When You don’t Look It isn’t Wrong

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I don’t know when things changed with my uncle. As he was only 10 when I was born it was like he was an older brother. We always stirred each other with friendly teases. But he was definitely my favourite uncle. When I was growing up he came to our house after school until my grandparents finished work, but after he left for university I only got to see him every few months at special occasions and then as he got work oversees it was sometimes years before I saw him again.

But when I was 18 and he was 28 he came back to live with us. My grandparents, his parents had died. My mum wasn’t handling it very well and my dad had left about 5 years before. I decided to stay home from uni for a gap year to be with Mum.

It was sometime during this year where things changed. Mum was in her room a lot so we pretty much had the house to ourselves. When we weren’t at work we were always together, watching movies, playing video games, even cooking dinner together. Our friends all got along so even when we did stuff as a group he was there.

One of the first times I was aware things had changed was when we were cooking pasta one night together. I was sitting on the counter drinking wine and singing along to the music, while he was doing the actual cooking. When he brought the wooden spoon over for me to taste the sauce, he was standing between my open legs. We weren’t touching, but I felt a heat, and a desire for us to close that gap. I had a feeling he had felt the same as he pulled away and we made sure to respect personal space again for the next few days.

When watching a movie though a few nights later he offered me a foot massage. This was nothing strange, but while my legs lay across his lap and he rubbed my feet I started to spread them apart. I realised I was hoping he could see up my skirt at my white undies. I was confused about this, but excited as I was sure he had looked, even though I kept my eyes trained on the tv to seem perfectly casual.

I started having fantasies about him around that time. Masturbating for what let like hours every night as an imagined all the stuff I wanted him to do but knew he never would, and never should.

As my fantasies grew so did my little games of teasing him. If I wore a singlet I would pull them down so they barely covered my nipples. If we were sitting on the couch I tried to ensure my legs were touching him in someway and part of me was exposed, whether my ass, my cleavage or my undies. I always ensured my head was turned away from him so I never caught him looking. But I could feel his eyes staring at me, almost feel his fantasies as they played out on my body.

He started doing things too to tease me. He started to be shirtless all the time. And he had never worn his pants that low before, I could see the perfect outline of his V and the top tufts of pubic hair peeking out of the top. He also started walking from the bathroom to his bedroom in just a towel. And more than once he had stopped in the lounge room where I was watching tv and stood there, seemingly interested in my program. Twice he even rested his foot on the couch giving me a perfect look under his towel to his hard cock. He also never looked towards me when doing these things, but i know he felt me looking, like I did.

This teasing went on for months. A few tickle fights developed where his hands would brush past my nipples, ultrabet yeni giriş or I would have an excuse to twist my body so it was pressed against him. But still nothing bad had actually happened.

My gap year was almost over, Mum was back at work and my uncle was going to head back to his job oversees. I felt I had to finally make a move if I was ever going to make any of my fantasies come true.

One night we were again watching a movie together. Sitting side by side on the couch in the dark lounge room, the only light from the tv. I had pulled my singlet down lower than normal so I knew he could see the tops of my areoles. He was shirtless again and his pants were resting where I could see a lot of his pubic hair, more than ever before. Maybe he too was thinking like me that our time was running out.

I leant against him with my head resting back on the couch, knowing I was giving him the best view of my cleavage and the top of areoles. The movie was a cheesy horror movie with obvious jump scares. But it was the perfect movie, as it gave me the excuse of pressing against him each time I was “scared”. Soon he offered to put his arm around my shoulders and he rested the other on my thigh. After one of the “scares” I decided to finally make my move. I pretended it really scared me.

“Omg wow that’s made my heart race” I laughed.

Him also laughing and pulling me closer so now I dropped my legs across one of his so they hung between his legs. “I never realised what a chicken you were”.

“I’m not a chicken, normally, but that scare seriously got my heart racing, see.” And with that I grabbed his hand that was resting on my thigh, and placed it over my breast. I stared determinedly at the tv as I said “you feel that? My heart is going a mile a minute.”

I let go of his hand and we both fell dead silent. His hand was now completely on my left breast. He wasn’t moving it, I wished he would squeeze or stroke or something. But he also wasn’t moving it away. I kept watching the movie and slowly I felt his pinky finger circling my nipple, and I felt it start to harden for him. OMG finally my fantasies were coming true. I felt a rush of juices as heat flooded my vagina and my clit started to expand.

He slowly increased the movement of that hand, until he was clearly groping my breast. Finally he eased his hand inside my singlet. The warmth of his hand against my breast. His thumb and finger rubbing my nipple. I moaned. But we both kept looking at the tv.

I feared if we acknowledged what we were doing we would stop, as it was so wrong, but felt so right. I’m sure he felt the same way.

Eventually he changed hands, the one draped over my shoulders took over my breast. And his other hand returned to my thigh. He started stroking up and down from my knee right up to the edge of my undies under the skirt I was wearing. Everything was tingling now. Until now my own hands had been resting in my lap. But I took a breath and moved my hand over to the top of his pants. With one hand I undid the button and the zipper, and slipped my hand inside grabbing his rock hard penis and started moving my hand up and down. I heard a moan escape him and he squeezed my nipple harder.

His hand finally went all the way onto my undies, stroking my lips through the fabric. I could tell by the movement that the undies were drenched ultrabet giriş with my moisture. I widened my legs for him, one still draped over his leg and the other as wide away as I could get it. My skirt covered my view of what he was doing, but we both still stared at the screen. No idea what was happening in the movie at all anymore.

I kept stroking him as he stroked me. When finally he moved my undies aside and inserted his finger between my lips. I couldn’t help but moan louder and my breathing and his were both very obviously loud then. His other hand continued to play with my breast squeezing my nipple.

I felt his fingers circling my clit, again and again. And then finally entering me. I moved my ass further down the couch so I was more horizontal then before. This gave him access to fully enter me with his fingers.

He was gentle but then he probed deeper and I gave a small cry of pain. He froze and so did I. His fingers slowly eased inside me again and I know he was feeling my unbroken hymen.

“Shit”, I heard him mutter under his breath.

“Sorry” I said in an almost silent whisper. We were both frozen then, unsure what to do now. He clearly hadn’t expected me to be a virgin, and I hadn’t realised he would think I was anything but a virgin. Though now I write down how I had been behaving I definitely gave an air of confidence a virgin wouldn’t be expected to have. Before today only my own hands had touched me, except for a few crappy kisses with stupid guys I had no interest in I hadn’t done anything with a man.

I squeezed his cock in my hand again and started moving it. Hoping to show him I want this. His fingers were still inside me unmoving. But his thumb started circling my clit. And his hand started rubbing my breast again.

About this time the tv turned off. The movie must have finished and neither of us had noticed. This sent the already dark room pitch black. Now we could turn towards each other without having the see the guilt of our indiscretion in each other’s eyes.

He removed his hand from my breast, and slowly lay me back on the couch. My hand slipping out of his pants as he did so. He removed his hand from inside me and I heard a slurping noise as if he was sucking something and a slight moan, I realised he was sucking my juices from his fingers and loving the taste of me. Then his body moved off the couch to kneel beside it. His hands took my undies on both sides and pulled them down, all the way off my feet. I spread my legs wide and felt the cool air hit my exposed and moist clit.

One hand slid back up my thigh and the fingers into me again, gently though. Stopping just at my hymen. Then his thumb resumed the circles around my clit. His other hand pulled my singlet top down. Exposing my breasts to the darkness. I felt his lips then close around my erect nipple. I lifted my hands above my head and moaned again, loudly. He sucked my nipples, while his free hand stroked up and down my arm to my armpit and back up to my elbow.

I felt his teeth lightly nibble at my nipple at the same time his thumb moved over my clit, more forcefully then he had before and I couldn’t help it. I thrust my hips up and moaned louder. I heard a slight laugh from him and felt his smile against my breast.

He started moving his fingers inside me now. Gently. As he put more pressure on my clit ultrabet güvenilirmi and on my nipple. I felt the pain as he started pushing into my hymen. Finally about to break it he quickly moved so his lips closed around mine kissing me firmly, filling my mouth with his tongue, so my cry of pain became pleasure quickly. Now he really started moving his fingers inside me. I was thrusting my hips further and further up, wanting him in more and more of me. But his fingers couldn’t reach any further.

As I realised this he must have too, he quickly removed his fingers, while turning my body and sliding my off the couch right onto his lap where he had been kneeling, and straight onto his cock.

It slid inside of me quickly and he started moving my hips with his hands as he continued to kiss me. I started to find a rhythm naturally and he moved one hand to my ass and another to the back of my head, tilting my head back as he moved his kisses to my throat and neck.

Finally I felt myself building to a climax. My movements became more erratic. Both hands clasped onto my ass he found a way to lift me. Carrying me over to the wall where he pressed me against it and thrust deep into me. We were wild now with passion. Our noises far from quiet. Not caring if my mother heard me, but she must have still been using the sleeping tablets she was prescribed after her parents died because we didn’t see any movement from her.

Our screams and moans of pleasure were half animal now. Until finally we both came. I felt his body press me hard against the wall and his penis pumping inside me as his cum filled me. Only now did I feel relieved my mum had insisted I start the pill when I turned 18, I definitely hadn’t been thinking about that at all.

We both fell exhausted to the floor. I’m sure I had bruises the next day as it wasn’t going gentle. But in the moment my body was still shaking from the orgasm. We lay panting for a little while. Then he rolled over onto his side and his hand found my clit again.

“Lets see how long we can keep you orgasming” he said breathlessly but I could hear a laugh.

He rubbed my clit until I felt another shock coarse through me, and then another and then another. I was lost in the continued pleasure I don’t know how long I kept having orgasm after orgasm. Slowly they became less and less of a shock. And we lay down again breathing heavily.

We must have fallen asleep there then, as a few hours later I woke to him lifting me and carrying me to my bed. I knew time had passed as I was cold and my body was clearly sore all the pleasure having left it.

He lay me in bed, he kissed me gently on the lips then on my nipple again. And whispered “I love you and I will never forget this”.

The next day when I woke up I felt a mix of joy and shame. I rushed to the bathroom and washed his cum out of me. I felt my tender clit which had definitely been overworked. And my sore nipple. My muscles ached all over.

When I went out to the kitchen he was sitting there, neither of us blushed or anything, we greeted each other as normal and sat with my mother having a normal family breakfast. A week later I left for university and my uncle flew back overseas. We have seen each other over the years and our brother and sister like relationship is back to normal. We never mentioned that night again.

I have regrets, never getting to give or receive oral from him is one. But I have never and will never regret that night together. All my friends stories of their first time are so crappy. I have a special one, though I tell my friends it was a friend of my uncles when we compare stories.

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