The Surrogate Ch. 04

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It had been six months since she had been with John and Sommer was missing it. The feeling of how wet he made her, how hard her nipples got when he rubbed and pinched them, and sucked on them until they were so sensitive they almost hurt. That nearly bestial noises he made when he was just about to cum. How it felt to have his already thick cock swell even larger before it began to jerk violently and fill her with warm cum. Feeling the huge crown of his cock against her deepest center, spewing what always felt like gallons of cum into her. How hard she came when he thrust into her through the throws of her own orgasm before he collapsed on her and they lay in silence, trying to catch their breath before they either went to sleep or went for another round.

That was why she had called him, told him they were going to dinner and ‘hang out’ after. They both knew what that meant. She had felt the anticipation low in her belly, that exquisite awesome feeling that would that would come later as she waited all through dinner, made small talk, tried not to just say, ‘hey let’s just say fuck this and go back to your place and see how many time we can get each other off before we pass out’. Fucking him one last time in the morning gingerly because of how sore she felt after the long night of rough mutual treatment, taking her sweet time riding his length until he finally came again. Then she would dress, head home and relish the sordid overly wet feeling of his spent orgasm in her and then sullying her sexy panties until she finally took a shower and washed off the sweat and scent of him.

Then she would schedule another row with him as soon as possible.

All of this came crashing down when he had agreed to dinner but told her he didn’t think he could hang out afterword.

Her fantasy died bitterly as he explained that he and Brit had decided to become monogamous all of a sudden. That they had become serious over the last couple of months and would not be able to play like they used to.

And to make things worse, he said those words she had said to more than one guy in her life, “that they could still be friends”

How in the hell could she just be friends with him? Just sit there at dinner and parties and other bull shit gathering she knew she would be invited to. Forced to watch he and Brit be all cutesy poo with each other. And not just he want for him either, forced not to miss the near angelic sculpted figure of Brit squatting down over her face, a mischievous grin on her amazing features as she placed her waxed pussy over Sommer’s face, the sounds she made while Sommer worked her tongue as deeply as possible inside her, sucked on her clit and clutched her perfectly sculpted ass in her hands roughly trying to pull her harder into her mouth. Not miss the sounds of her cries as Brit arched her back and came, screaming and making the most amazing and sexual faces as her abs flexed in the involuntary contractions of ecstasy.

And suddenly she had been forced out of their circle.

She knew she could still call on any one of the others they had brought into their trysts over the year and a half they had been at this open relationship. Cole, Hanna, Jason, Ivana. Any of them would certainly answer a call for a night of sweaty, wanton sex.

No, she was going to have him again, her too if she could, but she would taste John again. Feel him buck within her, feel his cum coat her insides and set her aflame again. Taste him on her tongue as she looked up at him and felt his thick cock flex in her mouth and throat. Swallowing him down and sucking on his glans until he finally forced her away from his overly sensitive cock.

So she had agreed to dinner, to catch up and see what indeed this ‘friendship’ would entail.

She stood in front of her mirror in her large bedroom, freshly showered and lotioned. She knew her skin was as soft as silk, her time at the gym with Brit had hardened her thighs and ass and cleared up all but the barest hint of any extra weight around her waist, she wasn’t willing to get abs, she wanted a bit of softness there, the healthy tan of her skin, the tribal ‘tramp stamp’ she had gotten in college she hid from most but had let John paint with his cum on more occasions than she could count looking dark and dangerous above the swell of her ass as she let her hand roam over her hard earned beauty. Through her bobbed shoulder length hair, down her kissable neck, over the swell of her 34DD cup breasts that only sagged a bit as she lifted them and pinched her nipples till they hardened before her eyes in the low light of her bedroom. Down over her torso, over the small stone she wore in her navel, and finally down to her bare pussy, her plump lips swollen in anticipation of the seduction to come.

She would have him she told herself as she stepped into her pink thong and drew it up her thighs, sighing at how aroused she was even as the light silky fabric lay against her clit and made the nagging between her legs a bit louder as she clasped her matching bra, donned her silky blouse and drew her short yet tasteful Alanya Escort skirt up her legs and into place. Once she had donned shoes and jewelry she gazed again at herself, applying the barest amount of makeup, just enough for social convention before she heard her phone buzz and went downstairs, seeing John’s car parked out front.

It was maybe a bit wrong to seduce him when he was trying to be good, trying to keep to his woman, so few men seemed to do that anymore. But tonight she didn’t want him to be a good man, she wanted him to be that guy, the guy that would let her rule him until it was time to take the reins and claim her, own her, fuck her hard and rough in every which way until she was sated, if that ever came.


After 20 minutes of absolute torture, Sommer knew this would be a lot harder that she thought. He had picked a nice restaurant, opened her door for her, and hugged her when they first saw each other. She pressed her large breasts into him and sank into his embrace, her nipples were so hard they hurt. He smelled so fucking good, his muscles were like iron against her as her entwined her in a hug that was as exciting as it was frustratingly chaste.

They had sat and drank and made small talk. Nothing she did even seemed to move him any closer to dragging her into the bathroom stall, bending her over, tearing her panties off and fucking the shit out of her while they struggled unsuccessfully to be quite in the public stall.

Christ she was like a junky for it, but not just it, him. The way he laughed when she said something funny, the strangely goofy and vulnerable way he could be when he wanted to. The series of ultra-masculine, almost bestial grunts he made right before he came. The way he clutched and pulled her tight against him as he knelt behind her, filling her with his molten seed. The way his hand would absently play with the swell of her hip when she lay half dozing against him.

And now he sat there, talking about something not sex or lust related, dodging every attempt she made to push the conversation in that direction, his USMC shirt tight against his chiseled body.

Sommer heard his phone buzz and used that as an excuse to go use the ladies room. As she closed the door to the stall she cursed quietly. She didn’t see a way she could get ahold of his cock. He had kept the talk about Brit down, she had noticed, maybe he didn’t even realize he was avoiding talking about her but Sommer could tell he was.

Maybe there was a chance, or maybe he was just trying not to make this new status between them any harder than it was. Sommer cursed again, there he goes being all noble and awesome and completely annoyingly a good guy. IT made her angry but it also made her want him inside her even more. Worse yet, her pussy was absolutely drenched, sopping wet was the best way to describe it, her pretty pink thong felt like coils of tiny wet string rubbing maddenly against her clit and overly sensitive lips. She didn’t even have to use the damn bathroom, just a moment away so she didn’t have to fucking look at him, imagine him slamming into her, pulling out to leave her gaping before he shoved his glorious tongue into her to fill that void and taste her torrent of post orgasmic juices before he went back to work on her.

She couldn’t take it anymore, the feeling of her panties scrapping along her lips and clit, only compounding how horny she felt and her near desperate need to cum. Pulling her skirt up to her waist she hooked her thumbs into the nigh microscopic straps of her thong and pulled it down her legs. Jesus, it clung to her pussy before finally pulling away and she let a moan escape her lips at the feeling off the air on her naked and wet flesh. Yup, the thong was a much darker shade of pink and as wet as if she had gone swimming in it. She could smell her arousal, that unmistakable odor of pussy and arousal that was far from bad and made her want push her panties inside her mouth and taste herself as she had done on more than one occasion after a long night with John and Brit.

Then an idea struck her, something so naughty that she bit her lip and giggled. Sitting back down on the seat, she lifted both her legs up and spread them wide, she could feel her lips part, feel herself open and swore she felt a trickle of juice run down her pussy and cradle in her ass deliciously. With slow and measured movements she pulled herself further open, spread herself wide, sucking air through clenched teeth at how good it felt to touch herself. Biting her lip to keep from groaning she touched her wadded up panties to her open hole and began to tuck them up inside.

Christ this was so dirty, Sommer thought as she panted and moaned as softly as she could as she tucked more and more of the tiny garment up inside her drenched pussy with her now slippery fingers. She had seen it on a porno once, watched the starlet play with her beautiful gash until she was just about to cum over and over, tease herself nearer and nearer to release before she tucked her tiny panties up inside Alanya Escort Bayan herself and then finally strummed her clit like a champion banjo player to an earth shattering orgasm, then slowly pull them free of her still clenching pussy, sodden with her orgasm.

With one final push, her pretty pink undies disappeared fully into her juicy hole. Closing her legs, she placed fingers one either side of her clit, the pressure alone and the sordid foreignness of her panties inside her nearly set her off immediately, good thing too because she knew it was only a matter of time before someone walked in. Shaking her hand and imaging the fullness of her plan was all it took, after all the buildup through dinner, a couple of tiny movements later and she was gasping and clenching, cumming harder than she had in weeks, popping twice in succession before she heard the door to the ladies room open and she quickly composed herself, the aftershocks of the powerful contractions low in her belly making it hard to right herself on the toilet and still keep herself quiet.

Standing up on wobbly legs, Sommer pulled her skirt back down to its place halfway down her thighs, her soggy panties still wedged inside her. Reaching up, and taking a deep breath to stabilize herself she slid a finger between her lips, fishing around until she found a strap of her panties. Hooking the savaged garment she began to pull when she heard a knock at the stall door.

“Excuse me sweetie, are you about done it’s kind of an emergency.” A sweet voice said from just beyond the door. Sommer pulled her finger free, quickly sucked her succulent juice from it and then unlocked the door, moving past the cute young woman before washing her hands and leaving the bathroom to rejoin her “date”, her panties still firmly wedged inside her pussy which was still drooling around the invading garment, her orgasms having done almost nothing to turn down the heat deep inside her.

It didn’t make it any better as she walked across the restaurant and John hit her with his cunt drenching smile the moment he saw her coming back across the dining room.

“Thought I lost you there for a minute.” He said, Sommer blushed a bit as she knew she had been a few minutes but wished he could have seen her tucking her knickers inside herself and cumming with her legs spread wide in a small bathroom of an upscale restaurant.

“Not likely hon.” Sommer said with a flirty wink, squeezing her thighs together and clenching her pussy tight around her panties. She tried to continue with light conversation as they ate, reaching down one in a while to run a finger over her clit throughout the meal, each time nearly setting herself into orbit.

They drank, laughed and had a really nice evening. John seemed to be totally oblivious to how desperately horny the gorgeous woman across from him was, likely leaving a wet spot on the chair beneath her, one that would have been huge had her needy pussy not been plugged with her hopelessly drenched panties.

They sat finishing their wine when John’s phone rang again, this time she did not excuse herself.

It was Brit, she could tell by the sappy look on his sexy face. Sommer felt her resentment rising again. She was in a tough spot. She wanted, no needed to keep fucking John. He was just about the perfect man if there was such a thing. Massive cock that he knew how to use, nice to look at, nearly flawless body, smart and well-spoken as well as about as masculine as you could get without being a complete douche.

It simply was not fair at all that Brit wanted him all to herself. What were they going to settle down, start a family, get married and start firing kids out? Not likely. Sommer and Brit had been friends for a while and nothing about her amazing friend said she wanted to do any of that. They were relatively young and once her divorce from Duke had been final, Brit had said nothing but bad things about marriage. And Kids? Nope, she would not want to put her body through all that. Getting back to her nigh goddess-like appearance was possible but very difficult and as hard as she had worked to get where she was it was highly doubtful that she would risk fucking that up, even for a kid.

“We should go hon, they probably want this table.” John said, pulling her from her thinking as he put his phone away and stood up. Sommer tried not to groan as she saw the lump in the front of his jeans, it took everything she had not to reach out and grab it. Christ she was like a damn freak, barely able to sit still. Fuck it, good dick was hard to find and this was exceptional dick, so it was really really hard to find.

Sommer drank down the rest of her wine and stood up, letting him take the lead so she could enjoy looking at his fine, squat hardened ass as they walked out to his car. Yeah she was gonna have to have him tonight or have him drop her at a club so she could pick up some poor hapless college guy, just to take the edge off. It would suck but it would at least be better than going home alone.

Not by much Escort Alanya though.

He talked a bit as they drove, traffic was light on the freeway and with the windows down she was enjoying the breeze and the time but it frustrated her with equal measure. Time to get this seduction rolling.

“So you and Brit taking it pretty serious huh?” Sommer asked, watching him shift uncomfortably in his seat. He didn’t want to talk about it but fuck it, Sommer had never been accused and being anything but direct.

“Yeah, started out that way, she wanted to see if we could make a go at the whole adult relationship thing.” John said finally.

“Fun.” Sommer said, hearing the resentment in her own voice. “So you really want to just be friends with me, both of you want that?”

“Sommer…” John started but Sommer kept on.

“This really sucks John, neither of you asked me how I felt, how this would affect me.” Sommer said, she was really working hard not to cry. She was pissed, sad, horny beyond words, and felt a tiny bit betrayed. Was it more than just stellar dick she was mad about losing, was it more than that? Sommer couldn’t tell and didn’t care right now, she was just pissed she had not even been consulted.

“We didn’t want to hurt you in this.”

“Well you did, and Brit said nothing about it last time we went out. Not even a hint. What did I do? How is she so much better than me that you have to throw me head first into the friend zone?” Sommer asked, her eyes wet, her pussy suddenly not so much, but she still felt the burn in her belly, but it was more than that, she wanted him for more than just tonight, not sure what exactly but a onetime deal was not going to cut it and she knew that.

“It’s not about that, Sommer. She and I have talked about this and we decided to move forward with it. It’s not about you being better or worse than anyone. I really enjoy what we do both with and…without Brit in the room.” John said, his eyes leaving the road for jut an instant, lighting on her thighs, which had crept into view from her windblown skirt.

Sommer moved closer to him in her seat, pulling her legs up under her. She moved over and lay her head up by his ear, when she felt the tension in his body; he wasn’t done talking.

“We can’t keep going like this, the three of us.” John said flatly, but as Sommer looked up she saw that his eyes we not on the road but on her mostly exposed thighs as the wind from the open windows pushed it up over her well-toned thighs.

He was weakening, Sommer couldn’t help but smile.

“I think we can, I know I want to, and it looks like you want to too.” Sommer said as she reached down and pulled her skirt up a bit more, exposing her pussy to him. He had seen it many times before but she saw his eyes get a bit bigger at the sight of her swollen pussy lips, one loop of her panties sticking out just a tiny bit.

“You need to stop. I told you how things have to be.” John said but he had to tear his eyes of my newly soaked pussy as Sommer began gently tugging on the thong strap, moving it within me but not pulling them out, my other hand snuck up to the front of my blouse, pulling it down so her bra covered breasts were exposed. He looked up to Sommer’s breasts, then to her eyes. He was totally hers now, it was time to really let her freak loose, make sure he kept it a party of three for the foreseeable future.

Sommer pulled one of her tits free, the nipple was large and erect and nearly so painful with need to be sucked, licked and bitten. Releasing her nipple she leaned up and dropped her hand on his knee, her other hand still lightly tugging on her wedged panties, her thumb brushed her engorged clit every so often and was likely leaving a nice puddle on his seat.

“You shouldn’t be doing this Sommer.” John was still fighting me until I felt his cock running down his pant leg. He gasped and she felt his cock get even harder. He was barely audible over the windows.

Leaning forward and right up to his ear, running her tongue over his earlobe before she whispered, “Shouldn’t and going to are very different things baby.”

As she whispered she reached down and undid his belt, she felt the car begin to slow and noted he turned off the freeway onto a surface street and then into a darkened parking lot.

“Sommer…” John began to speak, but Sommer pressed a finger to his lips, wet from her over excited pussy and then pushed it into his mouth. When she felt his tongue swirl around it she got even wetter if that was possible.

“Shhh…We aren’t gonna talk anymore we are just gonna feel.” She undid the clasp of his belt as she felt the car pull to a stop in the darkened parking lot, her mouth was watering as she unsnapped his pants and pulled the zipper down, her moth watering as she saw the bulge in his pants.

There it was, straining against his sporty boxer briefs, the glans of it pushing against the waistband and darkening the elastic around it with fluid. He didn’t protest as she pulled the bar beneath the seat and scooted it back roughly. She gasped as she felt him reach up and pinch lightly her exposed nipple, looking up into his eyes he was so wanton, she could see the fight leave his eyes if it was really there to begin with. His mouth gaped a bit as he breathed heavily, she smiled and reached down and pulled his cock free of his underwear.

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