Young introduced by Old.

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His reached out his hand and touched my thigh, a jolt of excitement shot through me and straight to my young cock. With him sitting close next to me, the air seemed charged with electricity. I could feel his warmth, I could feel his breath on my neck. I sensed his face close to mine. He kissed me lightly and softly on the cheek, it was nice and loving and passionate and I didn’t pull away. He continued to plant small kisses on my cheek as he moved his mouth towards mine. I turned towards him slightly and our lips met. It was my first kiss and it was from a much older man.

His lips pressed against mine, soft at first, then firmer. My young cock began to swell and throb. His finger tips moved up my thigh and lightly stroked my erect dick through my pants. The feeling was overwhelming and I seemed to melt into him and accept his tongue into my parted lips as he kissed me with an opened mouth.

I was like jelly in his older, experienced hands. Totally lost in the incredible feelings. I nervously moved my hand to touch his thigh like he had done to mine. It seemed like an eternity just to gather the courage. When my finger tips felt his leg, my cock jumped and seemed to get even harder, straining to the point of pain against the material of my pants. With his finger tips rubbing the head of my dick he could feel it and sense it too.

“Would you like to touch me?” he asked softly. I could only nod a yes. He undid his belt and pants and slid them down. His semi erect cock looked enormous and beautiful and all I could do was stare at it. My twitching cock and my lustful gaze left me with no doubt, I wanted to touch him too. He leaned back and opened his legs slightly, totally exposing his manhood for me. As nervous as I was, I wanted this too much to stop and reached out my shaking hand to touch him. His cock looked huge with my small fingers wrapped around it, huge and wonderful. His cock felt warm and smooth and soft but firm as it swelled to my touch.

“Do you want to kiss it?” “Go ahead, it’s alright, kiss it” his cock felt firm and heavy in my hand as I held it up and leaned over. I placed a small soft kiss on the tip and felt it jump and swell in my hand. It made me smile to excite him like this. I planted more light kisses all around the head and shaft, his dick felt wonderful and warm on my lips. “Move your hand like this” he said and placed his big hand over mine and made a stroking motion, showing me how to please him. I stroked him and loved doing it, all while still kissing his tip.

“Would you like me to to that to you? he asked and moved to his knees in front of me. I undid my pants and he tugged them down. My rock hard stiff cock stood straight up for him as he ran his hands up and down my inner thighs before leaning in and kissing my tight ball sack. His tongue made small circles around them then his lips kissed my shaft. It took my breath away and made me feel light headed. When his mouth engulfed my cock my eyes rolled back, I had never known such pleasure. His big, wet, wonderful mouth quickly brought me to the edge of orgasm and he knew it. He pulled away and as my dick twitched, we watched as thick white sperm begin to spill out of my tip, i was panting now, i would have begged him for relief and release if i was able to even speak! Then he took my hard throbbing cumming cock back into his mouth and sucked me deeply, letting my cum shoot and flow into his mouth and throat, swallowing me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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