Trials Ch. 04: Crossing Boundaries

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“Ok girls,” Justin said, taking out his notepad as the girls all sat around him. “How have your latest trials been going?”

“Great,” Kelly spoke up. “All the pills work exactly like you said they would. I don’t think we need to run anymore trials.”

“No, we do,” Justin corrected her. “The fact that its all going well so far is a great sign, but we’re far from finished. We’re still only testing the pills out individually. Once I feel we have enough data, we’ll need to mix and match.”

“That’s going to be a lot of fun,” Lindsey smiled.

“Definitely,” Becky nodded.

“Becky,” Justin said, turning to her. “How did your trials go?”

“Amazing,” Becky beamed. “I’ve given the big load pills to six guys this week, and they all shot big loads.”

“Good,” Justin nodded, quickly jotting it down as she spoke. “But how many of them had you been with before?”

“Only three,” Becky said, turning away from him. The girls knew Justin didn’t like them using the pills on new guys. He wanted to be able to compare to what they normally did.

“Ok,” Justin sighed, feeling a little frustrated. He had been telling them non-stop that it only worked if they had been with the guys before. “Well, tell us about them anyway.”

“Ok,” Becky perked up. “Of the three I had already fucked, two of them had pretty small loads, and they both got way bigger. I gave one of them the big dose. The last time I fucked him, it was just some small dribbles, and this time he shot five big ropes. They went pretty far too.”

“Good,” Justin nodded, writing it all down.

“One of them had a decent sized load already, and I gave him the small dose,” Becky said. Everyone listened attentively while Becky spoke and Justin wrote. “He went from two shots to four.”

“Ok,” Justin nodded. “And what about the guys you hadn’t been with before. Those aren’t the best trials, but its all still useful information.”

“They all shot big loads,” Becky said. “I gave them all the medium dose.”

“Were their loads all the same size?” Justin asked.

“No,” Becky shook her head. “They were all big, but one was really big. Like almost as big as yours.”

“Really?” Justin said, looking interested. “Maybe you can go back to him. Try giving him different doses.”

“Sure,” Becky agreed, happy to do it.

“Good. Kelly, what about you,” Justin said, turning to Kelly.

“The orgasm pills all work,” Kelly said proudly. “I even fucked this one dork from one of my classes. He’s not hot, didn’t have a big dick, and I normally would never fuck him, but I had three orgasms.”

“Jesus,” Lindsey said in awe. “And you didn’t even like him, like at all?”

“No,” Kelly shook her head. “He was a total zero. But I still came. The pills work great.”

“Excellent,” Justin smiled, writing it all down.

“I think I’m gonna start using the big dick pills now,” Kelly said. “Like Liz,” she added, and Lindsey and Cassie both giggled.

“Uh, how has that been going Liz?” Justin said, turning to his sister. Asking the other girls about their trials was easy, but asking Liz was still awkward.

“Good,” Liz said, not meeting Justin’s eye. “I’ve done four trials this week.”

“All big dick trials?” Kelly asked in a teasing way.

“Yes,” Liz said and rolled her eyes.

“Since when are you such a size queen,” Becky laughed.

“I’m not,” Liz said, unable to stop her blush from spreading across her face.

“You’ve tested the big dick pills on four guys this week,” Kelly pointed out. “I think that makes you a size queen.”

“It does not,” Liz said. “It makes me a scientist, right Justin?”

“Uh, it, uh, right,” Justin said, seeming to snap out of a momentary trance. “That’s right, this is all for science.”

“Fine, tell us about your big dick science then,” Kelly said, and Becky laughed again.

“The pills work,” Liz said, still not looking at Justin. “I mean, I’ve only fucked one of them before, and he grew like three inches.”

“Damn,” Kelly said, looking impressed.

“How big was he before,” Justin asked.

“Like four inches,” Liz said, and Kelly laughed again. “But he grew to seven with the big dose.”

“Good,” Justin nodded.

“What about Damon?” Cassie asked, and Liz blushed even deeper.

“Damon,” Kelly said, looking at Liz, “She doesn’t mean Damon Watson does she?”

“Ya,” Liz nodded. “I went out with him two days ago. He was really good.”

“How big was he?” Kelly asked for everyone.

“Well, I don’t know how big he normally is,” Liz said, “but he was like eight inches, and thick too.”

“Damn, that’s almost as big as Justin,” Cassie pointed out.

“Ya,” Liz nodded, still not looking at Justin.

“Uh, ok, good,” Justin said, not looking at Liz either. “Well, please try to test the pills on guys you’ve already been with if you can. Liz, maybe go back to Damon and give him the bigger dose, and see how much bigger it gets.”

“Ok,” Liz agreed, having already planned on doing just that.

“Cassie,” Justin said, turning to her.

“I only did one test this week, seks hikayeleri sorry,” she said. “I fucked a guy I dated last year. I gave him the big load pill and me the orgasm pill. I came twice and his load was really big. And thick too.”

“Thicker than normal,” Justin asked, already writing it down.

“Definitely,” Cassie nodded. “It was almost too thick.”

“No way,” Becky chimed in, “I love it like that, all thick and creamy.”

“I like when its thinner, and shoots out,” Cassie said.

“It can shoot out when its thick too you know,” Becky said, and they all laughed.

“Not like it can when its watery,” Cassie retorted. “The thick ones can fly a little, but the watery ones can go all over the place, like Justin’s.”

“Justin’s loads are thick sometimes,” Becky said.

“It depends on how long its been since you came last,” Justin said. “If it’s been a long time, it’ll be thicker. If you’ve been fucking a lot, it’ll be thinner. I’m thinking about trying to develop a pill to affect the viscosity. So you can make it thicker or thinner whenever you want”

“Ya, do it,” Becky said excitedly.

“That does sound kind of nice,” Kelly nodded.

“How does the long-term big load pill affect all that?” Lindsey asked.

“Honestly, I’m not totally sure,” Justin said. “I feel like my loads have been a bit thicker than before. I’ve been having so much sex lately that it’s hard to judge.”

“What do you think would happen if you took the one time big load pill?” Becky asked.

“My load would be bigger,” Justin said simply.

“Ya, but like, how much bigger?” Becky asked again.

“I don’t know, I haven’t tried it yet,” Justin shrugged.

“Lets try it right now,” Lindsey said, and Becky and Cassie both quickly agreed.

“Which dose?” Kelly asked.

“The biggest one,” Becky said. “Let’s just go right for it. I want to see just how big a load he can shoot.”

“I’m in,” Lindsey said.

“Me too,” Cassie agreed.

“Is Liz going to take the notes again?” Kelly asked, and they all turned to Liz. She looked uncomfortable, but she nodded her head reluctantly. As weird as it all still was, she very much wanted to see her brother’s cock again. And she wanted to see what the big load pill would do to him too. He had already shot the biggest load she had ever seen, so giving him the big dose was going to be crazy.

“Uh, ok,” Justin said, turning away from Liz. “Is anyone else going to take any?”

“I want an orgasm pill,” Kelly said.

“Me too,” Cassie said.

“I’m gonna take a big tit pill,” Lindsey said. “I haven’t done it since the first time, and I miss those big tits.”

“I want to take the attractive one,” Becky said. “And see if it makes his load even bigger.”

“Hold on,” Justin said. “That might fuck up the trial. Being more attracted to you might affect the size of my load too, and if you’re all going to be involved then that would just complicate the whole thing even more. Lets hold off on that one for a while.”

“Ok,” Becky agreed sadly. Justin began handing out the pills to the girls, and he took the big dose of the big load pill, hoping it wouldn’t go bad. His loads were already really big after taking the long-term pill for two months. And based on Becky’s trials, the one-time pill worked quite well. She had only tried the big dose out on one guy, so this would be new for all of them. They all went up to Kelly’s room together, and then started undressing once they were inside. Justin watched with a big grin as their beautiful bodies came out. He still couldn’t believe he got to see all these hotties naked, let alone fuck them all.

“Well, get that big cock out for us,” Kelly said, and he quickly pulled his pants down. They shoved him down on the bed, and then they were all over him. Becky and Kelly worked his cock, while Lindsey bent over his head. Her tits had already grown from the pill, and Justin began playing with them. Liz was in her seat in the corner, staring at Justin’s cock hungrily. Cassie walked over to her, took her hand, and pulled her towards the bed. They climbed on, and Cassie went about undressing Liz.

“Uh, Justin, has your cock gotten even bigger in the last week?” Kelly asked.

“Ya,” Justin said, taking his mouth off Lindsey’s nipple. “I started taking the long-term big dick pill again for a week. I’m done now though.”

“Good, if this thing gets any bigger we’re not going to be able to do anything with it,” Kelly said.

“Speak for yourself,” Becky said, and dove down on his cock. She took it nearly to the base, and stayed there for a moment. Becky and Kelly went back to sucking his cock, while Lindsey bent over him, and Cassie ate out Liz next to them. The room quickly filled with the sounds of sucking and moaning. After a few minutes they all switched. Cassie took Kelly’s place beside Becky, and Lindsey moved over to Liz. Kelly leaned over Justin’s head, and he started playing with her tits. They kept going like that for a while, occasionally swapping spots.

Justin sex hikayeleri was loving the tag team blowjob he was getting. He reached out blindly with his hands, and found bodies on either side of him. His left hand was on a stomach, and it slowly crept along the tight body until it found a nice soft pair of big tits. His right hand found a leg, and inched its way up to a nice wet pussy, and started fingering it. Kelly swung a leg over his head, and lowered her pussy onto his face so he couldn’t see anything.

Justin let his hands do their work to the unknown bodies, while he got a double blowjob, and ate Kelly out from underneath her. He could feel himself starting to get close, and already it felt like it was going to be massive. Once Kelly came, she climbed off of his head, and he looked around. He saw that one of his hands was fingering Cassie, who looked like she was thoroughly enjoying it. He turned his head, and his eyes went wide as he saw his other hand squeezing his sister’s tit. Lindsey was between her legs, eating her out, and Liz had her head thrown back, but she must know it was Justin massaging her tits. It was the best feeling tit he had ever felt, big and soft and perfect. He felt his orgasm coming on fast.

“Oh shit,” he said, taking his hand out of Cassie’s pussy, but not off Liz’s tit. “Oh man, here it comes,” he groaned. Becky came off his cock, and started jerking him off with both hands. The rest of the girls all got down by his legs to watch the show. Liz stayed where she was, with Justin still kneading her tit. Justin let out a deep groan, and then it started.

The first shot was thick and white, and flew high into the air. The girls all let out noises of shock as the rope flew up, and then fell down onto Becky’s face. A second, equally big rope shot up, just as high, and then landed on Cassie. Big thick ropes shot out one after the other. They all watched in awe as cum rained down around them. Justin knew he was supposed to be counting, but it felt too good. Lucky for him the girls were all counting. When the eighth big rope of cum shot up none of them could believe it. And it didn’t stop there. Justin shot a total of eleven big thick ropes of cum before it finally subsided. In the middle he felt Liz’s tit shaking in his hand, and he glanced over briefly, and could tell she was cumming too as she watched it.

“Holy fucking shit,” Kelly said once it was done. “That was without a doubt the biggest load ever.”

“I counted ten shots,” Lindsey said, her eyes wide.

“Eleven,” Becky corrected her. “And they were all thick too.”

“But not too thick,” Cassie said, already scooping cum into her mouth. “They were just right.”

“I feel like I have five guy’s loads on me,” Kelly laughed, looking at all the cum that had gotten on her, “and most of it didn’t even get on me.”

“What did that feel like,” Becky asked Justin.

“Amazing,” he sighed, finally letting go of his sister’s tit. “I’ve never felt anything like that.”

“We should see how big your second load is,” Becky suggested, and instantly went back to sucking Justin’s cock. Lindsey joined her, as did Cassie. Kelly went over to Liz, and they started making out. Justin watched, and then saw Liz’s hands on Kelly’s tits, rubbing his cum into them. When they broke the kiss, Liz bent down, and took Kelly’s tit in her mouth. Justin watched as Liz licked his cum off of Kelly’s tits. He stared longingly as his sister licked and sucked his cum off of Kelly’s nice big tits.

He felt the mouths leave his cock, and looked down to see the girls moving about. Becky was climbing on top of Cassie, while Lindsey was getting on top of Justin. He took her hips in his hands as she lowered herself down onto him. Her pussy felt especially tight as his cock slid into it.

“Oh fuck, you really do feel bigger,” Lindsey said, a strained look on her face. “I don’t think you need to take anymore big dick pills.”

“You already had the biggest cock any of us had ever seen,” Kelly pointed out, with Liz still playing with and sucking on her tits. “Why did you make it bigger again?”

“I don’t know,” Justin lied. The truth was that he had also noticed his sister exclusively trying out the big dick pills. It was clear enough to Justin, even if it wasn’t to her, that she had a thing for big dicks. Even if she hadn’t before, she did now. He had seen the way she looked at his dick, and that was hotter than anything else. He would never admit that he was wildly attracted to his big sister, but deep down he knew it. And he wanted her to like him too. More than anything he wanted to impress her with his sexual prowess, the way he had always been impressed by her. And with Liz clearly being on the hunt for big dicks, Justin didn’t want anyone to beat him. He intended to be the biggest dick his sister saw, no matter what.

The news that a big black star athlete had come close to his size was rather distressing. But that had been before they saw that he had grown again. Lindsey might be struggling with it, but Justin could see the look in Liz’s eyes as she stared at it. It was exactly what he wanted. He didn’t even care how big he got, just as long as he was the biggest hottest dick his sister saw. And if he made sure to keep it that way, then maybe she might do more than just watch.

“Well if you get any bigger, its going to be pretty hard to fuck you,” Lindsey said, as she slowly rode his cock. Her face was all scrunched up, and she was clearly struggling with his size. “It already feels too big for me.”

“Let me try,” Kelly said. “I’ll tell you if its too big or not.”

“No, its still my turn,” Lindsey said, still grinding slowly on Justin’s cock.

“Well then it must not be too big,” Kelly laughed.

“Its not too big yet,” Lindsey said, beginning to pant slightly. “But it will be if it gets any bigger. I’d already prefer if it was a little smaller. I liked it better before. Now it feels like its stretching me open.”

“Sorry,” Justin said, with his hands on Lindsey’s hips as she gently rode him. She did feel incredibly tight, but he wished she would pick up the pace a little. He had already cum, and she was moving so slow that it felt like he was just stuck inside her.

“Don’t be sorry yet,” Cassie said. “Lindsey is the smallest girl here. She might be the only one who thinks its too big. We’ll all have to get our turn before we make any judgements.”

“Ok,” Justin nodded, “anyone else want a turn?”

“Hey, I’m not done yet,” Lindsey said, still lifting her butt slowly up and down.

“I think you’re going a little too slow for Justin,” Cassie said. “Its not your fault,” she added. “But maybe he is too big for you now. Why don’t you let me take a go, and Becky can finish you off.”

“Fine,” Lindsey sighed, and climbed off of Justin with a sad defeated look. She lay down, and Becky quickly climbed on top of her, and began playing with her big tits. Cassie took Lindsey’s spot on top of Justin. He took her hips in his hands, and then she was lowering herself down onto him. She felt very tight, but not as tight as Lindsey.

“Fuck, you do feel bigger,” Cassie said, and for a moment Justin started to get worried. He hadn’t made any way of reversing the long-term pills, and if he over shot it then he might have fucked the whole thing up. “But not too big,” Cassie added, and Justin let out a sigh of relief. “You probably shouldn’t take anymore though,” Cassie said. “Or if you do, make it the one-time pill. Lindsey’s right that if you get any bigger than this it might be too much.”

“Or maybe you two are just being pussies,” Kelly said. “I think his cock looks perfect. And Liz is the real big cock expert here. What do you think Liz? Does Justin’s cock look too big?” Justin and Liz both looked at each other, their eyes met, and they both turned away blushing.

“It definitely looks really big,” Liz said, staring at Justin’s cock as Cassie rode it. “But its hard to judge without trying it out myself.”

“Are you saying you’re finally ready to take a go at Justin’s cock?” Kelly asked excitedly.

“No,” Liz said quickly. “I cant do that. I’m just saying that its hard to judge if its too big or not by just looking.”

“Then maybe you should do more than just look,” Kelly goaded her. “We all know you want to, and we all know Justin wants you to. Why don’t you two just stop pretending and get it on already.”

“Because he’s my brother,” Liz said. “We can’t do that.”

“Babe, you’re sucking his cum off my tits as we speak,” Kelly pointed out. “And he just came a river while he grabbed your tit. You’ve already crossed the line, why not just do what we all know you both want to?” No one said anything for a moment. Liz was thinking about it. Part of her knew that Kelly was right. She did want to try Justin’s huge cock. And they had already crossed the line. But she just wasn’t ready to take that last step yet.

Justin didn’t need to think about it at all. He wanted nothing more than to have his sister do anything or everything to his cock. He would be happy with her just touching it. He wouldn’t say it out loud, because he knew she wasn’t there yet, but he wanted it. And he thought that Kelly was right, Liz wanted it too, she just needed more time. Justin knew that if he waited, the payoff would be worth it. And in the meantime, he got to fuck the others.

“I’m not going to fuck my brother,” Liz said, trying to sound offended and coming up just short.

“What about sucking it,” Becky suggested. “We all want to see how deep you can take it.”

“I’m not going to suck my brother’s cock either,” Liz said angrily. “Now if you don’t drop it I’m leaving.”

“Ok, leave her be, we still need her to take the notes,” Justin said. In reality he just didn’t want her to leave. He would rather her be there to watch and occasionally join in a little bit then not be there at all. She wasn’t even taking notes anymore; she was fully participating, just not with Justin directly. But he wanted her in the bed.

“It really is big Justin,” Cassie moaned softly as she rode his cock. He could feel her tight wet pussy hugging his cock tightly. He felt her pace quicken a bit, as well as her breathing, and then she was vibrating slightly, having a nice orgasm as she rode him. She fell down off of him as her orgasm subsided.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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