Weddings Bring Families Closer

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Hi guys, this story was inspired after watching episode 4 of the new season of Orange is the New Black. It’s designed to be a one-off but if you’d like me to continue, please do message me and I’ll see where I can take the story. Similarly, if you have any feedback on my writing style, please let me know so I know what people like.

I hope you enjoy!


Patience has never been my mum’s strong point. Today is no exception. As we wait in our living room, I can hear her muttering under her breath about how we’re going to be late.

Dad and I, on the other hand, know that there’s no way that that’s going to happen.

Today, my mum’s younger sister, Jane, is getting married and in typical Mum fashion, we’re ready to leave way before the ceremony is due to begin. We would be gone by now if it wasn’t for the call from my brother, Evan, letting us know that his car is low on fuel and that he needs a lift.

Dad stands at the window, gazing out onto the street. He’s since given up attempting to calm my mum down. As Mum paces in front of me, her dress rubs along my foot. This quickly begins to grate on my nerves and, to stop myself from making the situation worse, I stand up and join Dad at the window.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be here soon and then we can finally leave,” Dad says.

“Yeah, I know,” I respond.

I know Dad thinks that I’m only eager for Evan to finally arrive so that we can go, and quit giving Mum an excuse to keep giving out, but secretly I’m just really excited to see Evan. Growing up, I always idolised my brother. Being nine years older than me, we were too far apart to be in the same age group, and so he was never the ‘annoying, older sibling’ that my other friends had. As a kid, Evan used to always play with me and, as I grew older, he became a confidant and somebody who never spoke down to me like other adults would. It was only natural, so, that I ended up developing feelings for him.

Things changed between us a few months ago. I was staying over at Evan’s apartment one night when I was awoken to the sounds of Evan crying out from his bedroom. Evan had joined the army after he finished school and had been deployed to the Middle East for a number of tours, but ever since he came home permanently, he’s never been the same. Counseling has helped him a lot but he still has nightmares. When I ran into his room, I climbed into bed with him and held him as he thrashed. After a while, he calmed down and curled up against me, his head resting on my shoulder. As he was falling back asleep, he muttered how he loved me and that he was glad I was there. I spent much of the next hour watching him sleep, hoping that he wouldn’t be plagued by the nightmares any more that night. Satisfied that he was alright, I lay down next to him and tried to sleep. I was so excited that I was in bed with him and that we were both in just our underwear. Unable to resist the urge, I leant over and, once satisfied that he was truly asleep, I lightly brushed my lips against his.

Since that night, any time we’re together or his name is mentioned, I feel this deep, animalistic lust for him and a wetness between my legs. Soon enough, I see his car appear around the corner.

“Alright people, go, go, go!” Mum exclaims when she sees the car.

I step out into the front garden just as Evan gets out of his car. Immediately, I feel the familiar dampness grow when I see him. His outfit, consisting of a fitted navy suit, crisp white shirt, grey tie with white dots, and brown shoes, is a welcome change from his usual shorts and t-shirt and totally make him even more sexy, if you could believe it.

Like me, Evan inherited my mum’s dark brown hair and brown eyes. However, he has my dad’s long, chiseled jaw and his height. Standing at six foot three, with his closely cut hair, he looks like the perfect soldier. He also has a confidence that I lack. When I was younger I remember him always having lots of different girls over when my parents weren’t home. Now, though, I know that when they would go into his room, they were having sex and not manavgat escort just having fun without me. I, on the other hand, have always been quite introverted and haven’t gone much farther than just kissing boys, and I don’t even have much experience with that.

We all hop into Dad’s car and we pull away from the house, Evan apologising for holding us up. We drive for two hours in silence, Mum still not happy about the delay. I’m delighted because I can frequently glance over at Evan, and not risk starting a conversation. The odds of me being able to hold one are very low anyways because my mouth salivates whenever I look at him.

The wedding ceremony itself is beautiful. Aunt Jane looks gorgeous in her dress and tears flow when the vows are read. Evan offers me his handkerchief from his jacket pocket and leaves his hand resting on top of mine, running his thumb over my knuckles. Not that I mind at all. After the ceremony, we all go to a fancy hotel for the reception. We stand in for many family pictures, Evan always choosing to pose with his arm around my waist. Evan is never this touchy feely with me and I have a difficult time keeping myself from blushing.

When we are finished taking pictures, many family members approach us and make small talk. Mostly it’s just Mum talking with them while we stand by. The only times I enter the conversation are when I’m asked about how I’m feeling about starting college in a few weeks. I excuse myself shortly after so I can splash some water on my face to cool it down, my face still feeling hot. I enter the bathroom and, after cooling down, I re-apply my make-up. As I turn to leave, the door opens and Evan walks in.

“You do know this is the female bathroom, yeah?” I joke, “Or is there something you’ve never told me?”

“Yeah, I know. But if I went into the men’s bathroom, you wouldn’t be there,” he responds, stepping towards me.

“What do you mean?”

In the blink of an eye, Evan is standing directly in front of me, the smell of alcohol hitting me with each breath he takes. My own breathing becomes more shallow as my heart begins to race. He reaches up and pushes a loose strand of hair out of my face. And then he’s kissing me. I freeze, my body not sure how to react. The only things I register are how soft his lips are against mine, how his stubble rubs against the edges of my lips, and how much I don’t want him to stop kissing me. I start kissing him back and soon his tongue pushes past my lips and into my mouth. Our tongues explore the other’s mouth as our hands roam all over the other’s body.

Evan breaks the kiss and I see a hungry, lustful look in his eyes. With that, he grabs my hand and pulls me into one of the stalls. Once he locks the door, we resume our make out session.

“I want you so bad, Sarah,” he growls against my mouth.

“Stop, we can’t! Someone could come in at any second!” I reply, breaking the kiss, “And Mum is going to kill us if we’re both missing for much longer!”

My words fall on deaf ears though, as I feel the skirt of my dress lift and Evan’s hand find its way to my panties. Pushing them to the side, his fingers lightly touch my wet, swollen lips.

“Mmmm, you want me to keep going, baby?” he asks.

Before I can respond, he gently pushes a finger inside of me. A moan escapes my mouth and is immediately stopped as Evan’s mouth covers mine once more. As he massages my clit, I begin to coo. The feeling of somebody else touching me is unlike anything I’ve ever imagined and soon I can’t suppress the moans coming from my mouth. As I start to cum, Evan vigorously rubs my soaked pussy. When he takes his hand away, he brings it to his mouth and licks each finger clean. We quickly tidy ourselves and go back to the reception.

“You better be ready for tonight, because I am going to fuck you so hard,” he whispers in my ear.

I’m still not after coming down from the high of my orgasm, and it takes me a moment to remember that we’re staying in the hotel over night.

After the meal, we watch Aunt manavgat escort bayan Jane and her new husband, Rob, have their first dance. As all the guests join in, I decide that I can’t take it in the room any longer. I ask Dad for the key to our room but Evan answers, “There’s no need, we’re in another room. I have the key.”


“There was an issue with the booking, and they only had single rooms left,” Dad explains, “So, your mother and I will take one and you and Evan will take the other.”

“Come on, I’ll go up with you. I’m feeling quite tired myself,” says Evan.

As we leave the function room and head upstairs, Evan takes one of my hands in his. We walk hand in hand until we come to a stop at a door.

“317, this is us,” he says.

We enter the room and immediately I’m taken aback by the grandeur of the room.

“I’ll go get our bags from the car,” Evan tells me, “You make yourself comfortable.”

Once alone, I explore the room. I take off my heels and feel the thick, soft carpet under my feet. The bed is huge, with soft linen. There’s a fully stocked mini-fridge in the wardrobe, under the complementary robes and slippers. The bathroom is breathtaking too. There’s a large shower with one of those huge shower heads, the ones designed to feel like you’re standing in the rain. I’ve always wanted to try one, so I strip naked and turn on the water. I groan as I feel the warm water run all over my body.

When I open my eyes I see Evan standing in the doorway, watching me. Without a word, he takes off his suit jacket, walks over and joins me in the shower, the water soaking his suit. I’m surprised that I don’t feel awkward standing naked in front of my brother. Instead I feel a new confidence that I’ve never felt before. As Evan takes in my body, I wrap my hand around his tie and pull until his face is closer to mine, and I kiss him. As we kiss, one of his hands moves to grab my ass while the other cups one of my breasts. As he squeezes my ass, I am pushed against him and I feel his hard cock straining against his pants, the thin material the only thing separating his dick and my pussy.

I loosen his tie and let it drop to the floor. As I unbutton his now transparent shirt, I can see Evan’s dark chest hair. Once open, I make quick work of pushing his shirt off and drinking in the sight of his defined, lightly hairy muscles. I decide to leave on the dog tags he hangs around his neck. Next come off the shoes, socks, belt and pants. With only his underwear left, I kneel down and take in the size of his bulge.

“Do it,” he commands.

I hook my fingers in the waistband of his jocks and slowly pull downwards. As I pull, my heart begins to race. I watch as his snail trail becomes his neatly trimmed pubic hair, and then the slap across my face as his cock springs free. It’s huge. As he steps out of his drenched jocks and kicks them away, I stare transfixed as his big, heavy balls swing in between his legs. I slowly reach up and wrap my hand around the shaft of his dick. His shaft is thick and I can feel the veins pulsing.

“Suck it,” Evan demands.


“Ok, what?”

“Ok, sir.”

I bring the big, pink head to my lips and slowly take it into my mouth. My tongue runs over the tip and I taste the saltiness of his slit. I take more and more of his hot cock into my mouth until I feel it against the back of my throat. I clamp my lips around his shaft and start to suck. Evan grabs my hair and starts to pull his cock out and then slams it back in. I gag over and over again as his dick slams into the back of my throat. Evan groans loudly. My fingers dive to my pussy and I start to rub myself. As I touch myself, I watch Evan’s balls swing in big arcs back and forth through his legs as he thrusts into my mouth.

Evan pulls out of my mouth and pulls me to my feet. Taking my hand, he turns off the water and leads me from the shower and into the bedroom. He pushes me onto the bed and spreads my legs. In a flash, his face is at my soaked pussy. As his escort manavgat tongue brushes over my lips and enters me, I feel his stubble running over my shaved pubic area. The sensitivity causes me to cum into Evan’s waiting mouth.

Evan detaches himself and gets off the bed.

“Where are you going?” I ask, my eyes glued to his huge, bobbing cock.

“Need a condom,”

“No, please,” I find myself saying.

“You sure?”


He turns around to face me, his cock almost like a loaded gun pointed full blank at me. I spread my legs so he can see my swollen pussy. I see any reserve he had disappear and he joins me on the bed once more. He positions the head at my entrance and slowly pushes in. A pain shoots through me and my virgin pussy begins to expand. Once the head is in, he stops to allow me to get used to his girth. After a few moments, he starts to push in again. I falter as soon as I know he’s at my hymen.

“You’re a virgin?” he asks.



And with that he thrusts forward and I cry out in pain as I feel his monster cock tear straight through my hymen. Evan smiles down at me as he takes my virginity. Once I feel his balls against my ass, he waits and allows my to work through the pain before he continues. I take my mind off the pain by reminding myself that Evan, my brother who I’ve had a crush on since I was twelve, has his condom-less rock hard dick base deep in my vagina. The thoughts bring the familiar fire back and my pussy dampens, lubing his cock.

Once he’s satisfied that I’m ready, Evan pulls out slowly and once only the tip remains inside, he slowly pushed everything back in. After a few minutes, the pain dissipates and gives way to pleasure. Soon, I’m moaning and squirming on the bed underneath my big brother as he fucks me missionary style. I wrap my legs around his slim waist and push to the side until we role over and I’m on top. We both groan as my pussy presses against his cock as we move.

Once in the cowgirl position, Evan’s hands find their way to my breasts. He squeezes and pinches my nipples as I slowly ride his pole. As we fuck, I reach around and take Evan’s heavy balls in my hand. As I fondle them, he starts to moan and thrusts up to meet me. As my ass connects with his crotch, we both cry out as we both cum. Evan starts to shoot first deep inside of me and, feeling this, pushes me over the edge.

We sit there in silence for a few minutes, taking in everything that had happened. I climb off of his dick and let it slap off of his chest as I maneuver myself so I can lie down next to him. As we kiss, I take his semi hard dick in my hand and slowly begin pumping again. As I watch his mast grow again, there’s a loud knock on the door. I jump off the bed and grab a robe from the wardrobe. Noticing how wet I am, both from the shower and from sweat, I wrap my hair up into a towel. I go to the door and open it slightly. Our parents stand on the other side.

“The party’s winding down, so we’ve decided to head to bed, love,” Mum says.

As I open my mouth to respond, I feel the end of my robe being pushed up, and Evan’s cock pressing back into my pussy. I glance behind me and see that he is still completely naked and leaning his top half against the wall, so only his bottom half is against me.

“Oh ok, Mum,” I choke out, “Goodnight!”

“Can we come in? We haven’t been able to really talk to you and your brother much today, with all the excitement.”

Evan begins to thrust harder and unties my robe completely. I’m lucky my parents can only see my head.

“Sorry, guys, but Evan’s eh sleeping. He crashed ages ago once we got up here,”

Evan’s dick rubs against my g-spot and my pussy begins to gush.

“Oh, that’s ok so, we’ll leave you be. I’m always telling Evan he needs to be resting more!”

And with that our parents leave and head back to their room. I whip around at my brother.

“What if they’d have come in? They’d have seen you butt naked and hard!”

“Yeah, they’d have seen me very, very hard,” he replies seductively.

My weak attempt at anger disappears and I shove my brother into the bathroom to continue our night of passionate, incestuous fucking.

The End


Thank you very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! If you have any constructive criticisms or just any responses to my story, please send them to me, I love reading them!


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