The Journey

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I really hated giving up the car… was the hardest thing to lose, my navy Mercedes with the Bose sound system. But maybe, someday, I would find a way to get another one.

I left it at the long-term lot in the Charlotte airport and went over to pick up my rental car. A black Camry, nice but not…..well, best to just forget. I drove the Camry over to the Benz and transferred what I had packed from my old life into the trunk. I drove out of the lot and headed west.

My new name was Samantha Roberts. I was no longer Mrs. Summer Price. The internet had provided me with a contact for ID and credit cards in my new name. Only you knew who I was now and where I was going. You had given me the instructions and helped me determine exactly where I would be safe, where no one would find me….only you.

It was a holiday weekend, Labor day or one of those 3-day weekends, I can’t remember which…. The traffic was heavy on the Interstate until I reached the two lane road that would eventually take me to the city in the Mid-West. I drove all day, stopping only when I had to. I knew I had to disappear in a hurry for several reasons. I had been pretty greedy at the bank on Friday…withdrawing 99% of our checking and savings accounts. I had left him with the house, the cars and all his investments, so I knew he would survive. I had also maxed out all the joint credit cards in cash advances! I was carrying a suitcase FULL of money!

After 10 hours behind the wheel I knew I had to stop, even though I was only another 6 hours from my destination. I checked-in at a small motel, requesting a quiet room in the back. I unloaded my bags, showered, and called you.

“Hi, love.” I whispered when you answered.

“Sheri…love, where are you? Is everything ok? Are you?” you sounded worried, so concerned.

“I’m fine, I’m in a little town in Ohio. Everything went just as we planned. I stopped to sleep Adana Escort for awhile and to let you know I’m ok.” I smothered a yawn, and stretched out across the bed.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day,” you still sounded worried. “I wish I was there with you now.”

“You are,” I sighed, rubbing my breasts, remembering the last time we had been together. I was already wet just thinking of you, feeling you inside me. “I can’t wait until tomorrow.”

“Are you hot, love? Are you hot for me?” you were smiling, I could hear it in your voice.

“Yes, of course I am! Always…..always…” I put my hand between my legs and began to rub my clit…pretending it was your tongue……

“You should be conserving your energy….” you were saying. “I will be keeping you busy tomorrow night.”

“Uuuummmmm…I know, but just hearing your voice is making me so hot,” I whispered, “I can’t stop.”

My hand continued to move, rubbing and massaging…..3 fingers now inserted…..wet, wet, wet…I could just feel you, when you interrupted my sensuous thoughts…

“Listen, Summer, pay attention. You need to drop the rental car in Indianapolis and pick up another one, use the ID for Mary Lee. Then when you get to O’hare, drop it at the airport and take a taxi to the hotel.” You were all business and I removed my fingers…..I knew I had to do this right!

I wrote down your orders….knowing the big payoff would come tomorrow night in Chicago. You would be waiting downtown for me at the Westin and we would begin to set up our bizarre new business….after attending to some bizarre business BETWEEN ourselves!

I was road-weary when I arrived in Chicago. The traffic had been heavy, but moved. The taxi pulled up at the Westin at midnight. I knew our room number and headed for you, anticipation growing with every second. Hot, HOT, HOT!!!!!

You answered my knock immediately Adana Escort Bayan and I dropped the bags for your embrace. You were wearing those black silk boxers that you knew I loved (I had bought them for you), I could feel your hard cock next to me as you bent to kiss and caress me. I pulled you against me, my hands sliding down inside the boxers to stroke you and pull you tight against me. You were quite busy removing my t-shirt and shorts, we were not frenzied….but deliberate…savoring each other with kisses and touching.

No words were said until you said, “Shower”

I nodded and you led me into the shower, adjusting the water temp and strength. We climbed in and let the water soak us both. You already had the gel and shampoo so you went to work, gently washing me and giving me a nice relaxing shampoo. I felt like a new woman! Now it was my turn, and I washed your lovely hard body, taking slow strokes and massaging your butt and that wonderful cock very gently. We were both wet, inside and out….You placed the head of your cock just inside me.

“You want me, don’t you?” you demanded, after stroking inside me only twice, then withdrawing, still huge and hard. The head of your cock, dripping….

I nodded and you towelled us both off. You led me to the bed, and told me to lie down, and be still.

You were in control tonight. I was too tired to fight you, so I obeyed. You tied my legs together. Then turned me over, face down. You placed a blindfold over my eyes and went to work. I could hear you moving about….then felt the soft wet moisture…KY into my butt. So it was to be this tonight, when I so wanted you to just fuck me…… I sighed quietly, knowing that if I asked you would only punish me.

You began to tie my arms behind me….but you did something that surprised me. You were kissing my neck and massaging my shoulders. You sensed how Escort Adana tired I was from the trip! You knew me so well….

Your fingers entered my anus…gently at first, rubbing me and relaxing me, stretching me….then I felt your cock. Not gentle. You rammed me, HARD. It hurt…oh god…it hurt! I didn’t move, make a sound. I didn’t dare…. You continued your brutal assault on me….again and again, never touching me elsewhere, not saying a word. The longer you thrust your giant hard cock up inside me, the less painful it became until I could begin to feel the orgasm start to build. I was afraid to cum….and tried to hold back, hoping you would cum first. When you did, I released and we both felt it and, for myself, was completely shaken. The great intensity of the encounter made me want to shudder with great desire, but I stayed still. Not a sound.

You continued to leave your cock inside me, squeezing every drop of your sweet hot juice inside me. It was ooozing out, dripping between my thighs. I wanted so badly to reach down and dip my fingers in it, to rub it over my mouth and taste you. But, of course, I couldn’t move and so when you finally pulled out, I realized you might let me have a taste!

You untied me and said, grinning, “Go ahead, I know what you want…..taste.” And oooohhhhh….what a nice feast it was! I wiped and licked until all the juices were gone and I looked at you questioningly. Why? You only smiled and shook your head, no.

“Summer, you have been very brave and I know how tired you are. Let’s sleep tonight. Tomorrow we get to work. Let’s be equal lovers tonight, just for one time. I know you enjoy serving me, and I you. But tonight, we sleep as equals.”

You took me in your arms and we curled up together. The first time…. You were sooo tender, kissing me and touching me. I never knew this side of you, had never dreamed there was such tenderness in you. We made soft sweet love, then slept.

In the morning, it was business time. We were ready to start, and you had lined-up apartments to inspect, and women to interview.

Our new business of teaching our arts to others was about to begin….

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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