Wonderland Ch. 06

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Stevie Meets the Red Queen

“Unhuh,” moaned Steve, “Your cunt feels teriffic mom!”

Steve was plowing his mother’s field right here in the backseat of his parent’s car in the driveway of his grandparents’ house. He was doing her doggie after the two of them geting so hot they practically glowed. They had been listening to the story of how his mother started fucking her brother Bob. And then they heard the story of how Steve’s father got involved with his mother and her obviously constantly horny family. All of this stimulation was too much for the pair and they had started to fuck like famished sailors. Luckily there were no houses anywhere close to this place so they didn’t have to worry about anyone else watching.

Steve knew his mother was totally naked under the light sun dress so as he quickened his thrusting into her hot hungry twat he reached forward and started to unbutton the front of her dress. After Steve had undone four buttons her large bouncy tits dropped out of the top of the dress right into his waiting hands. He started to massage the doughy mounds and the large hard nipples that topped them. Steve was thrilled by the sensations no matter how many times he squeezed his mom’s big boobs or fucked her hot pussy.

“Oh Stevie” keened his mother, “I’m coming!”

His mother’s pussy grabbed and massaged Steve’s cock as she came causing Steve to shoot his load into her wet cunt. The two lovers stayed holding each other coming slowly down from their orgasmic peak. Suddenly his mother disentangled herself, opened the car door, jumped out, and started to run up the walkway to the house.

“See you inside Stevie!” she called waving as she disappeared in the front door which his father had already entered a while ago while the two were finishing their fucking.

“Wow people go and come here so fast.” said Steve laughing at his own joke.

Steve walked up the walkway and knocked on the front door. The door swung open and Steve was greeted by the sight of his Grandma Clare wearing nothing but a short lavendar silk robe. She was only in her fifties and both time and genetics had been kind to her. She still had the figure of the girl that had won several beauty contests when she was younger, her face was still smooth with only a few small lines to betray her age, and her large breasts were just starting to yield to the constant pull of gravity.

“No need to knock Steve!” said his Grandma, “We’ve all been waiting for you and Helen to get done fucking in the driveway. It was quite a show!”

Steve turned red to hear his Grandmother talk about his screwing his mother almost like she was discussing the weather.

“What do I do now Grandma?” asked Steve.

His Grandma looked at him with an icy stare for a few seconds and then eased back to a friendly genial demeanor.

“Up the stairs to your usual room Steve. Someone will come up and explain things to you.” said his Grandmother closing the front door as he entered the foyer of the house.

Steve walked up the wooden stairs to the landing at the top. The room he usually stayed in was on the right at the head of the stairs. He opened the door and walked into the room which was familiar and suddenly totally unfamiliar. On the bed was a light blue men’s silk robe. Suddenly the door slammed open and his uncle Bob strode into the room.

“Well better get naked and put on your robe.” said Steve’s uncle, “I am here to tell you the rules. The first rule is that the robe colors are significant.”

Steve had started to undress and found that he was suddenly not bothered by getting naked in front of his own uncle.

“Blue is for guys who only like girls.” continued Uncle Bob, “Pink is for girls who only like guys. Yellow is girls that only like girls, green is for guys who only like guys, altough we have never used green yet. Finally purple is for those who swing both ways. The colors represent your main interests so Helen wears pink altough she will have a session with one of the other women sometimes. We guessed at blue for you, is that ok?”

“Un sure.” said Steve, “I’ve never done anything with another guy and I don’t think I want to Uncle Bob.”

“Great. That is rule number two. We don’t use any titles here only first names. So your mom is Helen, I’m Bob, etc. get it?”

“Un sure.” said Steve realizing why his Grandmother had that flash of anger at the door.

“Next is how you get laid, the important rule. If you want to have sex with some one you stand in front of them, pull your sash knot, and open your robe. If they want to have sex with you they will pull their knot and open their robe too. Don’t be put off if they don’t, this is not dating and they aren’t rejecting you. They probably are tired from another session or two and need some rest. Believe me even you will find there are times you don’t want to open your robe in spite of all with the gorgeous and talented women around here.

The last rule is that if you start to have a session with someone anyone else can join in. We kütahya escort aren’t exclusive around here and we don’t allow anyone to be possesive!”

“Wait!” said Steve, “When you did the colors you didn’t mention black. Isn’t A…a…Ashley’s robe black?” Steve had to work to not put the aunt in front of her name.

“You’ll get used to the name thing.” said Bob, “We had to come up with another color for Ashley because she is really different.”

“What makes her different?” asked Steve.

“Well Steve the plain fact is that Ashley likes men that are firm with her. You don’t ask Ashley for sex you kind of tell her she’s going to fuck you. Sometimes it takes persuasion.”

“What do you mean persuasion?” asked Steve.

“Well Ashley likes men who take charge. The first time we met I was doing a wiring job at the house next to her parent’s place. She kept teasing me by laying out in her backyard in a string bikini and rubbing her fine body all over with suntan lotion and ice cubes. She really put on a show! The last day I was there she masterbated herself while looking right at me. I had enough. I charged across the lawn and grabbed her. She said, “You can’t please me.” I was livid. I tore her bikini right off that fine body of hers and threw her onto the lawn. As I was taking off my clothes she got up to run. I did a leg sweep and took her feet right out from under her. She fell to the ground hard enough that even those nice juggs couldn’t keep her from getting the wind knocked out of her.

I was naked now my cock hard for this teasing bitch! I turned her over onto her back while holding her arms behind her with one hand. She saw my big dick and said, “Oh god!” I pushed her legs apart capturing her ankles in my armpits. I pushed forward slowly so she had plenty of time to see my big fucker push up to the outer lips of that coppery cunt. I pushed forward and to both of our’s surprise it slipped easily into her now very wet twat. I continued to enter her pussy slowly until she was totally impaled on my cock, her body bent in two so our faces were only inches apart.

I stared into those piercing green eyes as I started to fuck that incredible cunt. At first she just stared right back and then as the heat in our groins started to spread into both our bodies she started to twist and moan. I realized it was with pleasure so I continues to thrust into her faster and faster as we both stared right into each other’s eyes. We screwed for a long time until we both started to cum. As the orgasm started to wrench her body out of her concious control I bent forward even more putting her ankles next to her ears and I kissed her. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and frenched her as we both jerked and twisted in our climax.

After we both stopped coming I released her. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my like no one had kissed me before or since! She told me most men were scared either of her beauty or of her weathly powerful father. As a result most men begged her for sex. She had been waiting for a man who wasn’t afraid of taking it from her.

We got married only two months later, she was preggers with Shari four months later, and have been happy ever since. Her father didn’t want Daddy’s little girl to live below her station so he helped me start my contracting business. I surprised him with how smart I am and how well I have grown the business. He even respects me now.”

“Wow Steve,” said Bob, “it looks like you liked that story!”

Steve looked down and realized that his big cock was fully hard and sticking out of the front of the short silk robe.

“You need to get laid quick!” said Bob.

“Where’s Ashley?” asked Steve.

“I thought that story would convience you to start with Ashley. She’s down in the laundry room. You know where that is. Why don’t you go down and say Hi.”

Steve crept down the creaky wooden stairs at first until he realized he didn’t need to sneak around. His boner stuck out of the front of the short blue robe and was so hard it barely even bobbed up and down when he walked.

At the bottom of the stairs he realized he had a choice. If he turned left he would go down the short hallway to the family room where he could probably find, and fuck, his mom and grandma. If he turned right he would go around to another staircase that led down into the basement where the laundry room was located. The mere thought of the laundry room and his kinky Aunt Ashley made his pecker jump up and down of its own accord.

“Allright right it is!” thought Steve to himself.

He went down the stairs and at the bottom was the door to the laundry room which was shut. He grabbed the knob and pushed the door open. There on the other side of the room leaning over the washer was his Aunt Ashley completely naked! He could see her tight athletic ass and just the hint of a red furred cunt. Her skin was almost unnaturally white which contrasted with the deep red hair, so deep red it was almost maroon, that cascaded down kütahya escort bayan her back in waves. Just a slight curve of her boobs was visible peaking around the sides of her body.

Steve entered the room and closed the door. He pulled his knot and dropped his robe to the floor quickly. Steve’s big dick stuck out from his crotch pointing at his aunt the way a compass needle points toward north. Just then his aunt turned around.

Steve froze in place like a deer caught in headlights. His aunt was breathtakingly beautiful! Her figure was an hourglass like the other women in the house but slimmer, like a gymnast with boobs. And what a rack she had. Full C cups that were high on her chest and so firm they seemed to defy gravity. The firm mounds were topped by quarter sized pink aerole with small delicate pink nubs of nipples. Her deep red hair on her head was echoed in the deep red fur on her cunt. She obviously trimmed her fur as it was not bushy but just enough to frame her pussy in a most tantalizing way. Her whole body was so tone and firm that you could see the rippling muscles and tight abs lurking below her alabaster skin. Even though nude the tall woman, she was 5′ 11′, stood there looking as regal as a queen.

“Well just an onlooker, huh?” said Steve’s aunt. She started to walk across the room as though to leave.

Steve suddenly woke from his daze and said, “No! I am here to fuck your fine ass!”

“Well you need guts for that!” said his aunt obviously taunting the teenager.

Her tone awakened some feeling inside of Steve. A white hot fury threatened to consume Steve’s body. Her hard athletic body and firm tits were now pressed up against his. His aunt acted like she was trying to push him out of the way.

Steve grabber both her arms and pushed her back away from him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the old home gym machine that lay abandoned on the side of the room. He pushed his now struggling aunt towards it. His muscled body moved the woman’s body like a child playing with a rag doll.

“Now you will be royally fucked!” shouted Steve.

Once at the machine Steve shoved his Aunt Ashley’s body down on the main bench. He pulled her arms around the bars at either side of the bench meant to hold weights. Steve pulled Ashley’s wrists together on the underside of the bench and wrapped around them a leather cuff meant to hook to the machine’s cables. He then attached this cuff to the cable that ran the length of the bench. He unhooked the top end meant to attach to the weight stack and ran it down the underside of the bench hooking to the other side of the cuff.

Ashley was now bound to the bench but this did not keep her from twisting and trying to kick Steve with her long lean muscled legs. Steve laughed at the woman’s attempts and simply sidestepped the kicks grabbing her right leg in both hands. He bent the leg back and placed another leather cuff on her ankle. He then disconnected another of the machine’s cables hooking it to the cuff. He ran the cable around the back of the weight stack. It was then simple for him to grab Ashley’s left leg and attach another cuff. Steve attached the cable from her right leg to the cuff on her left leg and Ashley was now immobile except for her head and her very fine ass.

“Now I’m going to fuck the shit out of you!” spat Steve at the bound woman.

“Go ahead!” taunted Ashley.

Steve’s cock was begging for release. He reached forward and grabbed his aunt’s hips pulling them down on the bench.

“Watch this!” hissed Steve.

Steve placed his big cock-head at the entrance to his aunt’s pussy. He started to push forward and was surprised to find his aunt’s cunt to be wet and hot all ready for his big fucker. He slammed forward quickly burying his whole shaft in her wet slot in one stroke causing Ashley to arch her back and moan from the sudden intrusion. Steve started to pump his aunt’s cunt. Just then he saw his uncle on the left side of the bench taking off his blue robe.

“Everybody shares.” thought Steve.

The now naked Bob sqatted next to his wife’s head.

“You really like the exercise machine. Don’t you like Steve’s big cock?”

“Oh Bob it’s so big!” moaned Ashley.

“Tell him you like it. Tell him what you want!” said Bob into his wife’s ear.

“I love your big cock Steve. Fuck me with it. Fuck me hard!” said Ashley now so aroused she was almost shouting.

Steve was so turned on by her pleas that he really started to pound her pussy hard and fast. Bob stood up by his wife’s head his boner sticking out over her face. Ashley leaned her head back and opened her mouth. Bob bent over and placed the very tip close to her lips.

“Beg me baby, beg me!” said Bob.

“Oh please shove your cock in my mouth. Oh please, please!” said Ashley.

Bob responded by shoving his cock into his wife’s mouth and starting to fuck her face. Ashley now lay skewered between the two big cocks that fucked her from both ends as she lay bound to escort kütahya the bench. Her mouth full she now hummed and groaned as she was pleasured by the two mighter members.

Just then Steve saw his grandma in her lavendar robe appear at the side of the bench watching as though calmly watching a soap opera. “Is that all you are going to do?” she asked. Steve was struck by a sudden desire. He pulled his cock from his aunt pussy in one stroke causing her to wince from the sudden emptiness in her cunt. Her ass beat up and down on the bench pleaded for more of the huge prick.

“I’m going to fuck her up the ass!” said Steve, “Pull your cock out of her Bob! I want her to see this!”

Bob responded by pulling his cock from his wife’s mouth. She could now tilt her head to look up and see what was about to happen. Steve rubbed his prick with lube from a container conveinently sitting on the shelf there in the laundry room. Steve teased the trussed woman by taking his time prepping his big fucker for her tight ass. Steve grabbed the bound woman’s hips and positioned the head of his big prick up against his aunt’s puckered anus.

“Beg me!” Steve said now totally into this scene.

“Oh please!” begged Ashley, “please shove that huge prick up my tight ass! I need to be ass fucked so bad!”

Steve was so into the whole scene that he started to push his big fuck rod into his aunt’s ass. He moved slowly teasing the woman with the amount of time it took to shove his cock into her welcoming ass.

“Oh please!” shouted Ashley, “please faster, harder! I need you now!”

Steve actually slowed down in response to the woman’s pleas causing everybody in the room to groan with anticipation. Finally after taking what seemed to the assembled group to be forever, Steve’s hips came in contact with his aunt’s fine ass. Steve started to pump her ass now slowly at first and then starting to speed up. Bob straddled the bench and his wife’s bound body. He placed his cock her pussy and with a few pumps slid his prick into her cunt. Then Steve saw his Grandma drop her robe and stand at the head of the bench where Ashley lay whipping her head from side to side and groaning with the power of the now double fucking.

“Beg me!” Clare said the bound redhead.

“Oh please let me lick your pussy!” Ashley squealed.

Clare placed her legs on either side of the bound woman’s head and lowered her blond furred pussy to Ashley’s mouth which immediately started to suck and lick the offered twat. Clare leaned forward grabbing the sides of the bench and lowered her mouth to Ashley’s red haired cunt. She started licking and sucking on the tender tissues of her daughter-in-law’s pussy. The four of them continued work as the two men fucked Ashley’s cunt and ass and the two women pleasured each others pussies.

Suddenly Bob went, “Ah, oh!” and came in his wife’s hot cunt. Steve was also close and started to make noises too. Clare raised up from Ashley’s twisting body and kneeled next to her head which leaned up to see Steve.

“Come on our faces Steve!” said Clare.

Steve felt the cum boiling up in his balls. He pulled the massive cock from his aunt’s ass and started to shoot. The first blast of spunk splashed onto his aunt’s face. The next on his Grandma’s face. Then on Ashley’s tits. Over and over again Steve shot cum all over the two women. When he finally stopped Clare reached up and smeared the man juice all over her and Ashley’s faces as though it was a great honor to be covered in Steve’s spunk.

Steve turned around to see his uncle now with his robe back on starting out the door.

“He who starts cleans up!” said Bob, “I guess I forgot to tell you that rule.”

Steve turned around to face the machine to see his grandma finishing wiping her face with a hand towel. She slipped her robe and and also stared out the door.

“I’m going to see what’s up upstairs.” she said, “When I left Helen was on all fours fucking Dan and Don.”

Steve was left with his aunt bound to the exercise machine. He slowly unhooked her ankles and helped her lower her legs to the floor. Then he unhooked the cuff keeping her bound to the bench. Steve helped his aunt stand up and handed her a towel to wipe off her face. Steve thought his aunt must hate him for his brutal treatment of her in the bisexual gang bang that just occured.

Ashley finished wiping off her face and then wrapped her arms around Steve’s neck. Her magnificant body was now pressed against his and he could feel the firm tits and taut muscles. She stared into his eyes with those green eyes of her’s that suddenly felt like laser beams cutting into his very soul.

“That was great Steve!” she said, “We’ve used the exercise machine a lot but you were very creative.”

“That explains the container of lube on the laundry room shelf!” said Steve.

“I also liked the slow ass fucking. The anticipation was just delicious. This was your first time with me so I need to tell you to not feel ashamed. You notice I didn’t ever say no during the whole session. In fact, I was nude because I was waiting for you. I told Bob to tell about how we first met so you would understand but also so you would be real hot and ready when you found me. I would have been in a terrible way if you hadn’t made the decision to come to the laundry room.”

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