The Summer Intern

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The Summer Intern

Mike had just finished his sophomore year at college and had taken a summer internship with one of the larger corporations in his hometown. Mike was a little younger than most of his classmates, he had had the opportunity to skip a level when he was in grade school, so at 19, almost all his classmates had a year or two on him.

Mike was back living with his parents for the summer, and looking forward to than the girls in his class had made him lack confidence through high school, and it was just getting to the point now that it didn’t seem to matter as much in college. He saw Senior girls that were going out with younger guys, and while it wasn’t him personally, it did boost his confidence a bit knowing that it was possible.

Mike’s major was going to be finance, and the company that he was working for was an investment firm that took on a few interns each summer to help cover the time off that the regular employees took for their vacations. Mike’s main job was just going to be as an all-around assistant, doing whatever was needed. He normally took care of the mail each day and was assigned to help Peggy at the front desk. If clients came in, he helped guide them to the proper office, used the company car to pick up lunch for the executives some days, and also ran errands and picked up supplies and things for the company.

Mike had had summer jobs previously, but nothing as big as what he was doing now and his natural lack of confidence had gotten him started off slowly with the other employees. He had mowed a few lawns, worked at the library one year, and done a few other small things before.

Since she was the main person he was working under, Peggy felt compelled to get to know him a little bit better but found it hard those first few days as he barely spoke, or opened up at all. She took it to be her job to get him to open up and become a more well-rounded person and employee.

Peggy was a 37-year-old divorcee who looked fantastic for her age. She had a very nice, well-rounded figure and lightly curled medium length brown hair, and a face that reminded you of the girl next door. To Mike, she reminded him of MaryAnn that he saw on the old reruns of Gilligan’s Island on TV Land.

Peggy’s efforts at bringing Mike more out into the open with his personality were slowly working. She had coaxed a little more out of him as they got to know each other better, and she was enjoying having him around.

Mike, on the other hand, was enjoying talking with Peggy, but feeling nervous because of how good looking he thought she was. That lifetime of shyness was hard for him to overcome.

Mike had been working for Smith-Clayton for about 4 weeks now and had eaten lunch beside Peggy a number of times at her desk and was starting to open up finally. She told him about the company’s annual picnic that they had over the weekend near the 4th of July and told him that she’d love it if he would come. He had heard a couple of other employees mention it before, but she gave him more information about it, and it was sounding like a good time.

It was usually held on the beach a few miles North of their community, at a large lake that he had visited once or twice over the years. The company provided all of the food, and certain long-time employees and execs had taken over the jobs of hauling and preparing thing for the whole group. The company paid for it, and also for a pretty good fireworks selection that they shot off at the end of the night over the lake.

Mike normally got to work riding on an old moped that he had had since his junior high days. On a couple of occasions when it was rainy, his mom had driven him to work, and one of the employees had taken him home then. Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to ride that all the way to the lake, Mike was unsure if he would be able to go and told Peggy that.

As much as Peggy had been enjoying his companionship at work, she wasn’t going to let something like that keep him away, so she told him that she would pick him up that morning, and they both agreed that would be great!

The big day arrived finally, and on a bright Saturday morning, Mike stood by the door waiting for Peggy to pick him up. He had given her the address a couple days prior and was looking forward to the day. He had a bag packed with some extra clothes, a beach towel, sunblock, and his swimsuit.

He had seen Peggy arrive at work a time or two before, and was watching for her car, so seeing her arrive in a sporty looking convertible surprised him. She had the top down, sunglasses on, and a scarf keeping her hair from blowing all over. She got out of the car as he ran out and opened the trunk for him to put his bag in. Hers was already in place. Mike took a long look at her legs and body as she leaned over to place his bag in almanbahis the trunk, and the cute little, yellow sundress she had on was doing a great job of showing it all off. It looked perfect on her, the color making her hair stand out brightly, and her beautiful tan just highlighting the whole package.

Mike got in and they took off, and they had a wonderful time talking as they headed towards the lake. Having perfect weather, being away from the office and the thrill of the day had Mike more talkative than normal, and they were having a great time. Peggy pulled right into the parking lot without hesitation while Mike was looking around at things. He had been there before, but not often, and not recently, while Peggy seemed at home to him. He commented about some of the sights and things he was seeing, and Peggy told him that she had grown up only 4 miles from here, and had been here all the time growing up, and often since, because it just brought back so many wonderful memories of her youth.

There were plenty of others there and a heated volleyball game was going, a fire-pit, and there were many people in the water and on the beach already, also.

Peggy asked Mike to lay his towel beside hers on the beach, and she put up a beach umbrella to keep them a little cooler. The sun was bright, but it wasn’t overly hot, and the light breeze was perfect. You couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Peggy sat up on her towel, then looked at Mike and asked him to turn his head for a moment as she slid the sundress over her head and unveiled the bikini that she had on underneath it. It was fairly modest for a 2-piece suit, but it still showed enough that Mike needed to roll to his stomach after a few glances at her so that his erection didn’t spike too noticeably in his shorts. He looked at her a few more times, then grabbed his towel and bag and said he was going to go to the beach house to put on his suit. His bag was doing exactly what he needed as he held it in front of himself, covering his growing crotch.

After changing, Mike ran towards Peggy’s spot, but only slowed down enough to drop his bag to the ground beside her as he headed on into the water. He was only trying to cool things off so that he could sit beside her without his excitement being so evident.

The water was great, just cool enough to do what he needed without being uncomfortable. Peggy thought it looked like a great idea, so she ran towards the water herself.

Peggy was built just well enough that there was a nice bounce to her breasts as she ran, and that slowed down the cooling off process for Mike a bit. She got into the water and splashed her way over to him. He was standing in water that just came up to mid-chest for him, which put it just above her bikini top as she neared him. She kept coming towards Mike and jumped up at him, trying to push his head under the water, but what happened first was that her breasts hit him square in the face. She did succeed in pushing him underwater, however, his mouth was wide open in surprise after the excitement of having her breasts on his lips, even though it was accidental.

Mike came up sputtering and coughing, and Peggy felt bad for what had happened. She wasn’t aware of the reason his mouth was open, just assuming she had surprised him too suddenly and pushed him under before he had a chance. She hugged him from behind as he coughed the water out of his lungs and apologized repeatedly, but he finally had things cleared and turned around quickly to her. Her arms went over his shoulders, and they talked quietly for a few moments as he told her he was fine and it wasn’t her fault, that his foot had slipped as he tried to step back from her. It wasn’t exactly the truth, but it was believable, and he felt better about that than telling her she had just overwhelmed him with excitement.

The two continued to play and cavort in the water, splashing each other and throwing a frisbee that someone had tossed out to them. They were having such a great time, but soon someone called that lunch was ready, and they headed out to the beach. The pair dried themselves off and grabbed plates of food. Nothing special for lunch, just baked beans, potato salad and hot dogs, but there were some cold watermelons off to the side, and Peggy told Mike that the supper that night was usually cold fried chicken that they had one of the local restaurants fix and deliver.

Our pair grabbed their plates and headed back to where their towels were laying out on the beach and sat down. Peggy had brought a couple of beach chairs for them to relax on, and they were perfect with their legs splayed out in front of them. Peggy noticed that Mike was taking quite a few glances at the lower part of her bikini, even though he was trying not to be noticeable. She glanced down and noticed that her suit had pulled up tightly and was creating a bit of a camel toe, but she couldn’t do much more than try to keep herself covered with her plate; trying almanbahis giriş to adjust things now, right in front of him would embarrass them both.

They had talked at work before, and she knew that he had not dated much yet in his young life. Peggy wanted to find out a little bit more about his experience level, and asked him, “Mike, have you ever had a girlfriend in school before?” She was pretty sure what the answer was going to be but wanted to hear it from him and get his mind going the right direction.

“I have dated a few times over the past years, but only had a second date once and the others were just one off’s,” he stuttered out to her. “I just never have been comfortable enough before, the few times that I did ask a girl out, just happened to be fluke moments that almost perfectly led to it. Most of the time, I think about it, but can’t ever get the words to start coming out or turn and walk away from the girl after I’ve approached her.”

Peggy thought about it for a few moments, then told Mike, “I think that maybe you and I can work through your problems this summer and we can get you to a far better level before you head back to school this fall, we’ve got about 4 weeks left to make progress for you.”

Mike and Peggy enjoyed their lunch and talked more about lots of things. When they finished and had thrown away their plates, they walked along the beach for a while and continued their conversation. Mike was feeling comfortable with Peggy, like he had known her a long time, and she was treating him as an equal, as a friend, and that made his shyness recede. It was nice being able to talk to a beautiful woman without feeling the way that he normally did.

As they turned back, they could see that another volleyball game was starting, and they decided that they would join in. Neither was super athletic, but they weren’t uncoordinated either and both were having a great time. Mike was enjoying it even more as he watched Peggy’s chest bouncing lightly whenever she jumped to hit the ball. At one point, they both jumped for the ball and crashed into each other, falling to the sand together. Their legs were tangled, and Mike was on top of Peggy, with his hand flat on top of one of her breasts. They got up slowly, skin touching each other in many places as they untangled themselves. They awkwardly looked into each other’s eyes and smiled as the accidental touches, but neither spoke of it, and both silently enjoyed the feeling.

Peggy had been divorced now for 4 years and had begun dating a bit over the past year or so. Her former husband had been cheating on her, and she had given up on men for a while after he hurt her that way. They had talked about kids at times, but it hadn’t happened yet when their marriage ended, and she was happy for that considering. While she had dated some recently, she hadn’t found anyone that she really had clicked with and had not enjoyed any intimacy since before her divorce, ending that part of the relationship immediately once she discovered her husband’s infidelity.

The game continued for a little while longer before breaking up. Our pair decided to go swimming again for a bit and played around in the water again like kids. They felt comfortable touching each other, and Mike lifted Peggy onto his shoulders, or tried to toss her in a backflip into the air by having her put her foot into his grasped hands. They were having a great time together and spent most of their time with each other that afternoon.

They had been lying on the beach for a while, under the umbrella, now thoroughly dried thanks to the sun and breeze. Peggy suddenly jolted and turned to Mike. “Hey, do you want to go see the cave over on the side of the lake” she excitedly asked!

“I didn’t know there was one here,” Mike replied, “that sounds great!”

“I only know about it because I spent so much time here when I was younger,” Peggy said, “but we had a lot of fun there with my friends when I was a teenager.”

The pair stood up and put their shoes and clothes on, ready to head that direction, when a cry came up from just down the beach that supper was ready for the group. They looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders and turned towards the food and picnic tables that had been set up.

The pair got in line with the rest and filled their plates up with some delicious looking fried chicken, salads of assorted types, coleslaw, and there was even steaming piles of sweet corn ears near the end of the table. The bosses had ice filled coolers teaming with canned sodas, beer of many types, water, and jugs of lemonade and iced tea were on the tables, too!

Mike and Peggy sat side-by-side at one of the tables and enjoyed their meals and the conversations with their friends and co-workers. The food was delicious, and both went back and got another piece of chicken and tried out some of the other salads too.

After finishing off their meals, they were just getting up to take their almanbahis yeni giriş plates and throw them away, when another yell came up, and someone said that they would be serving ice cream and cake in just a little while.

Peggy and Mike neared the trash cans, and Peggy told him, “I don’t think I have room for anything else unless I walk off some of this food, do you want to go check out the cave now, and then we can come back for some dessert in a while?”

“That sounds good,” Mike said, “but how far is it to the cave?”

“It’s been a long time, but I think it’s only about 10 minutes from here,” she replied. “Let’s go to my car in the parking lot and grab a flashlight” she said, “then we can go farther in and I can see how much things have changed in the past 15 years or so.” “Sounds good,” Mike said.

The pair took off walking along the edge of the lake. On the side they were heading towards, there were a couple of hills that stood out apart from anything else in the area. Mike could see that there was a very steep section to the second one, and it looked like a cliff almost, or at least an area that had eroded and wasn’t quite a smooth landscape on the hill.

As they neared, Peggy told Mike that they needed to go around to the far side of that hill, past the cliff to the base of the hill. The walk had taken a little longer than she expected or remembered, but it had been well over a decade since she had been here, and she was a lot younger and paying attention to other things back then, and usually with a loud and boisterous group of other teens.

They rounded the hillside, and Peggy led him to an area just past where the cliff area ended it appeared, but there was a rock, or area that stuck out at the base of the hill. “Go on around that” she said. They walked around it, and he could see an area at the base of that rock where there was a small opening, less than waist high for him. “I’ll go in first, but you just have to crawl a couple of feet in before it’s big enough to stand up” she told him.

Mike got behind Peggy, perhaps closer than he needed to, but he was enjoying the sight of her tight rear as she got down on her hands and knees and crawled into the opening behind the rock. Mike followed her inside, and once he got there, she had the flashlight on and he could see that he could stand up.

Mike looked around and could see a few beer cans on the floor, and what looked like the remains of a campfire. Peggy’s flashlight was not overly strong or bright, but he could see that the cave appeared to go back quite a way. Peggy spoke then and said, “My friends and I never messed the place up like this, we were always very respectful. Let’s head towards the back, I’ve got more to show you,” she said.

As they headed towards the back of the cave, they could see where people had scrawled their names, and things less polite, on the walls. The cave was tall enough to walk in easily, but the ceiling was not far overhead, and probably 12-15 feet wide the way it looked. Peggy’s flashlight was dim but showed them what they needed to walk safely. There were areas where there were rocks on the floor, or low hanging spots in the ceiling, but they weren’t a problem. They got to an area where it appeared to turn a corner to the left, but as they rounded the edge of the promontory, Mike could see that it ended there. Peggy shined her flashlight all around that back area, and the pair could see a couple of condoms on the floor.

Peggy spoke up and commented, “I can think of a lot of better places to use those instead of on a rocky floor in the dark,” jokingly. Mike lowly muttered back, “I would do it in lots worse places than this to lose my virginity!”

Mike didn’t mean to say it out loud, but it was enough that Peggy heard him, and she chuckled at his comment. He turned away from her, embarrassed at himself. She knew that he was feeling awkward and embarrassed after that comment and knew that she better not do anything else to make things worse. She jumped towards him, intending on catching his shoulder and turning him back towards her so she could talk to him about it, but she stepped on a rock on the floor, and twisted her ankle enough that she fell forward into the wall and broke the flashlight, falling to the floor afterwards.

Mike heard the crashing noise and knew that the light had gone out and forgot about his embarrassment for the moment. “Are you all right?” he asked excitedly, but Peggy just groaned lightly as she caught her breath on the floor. She finally spoke as she stood up, but there was a little pain in her voice, “I’m all right, but feel like an idiot for breaking the flashlight.

Mike put his arms out and felt around until he was able to find her arm. He helped hold her steady for a moment as he asked what ha happened.

Peggy explained to him and apologized for breaking the flashlight and causing them problems. Mike spoke up and said that they would be fine, there wasn’t a lot of light coming from the opening, but as their eyes adjusted to the darkness, there was enough to see where they needed to go, and with the angle of the light coming from down low, it also exposed the rocks on the floor to them even better than the flashlight had.

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