The Long Weekend Ch. 35

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The author and Annie are off of Cape d’Agde for a vacance so the next story while written will likely not be posted until November. Do check in to the wonderful Literotica site just in case I take my thumb drive with me and post from the nude beach WIFI.

Double checking the business card that she had so adroitly stuck in the bottom of her suit, Annie directed, “Darryl, shall we take care of the other load now? Back her up.”

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP the insistent reverse alarm penetrated the quiet woods as Darryl, steered with his knee, while he tried to fit his recently emptied penis back into his pants.

Finally stopped, and with all the attention on the driver’s side of the truck, Annie opened the passenger side door to disembark. It was a long way down but the young tattooed assistant had run around to help, thinking he might get some of what Darryl got. She looked down to see the young man reaching up with both arms to help her out. Her legs hung down not even close to the first step.

“Can I help?” he offered as he stared between her legs, trying to see something, anything.

“Yes, I think you can. I am so horny, you have two minutes to make me cum.” Annie demanded, accepting his offer without thinking twice. She parted her legs and revealed the gusset of her suit again wedged in her vulva. “Meter’s running” she said as she splayed her knees apart, giving him open access to her sex.

He slid Darryl’s card to the side and dove in. He was so eager and aggressive with his tongue and fingers that he needed only sixty seconds. He wondered at the thickness of the cream his tongue found in Annie while she remembered that her son had not used a condom. As she felt the tip of his tongue curling to catch her juices, Annie squeezed her vaginal muscles and expelled what her son had left, which the tattooed helper sucked out without hesitation Annie was so impatient that she just about pulled his ears off as she ground the soft fleshy insides of her cunt onto his mouth and bucked against his face.

“My god I needed that.” Annie said letting out a big gush of air. Although Danny had gone down on her earlier, the incident with Claire and now Darryl had gotten her hot and left her unsatisfied. It had been a long morning of taking care of others and it was about time that she took care of her own needs. As she slid out of the cab, the young man let his strong hands slide up her body, over her hips then under her robe to fondle her breasts before catching her under each arm to gently lift her down.

“You were a big help. Thanks” she offered up as she pushed his hands away to adjust her top before walking in her platform stilettos away from the truck to the entry of the house. She felt the young man staring at her while she walked and made sure she put an extra flounce in her hips with each step. As she stood there she felt relaxed now that the edge had been taken off. When she saw the boys walking up the path from the lake to where the material was being unloaded, she waved. As she did, she felt her breasts rolling from side to side under the robe.

The boys did not miss a second of the tit action and all realized almost simultaneously that somehow, for some unknown reason, she had taken her bra off. None of cared to know the reason but were just very grateful to the universe that there was such a reason.

The young man and the driver began to hoist the material off the truck to the layout area. As they worked the old driver offered the sage words of advice. “If you don’t ask you don’t get and so it pays to ask all the time.”

“Amen.” the young man agreed as he if he had just touched heaven.

By the time the five men finally unloaded the material, they had worked up quite a sweat and took a breather as Jake checked the bill.

“You guy’s got yourself quite a handful with that woman.” the driver observed matter of factly to Jake.

“Yes, Mrs. Sullivan is quite something.” Jake replied. “I hope we can get her up here more often.”

“Mrs. Sullivan you say.” the driver said as he filed the name. “From the city?”

‘Yep, from the city.” Jake confirmed as he signed the weigh bill. “Thanks.”

“She’s hot number. If you boys want some more action, call me. I got girls in town that love to party.” the driver said handing Jake the card from his side line business. “We can hook you up with pretty much anything you want.”

“Keep you in mind.” Jake nodded as he filed Daryl’s card in his pocket where he usually kept his phone.

“Damn, damn, damn.” he swore as he realized he must have left his phone at Beth’s house.

‘Jr. can I borrow your phone. I need to call my dad to tell him everything has arrived. At lunch can I borrow the truck to go to Beth’s to pick it up?” Jake called out.

“Here’s mine dude, but my mom is using the truck to go somewhere. Maybe Danny will lend you his truck. Let’s all take a break while you call. I’m going in the house to get a drink.” Jr. replied. “Danny, break time.”

Joining his mother on the front steps, Jr. gave her a big squeeze. “You look great. Where did you get the shoes?” he said as he secretly gave her breast a escort sitesi little caress.

“Thanks Jr., I found them in Mrs. Lumley’s closet when I was helping Brice unpack. I just had to try them on. But how are you guys doing. It looks like you still have a lot of work to do.” Annie said as eyed the pile of material at the end of the driveway.

“Yeah we do, but it should go pretty quickly. Did Mrs. Greene leave?”

“Yes, she had some errands to run. You know she is quite pretty. She is so embarrassed about her height and stuff that she has no confidence. I tried to help her and let her try on my swim suits. You know she is so modest with no sense of style, mostly because of her conservative husband.” Annie confided in Jr.

“If you say so. I really didn’t notice except for the fact she is almost as tall as me.” Jr. admitted. “After last night and what we did this morning, other women don’t interest me.

Annie turned to her son and buried her breasts into his abdomen. “You’re so sweet.” she whispered as she hugged him close. Danny finished what he was doing and ambled toward the couple, allowing them some time to do whatever they were doing.

“Come on boys, I’ll make some more coffee and wash up some of the remaining fruit. There might also be some cold drinks still in the fridge.” Annie said as she stepped through the door. Jr. followed her and made sure he was right behind her as she climbed the stairs. He blocked out Danny who was trying to ease himself into the premier position. Jr. watched the two bum cheeks sway and wobble as she slowly climbed the stairs. Her thigh and calf muscles flexed and stretched giving a great show.

Reaching the kitchen Jr. went to help his mom, while Danny went to the powder room to wash up.

“Good on you for putting on the yellow bikini today. I love it. I love it even more when you don’t wear a bra. It’s so sexy. I think we’d all like it if you showed us a little more. Don’t you? Undo the buttons on your top and just let hang free. After all we have all seen you naked.” Jr. said making a logical case for getting his mother closer to naked. “Besides, I heard dad on the phone last night say it would be okay.”

Annie knew he wanted her to do it and frankly she wanted to do it, but wanted to be subtle about it. If she had not just cum, she would have torn her top off at the suggestion, but the pressure had been eased a bit and she wanted to keep it just on the boil.

“You’re right Jr., Sr. did say it was okay and I know you want me to, but gently.” Annie said as she faced the counter and undid two middle buttons of the four buttons that were on the robe. The result was an opening that ran from the middle of her cleavage to just below her belly button. The opening was not readily noticeable unless she raised her arms or turned quickly. If she did either of those actions the opening became a diamond shaped gap that allowed the boys to have a glimpse of her breasts and perhaps her nipples. While his mother continued with making the coffee, Jr. tested the opening by sliding his hand in to find her breasts. As he cupped the large firm mounds, they responded to his touch and as he tweaked her nipples, she had to hold on the counter to counteract the shudder that caused her legs to weaken. Jr. squeezed a little harder and pulled the nipple outward before flexing his wrist to shrug the material away and expose her breast completely.

“Oh yeah, that’s perfect. You are so beautiful. I love your breasts.” Jr. said into her ear.

“Well you sucked on them for a long time when you were a baby.” Annie said as she stood there and let her son fondle her.

Jr. felt that he had aroused her enough and let her breast fall back into her robe. He loaded the tray and got some soft drinks out of fridge along with some apples and bananas.

“Shall we sit inside or outside to Jr. and to Danny who had just joined them.”

“My vote is outside Mrs. Sullivan.” came Jakes voice from the top of the stairs. “It’s beautiful and we are all hot and sweaty. It’ll be nice.” he continued as he handed the phone back to Jr. “Thanks.”

“Any objections?” Annie asked the group and turned and leaned back on her hands against the counter. The three men watched as her robe opened and revealed the delicious lower edges of each breast. They noted that, like they had speculated earlier, there was no bra or swim suit top – she was naked underneath.

“Everybody grab something, tray, glasses, cups, you know the drill.” Annie commanded as she picked up the coffee pot and headed toward the door. They watched her lead the way and like small ships in the wake of a bigger boat they followed closely behind.

Arranging themselves at the table they set out the food and drink and relaxed. The sun was mid morning height and warm without being too strong. The man boys already looked hot and tired with the real work yet to start. Jake remembered the other morning when in a similar situation they were able to get Jr.’s mother to take he top off. Sure she had her bra on but it was worth a try he thought. He stood up and shucked off his shirt to reveal gaziantep escort sitesi his hard young body that glistened with perspiration.

“That’s better he said, that light breeze is fabulous. Oh, by the way. I had to use Jr.’s phone to let dad know the material arrived and he said hello to all of you.” Jake shared with the group as kept standing so he could look down at the gap in Mrs. Sullivan’s robe hoping to more titty.

“Good idea Jake, unloading that stuff was hot work.” agreed Danny as he took his shirt off and sat back down. Jr. liked where this was going and also took his off.

“Mrs. Sullivan, Jr. says you are going out for lunch. Is that true?” he asked of Annie who was sitting back in her chair having her coffee while chatting with the boys. She was aware but did not let on that the robe had settled partially open and was displaying the edge of one of her breasts and her stomach. Resting her coffee cup on the arm of the chair, caused the gap to open almost from areola to areola.

“Yes, someone I met with your dad invited me to her house for lunch today. Wasn’t that sweet?” Annie replied nonchalantly.

“That’s great, but I think I left my phone where I was last night and need to go get it. Danny, do you think I could borrow your truck. We could likely pick it up on the way home later tonight but it’s the other direction.” Jr. asked. “I’d like to go over at lunch so I don’t forget.”

“Sure, not a problem. My mom was going to bring lunch over for us today so you’ll miss that. But go ahead and use it if want.” Danny replied as he looked longingly at Jr.’s mom. From where he sat he was sure he could see the dark rim of one areola. He had memorized their shape and deposited them into his fantasy bank for the times he had to masturbate. Jake was continuing to stare and Jr. knew it was time.

“Mom, your robe is gaping open.” Jr. observed.

“I’m sorry boys. I guess the buttons couldn’t hold these big puppies.” Annie said with a laugh as she started to move her hand to do them up.

“Since we have ours off, why don’t you join us?” Jr. suggested.

“Why not just take if off Mrs. Sullivan.” Jake chimed in. “We don’t have shirts on. You did it yesterday.” he persisted hoping to gain an advantage.

“Yes, but I had a top on underneath yesterday and your dad was here for parental supervision.” Annie retorted but stopped moving her hand.

Sensing that she might be positively disposed to the idea, all three boys chorused their support. But it was Jake and Jr. who closed the deal. Jake posited the argument that yes she had a top on underneath but it was very skimpy if not more down right sexy than being nude. In addition, his dad and Danny had seen her topless on Saturday and why should he and Jr. be left out. The penultimate point was that it was very private here and why not treat it like the club and go topless like they were and lastly they had been working hard and deserved a treat as an incentive to work hard the rest of the day. Annie was quite taken with the cogent position being offered and turned to Jr.

“Jr., it’s up to you. What to you think?” she asked, coaxing them along.

Jr. looked at the two boys and then back to his mother. He took his time before he responded,

“I’d love you to and I don’t think dad would mind. Please.” he pretended to plead.

With an exaggerated exasperated exhalation of breath loudly expressing the fact that she was giving in Annie looked at the boys and confirmed what they had been angling for.

“Why do men always want to see naked women? If I do this you have to promise that I won’t have a problem getting you back to work.” Annie stipulated as she stood up. “Here goes. Here’s what you want.”

Annie stood up in her platform stilettos in front of the three expectant young boys. Standing in the tall yellow shoes forced her chest out and her shoulders back. Her breasts jiggled as she turned left and right, thrusting out her hip in a mock salsa step. Turning her back to them, she slid undid the thin top and let it slide off her shoulders. Then looking back at them she slowly turned around.

“Take it off. Take if off.” came a simultaneous chant as the boys saw they were close to seeing Mrs. Sullivan topless. That would be the grand prize but they had already won, as the robe while covering her chest was barely around her waist and they saw the smallest tiniest micro-kini caught between her thighs barely covering her smoothly shaved and glistening sex. Her trim abdomen, tapered slim waist and taunt legs would become a legendary memory.

Annie had been cupping her breasts and holding the top to hide them. When she pulled both hands apart, dropping the two large tits to gently bounce the boys fell quiet. They had done it, Jr.’s mom the sexiest lady of the neighborhood, was standing topless in front of them. The breeze that Jake mentioned swept across her exposed nipples causing them to grow. The boys watched them extend and come to a point above puffed up perfect deep red areola.

“Those are amazing.” Jake declared. “Sorry Jr., but they are.” he apologized gaziantep escort bayan sitesi for his irreverent faux pas.

“No, its okay Jake, they are amazing.” Jr. agreed as he saw his mother put her hands on her hips as she dropped the robe onto the chair. In doing so she thrust her chest out further and the large breasts swayed while the nipples pointed up and out.

“So boys, do I pass the test?” Annie with a big smile as she cupped a breast in each hand, enjoying the command she had suddenly gained over them. Holding the breasts up allowed her to innocently touch the nipples with her thumbs.

“Eleven! I give you eleven out of ten!” shouted Danny, now that Jr. appeared to be cool their comments. He saw that she wasn’t taunting them with her body but had definitely gotten a shot of confidence with the ability to show off. “I wish my mom had a swim suit like that. I love it, where did you get it?”

“Jr.’s dad got it for last year when we went to Vegas. He made me wear to the hotel pool. But you know what they say – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

“We should have a house rule here too. What happens at the lake stays at the lake. Don’t you think Jr.?” Jake suggested enthusiastically.

“Mom, bend over and show us how they hang.” Jr. suggested, knowing that his mother would not question the request.

“There just big milk sacs Jr., but here you go.” his mother retorted while bending forward and placing her hands on the table and letting her breasts fall down and out. She squeezed her elbows together behind them to force them out more. She then shimmied and shook her shoulders to let them swing back and forth. The nipples continued to firm up and the arc of their path mesmerized the boys.

Already knowing the answer Jr. grew bolder, “I saw you touch your nipples. Do you like that mom? Would you mind I touched them? Maybe Jake or Danny would also like to?” Hoping to be supported in his request he beseeched Jr. and Jake for support.

“I think that is going a little further than just taking my top off, Jr.” Annie said with firm authoritarian tone to her voice. As if to emphasize the fact stopped bending over and shaking her breasts and took a pause to look at the group. The sudden hang-dog look over their faces, removed any doubt she had about her ability to control the situation.

Deciding to make a deal with the boys, Annie offered, “If I let you touch them, will you me alone and get back to work. Is that okay with you Jr.’ I don’t think your dad would mind a little touching”

Danny hearing those words knew that he had already fingered and sucked her to orgasm. Jake knew that he had tongued her senseless the other day and she had watched him jerk off. Jr. knew all of those facts. It was therefore pretty much a given that they would be allowed to touch. Nods all round indicated their willingness to abide by whatever rules would allow them to fondle her.

“Jr., you better go first.” his mother said as she walked to stand in front of him. He had fantasized but never believed what was going to happen. He wanted her to display herself in front of others, he wanted to touch her in front of others and he wanted to see others touch her. Now on a sunny Monday morning, she waited practically naked for him to make the first move. When he didn’t react, she bent forward, and to keep her balance, placed her hands on his broad shoulders. His mother’s breasts the ones he had suckled on as a baby were wantonly on show waiting for him. He reached tentatively placing a big hand over each one. He felt the hard rubbery nipple poke into his palm. He sucked in his breath as the other two boys watched with wide eyes. He hefted each one to demonstrate their weight. He rubbed his thumbs over her nipples as he squashed them with his fingers.

Everybody was feeling the tension. Annie felt the excitement continue to build and begin to flow to sex. Her knees increased their trembling as she became weak at the knees. Danny and Jake had already adjusted their cocks and Danny, touched his wallet to make sure his condom was close by. If he had the chance he wanted to be ready. Jr. leaned in and kissed each nipple before letting go. He had to stop himself because he had to take care of her but he too was ready to go all the way.

Jake was next and Annie moved to stand in front of him. He knew what he wanted and that was to stand next to her and let her feel his masculinity while he felt her. He stood up and took a breast in each hand and mentally concurred with Jr. that their weight was ideal. Large and heavy but not to the point of giving into gravity the tanned tits were losing their tan lines to become perfectly toned. He massaged and groped each one before tweaking her nipples with his fingers. With the rising testosterone in the group, he was trying to show off his prowess to the. As he bent over to kiss then suckle each one, he felt that he had done a good job as Annie held his shoulders and let out a low moan. Danny stood up as well and gently touched the top of her breasts before sweeping his hands over their whole surface in a holistic approach. His hands continued down her rib cage as he felt her catch her breath. She didn’t stop him however as he swept his hands back to use his palm to rub circles on her nipples. He then switched to using one hand while his other hand traced down her back to caress her bum. This did not go unnoticed by Jake who stepped up and caressed her other breast and used his free hand to work her other butt cheek.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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