The Red Tent – Maureen

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After a 40-minute massage Maureen was now nude. Slowly but surely as my massage had progressed I had been able to coax her out of her clothes. Now she was not only completely naked before me, a stranger, but was intensely aroused. As I leaned forward to massage her shoulders my engorged penis was bumping up against her pussy lips. Maureen pushed back with her hips so that her lips surrounded and then engulfed the hard shaft of my cock up inside of her. Soon I had a steady rhythm of massaging her body while slowly stroking in and out of her. As my first customer in the Red Tent I was ecstatic at how it had turned out with Maureen.

I’ve been giving massages for years. I’m pretty good at it, enough to make a living. I had started out with an interest, learned the tradecraft, and then slowly but surely developed a consistent clientele. One thing I had noticed was how many women thought so little of themselves physically. Most women’s bodies are treasures of beauty. But it seems that it is only when a woman gets sexually aroused that her insecurities come down and she feels beautiful and sexy. Then a woman is even more beautiful: eyes flashing, smile on her lips, a little sass in her step, and rosiness to her skin no matter what color her skin is.

When some of my female clients were feeling confident and relaxed they would request extra servicing, and I willingly would comply with whatever they requested within a normal range. I didn’t request additional monies. It was special to me to see the glow on a woman’s face who just for a few moments was relieved of life’s burdens and walked with a bounce in her step and that sass in her look. For my male clients I referred them to an associate, Lurleen, who was willing to provide relaxation therapy to men. She was very good and very discrete as was I.

As I said I had been doing this for some time when I came upon a set of photos which showed me a new path to bring pleasure to women and have some fun myself. The artist was Zax. His canvas was the different women who would use his massage services at a nude beach. It was truly amazing how he was able to draw out average housewives, girlfriends, older women and young girls…virtual strangers who would enjoy the attention he paid them so much so that they would offer their bodies up to be erotically photographed and in some cases engage in acts of sex on camera. What struck me was the sheer joy that almost all of these women showed when they were in Zax’s presence. I just had to do the same.

I visited two beaches to do so: Gateway National Recreation in New Jersey and Assateague Island in Maryland.

My first was Assateague. I hiked out to the nude beach area and set up my red tent and my rainbow wind break to keep the wind-blown sand off. Sand is a killer for a nice, sensual massage with oil or lotion. And it’s a real killer if you want to engage in intercourse too. So I set up my umbrella and chair, stripped to my birthday suit, posted my “Free Massages Today” sign and waited for my first customer.

Assateague Island is just you, the surf, the brilliant white and yellow sands of the beach and dunes, and the beauty of nature. By the time you get to the nudist area there are no structures other than port-a-potties that Fish they are out of sight of the beach. As far as clothing goes the crowd is always mixed. Many singles, couples, and families are completely naked; but many are partially clothed, like a topless woman. And in some cases groups will consist of members who are naked and members who are more modest and leave some clothes on.

I must comment that I have been blessed with a sizable cock, six and a half inches long and an inch and a half thick at rest and nearly double that when hard. To draw attention to it further I trim my pubic hair so I have a little patch of brown short and curlies right over my cock but the rest of my torso was trimmed so the hair was not visible until you got close up. I didn’t shave completely (tried that once and suffered greatly with stubble for weeks afterward). I was also ripped. For my job I had to stay in great shape so I worked out routinely as part of every day. Massaging is tough work and can wear you down if you don’t stay toned and in shape.

So there I’m sitting in all my manly nakedness, gazing and reading and checking out other folks as they walked by, while they check me out. More than a few times women would catch themselves just checking out my manhood to the chagrin of their husbands or boyfriends, but no one stopped on that first day.

On the second day along came Maureen. Maureen was in her late 30’s, early 40’s. She had reddish brown hair, a thin frame with a flat chest, tanned skin, a long face with a pronounced forehead, beautiful green eyes, and a mouth that had full lips but which were tight from stress. She was dressed in a yellow bikini bottom and a tie-dyed beach wrap; I couldn’t see whether she was wearing anything under the wrap. I found her timid manner attractive. “Heh,” I called Travesti out to her, “interested in receiving a great massage?”

She looked at me sitting there naked with my penis hanging down many inches, looked at the sign, then the tent just behind me and asked, “No thanks, I’m just looking for my husband. Have you seen him?” When she described him I realized I had. He was a hairy Italian looking guy who might have been something muscular when he was younger but had gone to fat. Worse yet he had left his pretty wife alone to ogle naked teen and twenty-something girls. I had seen him wearing orange swim shorts walking a few steps behind two twenty-year-olds who had awesome bodies and were tan, naked and shaved all over.

“No,” I lied, “I’m surprised any man would leave you alone for long. Maybe while you’re waiting you can indulge yourself with one of my world famous massages.”

She blushed at the complement but suspiciously she asked, “Why the tent?”

“It keeps the sand off and can provide as much or as little privacy as a customer wants. The flap can be kept up or pulled down. On a bright day like today there is still plenty of light in the tent. And the rainbow windbreaker helps to keep the sand off too. Sand is the enemy when one is receiving an oil or lotion massage; it’s gritty and sticks to one’s skin. And I wouldn’t want to hurt a beautiful woman like you.” She blushed and smiled again. Amazing how even a 30- 40-something woman with all of her experience could still blush at a complement as if she was an innocent teenage girl.

“Why is it free if you’re so good?” she asked further, stepping a step closer.

“Well, it’s a new market so just for today I’m offering free massages. I have a regular clientele back at home but I decided to spend as much of this summer at the beach and figured it couldn’t hurt to also make some money to help pay for the vacation. Best way to convince a customer is to offer the service for free and let them be the judge later if they wish to return. Most people spend a week at the beach. If I hook them early in the week I’m assured of paying business later. I’m confident that they will be back because I think I’m very good.”

Now Maureen was at least smiling as she listened to my spiel. Even if she thought it was bullshit it was helping her to stop thinking of that fucking loser who was abandoning her and chasing young tail down the beach.

“You’re naked. Do you do the massage also naked?” she asked. I noticed her eyes trailed down to my sizable cock as she said this.

“Not necessarily. It is a nude beach, but if you wish I have a wrap around towel-sarong that I can put on, if it makes you uncomfortable.” My intent with this whole venture was to make women feel special in a sensual and, yes, even in a sexual way. If Maureen felt more comfortable and would relax and open up more with me being more modest, well that was OK with me. I grabbed up a towel I had hanging on the arm of my beach chair and placed it in my lap.

Maureen raised her hand as if to say, “no, don’t cover it; I like watching you.” Then, realizing how obvious her interest in my large cock was, she dropped her hand and said, “No…you don’t have to on my account. If I were interested in getting a massage would I have to be naked too.”

As I responded I looked down to make sure that the base of my cock and the trimmed pubic hair were still visible for Maureen’s enjoyment and arousal, “I always leave that up to each of my customers. Some do and some don’t. No pressure.”

She took a step closer and asked, “Can I look inside your tent?”

“Sure,” I responded, “No secrets. Check it out.” Maureen bent down and then crawled on all fours up to the entrance and stuck her head inside. Nice view as she leaned in and let me ponder the curves of her booty and how snugly that yellow bikini fit against her pussy lips. Women!!! So funny about modesty but unintentionally cause most males to have heart attacks looking at them.

“Smells like lavender and pumpkin pie in here. I like it; it’s stimulating, somehow arousing.” Maureen leaned out and said, “OK. I’ll do it.” And she crawled into the tent and lied down on the towels I had in place.

I stood up, wrapped my towel around my waist and tucked it in, turned my sign around to “Busy. Sorry,” and then crawled into the tent. I asked Maureen, “Do you wish the flap to be open or closed?”

She responded after gazing at the opening for a few seconds, “Closed. I want my privacy.”

Maureen was already on her stomach with her head resting on the folded towel I had there. Her legs were together, “It makes it easier for me to massage all of you if I squat between your legs. I don’t have the room to maneuver like during a normal massage back in the city.”

She responded, “That’s OK,” and let me adjust her legs accordingly. Her wrap covered her back and one shoulder so I tried some massage strokes through the material without oil. It didn’t work. So I asked her, “First, Konya Travesti do you wish to have the massage dry, with lotion or with oil? If you want lotion or oil, do you mind if I loosen or remove your wrap so I can massage your bare skin with lotion or oil?”

Laughingly and clearly enjoying the attention Maureen responded, “Trying to get me out of my clothes already, Mr. Massage? Here I’ll loosen my wrap.” Like so many women she made what look complicated look simple. With a twist here and a tug there, she had the wrap off of her back.

“To respond to her calling me Mr. Massage, I dramatically said, “You can call me Max. And would you like me to grace your gorgeous body, madam, with lotion or oil?” (The name Max was a combination of my own name and the Zax I mentioned earlier).

“Your SPECIAL OIL, please,” she mockingly responded. I responded by rubbing some oil into my palms and performing deep sweeps from her lower back up to her shoulders and down her sides, making sure my fingers went as far as they could around her body. On the pull back I actually lifted her hips slightly to stretch out her back.

Maureen sighed, “Oh goodness that does feel wonderful…Max.” She seemed to really mean it and was mocking me no longer. I continued to massage her body all over: her shoulders, her arms, her neck, her back, her hips, and then down her thighs, her calves, and her feet. Her skin was smooth and warm to the touch; it felt great.

When most masseurs massage feet they focus on the bottom of the client’s feet. I made sure to also rub the outside of Maureen’s feet right below the ankle bone. This opens up blood flow and nerve endings related to a man or woman’s genitals. In Maureen it had the desired effect. I glanced up at the Maureen’s bikini covered pussy and noticed that the lips were swelling and she had the slightest bit of dampness showing.

She was getting aroused and remarked, “God, I don’t know what you’re doing down there but it feels fantastic.” She squirmed on the towel which simply caused her bikini to snug even tighter between her engorged lips.

I responded, “Let’s see if we can make this better.” With that I proceeded to massage her whole body with long strokes that started at her ankles, traversed up her thighs, over her butt and up her back. She shuddered with pleasure. I kept this up for a full five minutes. Next taking her torso in my hands I rocked her body back and forth while trailing my hands in short circular motions down her body. Using the friction from my hands I began to push her bikini down on her hips until just the top of the crack of her butt began to show. Her bikini bottom was now looser around her crotch.

Next I used the same technique of encircling each leg, rubbing it and moving it with small circular motions side to side to loosen up the tight muscles, traversing from just under her butt to her ankles and back. I spent another five to six minutes working both her legs. But every so often I’d run my hands up her back to her neck and shoulders so she didn’t cool off. Next I returned to long firm strokes on her legs. At the end of each stroke down her leg and back up I made sure my fingers began to caress her butt underneath her bikini and to touch that space between her pussy and her thigh. I wanted to see if she would yield to her pleasure or shut down. Maureen yielded.

As my fingers rubbed her butt and touched her pussy lightly her bikini moved further down her hips until it was very loose. As my hands moved over her whole body and my own body moved back and forth my own towel untucked and dropped off my waist. And as I continued to touch her body in intimate ways I began to get a nice erection.

As I continued, Maureen began to lift her body to meet my touch. She pressed her butt back into my hands and her pussy so my caresses touched her more firmly. Then she finally brought her hands down from around her head and shoulders, tucked her fingers into each side of her swimsuit and pushed it down so it fell clear of her butt. I took the hint and removed it completely, down her legs and off. Maureen opened her legs again so I now had a clear view of her pussy. It was covered in fine reddish brown hair with the hairs lining her split and curling into it. Her lips were full but hadn’t begun to fold open yet from arousal. And her clit, or the hood over it, was just peeking out.

Now I could focus on her hips and her butt without any impediment. I vigorously massaged her butt and her hips and trailed my thumbs over her anus and the pubic hairs covering her labia. Intermixed with those moves I would occasionally run long firm strokes up and down her back and up and down her legs so that her skin everywhere felt all tingly and hot. She was getting visibly aroused and was getting more comfortable with vocalizing her pleasure in sighs and moans. Soon she was directing me to where she wanted me to keep massaging so she could continue the wonderful pleasure coursing through her body.

I İzmir Travesti now focused on pleasuring her sexually. I ran my thumb up and down the split in her pussy until the lips parted and revealed her pink, wet inner lips and finally the opening to her vagina. I now cupped her groin with the palm of my hand and slid my thumb up inside of her while continuing to massage her lower back, her hips, her butt, and her thighs with my other hand. My own arousal was indicated by a full hard erection, but Maureen was not aware of this since she had kept her eyes closed so she could focus on the sensation of touch.

As my thumb worked its way inside of her vagina and my fingers pressed against her groin Maureen said in a breathy, shaky voice, “Oh goodness that feels wonderful. Please don’t stop!!” I smiled to myself at how I had gotten Maureen to drop her defenses and yield to the wonderful feelings of her body. I kept working her beautiful body.

I kept these motions up until Maureen’s vagina felt soft, very wet and very open. I pulled my thumb out slowly and tracing both my hands up her back to her neck and then her shoulders I leaned forward so that the tip of my cock touched her pussy lips.

She thrust back almost instantly so that her vagina took in just the head of my cock. I slid in the rest of the way until the shaft of my cock was halfway in her. Keeping up a deep rubbing of her shoulders and torso I continued to slowly thrust in and out of her vagina, not as if I was forcefully fucking her but as if I were merely expanding the massage to inside of her body. When Maureen began to thrust her hips back to engulf more of me I began to slide my hands under her body so I could massage her chest, her nipples, her belly, and finally focus on a back and forth motion with one of my hands on her clit, which was easy to find at this point, being so stimulated and engorged. Through her pubic hair I was able to locate the tiny hardness.

Soon Maureen dropped the pretense of this being merely a variation of a massage and began to violently thrust her hips in a quickening motion. I marveled at her womanly softness as I watched her ass jiggle just slightly as she thrust down and back on my stiff cock. She was a marvel like most women. I continued my own caresses, strokes, thrusts, and the constant fingering of her clitoris. Maureen began to shake in pre-orgasmic shudders and to gasp and sigh. Then suddenly she opened her eyes and I saw them roll up. She cried out and violently shook all over. I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock and my cock was soon swimming in the lubrication filling her vagina. We were actually making sloppy sucking noises as we continued to fuck.

I pulled slowly out of Maureen and taking her right leg and her right shoulder turned her so that she was now on her back. Now her eyes were open and she looked both apprehensive and happy. Apprehensive at what would happen next and at cheating on her husband, but happy at how I had made her the center of attention for a little while in her life and at the sheer pleasure she was feeling during these moments.

I leaned down, took her face in my hands, and kissed her on the lips. She reciprocated by kissing me back with her tongue and by taking my still hard cock and guiding it back inside of her vagina. As we parted lips Maureen, now flush and beautiful with arousal, said, “Don’t stop…please. It’s too much fun.” She giggled a little girl laugh and blushed at how bold she had become. I continued to thrust in and out of her and pleasure her with my hands, my fingers, and my tongue in as many ways as I could.

We made love for an hour from that point. Maureen climaxed wonderfully multiple times. As was my intent I never climaxed until Maureen desired to feel me release inside of her. She put me on my back and literally fucked me rapidly into my own orgasm. It was beautiful to watch her face so lit up with joy and passion, to see her body undulating so beautifully on top of me, to watch her take charge and coax an orgasm out of me so she could selfishly feel the spray of a man’s semen inside of her, and to watch the absolute unity as we both came and held tightly onto each other, kissing passionately in each others’ arms.

After our breathing slowed we lay there until both of us cooled down. I took a fresh towel and dried Maureen’s glistening body and her damp hair. Offering them to her I asked Maureen, “Do want to slip on your bikini and wrap before stepping outside?”

She responded, “No, Max, I don’t think I’ll wear clothes ever again. At least not here at the beach. After this afternoon I know…I know deep down…that I’m beautiful. I want other men and women to see that beauty. I want them to share joy and laughter with me. I want them to even play with me. I want to let other women know that they are beautiful too. Thanks…so much.” She kissed me lightly on the lips, gathered up her clothes and headed out of my red tent.

I saw her later on the beach with other men and women, laughing, playing on the beach and in the surf, enjoying touching other men and women, no longer reserved and shy. Her husband…he never left her side now. After all, she was very sexy and he better not. Somebody else might take her from him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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