The Lunch

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Over the past few months I’ve been having sex with an incredibly sexy blonde at my office named Kathi. Since both of us are married, you would think that our little affair would be very discreet, but that’s just not the way it turned out. In fact, Kathi just loves the thrill of doing it in “public places”. I guess she just gets off on knowing that we may get caught at any time. Since Kathi only works two floors above me, it’s not unusual for us to meet in the stairwell or in the elevator for a quick session of “kiss and grope”. Sometime these little session have gotten a little too involved and we’ve almost been caught with “our pants down” on more than one occasion. Of course that didn’t stop Kathi from raising the ante from time to time.

Last week Kathi and I went out for lunch. I kept asking her where we were going, but all she would say was, “It’s a surprise”. We finally arrived at one of the local downtown bars know for it’s great hamburgers. Much to my surprise (and shock) Kathi’s husband was working there as a bartender! This girl was playing with fire! We sat at the bar and ate our hamburger, exchanging small talk with Kathi’s husband. As we sat there, Kathi crossed her legs and started to run her foot up and down the back of my leg.

When her husband turned around to pour another customer a drink, she glanced over at me licked her lips suggestively. I quickly shot a nervous glance toward her husband and she just threw her head back and began laughing. Of course, that wasn’t enough for my risqué lover and Kathi began to run her hand up and down the inside of my leg. Within seconds my cock was throbbing inside my pants.

When it was finally time to get back to the office, we exchanged some idle chatter with her husband and then we güvenilir bahis left the bar. As we walked outside, Kathi tugged at my arm and said, “We aren’t going back to work yet, I have another surprise for you”. Kathi quickly led me into the parking garage that was adjacent to the bar and before I knew it we were standing in front of her husband’s Cadillac. Kathi pulled her keys out, unlocked the car and hopped into the driver’s seat. She opened the passenger door and said, “Don’t just stand there, get in”.

I reluctantly climbed into the passenger’s seat and closed the door. Kathi turned toward me, gave me one of her mischievous looks and began to unbutton her blouse. I began looking around the crowded parking garage to see if anyone was around and when I looked back, Kathi had unhooked her bra to expose her enormous breasts. I could feel my cock begin to get hard again and I soon forgot about everything else. Kathi slid across the seat toward me and we started passionately kissing as I fondled her breasts. Her nipples were pink and erect and I could feel her body tense as I twisted them between my fingers.

I leaned over and kissed her breasts as I circled her nipples with my tongue. Kathi grabbed my head with both hands and pushed it down between her legs. I pushed her skirt up as she spread her legs and just as I thought, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I put my hands under Kathi’s legs and pulled her butt toward me as I opened her legs even wider. I could smell the tantalizing, musky aroma of her pussy as I slide my head between her legs.

As my mouth touched her pussy, Kathi let out a satisfied moan and I looked up to see her laying back against the car door with her eyes closed, a huge smile on her face. Kathi was always very noisy türkçe bahis when we fucked and this always turned me on in the past, but as I began to lick her pussy, she started to moan so loudly that I just knew someone was going to hear us. I slowly raised my head to look around, but Kathi grabbed me by the ears and pulled me back down toward her cunt. At this point I decided to not worry about style points and began aggressively licking her pussy, focusing most of my attention on her clitoris. Kathi loved to have her pussy licked and within seconds, her hips were pulsating up and down, pressing her warm, wet pussy against my face. I wrapped my arms tightly under Kathi’s legs so I could maintain my assault on her clit as she madly gyrated her hips across the seat.

As Kathi neared orgasm she started to blurt out those pre-orgasmic mumbling that I’ve grown to love so much. Suddenly, Kathi’s body stiffened, her legs shook and finally I felt her entire body tremble as the orgasm surged through her body. I slowed the pace of my stimulation and started licking up and down the inside lips of her pussy as Kathi lay panting on the front seat. As I sat up, Kathi began her post orgasmic ritual of fingering herself and rubbing her clitoris. That always made me so fucking honey that I instinctively began rubbing my cock through my pants. Kathi looked over at me and whispered, “No, no…. That’s my job”, as she sat up and scooted even closer to me. I leaned back against the car door as Kathi began to run her hands across my crotch. She ran her hands up and down the sides of my cock, using her thumbs to apply pressure. Kathi really knew how to get me worked up and this was no exception. She would cup her hand and place it under my balls and then run her fingers up güvenilir bahis siteleri the entire length of my shaft.

I could feel my cock begin to pulsate inside my pants as I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the window. Kathi started to undo my belt and unsnap my pants and I lifted my butt off the seat and pulled my pants down toward my knees. She leaned over and started to run her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock in a slow, corkscrew pattern, starting at the base and working her way up to the head. When she would reach the head, she would swirl her tongue around it several times, take my cock into her mouth, and then, repeat the process. My cock was quivering with excitement as Kathi worked her magic. As I laid there with my eyes close, I could feel her hand wrap around the shaft of my cock and begin to move up and down as she rubbed the underside of my balls with her other hand.

Kathi was extremely proud of her expertise at blowjobs and as my cock began to swell and my breathing quicken, Kathi knew I was nearing orgasm and got down to business. I could feel her warm mouth engulf my cock over and over as she slowly increased the pace of her up and down motions. She now focused her attention near the head of my cock and the waves of pleasure washed over me until I was in ecstasy! As I reached orgasm, my back arched and my warm cum surged into her mouth.

Kathi slowed her up and down motions and began to gently suck my cock as it pumped out the last of my cum into her mouth. When I opened my eyes, I saw Kathi circling the head of my cock with her tongue as she slowly ran her hand up and down the shaft with a gentle squeezing motion. When Kathi sat back and began to get dressed I realized that it was time to return to reality. As I started pulling my pants up, Kathi slid back across the seat and kissed me. She looked me right in the eyes and said, “Next time I think we should just fuck in the bathroom don’t you?” Do you think she was kidding, neither did I!

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