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Thank you to editors Non de Plume and Experienced Storyteller.



Tony stretched; as he resisted getting out of bed. He recalled the day; and smiled. His LeeAnn was returning today. The beautiful woman that fed his sexual fantasies and made them realities, would warm his bed tonight. He flexed his arms and thumped his abs, thinking of the last time they had been together. She had exploded in his arms and his smile was satisfied and feral as he remembered.

Five nights he had been without the sultry laugh and caressing eyes that so boldly inspected him. When she thought; he wasn’t looking, she gave him these hungry, clothes stripping, intense stares. Tony like to have her lusting for him, but it was puzzling she wouldn’t explain her reasons. A mystery.

Today he had work to do. His work- out took an hour, shower, then attending to a few manly duties, breakfast and then an hour’s meditation. As Tony left the bedroom and headed for his quiet, meditation room, he laughed at the men who made off color jokes about Tantric sex. It was clear they had no idea; what could be done; when the mind and body were powerful and in shape. He was both.

Tony looked at her gift on the night stand. It was an expensive risk. The smooth gold collar with a sun and moon set in tiny diamonds, dangling from the polished edge.

He had thought about offering her a traditional collar, the leather and studded circle of humiliation. And then; he realized that she would only wear it when she was in his house. Tony wanted a daily reminder of who was in control of her mind and body. Every single second, minute, hour and day, heavily weighted emphasis for her to carry and feel; holding him in her mind, constantly.

He had the classic gold circle custom made, a fine piece of jewelry, that complemented her severe business suits and professional air. It was the symbolism that was most important to him. Not only was it a constant reminder to her, but a silent warning to knowledgeable men. She was his.


LeeAnn sat in the center airplane seat, her personal space invaded by arms and elbows of her large, masculine fellow passengers. She was as squashed as a cream filling between two cookie halves. She relaxed and thought of Tony, his salt and pepper hair and well exercised body; his fantastic way of loving escort her beyond her ability to cope. His knowing, dark and sexy stare that left her feeling exposed. She closed her eyes and willed the plane to fly faster. LeeAnn was working herself into a state of arousal.

Ever so slowly, the young man at the window seat experimentally sniffed the air. There was a scent he couldn’t identify, but he could tell it came from her. Not unpleasant, just different and curious.

The man in the aisle seat was older and more experienced; he understood the tantalizing whiff of desire when he smelled it. Obviously, some bastard was a lucky man. The woman next to him a classic example of a lady; and he enjoyed her as a beautiful example of her sisterhood.

The cab brought LeeAnn to Tony’s door. God, she couldn’t wait to get his mouth on hers and feel his body under her hands. Desire strong enough to make her want to growl; as Tony often did to release the tension.

Tony answered the door, casually leaning across the opening. “Good morning. What are you selling today?” he conversationally blocked her from walking in.

“Fifteen minutes of hot, dirty sex,” she snapped, perturbed to be this close and have him play the reluctant man. She wanted what she needed, and it had better be soon.

“Very good answer lady. Come right in.” The sexy smooth invitation luring her as candy to a child.

Strong arms encircled her with; the promise of protection and strength, as Tony kissed his woman. LeeAnn kissed back with the pent-up emotions of a five-day abstinence.

She dropped her briefcase, purse and carry on as Tony aggressively pushed her against the wall and trapped her with his body. He could smell what her problem was, and it felt a satisfaction that he caused this beautiful woman to desire him with savage lust.

The hard smash of lips, harsh demand of anticipated release and satisfaction.

They shed their clothes on the way to the bedroom. Tony pushed her rudely on the mattress and with her legs at the end of the bed, she felt his swift, sharp penetration as she landed on her back.

“Ohhh,” wobbly exclamations of frantic desire started trembling; and LeeAnn wrapped her legs around his back, trapping Tony this time, as raging movements started their deep fires.

It was over in ten. Fifteen escort bayan minutes was a generous estimation of either of their abilities following absence. Sounds of the quick coupling, echoing in the bedroom of earthly delights.

With the edge taken off the frantic need, Tony started making love to the tawny haired woman holding out her arms to him, as a welcome to her body. LeeAnn looked gorgeous; in his bed; and he stared at her body, looking for clues she was his woman alone.

He had missed her, as much as she had missed him. He touched, and she mirrored his every movement; the laws of Tantric requiring action from him as he praised her shape and form; and reaction from her as she returned the worship.

Long sweeping brushes of fingertips, telling nerves to excite and feel the touch of a lover. Deep eye gazes that unlocked the passions of the exposed soul, through that portal.

Tony owned her. Lord and master of her very breath and life. He gave her, the same powerful key to his soul. She owned him, with equal intensity. Mirror actions and re-actions; as slowly they built the caressing need into volcanic tremors.

Stroking, touching, kissing, licking with hot tongue moisture that ran like rivulets of fire along their bodies. Lovemaking as it was intended. Building the feelings and primal desires to cataclysmic heights and then backing off to begin all over again.

Pushing the ability to climax to the very last second, and then stepping back from the edge of the lava spewing volcano, to relative safety. But the lure of looking over the edge, getting stronger and stronger until it was a mindless out of control, intoxicated with love; joy that gripped them.

“Please,” she whispered with panic in her voice, afraid he would deny her or himself the orgasm waiting so elusively in the swirling mists. “I am offering you my body.”

The words Tony was waiting to hear. He had strict control, but she was losing hers. Her favorite was the Union of the Sun and Moon and he had to help fit her trembling, uncontrollable, writhing body to his.

His hands gripped her hips as she strained for him, protecting them both of them from her frantic searching for his tight erection.

LeeAnn felt the depth of his penetration. Spearing her softness, as a man, to her woman. He filled her; and bayan escort she took every feeling, every pain and every exquisite joy and returned them ten- fold to him. Sounds of need erupting from her mouth as the reverse swing took her slightly away from his hot maleness.

Darkly, with growling need in his voice, Tony instructed her to swing her hips aggressively back and forth on his engorged shaft. When LeeAnn was panting, he thrust with deliberation on the forward swing of her hips and her orgasm exploded with the force of a new born star expanding into the universe.

The primal scream torn from her soul sounded like ripping flesh. Again, and again, the fracture of her body sounded in the room as she absorbed the pain that wasn’t pain, but pleasure; too close to distinguish apart.

Snarling against the eruption building in him, Tony fought his own body as he shattered hers with calm deliberate thrusts to trigger orgasms that writhed her flesh uncontrollably.

Closer and closer his own need demanded satisfaction, until he had to let the eruption within spill his masculine fluid deep within her body. His shout of release, letting his emotion loose from containment.

Aftershocks flashed through their bodies, eyes closed they lay together, touching hands. Further touching was painful and they avoided close contact, until they cooled and calmed.

“Oh God, Tony,” LeeAnn whispered. “Dear God how can you do that?” Her voice trailed off as she couldn’t talk any further.

Tony smiled, and reached over to open the night stand drawer. Slowly he withdrew the collar and picked up her hand.

Kissing the back and then the palm, he tugged lightly. “LeeAnn, open your eyes,” he demanded.

Her lids raised slightly, and she looked at him with love and satiation. It took a while for her to focus on his hand holding the gift.

“Oh,” she instantly understood there was some significance to his gift, searching his eyes for his intent.

“For a beautiful lady,” his soothing and captivating, dusky tone drew her like water to a desert.

“It’s beautiful, I don’t know if I deserve this,” she demurred, reaching for the circlet. “Oh, it’s heavy, how does it go on?”

“With this clasp, but the clasp is broken when it snaps shut, it will not come off or be undone without injury to your skin.” He said calmly, no mistake in the darkness of his intent.

LeeAnn smiled and sat up, handing him the circle of gold; as she picked up her hair; so he could fasten it around her neck. He snapped the collar closed and handed her the broken clasp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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