wife. He realized his mom was a sexual human with the same wants and desires as the rest of the world. He was to find out she had a greater appetite for sex than most women. Paul, now found out the hairiness between his sisters legs was inherited from her mother as she spread her legs further apart, rubbing her clitoris.

He had read about how women would start to excrete a lubricant as they became aroused. He could see the moisture. She dipped her fingers into her sexual being. First, she played around her outer lips but as her sex began to open and swell the fingers rubbed the moisture around the inner lips. She finally pushed her middle finger into her depths, withdrawing the dew-covered finger and rubbed the moisture against her inner sex till it was sopping wet. Then she inserted the vibrator while he masturbated as she did, trying to time his orgasm to hers. Paul watched as his mother=s thick moist sex lips sucked on her toy. Her other hand played with her breast almost yanking at the nipple twisting it, squeezing kartal escort her teat. It was the most wonderful moment of his life as he lay there making love to his mother in his mind as she made love to herself. He wondered whom if anybody she was making love to, as she moaned her way to her climax. Her hips thrusting at her toy, driving it into her wet sopping inflamed sex. Her body demanding release, he thought he heard his name, as she shuddered to a culmination, but he knew it was his own desire for her that made him hear her say,


He had to posses his mother, but he had several problems to over come. One was his inexperience. Another was age, but that would soon resolve itself with the arrival next week, of his nineteenth birthday. The most serious problem he saw was the incestuous relation he wanted with his mom. After thinking about it for several days, he finally came up with a solution. In polite society it=s called blackmail. He would use his sister and Beverly for his experience by threatening them with exposure of their lesbianism. He would video tape them in the act. As for his mom, he hoped a video tape of her playing with herself would be enough. He set his plans and attached a VCR to his television. He told his mum he wanted to celebrate his nineteenth at home. He mentioned it would be nice if Beverly could sleep over with sis so she could keep them company as she had done last year. His mom smiled at him and asked,

“Are you sure it=s your sister and tradition that motivates your invitation or the fact she is probably the most beautiful woman in town?”

He scoffed at his mom and replied, “Mom, you are the most beautiful women in town, and I have never thought otherwise.”

“Well, thank you dear, I am truly happy my son sees more in me than just another mom,” his mother said as she smiled her love at him

Little did she know of his designs on the beautiful Beverly of the undulating walk.

The night before his birthday, Beverly arrived and was safely in his sister=s bedroom. He turned on his equipment and started to watch the goings on. He wasn’t disappointed as he started the VCR watching Beverly for a while who was in his sister=s arms. As the sexual heat grew, he could see the moisture developing between the girls legs. Dagmar was sucking on Beverly=s teat, occasionally nipping her nipple and pulling ever so gently as her breast distended then allowing it to spring back into place. Suddenly Dagmar swung around and buried her face into Beverly=s magnificent pubic hair. Using her hands to pull wide the mouth of Beverly=s over heated sex, Dagmar probed with her tongue at the droplets of dew, which she exposed, before driving the tongue into the hot wet folds. It was a wonderful sight as Beverly reciprocated; they licked and sucked at each other. Beverly raised her head moaning,

“Don=t you wish your brother was here, sucking you with his sensuous mouth, probing for your honey as you come all over his face?”

His sister raised her head from Beverly=s crotch and groaned, “you know how I love my brother I wish he were here right now thrusting his hot tongue in every hole I have, but you know I really do love him with all my heart and I would never do anything that might hurt him in any way. I hope some day your wish for his love and attention will come about, but my love will, as we both know, never be satisfied.”

He got up from his bed as his penis wilted in his hand. He walked over to the set and turned it around. The tears were now freely flowing as he unplugged the thing from the wall and tore out the control panel that he had installed. He ejected the tape and destroyed it. He grew up that night as he tossed and turned in his bed realizing the terrible mistake he had almost made. He wanted the women in his life now more than ever. There was only one-way to get them and that was to love them as much or more than they loved him. When he got up in the morning, his eyes were red and swollen, but the rest of him marched out into the new day with a new resolve.

He walked into breakfast to find Beverly, Dagmar , and mom, all there waiting to wish him a happy birthday. It may not have been the best birthday he ever had but it was the one where he felt the most loved. They gathered around the swimming pool that afternoon, the ladies in their thong bikinis. He in and old bathing suit, which hung to his knees hoping it would cover his arousal.

It was a wonderful sight, six beautiful hemispheres glistening in the sun from the oil that had been liberally spread on them. As each of them rolled over in turn, he was treated to the hairy mounds, which were only partially obscured by the thin wedge of material that covered their magnificent sex. The musky scent of woman wafted in the air, distinct from the coconut of the sun tan oil. He watched as their beautiful breasts rolled around in tops, which were plainly designed not to be able to hold them. Finally, the accident he was waiting for happened. One of Beverly=s beautiful breasts fell from its cover showing a fully aroused nipple with a large areola surrounding it. It was up close and personal. He loved it as she blushed, sending the red color from her breasts to her forehead. He knew he should turn away but he could only stare as she grasped her breast placing it back in its restraint. The ladies laughed about it and it seemed soon forgotten, but he would remember it for the rest of his life.

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