Tomoko’s Battle for Love Ch. 01

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“…Uh h-hey… Tomoko. I know you wanted to sit down and read, but…”

“…Is something the matter?”

“I-I REALLY don’t think you should be sitting so comfortably in my lap…”

My name is Maekawa Hiroki. Your regular guy in uni.

I’ve got dyed brown hair, which I just got dyed recently, black eyes, a slightly pale but a bit tan skin tone and a pretty fucking hard boner right now.

It’s been a busy week for me since I started renting an apartment close to my university, packing and unpacking my stuff, arranging the furniture, getting a part time job, saying goodbye to my friends and relatives.

I was prepared for a new and more exciting life in the city. After living in a rural area for so long, I’m finally close to malls, cafes, I’ve basically entered what is known to be modern civilization.

Now, of course, we also had wi-fi and technology in my province, but this is different. Ever seen those super slick, cool, fine looking guys in the TV who wore those black suits with red ties?

Famous movies I watched showed me their world. And I wanted to be like them. That was the dream.

I care about my family, no doubt, but man, the life I aimed is not in the countryside, but a modern home in the city, or maybe something more crazy, like a huge mansion.

“Why? We used to do it all the time?”

She turned to look at me and tilted her head.

She’s goddamn cute, and that’s the problem.

Tomoko is my childhood friend.

With long flowing, white hair with the black headband I’ve gifted her since she was 14, brown eyes, a beautiful princess like face, and a curvy but slim figure, she was one of the hottest girls you’ll ever meet in your life.

Back in the old days, unlike us other kids, Tomoko would prefer to read books or play videogames rather than hang out with friends playing tag or hide and seek.

In the countryside, although there’s electricity and wi-fi, the signal is pretty bad. And sometimes electricity would just cut randomly and it would takes ages to fix since we lived so far away from the city.

That’s why, we would prefer playing with other kids. Roleplaying heroes and demons, catching bugs, random shit kids do, we pretty much did.

Although everyone said we’ve been the closest since our childhood, it always was difficult to understand what she was thinking.

Her eyes are always looking straight, her face never crunches up or twitches, she always had this deadpan expression, as if she never gets affected by anything. This might be weird in a real life situation but this is FUCKING ANIME LOGIC FOR FUCK’S SAKE-

Since she was my neighbor, and my mom was close to her mom, we hung out lots of times, played video games together, read books; although I loved playing outside, playing video games or reading random books was fun as well, so we hung out a lot.

Growing up, from our younger days till now, she would have the same blank expression. Her mom and dad didn’t question it though, since she had the best grades in class and never broke any rules.

She grew up from this messy haired, plain girl, to this gorgeous and fucking sexy woman that she is now. I knew I never had a chance to get with her, so did everyone, so I just treated her like my sister, and went with it.

At the end of highschool, everyone from class pretty much went their separate ways. Me, wanting to become like a classy, office guy, dreamed big and went to a private university in the city. It wasn’t the most prestigious though, it was one of the cheapest private universities so I went with it, and it was in a big town with malls and Starb*cks places in it, so I was just shaking of excitement to get here.

We always thought Tomoko would end up in one of the most prestigious universities as well. ‘She would probably end up like one of those smart looking scientists in movies’, I thought when I was a child. I also waved her goodbye when I left and travelled escort bayan to this city.


Now, for some reason…

She’s decided to study in the same university as mine and surprised me by barging in my apartment.

Auntie, her mom, called me when she barged in, and told me that that’s what Tomoko decided, and because she’s always been a good girl, she let her do what she want.

…In my case though, she said she’d kill me if she ever finds out I hurt her.

I decided to just accept the situation for today, but when I came back to my room, she suddenly decided to follow me and…

…Get my lower blood running.

“That was when we were kids! I really don’t think any grown woman would think it’s fine to sit on any random guy’s lap-“

“But you’re not a random guy. You’re Hii-chan.”

She said, again as if she was confused.

Her face never says it, since she always has that blank expression, but I’ve learned that by reading her gestures, I could kind of understand what she’s feeling.

Of course, I’m never 100% accurate. I mean, if I’m happy, I smile, and if I think something’s funny, I laugh without giving a damn about the other people in the room, so it’s tough to completely understand her.

Still, this was a problem.

This girl isn’t my sister, but I want to treat her as if she is. Any guy would love to be in my situation right now, but the girl I want to do this with is some hot, mature city girl that wears those miniskirts and bring coffee everyday to their office.

‘Calm down my Excalibur! Stop pointing towards the sky! Remind yourself, she’s like your sister. No, she IS my sister! She’s my fucking sister, she’s my fucking sister, she’s my fucking sister, she’s my fucking sister-




I’m pretty fucking sure she noticed my boner poking her plump ass, there’s no way she didn’t. If she actually didn’t, I’m gonna fucking cry, because, man, is my thing that hard to notice?

“I-I said-“

“Is it because of this?”

She asked while turning her body sideward and pointing towards…

…’My thing down there’.


“Your crotch was normal earlier, but when I sat down I felt something growing and poke me. So it was this…”

“I-if you noticed, then can you get off already? You’re making this more awkward than it should be.”

“Why? What do you mean it’s making you awkward?”


She turned towards me pushing me further.

She was wearing a pretty tacky shirt and regular jeans like what most people back in our countryside wore.

Still, it was pretty tight and with her curvy figure, even though she wasn’t wearing anything revealing, she still looked fucking sexy.

She now had her legs spread with her crotch now hitting my thing. She was wearing rough jeans, so it didn’t really feel much, but she was still sitting on me, while in a suggestive position so I was on the edge.

What’s more is that her large tits was squished right on mine, further worsening the situation.

“Wh-wh-why- because…”

She kept closing in her face at me, so I was backed to the bed.

I sat right next to my bed to rest my torso on the side.

It was late evening that time, and I wanted to just browse some stuff on my phone, when she suddenly came along and sat on my crotch

We were both in my room. Which was a small space with only a few of my unpacked stuff.

There was a small bed that came with the apartment. I didn’t question its sanitation though, since it looked clean enough and I couldn’t be bothered to get a moving company to deliver a mattress here.

“Y-you know, for some reason, you’re oddly talkative today.”

I said, still backed to the bed.


She kept quiet for a moment.

“Why is this making you feel awkward?”

She said, avoiding the topic.

*rub rub*

Her kocaeli escort bayan body kept rubbing against me as she did so.

“S-stop moving around!”

I said, feeling a bit agitated.

‘What’s the hell is with this fucking temptress? Who in the world summoned this goddamn succubus in this world?’

I thought.

She kept squirming, making me feel even more… ugghh…

‘I can’t have an accident like this!’

I gulped as I prepared to scold her.

“Tomoko! I’m so fucking pent up right now! So please fuck off if you don’t want to cause something!”

“Pent up? What does that mean?”

‘Eugh… I knew she was sheltered but I didn’t know she was that ignorant about things like this. I don’t want to be the one to have to explain these things to her. Maybe that’s the reason why she’s not getting away from me-‘

“I do know you’re sexually aroused though. Is that what it means?”

I raised my eyebrow hearing this.

“So you do fucking know! Get off of me then, damn it!”

“…but this feels good, right?”


She started squirming more. She wasn’t humping me, per say. More like, she was bumping on to me, pushing her hips towards my crotch and pulling away for some reason.

It was as if she had no idea at all about how a penis works.


Unlike earlier, I was feeling less turned on. I’m more confused as to what she’s doing.

“I’m not experienced in sexual stuff, but I do know you men love it when… women are close and stick against your crotch right?”

“T-tomoko…why are you-“

“If I satisfy you, you won’t ever leave me, right?”

My eyes widened as I looked at her.

Although, her expression’s still kind of blank, her eyebrows were pointed up a bit to the center, as if she was feeling some sadness.

“Tomoko…you little brat…”

I placed my hand on her head and stared at her.

“I just left for uni. Even if I love the city so much, I’m not gonna forget and abandon you just like that.”

“…But you were complaining when you saw me here.”

“Because you’re a girl and I’m a guy. You can’t just surprise me by telling me you want to live here. There are reasons why we can’t stay together. And besides, I’ve always wanted to live alone.”

“Why? I’ve always went to your room back in the province.”

“That was different. My mom and dad are there, and your mom came to pick you up when it’s getting dark. I came here because I wanted to live my life alone, without responsibilities. And besides, we’re adults now, Tomoko.”

“But…Why do you want to live alone here? Do you love the city that much that you were just gonna leave us? And what does us being grown up connect to any of this?”

“This is the place where my dreams can come true. Everyone did the same! Going to uni here and getting a good job was my aim. I wanna be like those guys in the movies, with suits and all. I can’t stay and tend to my family’s small time store forever.”

“…Why didn’t you tell me?”

I suddenly realize, hearing this.

“…I-I’m sorry. I… I thought you were gonna be too busy with your uni preparations. Studying and all.”

The last time we saw each other. I waved her goodbye to leave to the city.

Tomoko has always been quite close to me, but with that blank expression of hers, it was always difficult to understand her.

Not knowing how she’d react, I just thought it’d be better if I didn’t bother her preparations for uni and let my parents instead be the ones to explain to her where I left.

It might seem a bit cold-hearted, but Tomoko is leagues away from us, she was the top scorer that even challenged national level exam scorers. We all believed she would be preparing and studying hard to get into a difficult university.

“I wasn’t busy though.”

“…but, just like I said-“

“I’ll never be busy for you.”

She kocaeli escort said as she scooted closer, nearing her face to mine, while gripping my shirt tightly.


I felt a bit embarassed, suddenly getting her all riled up like this, although her blank expression is pretty much the same.

“…I’m sorry. I’ll make sure to tell you if anything happens again.”


She kept staring at me, without saying a word.

“A-anyway, what about you? I’m shocked as well! Why did you decide to go to my uni? It’s just a small cheaper university compared to the big ones. I thought you were gonna get a scholarship and study in a-“

“I wasn’t planning to go to university.”

I squinted my eyes hearing this.

“What? Why? You were the best student in our school! Don’t you have any plans for the future?”

“My plans were ruined when you decided to come here.”

Again, I sat there confused.

“How do I play into any of this? What do you mean-“


For some reason, she randomly just decided… to smudge her head on my chest.



She rubbed her face as if one would be after a shower with a towel.


Feeling guilty about earlier, I decided to just let her be.

‘Goddamn, she really is still just a kid. Hard to be a brother-like figure for her, when she’s already got the brains and body of a mature woman, but sometimes, moments like this, remind me that Tomoko is still the same Tomoko.’

For a while, she kept going, not caring about me feeling embarassed about the whole situation.



…but then, she finally spoke.


Hearing her speak, I, who had my head towards the ceiling light, feeling awkward, turned towards her, who still had her face plunged on my chest.

“What is it?”


She then turned up to look at me.

“That’s your dream, right? That’s… what will make you happy?”


I scratched my head, hearing such a serious question.

“Uh, yeah. I think it will.”


She looked down for a bit, before turning back at me.

“I won’t try to stop you then. You can chase after your dream.”

“…What are you, my mom? Hahahaha…”

I tried lightening the mood, but she kept a serious look at me.

“But please…

…let me stay here with you.”


Hearing this, I again scratched my head.

“Uhhh, why-“


She pleaded me, as if she’s already decided from the very start.

She gripped my shirt tightly as she said this.


I sighed then placed my index finger and thumb on my face, feeling exhausted from everything.

“Do what you want.”


I closed my eyes for a second, feeling a bit tired.




Seeing that she was quiet for a while though, I opened my eyes to look at her.


“Thank you.”

She suddenly hugged me tight, again plunging her face on my chest.

For a second there, it felt like, I… saw her smiling.

Was that just my imagination? Well, whatever.

‘Guess I just have to deal with her from now on, huh?’

I thought as I patted her back.


She then pulled back and looked at me again.

“What do we do about this?”

She asked pointing to my… thing.

“Get the fuck off of me.”



Tomoko: “Which suited man from the movies did you want to become like?”

Hiroki: “The super cool one. He’s always so professional, and charismatic and so cool!”

Tomoko: “Which one? There are lots of them.”

Hiroki: “The one that goes… BANG BANG!”

Tomoko: “…”

Tomoko: ‘James B*nd!?’


To those wondering when the erotic scenes really start, they start at chapter 4, but the finishing starts at chapter 5.

This story is about two first timers that are slowly introduced to sex mainly due to Tomoko lusting for Hiroki.

The sex scenes are slowly introduced between the characters.

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