The Unique Mouse Ch. 02

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This is the second chapter of “The Unique Mouse”


High school, bullies, and insecurities:

A lonely nerd with a very unusual body befriends one hot jock.

Main characters are 18 years old!


Darien stood in front of a mirror in his family bathroom staring at his naked body. He looked at his large nipples with furrowed eyebrows. His whole teen years he suffered because of those two body parts – changing clothes in toilets, being careful so nobody would notice. He even wore very tight undershirts to flatten his sticking out, perky nubs. He suffered from being too hot in summer, but he preferred that over being ridiculed by his classmates, especially being the new kid in their school. He transferred here his senior year, after his father settled his problems with company debts.

The boy sighed, got dressed and left the bathroom. He went back to his room to grab his backpack, and ran down the stairs.

“Mum! I’m going to school!” he shouted.

“Okay, honey, but there may be a downpour, the weather forecast…” He heard her muffled voice coming from the kitchen.

“It’s okay mam, I’ll be in school before the rain.”

And just like that, he went outside, heading toward the school.

He usually walked 20-minutes there, through a quiet residential neighborhood. But today some 5 minutes into the walk, he realized that as usual, his mother was right. He heard some characteristic sound, and the rain shower began to fall on his head. And it was very intense right away! Big raindrops almost attacked him, small puddles began to form everywhere in a matter of one minute. Darien swore, and tried to squeeze his lean body under some small tree with very few leafs. He became frustrated, feeling his T-shirt already becoming wet and sticking to his skin.

Then suddenly the red sports car stopped five feet from him. Darien’s glasses were so wet, so he couldn’t see clearly, but before he could clean them, he heard a familiar voice:

“Darien, come on in! The weathers not gonna get better before classes start!”

It was Keegan for sure, and he was probably right.

Darien tightened his lips realizing what his situation was. No… not Keegan – he thought to himself. Not after what they did together only yesterday… It wasn’t good to meet this boy again. To be in the car – alone with this weird, yet crazy hot dude…

But the rain was bothering him, so he made his decision in a matter of seconds. He circled the car’s hood and jumped inside.

He was met with the pair of green eyes, looking at him through dark eyelashes and lips smiling at him. Full, perfect lips! Yep, Keegan was still as handsome as he was yesterday. Maybe even more. He looked a bit like young Keanu Reeves, but with Mohawk hair cut.

“Hello, Darien, you look so… wet.” His eyes wandered on Darien’s chest and the boy noticed with some horror that his nipples were sticking out like crazy, cold and rigid.

He quickly covered his chest, hating the rain.

“Stop staring, dude. It’s not cool,” he murmured, but weirdly… he didn’t feel that bad with Keegan’s attention. Shockingly, he even… felt it in his dick – a small wave of warm blood.

“It’s a positive stare, it’s my admiration!” Keegan muttered, and Darien cheeks turned pink.

“It’s weird, and you know it.” The smaller boy insisted.

Keegan shrugged. “I don’t care. Can I touch them? Just a brush, nothing more.”

“Are you crazy? We are on the street! There are houses…”

“The rain is so intense, like a water wall around, nobody is interested in what we are doing here.”

Darien went silent. He really had no strength to protest because the truth is… he did want Keegan to touch him. He almost had trouble breathing, just by thinking about his classmate’s hands rubbing on his hard nipples.

He let his hands drop. Keegan’s hungry eyes fixed on two hard nubs obscenely sticking under Darien wet T-shirt. He slowly raised his hand and brushed one of them, and bright stars flashed before Darien’s eyes. The loud gasp broke from his lips.

“Fuck, Darien, you are so sexy, you don’t even know how… Love your moans.”

Darien turned his head toward the window, not to look at Keegan’s face, as he was as red as a beet. Keagan’s fingers were gently squeezing his nubs, massaging the tips, rolling them ever so slightly.

It was so unbelievably intense, that second long moan escaped Darien’s lips, his head tilted back. Keegan’s breath was more shaky and husky now, he was also getting off, seeing Darien’s evident arousal.

Darien’s dick protruded in his shorts, fully hard and throbbing as hell, begging for attention.

But Keegan didn’t stop – the heavenly torture continued, and soon Darien didn’t care where he was, with whom, and what was around.

He fisted his hands, tilted his head back, and gave himself to the immense Escort Erenköy pleasure. Keegan’s fingers were tirelessly caressing his crazy oversensitive nubs, fondling it, stretching.

“Please…” Darien pleaded, but he really didn’t know what he was begging for.

“Come to the back seat, there are tinted windows back there.” The bigger boy took the initiative.

And Keegan didn’t have to repeat himself. Darien was in the back seat in five second – laying flat, and – shamelessly, he right away pulled his T-shirt and undershirt all the way up, rolling them under his chin, willingly surrendering his erected nipples to Keegan’s total control.

Keegan’s pupils were now large and dark, his breath fast and shallow. He was also very aroused as his shorts tented obscenely. He as well moved to the back seat, taking place between Darien’s thighs. Then he took the smaller boy’s legs and put them over his own thigh, like he was about to have anal sex with Darien, but instead, he simply leaned over Darien’s wanting and aching body. Leaning down he started to really take care of his hard as steel nipples, sucking on them, lightly nibbling, rolling, pulling, stretching. Darien was grunting and groaning in an almost animalistic wild way, his body quivering, waves of pleasure drowning him, blocking his breath, almost choking him…

Too much. Too good. God! Too good, crazy good…

It was rising like a tide, something was tautening his body, and now he felt like a string ready to snap.

And then it came.

Very much unexpected. Powerful, unstoppable, crazy jolt of orgasmic spasm. Rolling his body, jerking it, straining… It was crazy, he could not grasp it. How was it even possible?

His body was still trembling, as he tried to understand what just happened.

He felt a familiar wetness in his underwear. “Fuck…!”

“What?” Keegan mumbled, his eyes were glazed, unfocused, almost unseeing. His cheeks were as red as Darien’s. He was fully immersed in earnest latching on Darien’s nipple and didn’t realize what happened.

“I just came in my pants. Untouched…”

Keegan looked down, there already could be seen a wet spot on Darien’s shorts. His eyes widened. “Wow, you are truly a miracle, Darien… I thought only women can come from nipple’s stimulation?” He muttered in honest amazement.

“I know, right? I’m a mess now, fuck! All wet and now this…”

Keegan looked almost guilty and Darien pursed his lips, holding his laugh. “It’s not your fault, I mean… the rain part.” He winked.

Keegan cleared his throat. “Listen, I have an idea. I will take you home, you can change quickly in dry clothes, and I will drive us to the school together. How does that sound?”

Darien pulled his cell phone. “Fuck, we have only ten minutes! Or we’ll be late to school!”

Keegan grimaced with vague disappointment. He sighed. “Well, looks like we should hurry then.”

Darien hesitated, looking at the bigger boy’s bulge, aching in his pants. “Listen, sorry that you couldn’t…”

But Keegan halted him with his raised hand. “No, don’t be sorry, it was me who asked. I’ll probably develop a case of blue balls, but it’s not that important. Come, sit already in front, we need to get going.”

“Okay. Thanks, man.”

Keegan made a U-turn, and they drove over to Darien’s house, which was only a quick two-minute drive.

“Ok, go, I’ll wait!” He assured Darien.

So, in pouring rain, Darien stormed out of the car and sprinted back to his house.

“God, Darien! What’s happened? Why are you back?” His mother showed up on the doorstep. He ran by her in a risky evasive maneuver, as she was almost blocking the entrance. He didn’t want her to watch him too closely.

“Nothing to worry about! I just need to change, my classmate, Keegan, is going to take me to school, as he was driving by and saw me soaked in rain water.”

“I told you about the weather, honey…”

“Okay, okay!”

It took him about 3 minutes to clean himself of his jizz and change into a new set of clothes. He dashed out from the house as quickly as he could, glad his mum was already back in the kitchen.

He took the small folding umbrella to protect himself from the rain on the way out. Furthermore, he returned to the car. Keegan was observing him attentively.

“Hey, do you wear some… undershirts or something? You kinda flattened your chest to the point that your nipples are not visible at all…” Keegan asked as soon as Darien was inside the car again.

Darien blushed a bit. “Yep, I… ” He swallowed. “It’s my insecurity. I was always ashamed of how big they are.”

Keegan snorted angrily. “What the fuck, they are perfect, mouthwatering to say at least!”

Darien rolled his eyes a bit. “Keegan, I am sure you understand that they are not a typical guy’s nipples. And to be different in high school it means to be ridiculed. I never wanted that. It’s enough that I’m so small.”

Keegan looked annoyed. “I’m sorry to hear that, that you felt that way, içerenköy escort and you were feeling bad. Maybe I’m weird, but they are turning me on like crazy. For me, they are perfect. And so, what if you are small? You are cute. That’s how I see it.”

Darien darted him a short glance. “Well, there is a reason why most people consider a man handsome only if he is tall. If he is short, he can be pretty at best. And it’s not very manly. No girl would prefer a small guy over a tall guy.”

Keegan sighed. “Maybe you are right. But are you straight? Do you care for girls?”

“I thought I was. But since yesterday, I may consider myself bi-curious at least…” he giggled.

“Same here.” Keegan winked.

Darien hesitated. “Are you… not concerned? Even a bit? It’s… really weird, I’ve never heard about anything similar,” he asked in a shy voice.

Keegan eyed him. “I don’t like to think too much about… my weirdness. It’s just how I am. It’s pointless to beat yourself up for something like this. Besides, we’re only eighteen. We still have time to figure it out if we’re gay or straight.”

The car stopped at the school’s parking lot.

Luckily, there was nobody outside, the rainy weather successfully scared the students to get inside quickly.

“Keegan, I will go first, okay? I’m uncertain if it would be wise if we marched to the classroom together. It’s 8:03. Everybody’s there already.”

Keegan glanced at him, his face almost impassive. He shrugged. “Whatever you want,” he said tersely.

Darien hesitated for a second. What else could he say? They were not in a relationship, not even close. They were not even fuck-buddies. Since technically, they didn’t fuck. So, there were really no ground rules for their interactions.

“Okay, bye. See you around,” he muttered, and he got out of the car.

He entered the classroom at 8:05, and while he was being scolded by the teacher, Keegan also went inside, passing him by.

“Sorry, car trouble,” he muttered, adding nothing more, and marched toward his seat. The teacher blinked but didn’t press on the topic. Darien raised his eyebrows.

She probably also thought Keegan was kinda hot. Darien could see it in her eyes. Was she drooling inside just by looking at Keegan’s ass as he walked to his desk? Darien narrowed his eyes, not even knowing why. She was so annoying!

As the lessons went on, Darien could not stop himself.

He started to dart short, discreet glances to Keegan, and had an intense flashback of the moment as he laid flat on the back seat and his fucking nipples were in heaven, thanks to Keegan sensual mouth. Just by thinking, he felt his dick hardening again, and he clenched his jaws in frustration.

What the fuck that was?

This stud could not simply be interested in him beside his weird fixation on the nipples. Darien was an object of the bigger boy’s peculiar fascination, but he should not forget who he was. But… definitely Darien should not overlook Keegan’s considerate behavior, when he came up with the idea to come back to Darien’s house for him to change out of his wet clothes. It was nice, but it was nothing. Probably? He was just a polite person, right? He would most likely propose it to any poor soul with a big cum spot on their shorts.

Darien forced himself to focus on the teacher’s voice, but it wasn’t an easy task.

The next few hours went more or less in the same way, but then it was lunch break.

Darien headed there in the company of two classmates – Donna and Maria, they were both shy, overweight girls that rarely took an active part in the class social life.

As they strode over one of the tables carrying their trays, Darien noticed Keegan. The handsome boy was in a line talking to his best friend, Jordan, another one of ‘the neutral’ kids in their class, who never bullied Darien. At least Keegan wasn’t hanging around with those stupid bullies.

But the bullies were also here, just one spot ahead of Keegan and Jordan.

Adam Donell, Declan Nash and Nathan Glenn were just loading their trays, and arguing with Miss Darby about receiving only one carrot cupcake. Obnoxious as always. Darien received two cupcakes because Miss Jensen liked him a lot, and she used to say that he needs to eat to grow more.

As soon as they had their trays full, they looked around and Darien quickly dropped his head down, not to provoke them, not to be seen. Disappeared.

But as always this was a futile attempt at what seemed inevitable.

“Oh, no,” Donna murmured. “Those assholes are coming here again. I really hate them…”

Both girls pretended to study the contents of their trays very attentively. They never helped him, as they were afraid for themselves, to become targets of those jerks.

Darien could already feel the nervous jolt in his body and an adrenaline rush, he fisted his hands, his knuckles turned white. He didn’t notice that Donna took her cell phone and tilted it in his way…

“Well, well, well, and what do we have Tuzla escort bayan here? Miss Darby’s favorite Mouse! With a full granary, as my eyes can clearly see. But instead of grains, the little rodent has an extra cupcake, so unfair. I think I will free you from this burden, you don’t need the extra carbs anyway, little Mouse, do you?”

Darien snorted. “Are you a child, Donell? Can’t fight your sweets cravings? Good thing you spend so much time in the gym, or you would already be fat as hell.” He could not stop himself. He never could, and it got him in trouble one too many times.

The next second he could feel a heavy hand on his neck pulling him down with such a strength that he could not possibly resist, having his small frame. Half of a second and his nose would be pressed into the cupcake’s cream, but… suddenly the pressure was released.

He heard some turmoil behind him and next moment he could see Adams flying between tables and flopping to the ground on his ass.

In a second there was a ruckus all around, everybody was standing up, calling something, some girls were whimpering, some guys were swearing, cell phones were ready to record.

“What the fuck, Byrne?!” Declan was ready to protect his friend, who meanwhile got on his feet and charged at Keegan, but it was a split of a second… Keegan used just one, very efficient, classical Muay Thai front kick, targeting Adam’s solar plexus.

The bully flew back, falling flat on the floor, some trays fell on his head.

Both of his buddies jumped back, not wanting to fight Keegan, as he could obviously execute such a powerful blow with only one move.

Darien was looking at his unexpected (Really? Or maybe he was quietly expecting that, after all?) protector in amazement. And Keegan presented himself as a mighty warrior! He heard once that somebody called him “The bull”, and there was some truth to that. He was so powerful and so… manly looking. Darien even caught curious glances directed at Keegan from some of the girls in the cafeteria. Uhhh! Darien swore under his breath. What was wrong with him?

“What’s going on here?!” The voice of Mr. Jones was barely audible in a rowdy school cafeteria. Mr. Jones was a math teacher, and he knew all the boys involved.

Darien sprang to his feet. “Adam Donnell attacked me and Keegan Byrne helped to fight him off!” He could see the faces of Declan and Nathan.

They seemed to silently scream: “Snitch!”

Mr Jones furrowed his eyebrows. “All three of you, principal’s office! Now!”

Donell was on his feet already, his face winced with anger. He looked at Darien with narrowed eyes – and curiously – didn’t look at Keegan at all!

None of the boys said anything. They silently followed Mr. Jones through the school’s corridors. Darien walked side by side with Keegan, and even one time he caught his glance, but he could read the other boy’s face.

They waited before the principal’s office for about a minute, as only Mr. Jones went in.

After that Ms. Feldon, the secretary, called them in as well.

The principal, Mr. Roland, was sitting in a big comfortable chair and as soon as he saw them, his eyes narrowed. He was a big man, a former and semi-successful football player. Quite the jerk… as far as Darien was concerned.

“Well, boys, boys, boys. I had a hard day and now this? What happened? Are you messing up again?” His voice was deep, yet clearly annoyed. “Donell, let’s start with you.”

“Why with him? I was attacked first!” Darien just could not stop himself.

“Shhh. Donell, go on.”

Adam Donell went ahead and sat on the chair, just in front of the principal. He sighed.

“I was just politely protesting the unfair dealings of Ms. Darby in distributing the cupcakes! Present here Darien Anderson, who was granted an extra cupcake, started the name-calling, saying I was a child and will likely become fat, if not for my gym workouts. After that, I was brutally attacked from behind by his fanatically loyal protector, thrown on the floor, met with laughs and humiliation. But he was far from over, when I barely managed to stand up, he charged me like a crazy bull, ready to kill, he kicked me in my stomach, I really felt like my liver was on the brink of splitting and bleeding to death…”

“Stop it, you motherfucker!!!” Darien almost jumped in the air. “You lying scumbag…”

“MISTER ANDERSON!!! You forget yourself! Watch your dirty mouth here!” Principal Roland got up pointing his finger in Darien’s direction. He was furious.

“I told you, principal Roland!” Donell was whining. “I told you! He is aggressive, offensive and vulgar, don’t let his small posture fool you, that one had a bad mouth, he starts name-calling with no reason at all, I’m just telling you what happened as a fact and look for yourself, he went ballistic!”

Keegan grunted. “Excuse me, principal Roland. There are security cameras inside the school cafeteria. It would be easy to check who really started the fight and who charged whom. The testimony of Adam Donell may not be entirely accurate, believe me, as he has a long and well-known history of bullying Darien Anderson, and there are multiple witnesses of such behaviors.” Keegan said it with his hands crossed over his chest, his voice calm and almost nonchalant.

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