The Photo Shop Ch. 06

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Chapter 6 : Bethany

As Saturday was a free day for most people it was usually a pretty busy one for me.

I sold a few cameras as birthday presents and had a number of customers picking up their prints. Some wanted me to make a photobook of their snaps, which I loved to do, so by five o’clock, when I closed the shop, I was knackered.

I had two hours to pick-up Bethany for dinner, so I dropped into an easy chair and promptly feel asleep. At 6:15 I woke up and realized I still had to clean myself up and get dressed. Quickly jumping under the shower I shaved upstairs and also downstairs, one never knows if one gets lucky.

From my working days I still had an impressive collection of suits, shirts and especially ties. I had made it a point never to wear the same tie two days in a row. I had about three hundred different ones, so that proved to be the most difficult part of getting dressed. I couldn’t wear a tie with cartoon figures, I had to project the image of a business like person, so I choose a flowery one, which matched the color of the light blue shirt I had chosen. Finally at ten to seven I was ready to pick-up Bethany.

Arriving at her door I rang the bell; she opened the door virtually immediately.

“Hey Lew, come in I’m almost ready.”

Clearly a ruse as she already looked dressed up to the nines; she probably wanted me to see the interior of her house, and I was duly impressed.

“Wow Bethany, you have a very beautiful house!”

Bethany had some nice paintings on her walls, clearly she was a collector; they were however all in the same style, from her favorite painter perhaps?

Taking the risk I ventured, “Are these beautiful paintings from a painter you’re a fan of?”

“I painted them myself!” she proudly announced.

“Really Bethany, I never knew you were so talented. Have you ever exhibited your artwork?”

“No, I don’t think they are good enough for an exhibition.”

“Please Bethany allow me to totally disagree with you, your work absolutely merits being seen by a larger number of people.”

“You’re just flattering me Lew.”

“No, not at all. I would gladly put some of them up in my shop to convince you!”

“Would you?…You really think they’re OK?”

“Bethany they are more than OK, I think you could sell quite a lot of them if you wanted to. But let’s first get some nice food and a good glass of wine into you, then maybe I will be able to convince you to pursue this painting career of yours.”

By this time I had had plenty of opportunity to take a good look at Bethany. She wore a very nice, and what looked like expensive, cream colored silk blouse, with the top three buttons undone showing a nice plunging neck line, a hint of collar bone and cleavage decorated with a pearl necklace to match her pearl earrings. When looking closer I discerned a cream colored lace bra encasing her ample bosom. My guess, and I love to guess at a woman’s boob size, was somewhere between a C and a D.

The lower part of her beautiful body was encased in a black pencil skirt ending about half-way down her rather shapely calves. It accentuated her nicely rounded buttocks. On her feet she was wearing black shoes with about 10 cm (4 inch) heels which brought her almost even in height with me. It being a summer evening, she didn’t need to wear anything else to keep warm.

“With the way you look Bethany, I guess that when we walk into The Deerhunter you will make some heads turn.”

“Nooo, never, you are just flattering me!”

“You’ll see, mark my words!”

We walked to my car and I held the passenger door open for her.

I was absolutely right about making some heads turn when we walked into the restaurant. I could almost hear the rumor mill starting to turn at full speed. We were lead to exactly the same table Astrid and I had shared a few days before. It was not the same waitress though, this one was a pretty young girl who reminded me of Catharina so many years ago. The same black hair, piercing eyes and a figure to drool over. I made a mental note, who knows, maybe one day I could entice her to strip in front of my camera.

“Stop daydreaming Lew, you are here with a mature woman called Bethany who you want to convince to help Linda with her career at no charge.”

The food was excellent, as expected. Funny enough talking about food and trying to find some good things on the menu we found out that we were both fans of escargots Bourguignonne, snails in a garlic butter sauce, murder on your cholesterol but oh so delicious. There was of course the risk of breathing garlic over your companion, but hey if you both had it, it Travesti wouldn’t matter would it?

We had a few glasses of a very nice white Burgundy with that. Following on from the glass of champagne we had had as an aperitif, Bethany was already in a very pleasant, secret revealing mood. It seemed that apparently, for one or other mysterious reason, and like other women in this village she was on a dry spell. She didn’t say it directly in those words, but that was clearly what she hinted at, making me conclude that most probably dinner would be followed by another more physical performance from my side. Maybe I should have taken oysters instead of snails?

Anyway, as a main course we both had lamb, again more garlic, so I guess our breath would be stinking of garlic a mile off, but who cares, we had no problem with it.

We washed the lamb down with a nice bottle of Gevrey-Chambertin, my favorite red Burgundy and also Bethany’s.

As dessert I had my all-time favorite “Dame Blanche”, vanilla ice cream topped with real chocolate sauce and whipped cream; the chef made the sauce as it should be made with top of the bill Belgian chocolate. Bethany followed suit; we were really very well matched where food and drink was concerned, and I wondered if we would be as well matched in other fields as well.

“Shall we finish with coffee,” I asked.

“Yes,” Bethany said, “but why don’t we go back to my place, it’s so much cozier, quiet and more comfortable than here, don’t you think?”

“Absolutely, I fully agree and I will be able to admire your paintings even more.”

As Bethany walked into her place, the first thing she did was take off her shoes.

“I do like wearing high heels, but since I wear flats the whole week in the shop, after a while my feet and legs really start to hurt.”

“Hey Bethany make yourself at home,” I joked.

“Uh…oh yes,” she said followed by a chuckle, “I might do just that! Take the weight off, and make yourself comfortable while I turn on the coffee maker. You take milk and sugar?” she asked from the kitchen.

“Only milk Bethany, I have to watch my figure!”

“Yeah you would,” she chuckled, “you know that you look great for your age Lew what are you around seventy or was it eighty?”

“Hey thanks I guess if I’m seventy that makes you definitely sixty.”

“I do know your exact age Lew!”

“So do I yours Bethany, clearly there are no secrets in this village.”

“Good then you realize that we are perfectly compatible, as we are on the food side.”

When Bethany came in from the kitchen with the cups of coffee, she had undone two more buttons of her blouse, revealing a big portion of her cream colored lace bra. She was clearly and deliberately showing a serious amount of very enjoyable cleavage. As she bent to hand me my cup of coffee I got a good eyeful of her boobs.

“Lord Bethany you are making me all hungry again!”

“Am I now Lew and prey what could I offer you to nibble on?”

“Would it be forward of me if I choose one of these two beautiful mounds I just had a glimpse of?”

“You mean one of these old things?” Bethany said as she pulled one boob out of her bra.

“Definitely, but be aware that I always go for seconds once I start.”

“Seconds hey, where would I get a second one of these? Oh yes, here it is!” as she popped out the second one.

“But, they look so restrained; please allow me to assist you to make them more comfortable.”

I started to undo the remaining buttons of her blouse, sliding it off of her shoulders and removing it completely. When the blouse had gone Bethany unfasted her bra, liberating her twin mounds. She gave them a little shake: they were definitely D.

“Wow Bethany these look even more appetizing than what we had for dinner!”

“Allow me to pay my respects to them,” after which I flicked my tongue over the nearest nipple I could lay my hands and mouth on. While sucking on that one I started to stroke the other with feather light fingers making Bethany shiver. She took a hold of my head with both her hands and pressed it down on the boob I was feeding on, making ever so light sighs.

“Yes suck it, suck it hard please, it’s been so long since a man paid tribute to my breasts.”

My other hand had moved to her back starting at her shoulders and slowly moving down towards her bottom slipping into the waistband of her skirt just touching the top of her crack. As my hand rather quickly started to hurt I retreated and started to fumble with the zipper of her skirt. She felt my clumsiness and got up to undo it herself letting the skirt fall to the ground. She kicked it Konya Travesti away and stood in front of me clad only in her cream colored lace panties, her crotch right in front of my face. Not a hint of pubic hair in sight. I grabbed the elastic with both hands and pulled her panties down to her knees, she had indeed a nicely waxed pussy: clearly Bethany was a very good customer of her own beauty parlor. I buried my face in her pubes.

I felt her bend her knees to give me better access. This made her panties slide down all the way to her feet, as she started to moan for real. Keeping the advantage, I started by kissing the outer lips of her delicious pussy, quickly followed by French kissing and probing the inner labia with my tongue. Grabbing the back of my head she pushed my mouth hard into her folds. At the same time as I was French kissing her pussy, my hands grabbed both her tits again and massaged them paying special attention to the rock hard tips which I pinched between my thumb and index finger. The harder I pinched the harder she moaned.

I used my proved method of sliding my tongue from the top to the bottom and back. At the top I gave her clit some extra attention, enticing it out from under its protective hood, then with the flat of my tongue I licked all the way down to the entrance of her love grotto. I pushed my tongue in there as deep as was possible, enjoying her tangy tasting juices that had started to flow rather freely now. Oh God she tasted heavenly: must be the garlic we had for dinner.

When she was flowing like a faucet I got up, grabbed her by the hips and turned her around pushing her upper body into the settee bringing her beautiful buttocks upwards. She automatically opened her legs while pulling apart her buttocks with her hands clearly ready to receive my fuck-sword into her hot vagina. Quickly dropping my pants, and freeing my now rock hard cock, I shoved it, in one fast movement, into that dripping pussy she was so enticingly displaying to me.

She was so wet that it didn’t take any effort to plunge completely into her hot, tight hole.

A loud, “Aaaaaah yes fuuuuuuck me,” was all I heard from her.

I let her get used to my intruding member before starting to pump in and out of her hot wet grotto. The way Bethany was standing I had an excellent view of her enticing little brown starfish. Being curious how she would react to me probing her there, I moved one of my hands from her hips to her love bean picking up some of her own lubricant there and then slowly brought it towards this inviting back door. At the same time I spit on it and started to probe with my finger into this forbidden, but oh so enticing back passage. Thanks to the dual lubrication, it was easy to slip in to the first knuckle of my finger extracing another load of moans from her lips.

“Oh Lew yes I like what you are doing to me!”

This reassured me that she was enjoying this somewhat bold move and I pushed a bit harder up to the second and then third knuckle.

“Yes, yes, deeper, harder pleeaaaase!”

From the noises and the body movements she was making, it was clear she really appreciated this second intrusion into the forbidden zone. Time to introduce a second finger, clearing the way to enter my flesh sword into the mysterious back passage. Wiggling my fingers I managed to open her up some more. Feeling her sphincter had opened wide enough I pulled my fingers out and before the gate could close again, which it usually does very quickly, I slipped my cock in their place.

“Oooooh yes Lew, I was secretly hoping when you positioned me like this, you would take me anally. I just love it!”

“You little anal slut!”

“Yes I am your little anal slut, and I love being your overall little slut tonight.”

My hands had moved again to her front, one on one of her boobs pinching it and the other to her nether region massaging her love bean. That was easy due to the abundant flow of love juices from her pussy. I alternated massaging her clit and pushing two fingers into her love canal, tickling her G-spot.

I felt Bethany getting rigid and pushing her bottom hard into my abdomen, trying to get as much of my cock inside of her as possible, all the while pushing on my hand embedded in her hot wet pussy. A gusher of love juices came pouring out of her as she squirted all over my hand. Starting to shiver she made loud guttural noises shouting a difficult to understand: “I’mmmm cuuuuuuming! I’mmmmm cuuuuuming!”

I felt her colon muscles contract on my dick so hard that it almost became painful, but oh what a sweet pain, taking me, together with her, into total bliss as İzmir Travesti I exploded with a tremendous orgasm, my own muscles contracting, and pushing large spurts of cum into her dark passage. Bethany became weak in the knees and collapsed on to the settee, with me on top of her, catching my breath and trying not to crush her with my weight.

“Wow Lew,” Bethany mumbled after a few minutes, “that was fantastic, one of the best after dinner fucks I have had in years. I absolutely insist I take you to dinner a next time, so you can take me into Valhalla again. I had already heard on the grapevine that you were good, but I didn’t imagine you were this good.”

“And here’s me thinking that was so good because of you Bethany. You know a chef can only make an exquisite dish if given the proper ingredients and God your gorgeous female parts are absolutely top notch ingredients to work with!”

Taking advantage of the situation and having Linda’s best interests at the back of my mind, I said “So can I count on you to help out with these fashion photo shoots for Linda?”

“Yes Lew, yes you can, even if you are a sly devil, taking advantage of a girl in her weakest moment!”

“Speaking of your weakest moment Bethany I think I am going to have to leave you so you can get your beauty sleep.”

“Do you really have to go Lew? I was hoping that I could entice you to spend the night with me. I could cook you an emperor’s breakfast in the morning…”

“Could you now Bethany?” How did you know that breakfast was my favourite meal of the day?”

“I’ve got my sources; so you’ll stay then?”

“Yes, you’ve now caught me at my weakest moment: I can’t resist a woman that offers me an emperor’s breakfast.”

“Great, let’s take a shower and get some shut-eye then.”

We adjourned to the bathroom, which was the size of a small ballroom, with a huge walk-in shower that Bethany led me to immediately. No need to say that we washed each other thoroughly, taking special care of the sensitive parts of the body, well she got my sensitive part hard again and took the best care of it, insisting on demonstrating her tremendous oral skills. Who was I to say no to such an enticing offer?

After the shower we fell into bed and I spooned Bethany with my hands cupping her delicious breasts. I played a bit with her nipps and we both fell asleep rather quickly.

The next morning I woke up with an unusual wet and warm feeling on my cock, and looking down, I saw Bethany busy sucking my morning wood into her mouth.

“Wow Bethany this is the first time in my life I’ve woken up to this kind of royal treatment.”

“Mhrmph,” was all I got as a response, so I guessed this was not the right time to have a conversation and lay back to just enjoy the glorious feelings she was giving me. She was so good that it didn’t take long to make me cum. It was so sudden I didn’t even had the time to warn her, but that was clearly no problem as she kept on sucking until she got the last drop out of my dick and swallowed it like it was ambrosia. After that she came up and kissed me full on the mouth, sharing my cum taste with me, something that was also a first for me, but in the end not as gross as I would have expected it to be.

“OK lazy bones let’s get out of bed so I can start this breakfast I promised!” You shower and shave or whatever it is you normally do when you get up and then join me in the kitchen, you will find everything you need in the bathroom.”

Out she ran completely starkers.

As she promised me a full, cooked breakfast I took my time in the bathroom. Coming down I was greeted by heavenly smells of fried bacon and I heard the eggs sizzle in the pan and the sight of a Bethany, still in the altogether only wearing a small apron to protect her precious skin from hot fat spatters from the pan.

“You weren’t joking Bethany when you promised me an emperor’s breakfast. I think I will need to move in with you so I can enjoy this food, and especially this enticing view every morning.”

“Just park your butt in a chair and enjoy,” Bethany said with a big smile on her face, “and by the way, if you want to move in I will expect the same treatment from you as last night, every night!”

“I am afraid that in that case, I will have to decline then Bethany, as that would probably kill me in approximately two weeks.”

“OK then, we will keep it, for the time being, as a once in a lifetime experience, but I do keep open the option for a repeat performance in the future.”

“After such a wonderful session as that, you won’t find me turning down another invitation – as long as you give me enough time to recover in between.”

After enjoying a fantastic breakfast I said my goodbyes to Bethany and took my leave with a prolonged succulent kiss.

Luckily I did have a few days to recover from my antics with Bethany before I got another call for duty.

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