The Storm

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I’m a 45 year old single (and straight) guy – I’ve proposed twice but never got to the altar. I’ve consoled myself with the thought that sometimes it’s the journey, and not the destination, that’s important. Last summer my journey, so to speak, took a delightful turn when my cousin Pamela came to visit. Pam is two years younger than me, and, like me, several relationships but no marriage. We’ve always been good friends, but that all changed after her arrival!

Can I say that Pam is beautiful, with long brunette hair, a terrific figure, and favours clothes which cling tight to her?

Pamela lives on Vancouver Island, where it’s usually quite temperate. I live on the Prairies, where the weather is quite extreme. Pam’s visit coincided with the height of our thunderstorm season, mid-June. I picked her up at the airport and, after dinner and a glass or two of wine, we drove back to my home in the country. I remarked on the way back that it looked like a ‘big one’ was building up, with large dark clouds to the west of us. Pam replied that big thunderstorms were pretty rare where she lived, and it might be fun to see one.

After we got to my place, we got the suitcase and carry-on placed in her room and had another large glass of wine and caught up on family stuff, our love lives, and so forth (not much to tell on either side there!). Soon it was past 11 PM and a roll of distant thunder reminded us the storm was approaching. I suggested maybe an early night after Pam’s flight and she agreed. Heading off to her room, she said good night, and I called back that if the thunder frightened her, she could always crawl into bed with me. Little did I know!

The thunder increased as the storm approached, with bright flashes of lightning illuminating my bedroom. I love storms – their power and majesty. The house shook several times as deafening claps of thunder exploded seemingly overhead as I dozed fitfully. Turning over, I felt a bump against the bed, then the sheets being pulled back.

“I’m scared,” Pam said, sliding into bed next to me. She was wearing a nightshirt.


Pamela moved close to me and asked me to hold her while the storm lasted – what could a guy do but say yes? She lifted her head and I slid my left arm around her neck and shoulders and held her close. She smelled so good, like strawberries! Pam moved her left arm around my chest and scooched her head into the hollow of my neck and shoulder, just as another terrific clap of thunder shook the house.

“It’s OK, Pam, you’re safe here,” I murmured.

She moved her arm slightly lower along my side and commented, “You’re naked”.

“Yeah, I’ve slept that way since I was a kid.” Somehow, her awareness of my nudity triggered my normal reflex, as my cock being to expand and stiffen. I couldn’t tell it to stop, and within a few moments it was semi-erect and was poking against her tummy. “Sorry about that, but I get that way with a beautiful escort ataşehir woman in bed with me,” I said.

“Do you think I’m beautiful?”

“Sure do, Pam, and always have.” My cock was nearly fully erect now and was clearly pushing against Pamela. “I’ve always been fond of you, too, John,” she said, moving her hand ever so slightly towards my now-rigid cock. I was nervous as hell, what was happening here? Her hand touched my cock and it was like an electric shock went through it.

“My, my, you do find me attractive!” I thought I sensed a little grin on her face in the light from a lighning flash. She slid her fingertips along the length of my shaft up to the mushroom-shaped tip, letting them linger there.

“Pam, what are you doing?” as if I didn’t know.

Her fingers slowly slid up and down the length of my cock, making it harder than ever, “I don’t know,” she whispered, “but ever since I’ve been little I’ve always been really attracted to you, but all the rules say cousins shouldn’t be. But I’m here now and there’s no one to stop us.” I moved my right hand up to cup one of her breasts, noting that the nipple had stiffened. She gasped slightly.

Another lightning flash. Another roll of thunder. Pamela sat up in bed and whipped her night shirt over her head and flung it on the floor. She breasts bobbed freely, framed on the outsides by her long hair. She lay alongside me again and continued stroking my penis. I could feel my balls tightening up! I let my fingers wander down from her breasts to the flatlands of her stomach and further south, stopping when I touched her pubic hair. “I don’t know if we should go any further,” I whispered. Pamela took my hand in hers and placed it firmly on her pussy, letting me realize she was wetter than the rain falling outside! I had her answer, for sure. I slid a finger inside her as she groaned ever so slightly, sliding it in and out of her pussy as she stroked my cock. I knew I wouldn’t last long. I put another finger inside her, then a third one. Pam was incredibly wet.

“I’m probably going to come soon, I can’t help it, Pammy.” I said.

“That’s OK, we’ve got lots of time. If you’re going to come now would you come all over me?”

“Ooh, yes, yes, please, let me shoot all over your breasts and stomach, Pamela,” I whispered hoarsely as her hand stroked up and down my cock firmly and rapidly. I could feel the semen starting to move as my balls tingled. I stopped fingering Pam’s pussy and moved to get between her legs with my cock jutting out like a flagpole. “Stroke me, babe, oh God I’m coming…..” I gasped, and then a thick stream of semen erupted from my cock and splashed all over Pamela’s apple-shaped breasts, stomach, pubes, and pussy. Spurt after spurt flew out, diminishing in volume with each one, but there must have been seven or eight spurts. By the dim light available I could see she was covered in my semen.

I collapsed alongside kadıköy escort Pamela, momentarily spent. She giggled and said “I think you had a pretty good time there, cuz, now how about me?” I’ve always thought that turnabout is fair play, so , getting my heartbeat back a little towards normal, I moved my head between her legs and buried my face in her pussy. Ahh! That sweet aroma! My tongue probed her opening moving in and out, up and down the lips. Her clitoris was not missed in my ministrations, either. After several minutes, Pamela’s hips started a slight rotational movement, almost seemingly involuntarily. “Oh God, oh God…..oh that’s good, yes, yes, put that tongue in my cunt, please…..”

Being a devoted relative, I followed her instructions. “Oh, yes, oh yes, yes, I’m starting…..Oh G-O-D! Oh, shit!…….I’m c-u-m-m-i-n-g…….” she trailed off in a ragged cry as muscle spasm after spasm shook her body. Her pussy seemed to clamp down for a few seconds, then relaxed. She was still in the throws of her orgasm when a musky fluid started seeping from her cunt onto my face. Combined with semen from my earlier orgasm, it made for a heady smell, and, responding to that, my cock started to come back to life.

Pamela was still buzzed from her orgasm as I lifted my head from her pussy and moved slightly up her body, licking some of my semen off her stomach along the way. “I want to be inside you, cuz.” I whispered as another clap of thunder shook the house. “And I want you inside me too,” she cooed, recovering somewhat from what was a very major orgasm. I slid my cock up to the opening of her pussy. She looked me squarely in the eyes and said “Fuck me.” My cock slid smoothly into her. God, she was so hot inside! She was on fire! I kept pushing slowly until I could feel her cervix against the head of my cock and Pam gasped slightly, “Oh, my, aren’t we large!” She wrapped her legs around my waist and hooked her feet together, locking me into a position that I would willingly maintain for as long as I was able. I settled into a rhythm of long, even strokes, feeling and appreciating the texture of her vagina against my penis, her moistness and heat, and seeing by the now occasional light provided by the sheet lightning the look of passion on her face. Occasionally I switched to a quick pace of short strokes, then back to long ones. There was a squishy sound from time to time as the layer of semen I’d earlier shot onto Pam acted like a glue between us. I was in heaven! And, as far as I could see, so was Pamela.

After some time just having a very comfortable and relaxed screw, I felt my balls start to tingle again (I am after all 45, and it takes me a while to recover). Pamela’s breathing was a little ragged, and she whispered in my ear, “Come inside me and I’ll come like you’ve never seen…” I quickened my pace and shortened my strokes.

“Oh-oh-oh God,” Pamela cried,”Oh God, oh my….,” my balls started maltepe escort bayan to push the semen out and I could feel it racing along the length of my shaft and then I went “Oh Pam!” as my cock head swelled up and exploded inside her pussy, shooting a ribbon of hot cum into her. I kept my weight directly off Pamela as I kept thrusting, the last drops oozing out of the tip of my cock. Pamela’s hips started shaking violently again, and then she shrieked “Oh baby I’m cumming…..!!” and with that her stomach muscles started spasming quickly, along with her vaginal muscles. My cock was clamped into it’s position (not that I minded!) by this and I watched in awe as this beautiful woman thrashed through an ever larger orgasm than previously. Her muscles seemed to relax after a few seconds, then suddenly she cried out “Oh honey, oh God” and a stream of female cum started oozing out of her pussy around my cock and absolutely flooding the bed. I was completely overwhelmed. She came and came, with her hips and crotch shaking rapidly, hands over her face, totally out of control. I’ve been with several women and seen a number of great orgasms, but nothing had prepared me for Pamela’s ‘event’.

After a few moments of silence and recovering our breath, I lay beside my cousin and said, “Wow! That was incredible for me, and, it seems, for you too!” Pamela kissed me and said, “I sometimes have these really overwhelming orgasms where I completely lose control and ejaculate just like a man. It’s only happened a few times and usually guys get put off by it. But you don’t seem to be.” “No, babe, but I am awestruck.” Pamela giggled again and said, “The tough part now is avoiding the wet spot!”

I laughed out loud, and noted, looking out the window, “The storm seems to have passed.” Pam said, “So’s mine, and, I’ll bet, so’s yours.” “Yeah,” I replied, ” for an old guy like me those were major league orgasms and I think I’ll need some rest.” Warm tender lips found mine in the dark, with a little hint of tongue thrown in. “Sleep time, babe,” Pam whispered, and we lay back, arms around each other, covered in each others cum, wet sheets and all, and quickly fell into the sleep that only sated lovers experience.

Morning’s light came as a shock. I opened my eyes, noted the brunette hair beside me, and decided it had not been a dream. I gently lifted the sheet and saw semen caked on Pamela’s left breast near the nipple. Her breathing was shallow but steady. I closed my eyes again and thought, “Maybe another half-hour.” I thought I had drifted off but the next thing I was aware of was Pamela’s lips around my cock, stiffening and rising. I lifted the sheet and saw her grin at me. She stopped and moved up to straddle my cock, taking it into her in one easy motion. I marveled at how well proportioned she was! Pamela used her index finger to diddle her clitoris at the same time and it quickly swelled up to the size of an eraser. What a sight! It didn’t take very long before Pamela’s pleasing motions up and down the length of my cock caused a fountain of cum to shoot into her again, and she collapsed on top of me, whispering in my ear, “One night gone and six to go, babe, Think you’ll last?”

It was a great week!

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