Three Bikers and a Needy Mommy

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It was the day before Christmas and our Biker Club met to choose and divide into groups of three to make a run to visit several needy single ladies with children and present each of them and their children with some beautifully wrapped presents.

This was our biggest charity event of the year and besides the great feeling of the gift of giving we made sure one of our guys in each group of three had a camcorder to corroborate and prove the event from the moment of the first knocking on the door, too presentation of the gifts, recording the smiles of a grateful mom and the laughter of the kids in receiving gifts that otherwise would have made for a very bleak Christmas. The next club meeting would include each group’s video presentation of their visit with the winning 2 or 3 videos to be copied and turned over to 3 of our local Los Angeles Television Newsrooms who always showed the good side of biker’s and this was our 5th year…so we already knew who would likely use a clip or two of our videos showing bikers were not all bad.

We did the choosing on the basis of seniority of the oldest guys in the club. Just as we all learned as kids when choosing up sides for a ball game; we took turns until everybody had a chance to team up. If one or two were left without being picked, we put ’em in the club panel truck used for our annual long-run to Sturgis and other places, to provide repairs, tools, and equipment…perhaps even transportation should one of our members bike break-down. Yep, we were a tight group and rock-solid as brother bikers who were sworn to look out for one another.

At 72, I was the oldest and the ‘father confessor’ so I went first. I should explain we all had titles and the one they put on me was due to a bit of respect because I was a retired cop with a J.D in Law who loved to ride; and if someone was in legal trouble or arrested I could put on a simple suit I always carried on our rides and post bail, then represent him in court. Yeah, the guys all loved ‘father confessor’ and I damn well loved all the wonderful bastards in return.

Bob and Jack were my best buds and no other team leader would dare choose any of those two knowing I would exercise my right as ‘father confessor’ to object (on religious and legal grounds…ha-ha…) and declare ‘deference by rule of precedence’ which they all understood means they had made a bad choice and had better quickly choose again…ha-ha…it worked every damn time. Yeah, seniority and bullshit had its privileges!

Presents firmly tucked in our saddle bags (where the hell do you think we put ’em…up our asses?)…we headed for the name and address that was given me by; Larry, an L.A.P.D. Lieutenant who was the son of my closest friend and who was killed in the line of duty (we were both young motor cops at the time). I was his kind of adopted dad as he grew up and later became a policeman following footsteps of his real father.

I was told by Lt. Larry she was a real ‘looker’ with a 4-year old daughter but when she opened the door and we saw her beautiful face and great looking kid…well man, it was like we hit the jackpot for our video. Nobody was going to have that great of a combination. And that wasn’t the half of it. This mommy was fucking stacked! I wondered why Larry had smiled and winked at me when he gave me the slip of paper with Linda’s name on it; seems he was paying me back for some of the ballgames and fishing trips I took him on as he was growing up without a dad. My wife had died 3-years earlier and I had mentioned to him at lunch how damned horny I was getting and couldn’t find a good piece of ass to save my soul. I found out later Larry learned all about Linda the night she was busted at the ‘Hello Doll’ (a local strip club in North Hollywood) during his shift just one week earlier. When he reviewed her arrest and the fact she was alone with a young daughter; he thought of our biker club’s Christmas run. Then when the dike matron on duty told him how gorgeous she was with an unbelievable perfect rack, he went to the holding tank and saw why 5 of his officers where hanging around in the jailer’s officer with big smiles on their faces and boners in their pants.

Now you know just how I got her name and even in her bulky, short-little house coat we all had big smiles and boners in our pants also. Shit, I rarely got a really good hard-on anymore. It took an exceptionally looking woman and some close contact to get a good boner and I hadn’t had anyone meeting those qualifications for many months. Yeah it was a dry year for ol’ father confessor for sure and when Jack introduced us to Linda he used my nickname ‘father confessor’ and she brightened up and took an immediate shine to me. Later I found out she had a real thing for father figures because she was brought up in a Catholic Orphanage and had no daddy…and we all know how a little girl without parents dream of having a real daddy of her very own.

Linda had a little 3-foot Christmas tree on a table in front güvenilir bahis of her apartment window and as she and her little girl opened their presents she began to sob with big tears running down her cheeks and the child letting out shrieks of joy at a stuffed teddy bear with a red ribbon around his neck. My guys and I were really touched by how our gifts provided the joy of Christmas and flooded her small apartment with a wonderful warmth of giving and receiving. And all this caught perfectly by Bob who had the video cam on the ready from our first knock at her door. The fact we all got hugs and kisses all around wasn’t too bad either. Little Shelly hugged us so tight around the neck as she jumped on our laps and gave us each a big kiss…well damn…it was just the best feeling a guy could have giving a little girl a Christmas present.

And when Linda each gave us a big hug pressing those big firm headlights of hers on our chests we all had to sit down quickly just to partially hide our rising cocks so we didn’t look outrageous to the kid. Linda just smiled and said, “don’t worry guys…I know the effect I have on men and you all are so nice and obviously real men. Would you like a beer?”

I don’t think I ever had a woman lay such a great hug of bodacious ta-tas, compliment me on my manhood, provide me with an instant boner then follow all that up with the offer of a beer. Hell, we all began to laugh out loud when Bob said, “you beautiful doll, here we came to give you and your daughter, Shelly a present and you are now giving us all a better present back”. As she gave us each a brewski she slowly bent down giving us each an individual perfect look at her fantastic tits with big puffy nipples and kissed us each on the lips. The way she did it was like a true stripper (which she was) and also in a way to hide what she did from her little girl showing she had class as a mommy. But I want to emphasize this point because it shows how things developed that will make sense later when I tell you just what she said as I got my kiss and peek of her tits.

Now remember I was the old guy in the group and looked more like a grandfather than a dad with long white hair, pulled back and fastened with a clip in queue style (unbraided). She leaned over with a big smile, handed me a beer and pulled her robe open much wider than for Bob and Jack which cause one guy to whistle and the other give out an ‘oo la la’. To top it all off she gave me a wonderful kiss with just a hint of her pointy, sexy tongue slipped ever so slightly between my lips. Then she reached back and took a hold of my queue and whispered in my ear with her warm breath giving me a shiver from my ear to my hard cock and said, “would you be my father confessor today? I’ve been looking all my life for a daddy…think about it and give me an answer later this afternoon if you’d like to come back to hear my confessions.”

The guys saw this extra attention with much whispering, smiling and winking at me for my good fortune as we sipped our beers. Our faces were bright red from Linda’s great gift of tits and kisses. It took a good hour and another round of beers to wipe of the grin and return our cocks to a more normal state but damn, every little movement (even innocent ones) by Linda just fucking refreshed our memory of what was under her little robe so none of us was ever under a ‘half-mast’ condition during our entire visit.

When Bob got up and announce he had to ‘take a leak’, Linda asked Jack to get the second round of beers. When he was out of view, Linda put her hands behind her head as if to stretch as if yawning bringing those huge firm breasts of hers to a pronounced uplift and thrusting to an eye-popping view obviously directed at me (again more attention than toward the others). As she stretched so wonderfully she asked, “are you really a preacher or father in some kind of church?”

“Nah” I said, as I put the first beer down over my rising cock in a natural manner to hide my boner…shit the metal can pressing down on my rising cock let me know just how hard my dick could get with this excellent piece of young womanhood obviously coming on to me for some strange reason (remember, I didn’t know she was an orphan with a father fixation yet).

She silently mouthed the words, “call me later ok?”

I mouthed back, “How…what’s your phone number?”

Just then Jack returned with the beers so she shook her head and made a gesture that she would wait until we had a private moment so I could learn more. But that moment never came and I was getting more and more frustrated with the desire to get her number and make the call. Finally I got the idea that my personal business cards I carry would not be out of place if presented correctly so I decided I would hand it to her at the door on the way out.

About then Bob returned from the bathroom and Linda stood up and said, “excuse me guys…it’s my turn to go potty. Shelly do you want to go with mommy now so I can comb your türkçe bahis hair before you go to the movies to see the ‘Little Mermaid’ with Carol’s mother?”

As Shelly stood up to go with her mom to the bathroom, Linda winked at me with just a hint of a sexy smile that highlighted her statement letting me know she would be alone while little Shelly went to the movies. Oh, fuck was I getting excited knowing she was asking me to come back later and get more acquainted. The mere thought of being alone with this hot young woman was causing my heard to pound, my blood pressure to rise, and my cock to twitch with feelings I hadn’t had in many years; maybe never so much as on this occasion with Linda…I could not believe my luck. It was like a single moment a man waits for his entire life to get so excited and now was my time (and at my age maybe it would prove to be a time that would never again present itself).

When she and Shelly closed the door to the bathroom the ‘guy-talk’ started…

“Shit Paul (my real name) did you see the way that chick came on to you. Man, you are in like Flynn baby. You gotta get this babe’s phone number cuz I just know you’re gonna get laid for sure by a fucking 19 year old tight pussy with a set of unbelievable tits.”

“Fucking ‘A’, dude…I agree totally. I got some great video of her bod when she leaned over and flashed her humongous firm young titties at me. I had the camcorder in my lap to cover my hard-on and the bitch saw the red-light of the recorder and knew for damn sure I was pointing it up at her. That’s not all guys; she smiled knowing I was getting a great shot for all the guys in the club. As I made sure I got a good shot of her, she mouthed, “hope the guys back at the club like what they see on your camcorder.” I almost came in my jeans when she said that.

Paul…I couldn’t get rid of my hard-on until I went to the bathroom, took a piss and whacked-off a load of cum in her sink. I don’t know how you guys can take her fucking sexy show she’s putting on.”

“You came in her sink?” I asked, with a look of disapproval.

“Come on father confessor, you gotta know I was careful and rinsed away all the evidence. But I was thinking how I would have liked to have shot my wad all over those fantastic tits and watched her raise ’em to her lips and lick ’em clean. What a fucking beautiful babe she is…and you’re gonna get some of that I bet. Shit I would sure like to be in your shoes in a few hours when her little girl is at the movies. Did you get her phone number?”

“Not yet, and it’s driving me crazy. I don’t know how to get it. I was gonna slip her my card at the door on the way out.”

“Great idea, Paul…then later you can slip her a little something else, eh?”

As we chucked over the last comment, Linda and Shelly came out of the bathroom and Linda said, “I would have liked to have been a little mouse and heard what you naughty boys were saying while we were out of the room”.

I’ll be damned (and was very embarrassed) when Jack opened his 2-beer mouth and said, “Well I would tell all that was said, but father confessor here was telling us how frustrated he was in not having your phone number so he could call and make arrangements to hear your confessing of all your past sins, then lay his hands on your head and give you a father’s special blessing!”

That was so rude, yet was so perfect that we all started laughing so hard it caused a funny look on little Shelly’s face and she said, “mommy, is father confessor going to come back and see us again?”

“I hope so honey; I have a lot to confess to the father…a very lot.”

“What’s a confession mommy?”

“You’ll find out some day little girl. Let’s see if Carol is ready to pick you up.”

Linda picked up the phone, got a hold of Carol, and then hung up the phone shortly and within a couple of minutes little Shelly left and the guys were smart enough to know they should be leaving too…leaving me behind to hear a confession or two. LOL!

As we all got up, Linda said, “why don’t you stay a little while longer father. You guys won’t mind leaving the father behind so we can talk privately do you?”

They smiled and left without saying anything other than merry Christmas and thanks for the beers and ‘everything else’, meaning her flashing them her beautiful large rack.

As soon as they were gone Linda closed the curtains darkening the room, turned on a record player with some very soft and slow music and poured us each four fingers of Jack Daniels Whiskey.

“Come dance with me father. I’ve always wanted to have a daddy to dance with his little girl and hold me close and tell me that I’m a good girl and how much he loves me. Could you do that for me father, could you pretend to be the daddy I’ve always wanted but never had; you could call it your special Christmas present to a big girl?”

“Honey, if you will have me, I shall adopt you this very minute (not realizing she güvenilir bahis siteleri was an orphan). Although I’m old enough to be your grandpa…I’ll be your father confessor, or your daddy, or whatever the hell you want me to be.”

Linda got a devilish grin on her sweet mouth and said; “Then hear now my sins father…I have a crush on you that I’ve never had for any man before you walked through my door today and heard you were a father. I never had a daddy to share my life growing up…I want to share my soul with you this very minute. That is, if you’ll let me. Will you? Will you let me confess the things locked inside my heart…father?”

Linda sipped her robe to the floor revealing all of her fantastic naked body. I must tell you exactly what I saw from head to toe so you’ll know the gift of her body I was about to receive.

She stood about 5’7″ tall to my 6’2″ large frame. She had delicate features for a tall woman. Her hair was dark red, and yes, it was natural as evidenced by what I will describe as I go from head to toe. She reached back extending those amazing tits of hers as she unfastened her hair and let it cascade down her smooth alabaster back.

Her face looked a little like Lauren Bacall’s with large oval eyes, a full nose, and sexy full pouty lips that always seemed to have a hint of a foxy smile that made men desire to kiss her and discover if her lips were as delicious as they looked with the promise of more to come.

Her cheeks were high and with almost dimples (not quite) but when coupled with her green eyes and red lips made a total facial package that many movie actresses would wish they could match.

And…oh was she fair and delightsome. with soft alabaster white skin that begged to be touched…medium wide shoulders, and her breasts…damn…they were absolutely fantastic. I would guess she had about a 38″-40″ bust but it wasn’t so much that her boobs were big as it was the shape of them that had driven us guys to the drooling point. And I mean fucking drooling!

They were completely natural and although very large, were shaped in the manner us guys call ‘torpedo titties’…that is, they stuck straight out showing how firm they were, with just the right amount of upturn on the tips so as to make you lick your lips over the thought of stuffing one as far into your mouth and feasting like a starving man who just had to know the feel and taste of them on this tongue.

The best way to describe her nipples would be to say they were proud, puffy, and with nice pink erasure shaped tips that were ‘nubbed’ on the ends and pronouncedly slanted upward. Just god-awful, fantastic, unbelievable tits that rich women (or their sugar daddies) wanted the plastic surgeon to give them. They were indeed a work of art!

Her frame needed a wide chest to accommodate her tits but she didn’t have an ounce of unnecessary fat so she appeared lean at the rib cage (which showed through her skin like a hungry hound) and a very narrow waist (I guessed maybe 22″-24″.

At the narrowest apex of her waist her body then flared out to nice hips matching her large boobs (not quite as large so I would say maybe 34″ at the waist. As I looked over her shoulders I noticed a mirror on the wall showing a view of her ass…and yep…you guessed it. Her rump was firm without the slightest sag with a hint of that beautiful female Negroid feature at the upper portion giving her that high-fanny (junk-in-the-trunk) look. I could only imagine her on my arm in high heels with a tight-ass skirt, bouncing those firm titties and ass all over the fucking place.

That brings us to fer legs and brother…this babe had some freaking great gams! They were long, supple, and went all the way from the floor clear up to her sweet pussy! I couldn’t really tell what was hidden under her gossimer pussy hair…but from what I could see with her legs together her beaver was perfectly trimmed with a lighter shade of red color than the hair on her head. Her bush was thick enough to hide her opening, but trimmed in a slender ‘V’ shape maybe 2 & 1/2 inches wide at the top to a point ending just above her pubis which was slightly mound shaped as compared to her flat tummy. This babe was a top-heavy, eye-opening, dream and I knew my only problem would be if we hit it off and

I took out in public I would have to fight off every asshole who wouldn’t hesitate to try and kick my ass just to get next to her body. Shit they would all be jealous of the old guy that had her by his side. No doubt…every woman would think I must be rich or famous to have such a sexy bitch at my side. Or…as Linda was suggesting…maybe most would think I really was her dear ol’ grey-haired daddy! Either way…it works for me.

Obviously my examination of her was long and detailed to the extreme. I must have looked like a little boy opening his Christmas present with big eyes and total wonderment at what he found Santa Clause had given him.

Linda finally said, “now that you’ve looked me over father, may I kneel at your feet and give you my confession?”

Without out another word she knelt at my feet and tenderly reached out to feel my swollen cock and said, “Daddy…does this hurt?”

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