Lining Up a Putt

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I’d played him many times before but this time something was different. We had played only six holes when I noticed that he had become very interested in helping me line up my putts. When I bent down to pick up my ball after marking it on the green, he would come over and with a hand on my shoulder, would suggest how to make the putt. I’d get down in a crouch to see the line of the green and he would be right behind me, leaning against me, his chest on my back and his legs wrapped around my thighs. If anyone had seen us, they would surely wonder what was going on.

After a few more holes of this, I came to expect his help and even leaned back a bit into him when we were lining up a putt. I started to help him too and found that my mind was slipping away from the game to more intimate matters.

It escalated until on the tenth green, I felt something else when he leaned over me. He was sporting an erection and it was rubbing against my lower back. I pretended not to feel it but I couldn’t miss it as it was very hard and I’m sure he knew I felt it. He moved ever so slightly and it rubbed against me, exciting my own cock and soon I was afraid to stand up as I had a bulge in the front of my pants. I shouldn’t have worried as he stood up and came around the front of me, standing directly in my line. I couldn’t have missed his hard cock if I had tried.

With his hands on his hips, he moved closer, his cock looming larger and larger in front of me. He waited until he was inches away from me before reaching down and unzipping himself. With a quick flick of his wrist, his naked hard cock was right at mouth level and he was pushing his hips towards me, his cock inching closer and closer to my mouth.

Without a thought of where we were and if there was anyone else around, I opened my mouth and he thrust his cock inside me hitting the back of my throat. Placing his hands on the back of my head, he proceeded to Beylikdüzü escort fuck my mouth with long, slow thrusts. Not being new at sucking cocks, I let him fuck me for a few more minutes. I then took his cock out of my mouth and licked down the length of him, gently licking his balls and flicking my tongue through his slit. He was groaning aloud now as I resumed sucking him.

He had been excited for awhile as it didn’t take long for him to start to come in my mouth, sending his hot liquid down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could until he was finished then slowly slid his spent cock out of my mouth. I gave it one last flick of my tongue, which made him groan again and stood up.

Only then did I look around. We were alone and I could see more golfers a few holes away from us. I looked back at him and he winked at me while reaching out to cup my balls and rub the bulge in the front of my pants. I grabbed his wrist and said that it was to open here and that we should maybe find a place that was a little more secluded. He agreed and we hopped on the golf cart and with him driving, left the green and headed down the cart path. I wasn’t sure where he was going but he seemed to have a destination in mind so I let him drive without questioning him about where we were going.

After a few frantic minutes, he pulled the cart off the path and over into a small clearing. He told me to follow him. I took my glove off and followed him into the trees. Glancing behind me a few times to make sure no one was following us and finding no one there, I relaxed a bit as he led me further into the trees.

Finally he stopped and turned around to face me. I had hardly caught up to him when he grabbed me and mashed his lips against mine, his hand reaching down to cup my balls and rub my still hard cock. I moved closer to him and ground my hips against him, making him remove his hand from my cock, as it was against his thigh. Beylikdüzü escort He put both arms around my neck and his tongue snaked out into my mouth, searching inside it as he humped against my cock.

Keeping his mouth glued to mine, he moved so he could get to my belt buckle, which he undid along with my pants and zipper. Pushing my pants down around my knees, he also pushed my shorts down until my cock was free and clear. He groaned into my mouth as I let him caress my bare cock. He pulled and pushed on it, feeling its length and width in his hands, circling the head and caressing my balls gently. Next, he undid his own pants and pulled them, and his shorts down, baring his own cock, which was recovering nicely. Thrusting his hips forward, he rubbed our cocks together.

We stood there like that for a few minutes, him rubbing our cocks together while continuing to search the insides of my mouth with his tongue. Finally, he leaned back and looked down at our cocks. He licked his lips and bent over to feed my cock into his mouth as I inched my hand down and over his back to his crack. I ran my finger up and down his crack as best I could, as I couldn’t reach the full length of it while he sucked my cock in and out of his mouth.

He was very good at sucking cock and had me on the brink several times before slowing down to let me enjoy his mouth more and keep me from coming too soon. Over and over again he would bring me to the brink then slow down again, savoring what he was doing. All the while, my finger ran up and down his crack. He was getting excited again and stopped sucking my cock. Without a word, he turned around, stood up and bent over, spreading his cheeks apart all in one motion. Fuck me he said. Fuck me now.

I didn’t waste any time and moved into him. Aiming my cock at his hole. Just as I was about to thrust into him, he stopped me and told me to lick him some. I bent down and found Escort Beylikdüzü his hole with my tongue and furling it, tongue fucked him, making him spread his cheeks wider and groan every time I touched his hole. After a few minutes, he again told me to fuck him.

This time, I thrust my hard cock into him in one motion until I found my balls resting against his thighs. I stood quietly for a minute then started to move in and out of him, slowly at first then faster. He was groaning loudly as I fucked him, telling me to come inside him as he wanted to feel my hot come. This spurred me on and soon I was coming inside him, just like he wanted with a hot river of come, spewing up into his canal as he pushed back against me, wanting every drop in him. I finished and slowly my cock slid out of his slippery canal, leaving a trail of come, running down his crack and onto the ground, beneath him.

This was the first time I had ever fucked someone in the ass. I enjoyed it and soon was inside him again, fucking him harder this time until I exploded for a second time, sending showers of hot liquid deep inside him while he squirmed under me.

After I slid out of him, it was my turn. He pushed me over a small branch and started sucking and licking my ass hole and up and down my crack. Soon I felt his head against me and then in me, sending a shiver of pain through me. He waited before pushing further into me and each time he did, I felt less and less pain until he was fully inside

Slowly, he started to fuck me. All the while, he was telling me how I felt, how tight I was and what he was going to do to me when he came inside me. The more he talked the faster he got and soon his balls were slapping against my thighs with every thrust and the slap seemed quite loud. I was enjoying it and I moaned a little while pushing back against him, wanting him fully inside me when he came.

He exploded and I felt the heat from his cock as he filled my canal with hot, runny liquid that ran out around the edges of his cock and down my legs. He pulled out of me and we both fell exhausted to the ground. We met several times after that both on and off the course.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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