Tim’s Mother Awakened Me

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This is a step into the unknown! I’ve begun to frequent ‘Emily’s Room’ in chat, and enjoy the presence of the ladies there. So wanting to try something completely different, here it is, a short story on unfamiliar territory. If you feel I’ve got it wrong so be it. One of my favourite mottos is… ‘To play without risk is to win without glory!’

* * * * *

Sitting on the side of my bed I was shaking all over. The weekend was enough of a trial for me without what had just happened.

Tim’s mum had kissed me. Not quite out of the blue, but it was unexpected, and naive as I was, it wasn’t just a peck on the cheek, it was on the lips and a little too ‘full on.’

Let me explain.

I’d met Tim at uni, we’d just finished our first term and I’d gone to uni with my mums’ words ringing in my ears.

“For gods’ sake take precautions.”

She didn’t know that I was already on the pill. I’d gone to see the nurse way back last year in school when I thought I was in love with Jimmy. He kept on at me to let him ‘go further.’

We’d messed about and got so far, but I was still a virgin mainly through fear. Finally I gave in and there followed a month of completely unsatisfactory sex where he’d be in so much of a hurry I never got anywhere near to what my friend Caitlin had told me about.

Caitlin was my best friend, who I always confided in, and she’d been that since we both went to secondary school. We’d spent most of our spare time together, with me going on holiday a couple of times with her family. We shared everything, we were really close, we even shared a bed where we’d snuggle up together and even masturbate together. That was until she began an affair with a much older guy and I had to cover for her.

Uni was on the horizon so I decided to keep taking the pill in the hope of meeting ‘someone else.’ And so it happened, I met Tim.

Tim was completely different to Jimmy. He was considerate, so much so that I thought he’d never ask me to sleep with him. When he did he was a little bit better than Jimmy, but not much. Because he was so clever and amusing, I stayed with him and then got the invite to his home for a long weekend.

I felt really nervous about it. He lived in Suffolk in a big old Manor House. His mum was an author, quite well known, who wrote historical novels. She was divorced from Tim’s dad who was an engineer for a famous car manufacturer. They’d split up three years before because of some affair or other. Tim wouldn’t really talk about it.

When we’d arrived I knew his mum saw that I was quite nervous.

“Lucy, I’ve put you in ‘Orchid.’ The rooms were apparently named after plants. “Your mother probably wouldn’t approve of me putting you two together!”

I blushed and she smiled.

“Now call me Fiona please. Tim will think it odd, but I’d prefer that, it’s more relaxed.”

Tim grunted, picked up my backpack and I followed him upstairs.

“Take no notice of mum, she likes to take control. I’m along the corridor, unfortunately she’s next door to you and the floorboards in this place are so fucking creaky.”

My room had a huge double bed, and was quite dark. It was evening, the leaded light windows were small, and the room had oak panels, it was all very dingy.

“I’ll leave you to unpack, just come downstairs when you’re ready,” Tim said.

It didn’t take me long and he was waiting in the lounge. There was a log fire burning even though it wasn’t that cold for November. His mum joined us and we made small talk until we had ‘supper.’ That’s what Fiona called it.

“Tim’s got to go and visit his gran in the morning. I didn’t think you’d want to be subjected to that, she’d probably wonder who you were anyway because she’s suffering with the early signs of dementia.”

I accepted that, and offered my apologies about grandma. I wished Tim had warned me. I was going to be left with his mum and I was still quite apprehensive about her. She was an imposing woman whose eyes seemed to be continually on me as though she was waiting for me to make some terrible ‘faux pas.’

However, bursa escort she did leave us alone, and went to bed early with yet another embarrassing warning.

“I’m going up, I’ll see you in the morning Lucy, and both of you don’t make too much noise… good night!”

My red face was glowing even brighter in the light from the fire as Tim nestled down on the sofa next to me.

“Look we can’t here, your mum’s gonna hear,” I protested, as he put his hand under my t-shirt, which was his usual preamble to sex.

“She won’t, listen she’s switched the tv on, we can hear her if she comes down.”

Tim didn’t sound convincing, but he’d already undone my bra and was stroking my nipples which always lowered my resistance. I decided to pre-empt everything, I began to unzip his jeans, leaning over to pull his semi hard cock out and I began to suck him.

He relaxed, stretching backwards in the soft expansive sofa.

I actually didn’t much like giving blow jobs. Jimmy had been my first, he loved them and always came quickly. I’d spat his semen out into a tissue the first time, but I’d weaned myself onto swallowing. His answer to that was I was too puritanical, which was odd, I just didn’t like the taste! With Tim it took a bit longer, but he’d obviously decided a blow job was better with his mum being upstairs.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” was his usual cry, although this time it was a hushed whisper.

He ejaculated and I swallowed it all, getting up to go into the kitchen for a glass of water afterwards. I knew he hated that, but he was prepared to put up with it.

Before too long he told me he was going to bed so I followed, making sure Fiona heard me entering my bedroom.

And so the morning came and Fiona knocked on my bedroom door coming directly in. She was dressed in a silk dressing gown, and went straight to the windows and pulled the curtains.

“It’s okay, no one can see into this room from outside, it’s completely obscured. There’s a dressing gown on the hook on the door, come down for breakfast, you can have a shower after Tim’s gone.”

I thanked her, feeling like I’d been given specific instructions.

I put the dressing gown on over my extra long t-shirt nightie, and went downstairs. Tim was just putting his plate in the dishwasher and Fiona was sitting at the breakfast bar eating some toast. There were all the usual breakfast things there, fruit juice, jam, marmalade, butter, and yoghurt.

Tim came up and kissed me quickly on the cheek.

“I’m off to grandma’s now, I should be back by eleven. I can show you around then.”

He kissed his mum the same way and disappeared.

“Toast, Lucy?” she asked.

“Yes please,” I replied.

“Whole meal or white?” she said, as she got up to go to the toaster.

“Whole meal please.”

The conversation was a little stunted, however I watched her as she seemed to flow around the kitchen. She was obviously wearing some quite expensive perfume which mixed with the smell of toasted bread.

“I take it you are actually sleeping with Tim?”

The question came out of the blue and I stuttered.

“Errr… yes.”

“Is he any good?”

I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me.

“Errr… yes,” I repeated, lying.

“Really? I wondered, because his dad was bloody useless!”

The whole conversation seemed quite bizarre, and completely inappropriate on every level.

I said nothing as Fiona handed me the plate with two slices of toast.

As I spread the butter, my hands were shaking.

“Coffee or tea?” she added, as though nothing out of place had been said.

“Coffee please,” I muttered in a sort of choked reply.

I watched her pour a mug full from the cafetière and put it down beside me, at the same time sitting on the next stool. Again I felt her eyes drilling into me, as I ate my toast and butter.

“Do I make you feel awkward?”

She was half turned towards me, with one elbow on the breakfast bar and her closest knee almost touching my thigh.

“No… no,” I replied uncertainly.

“I bursa escort bayan think I probably do. You see I’m not used to Tim bringing girls home yet, and I know I intimidate people, particularly women.”

I sort of turned my head, I felt I had to ‘face up’ to her.

“I can see why,” I added, “Tim didn’t warn me.”

I sort of smiled, which seemed to freeze when Fiona smiled back and her knee rubbed up against my thigh. In reflex I shifted my bottom on the stool to move my leg away from her.

“You’re a sweetie, I think I probably am scaring you, go on finish your toast.”

As she got up from the stool her hand rested on my thigh for a moment, and she squeezed it slightly. It was a weird feeling and I found my heart was beating unusually quickly.

I watched as she began to clear away the breakfast things.

“The shower’s in the bathroom at the end of your corridor by the way, Tim won’t be back for a couple of hours so you can take your time.”

I got up to go and thanked her. She smiled broadly.

“Come here.”

It was the odd way she said it, in her familiar ‘instructional’ manner.

I found myself walking over to her as she stood by the fridge. I thought she was going to hug me, so I gripped her upper arms as she leaned in. It was indeed a hug, and she whispered into my neck, “I think we’ll get on just fine.”

Then as she pulled away there was that ‘look’ again, piercing and intense. Instantly she kissed me full on the lips, holding me firmly by my shoulders for quite a few seconds.

“Now go and take that shower.”

She turned back to open the fridge and in shock I almost ran from the kitchen without saying anything.

I sat on the bed trying to make sense of what had just happened, and why my body was reacting in such a way.

Was I shocked? Yes!

Was I upset? No!

Why was there a hint of arousal? I didn’t know.

Trembling I went to the mirror and looked at my face. I was so confused. Should I tell Tim what had happened? He wouldn’t believe it, and anyway it hadn’t lasted long. But I knew, I just knew it wasn’t just a kiss. This was a full on ‘pass.’

I decided I needed to snap out of it, I’d take the shower, so I took my bath towel and wash bag and went along the corridor.

It was an old fashioned bathroom with a modern shower unit and the water seemed to wash away a lot of my anxiety. I was tempted to masturbate to feel some relief, but resisted. When I’d finished I put my dressing gown back on and listened at the door before making my way back to my bedroom.

“Lucy, I thought I’d probably shocked you a bit, please I didn’t mean to.”

My heart stopped as I saw Fiona sitting on the edge of my bed. As I entered she got up and came towards me to take my wash bag, towel and nightie.

“Sit down, I’ll dry your hair for you, have you got a brush?”

I was completely flustered, and again Fiona’s authoritative manner seemed to make me do whatever she wanted.

She guided me to the stool in front of the dressing table, and sat me down.

“There, now just relax. I always wanted a daughter so that I could do this for her.”

I was still confused, but managed to say, “There’s no need, but thank you,” and I watched both our reflections in the mirror as she began to run my hair through the towel.

“You have lovely hair, mine used to be as long as this, but I had it cut shorter in the summer, do you think it suits me?”

I didn’t know what to say so I said, “Yes, it looks very nice.”

Fiona was soon brushing it carefully, trying to free the knots and smooth it out. I could feel her body warm and close to me, occasionally rubbing against my back. I began to enjoy the whole ritual.

When the brushing was complete she finally said, “There, I think that’s done,” and she leaned forward, pushing her face into the side of my neck kissing the soft skin on my shoulder.

Again it wasn’t just a kiss or a peck, it was a kiss that she prolonged. I shuddered and it felt good, and I found myself watching her escort bursa do it in the mirror, seeing my own reaction as I closed my eyes.

When I sighed Fiona just knew. I guess I did too.

She simply continued to kiss my neck with her hand slipping over my other shoulder and sliding beneath the dressing gown until she cupped my breast.

“Oh God!” I couldn’t believe I was saying it, actually it was more of a gasp, “Fiona!”

She didn’t say anything then, withdrawing her hand. She just pulled me to my feet and turned me around.

Her lips tasted so good, her body up against me felt good too, and when she pushed me backwards towards the bed I allowed it to happen.

The kiss went on and on. Our lips and tongues wrestled gently, no kissing ever before had felt quite like this, and when I felt the edge of the bed against my calves I let Fiona lower me backwards.

“Please relax,” was all she said as she fell to her knees beside the bed and opened the front of my dressing gown. Exposed as I felt, I never wanted anything quite so badly. I spread my thighs and Fiona pressed her body forwards between them.

I felt her kiss my inner thigh, I felt her drag the tip of her tongue over my skin.

“Oh god… please!” I heard myself saying, not wanting to wait.

The groan that I gave when her tongue slid between my pussy lips was one of so much pleasure it went on and on. She was an expert at what she was doing. Delving deep, lapping back and forth and finally when she licked over my clit my whole body arched upwards.


My cry seemed to encourage her, and when I felt her fingers slide inside me, I was helpless. This was all so new. How many times I repeated, “Oh god!” I don’t know, but I did know I was going to cum like never before.

“My god Fiona, don’t stop,” I said as my thighs clamped on her body and both her tongue and her fingers brought me off.

My whole body shook and shuddered, until finally I groaned and relaxed, totally breathless.

I opened my eyes and watched her stand up, to slip off her own dressing gown. Her body was that of an older woman who kept herself in shape, she was an imposing figure. She lay down beside me, half wiping my juices from her cheeks and kissed me once again.

“That’s not happened before has it?” she asked as she helped me out of my dressing gown.

I sighed, “Never.”

I watched her as she lowered her mouth to my nipple and began to gently suck it.

I was sighing so much as her tongue did it’s work again. She hooked her leg over mine and was pressing her pussy against my thigh. I could feel how moist she was.

“Ohhhhhh, please, I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything, just lie there.”

I did, but I knew Fiona wanted more and I wasn’t sure what to do.

“Let me,” she whispered.

Fiona’s leg went between my thighs. My pussy was still wet and tingling as she seemed to move her body away from mine until she turned me on my side and pushed her pussy up against mine.

I seemed to know what to do. Jimmy used to rub his crotch on my thigh and once I made him cum in his trousers much to my amusement. This wasn’t amusing it was highly arousing. Both of us pushing up against each other, my pussy enjoying the wetness of hers, my clit rubbing against hers.

I could hear Fiona’s breathing quicken at the other end of the bed. Our hips were grinding in a rhythm and we both began to gasp. I couldn’t believe I was going to cum again, but I knew Fiona would.

Both of us reached it together, both moaning out loud. Our hips shook until we both eventually relaxed. Unlocking ourselves Fiona turned herself around and came to cuddle me.

“Thank you Lucy, you made that wonderful.”

I sighed and realised the significance of what had happened. It had awakened something inside me that seemed to have been lying dormant. I kissed her neck, we were both glistening with perspiration.

Then another reality check.

“What’s the time?” I said, “Tim’ll be back soon, what do we tell him?”

“Fiona lifted herself up on one elbow, “Nothing, it’s our secret, but I think you might have a little thinking to do.”

She was right, my whole world had been shaken. My relationship with her son had altered in a couple of hours. He would return to a very different pair of women.

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