Wendy’s Wedding

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Like most girls, I’ve always dreamed of a fairytale wedding. A beautiful white dress, a handsome groom, and of course, the blissful wedding night when I would lose my virginity. Unlike most other girls, however, I never had to wonder if my dream would come true. I’ve always known the date of my perfect wedding. It’s the same date as my eighteenth birthday.

You see, I belong to a special community–a secret one actually. The Family of Faith in the Five, a small group of believers who have preserved our ancient doctrines for centuries even as we dwindled in numbers, and are now down to only a few clusters of the faithful scattered here and there around the world. We disguise ourselves as Christians, but in fact we are polytheists who worship the Five Holy Ones, and my father, Wendell Sizemore, is the High Priest of all Indiana FFF members, or “Fivers”. My father became High Priest when he married my mother, and they pledged that their firstborn daughter would be given in marriage to the firstborn son of Jim Peterson, the High Priest of Illinois. The Five blessed both priests, because Jim’s son Lance was born soon after, and my mother gave birth to me a couple of years later.

I had a very strict, conservative upbringing. I didn’t even know what a television was until I saw one on a shopping trip when I was eight. My mother taught me and all the other Fiver kids at our home, so that the world wouldn’t corrupt us. I grew up wearing very modest clothing, and never, ever talking about sex except to make sure I knew not to have any. As I entered my teen years, my mother noticed the way the boys started to look at me, and eventually she pulled me aside for a serious lecture. Of course, I already knew that young people had to remain chaste until married, but my mother impressed upon me that I had even more reason to remain pure than the others. I was already betrothed, and my marriage to Lance would seal the bond between two congregations. She made sure my clothing was even more concealing and shapeless than usual.

Still, boys looked. By the age of fifteen, I was a budding beauty, with sunset-red hair and milky skin perpetually blushed with a faint rose pink, like a petal blooming in each cheek. I was short but slender enough that I still looked willowy, and my breasts were already filling out my floral-patterned dresses. That was about the time when my mother taught me to shave my body, leaving no hair behind on my legs, under my arms, or even my pubic region. She said it was part of my maiden’s initiation, and that I was to keep myself shaved at all times as a symbol of my devotion to the Five.

At sixteen, I met Lance for the first time, when his family came to affirm the betrothal. Our congregation prepared a feast for them, and I wore the prettiest dress my mother had ever let me wear, long and blue with–can you believe it?–straps instead of sleeves! Oh, I was nervous! Would I like him? Would he like me? What would I say?

My nerves melted away as soon as I laid eyes on him. He was tall and well-built, with eyes as blue as the sky and tousled golden hair. Like a prince out of an old fairytale. He was smiling at me, and I smiled dizzily back at him, and had absolutely no idea what to say. It didn’t matter, though. He coaxed me into conversation, something light and gentlemanly, and I made a few replies, but mostly I was enthralled by his voice. And his eyes. And the way he stood so close to me, just out of reach, his hands clasped politely behind his back where there would be no chance of us accidentally onwin giriş brushing fingers.

I barely talked while he was there, and when he left I could talk of nothing else. My parents laughed at me, but they were pleased. Some of the men of the congregation murmured things to my father, and he grinned and nodded as though they were telling naughty jokes. Of course, I wasn’t allowed to hear any naughty jokes, because I was the pure, perfect princess of this fairytale.

Once I turned seventeen, preparations really took off, but I didn’t have much to do with them besides holding still for dress fittings. A month or two before the date, my mother started me on birth control pills, because she said that Lance and I ought not to have children right away. I thought it would be marvelous to have Lance’s babies, but I deferred to her wisdom. The night before the wedding, I had my bath and shaved myself as usual, and then my mother did my hair.

“Wendy, you know there are some things about marriage that we haven’t talked about,” she began. She was pulling the brush slowly through my hair, giving me a lovely relaxing feeling. Still, I blushed.

“Yes, mother.” She’d told me about the birds and the bees when I was younger, but had never gone into any detail. Sheltered as I was, the mere suggestion of anything sexual filled me with embarrassment. Yet, I knew that Lance and I would be having sex the next night, and the idea excited me.

“My dear Wendy, you aren’t like the other young ladies.”

“Oh, mother, I know. Our marriage is special, because we were pledged to each other, and to the Five, before we were born.”

“Yes. You are special.” She paused, setting the brush aside. “And your wedding will be special, too.” Somehow I could tell from her tone that she was talking about something very serious. I waited, and at length she continued. “The vow your father made with Lance’s father said that your wedding would be done in the ancient way, so that your union with Lance will be forever holy to the Five. That means…” She cleared her throat, and made herself continue. “That means that the consummation of the union will be part of the ceremony.”

My brown furrowed. “The… consummation?” Then it dawned on me. What she was saying. Lance and I would have to make love for the first time in front of everyone! I gasped, and my face went hot. I scarcely knew what to think. A tiny part of my mind that remained rational whispered, “So that’s why no children are allowed at the ceremony.” But mostly I just sat there, frozen in shock and–and something else. A strange feeling of exhilaration that flooded my body.

“Just be the sweet, dutiful, obedient girl you’ve always been, no matter what happens, ok? It’s the will of the Five, remember that.”

“I’ll remember,” I whispered. And then the clock struck midnight, and I was eighteen years old.


Daddy escorted me down the aisle of the temple, handsome in his tux and red tie. I was a vision in white, my train flowing after me, a bouquet of red roses clutched in my gloved hands. My hair was done up in fiery braids under a long white veil. At last we reached the front, where my two brides matrons and Lance’s two groomsmen were waiting. The brides matrons wore red and carried white roses.

“You look beautiful, darling,” my father whispered as he lifted my veil. He kissed me on the cheek and gave my hand to Lance. Then he took his position, along with Lance’s father, as the High Priests who would perform the ceremony. He turned onwin yeni giriş to Lance first, and began speaking the words of the old ritual, and Lance repeated them confidently. Then Jim Peterson addressed me, and spoke the words. Somehow I managed to repeat them. My father came to stand behind me, gently taking my hands out of Lance’s warm grasp.

“Lance Peterson,” he said, “Behold the gift of the Sizemore family unto you, and through you unto the Five Holy Ones.” His hands–my father’s hands–drifted down my bosom, pulling at the cords lacing my bodice together. A tug here and there, and my dress came open. Daddy’s hands slid down my sides, onto my hips, and pushed the dress down to pool at my feet. I was left standing there before the congregation in only the white bra and panties that my mother had bought for my wedding day, and the white roses in my hair. Slowly he pulled the straps of my bra down off my shoulders. My right breast burst out from the confines of the lace, and then the left one, my nipples pink and erect. Daddy unhooked the bra and let it drop.

He wasn’t done. His hands were at my hips again, and this time he slid my panties down and gave me a little nudge. Surprised, I stepped forward and out of the fallen panties. Utterly naked. All eyes were on me, especially Lance’s blue ones, taking in every inch of my body.

“I accept the gift, and pledge our union to the Five Holy Ones,” Lance replied. Daddy reached around to cup my breasts in his hand, offering them up, and Lance bent his head to kiss and suck at each nipple. Then my groom took my hand and led me to the altar, a broad table swathed in silks and cushions. He motioned for me to lie back on the cushions, so I did. Lance stepped back, and his mother came forward to undress him as my father had undressed me. Soon he was standing there naked, his cock hard and eager. He came toward me and reached out to slide his hand along my calf and up my thigh. Slowly, he parted my legs, revealing the pink wetness hidden there. A throb of desire stabbed through me. His cock was only inches away from my pussy, and I wanted so badly to pull him to me, into me. But I was paralyzed by the intensity of my arousal, and I could only lie there trembling.

Suddenly, Lance moved away from me. “I ask for the blessing of Maranorad,” he said, his voice husky with desire.

Both High Priests’ eyes widened, and the congregation gasped and murmured. “Are you sure?” my father said, raising an eyebrow.

Lance nodded. “It is only fitting. Although it is my right, as Wendy’s husband, to take her virginity, I yield that honor to you, her father, so that we may receive the ancient blessing of Maranorad and our union may be utterly devoted to the Five.”

Lance had scarcely finished speaking before my father was fumbling at the fly of his pants. “Hold her legs spread for me,” he commanded. His face was as red as mine gets when I’m embarrassed, but there was an added fervor there, the intensity of lust, lust for me. Lance came around to stand beside me and held my left leg. High Priest Peterson held the other. My father got his pants open just enough to pull his cock out. It was just as hard as Lance’s, and even bigger.

Daddy ran his fingers down my body, his touch lingering on my breasts, my belly, my groin. He touched the entrance of my cunt, and found it wet. “I’ve always imagined that I would get to do this,” he whispered, sliding his fingers up to rub my clit. I moaned, wriggling, and Lance and Jim spread my legs even wider. I onwin güvenilirmi caught a glimpse of someone just behind Daddy, too–apparently one of the women of the congregation was acting as videographer for what must be the naughtiest wedding anyone had ever heard of.

Daddy lined his cock up at my virgin pussy and slowly started to push in. “Oh, Five!” I gasped, pleasure swelling within me. “Take me, Daddy. Fill me with your cock.” He gripped my thighs and kept sliding in, further and further, until at last his cock was inside me. There had been only the slightest pain, as mother had said there would be, and a faint pinkness from just a little blood stained the silks.

“That’s soooo good, darling,” Daddy whispered, and started to thrust. I scared myself with how loud my moans were. I couldn’t help it. In a matter of a few seconds, I came, my pussy spasming blissfully around his cock, but he just continued to thrust in and out, picking up speed and force. The waves of pleasure abated for a moment, then started to build again. “Holy Five, you’re tight,” Daddy grunted as he took me on the altar while the congregation watched, his hands roaming over my body, squeezing my full breasts, teasing at my clit. Just as I thought another orgasm was starting to build in my loins, he let out a noise of pleasure and his body jerked fiercely into mine. I could feel his cock pulsing its seed within me, filling me up with semen. He collapsed on top of me, panting, but High Priest Peterson was already nudging him away, and Lance was getting into position.

“I love you, Wendy,” Lance said into my ear, and then he slid in. He took me vigorously, while High Priest Peterson rubbed at my clit so that I came just as Lance did, too, adding his seed to my father’s deep inside my cunt.

“It is done,” intoned Lance’s father.

“It is done,” repeated my father. “Lance Peterson, Wendy is now your wife, and under the blessing of Maranorad, her body is yours to love, to give you pleasure, and to give pleasure to any that you may choose to share her with.” The congregation burst into applause, and Lance grinned at me. I couldn’t help but grin back. It had been a wedding beyond my wildest dreams, and now there was the promise of more pleasure like this, not just with my husband, but with other men that had his permission. In all the years of my prudish upbringing, I had never hoped to have a marriage filled with sexual variety and excitement like this.

“Of course,” said Lance, as the cheers died down, “Who else would I share her with but the man to whom I owe everything?” He turned me onto my belly and then pulled me up on my knees, ass in the air. Semen was starting to drip out of my well-plowed pussy, a sight which the videographer made sure to capture.

“You’re going to love taking it from behind,” Lance promised me. Jim’s cock was already out, and in a moment he thrust home.

“Amazing,” he gritted as he took me. “Your daughter really does have the tightest pussy I’ve ever felt, Wendell.”

“Her mother’s is still almost as tight,” said Daddy. “If Wendy is anything like her mother, you’ll have many happy years of marriage ahead of you, Lance.”

Lance said something in reply, but I wasn’t listening. I was off in orbit, caring about nothing but the ecstasy of Jim’s cock pounding me. He came in me, eventually, and I moaned in protest as he pulled out, but Lance had already anticipated my needs. “Groomsmen first,” he said, “and then everyone else who wants to fuck her can line up. Give her pussy as much come as she can take.” I nearly came just from hearing him say that. It was the most amazing day of my life.

Like most girls, I’ve always dreamed of a fairytale wedding. But you know, these days fairytales just don’t measure up to my real life!

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