The New Neighbor Pt. 01

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I like to write stories that stretch sexual boundaries, but in such a way that the characters find happiness. This story is about finding happiness first. Time will tell if it is boundary stretching. As is usual with my stories, an idea will enter my head and I will start writing. It is not the best writing process, but for now, that is how it works.

I have made corrections to the story based on some helpful comments.


Joseph Davis is eighteen years old and has just graduated from High School. Like a lot of kids, he didn’t do so well in first grade and got held back a year. Joe is fairly angst free considering his age. He was a good student, but not a great one. He has had his share of school romances. His last girlfriend liked to experiment with sex and he had no problem with being her lab assistant. Their relationship recently ended without animosity. She is going to a college out of state and it’s time for her to move on.

Joe has no doubt that his parents, June and Rob, love him. They just aren’t around a lot. He has grown up with both parents being career focused. Most nights during the week he is lucky if one of them is sitting at the dinner table with him. Weekends aren’t significantly better. If his parents aren’t putting in extra hours at work, they are off together “solidifying their marriage”. Whatever that means.

As a result, Joe has learned to do all of the mundane things that parents normally take care of. Home maintenance, house cleaning, laundry, and the list goes on. He really doesn’t mind the work. He likes to learn how to fix things. It gives him satisfaction to see a well mown yard. He has built an out building behind his house and has been outfitting it as a combination wood shop, gadget repair, and man cave. Joe doesn’t have a long-term plan yet. College is a possibility, but he isn’t in a hurry because he really doesn’t know what he wants to do. He has spent most of his life maintaining his family. The thought of an independent life of his own feels strange so he avoids it.

School just ended for the summer and Joe doesn’t have a core group of friends to hang out with. He doesn’t’ mind because he has the house to take care of and his shop.

He was trimming the shrubs at the front of the house when the moving van arrived at the empty house next door. Joe is at the core a kind person. So, when the new folks arrived, he walked over to offer his help. As he walked over, he noticed a man that he assumed was one of the new owners talking and waiving his hands at a woman he also assumed was the other new owner. The man turned and walk away rapidly, got into a car, and left.

The woman left standing buried her face into her hands and just stood there. Joe was suddenly hesitant to introduce himself. He stopped before he entered the neighbor’s yard and watched as the woman seemed to gather herself. When she looked up from her hands, she looked right at him. The decision made for him, he waved and walked toward her. “Hi, I’m Joe. I assume you are our new neighbor?”

As he got closer, he couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was. She stood a head shorter than his six foot. Her eyes were green and her hair was brown. She looked to be in her early twenties. He could tell that she had a nice figure even though she was wearing baggie work clothes. She smiled as he approached, “High back at you. I’m Susan Bloch. My husband Dan, just left.” She reached out her hand and Joe shook it. Her smile felt like it was for him alone and it lit up his heart. “I would really like to visit, but I have a moving van to get unloaded and a house to put together. How about I stop by and say hello once we are settled?”

“I have an alternative plan if you are interested,” Joe smiled back. “Why don’t I help you with the lifting and moving?”

“That would be amazing. My husband was transferred here and feels the need to be at work.”

“Does he know it is Saturday and you have a full moving van to deal with?”

Susan’s eyes looked down and he could see her eyes glisten with tears. Joe felt terrible, “I am sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I would really like to help if you will let me.” Susan looked up at him, and gave him that smile again. “Thank you, I would appreciate your help.”

They got to work. Moving the appliances was the hardest part, but an appliance dolly and his youthful strength got them through it. They took a short break after moving boxes to the right rooms. The power company wasn’t due until Monday which meant that Susan’s new house was hot as hell. “Susan why don’t you come over to my house and relax in the kitchen for a while before we get back into it?”

“That sounds like a great idea. I am friggin hot!”

They walked over to Joe’s house. Joe had her sit at the dining table and poured her a glass of iced tea. He poured himself one, set the pitcher on the table, and sat down across from Susan. Susan was looking around and noticed the family picture on the wall. “Where are your parents?”

“They gaziantep bayan escort work a lot and when they aren’t working, they are usually off doing marriage bonding stuff.”

Susan looked around, “This house is spotless; how do they find the time?”

Joe replied with some pride, “That’s me. I take care of the house.”

Susan was a bit taken aback, “That doesn’t seem fair. How do you have time for friends and fun?”

Joe looked into her pretty green eyes,” I actually don’t mind at all. I enjoy taking care of things, fixing things, and creating new things in my shop. I am older than my classmates so we don’t connect that well. It’s not like I am a loner. I have a few friends.”

“Girlfriend?” Susan asked.

“Not at the moment. My girlfriend graduated this year and going to college out of state. She needed to be free to explore the next step in her life. I understand that and I want her to be happy.”

“Wow, that is probably the most mature outlook on a break up I have ever heard.”

“Well, it’s not like we were in love. We had a lot of fun together and liked each other a lot. We’re friends and, as her friend, I want what is best for her.

“So, tell me about you.”

Susan thought for a moment,” Dan and I dated in college. We got married right out of college and have been married for six years.”

Joe looked at her in mild shock, “I had you figured for maybe twenty.”

Susan laughed lightly, “No, I’m twenty-eight, but thank you! Anyway, Dan got hired into sales at Holden Industries and advanced rapidly. His advancement led to his promotion and our relocation here.”

“What about you,” Joe asked, “Do you have a career too?”

Susan looked pensive, “I have a master’s in business, but Dan’s career needed to be our first priority. I haven’t got around to developing my own career. Dan still needs me to be focused on taking care of the home front while he battles the ogres of business. His words, not mine.

“I need to get back to it if I am going to get things organized before Dan gets home.”

“Let’s do it,” Joe stood and put the pitcher back in the refrigerator.

Susan smiled, “Thank you Joe for helping me. I can’t imagine how hard this would be without your help.”

The two of them went back to it. Joe hung curtain rods and curtains while Susan unloaded boxes. The bed frame was assembled and the mattress laid in place. The remaining boxes were relatively small and Susan thought she could probably handle those herself.

Joe found Susan in her kitchen, “Susan, I just realized, you don’t have electricity so you don’t have hot water. Why don’t you get what you need and you can shower at my house?”

“Thank you, that would be awesome. I am worn out and a hot shower sounds wonderful. I will gather up my stuff and be over shortly.”

“Sure thing. Please let yourself in. I am going to get cleaned up myself.”

Joe went home, undressed and showered. Susan had gathered her shower things and a change of clothes soon after Joe left her house. She walked into his house and was walking down the hallway when a naked Joe left the bathroom and walked into the bedroom at the end of the hall. She froze in embarrassment. She didn’t want to freak him out by saying something so she waited and hoped she would get a chance to sneak back down the hall before he saw her. She couldn’t help but notice his tight little ass and muscled back. He’s kind of hot. Then Joe turned. She noticed his muscular arms and chest. As her eyes glided downward, she also noticed his tight stomach. She let out a little “Oh!” as she looked lower. Wow that’s a big dick!

Joe turned toward his dresser to get his underwear. As he reached into the drawer, he heard a cell phone ring and looked down the hall. Susan stood there holding her bag as her phone rang within it. Her face was beet red as she turned and began fishing around in the bag for her phone. Joe reached over and closed the bedroom door. He chuckled quietly as he got dressed. When he left his bedroom, Susan was no longer in the hall. He found her in the kitchen talking on her phone.

From the sound of things, it was not a nice call. Joe hesitated and backed away from the kitchen, but couldn’t help himself. He eavesdropped from the hall. Susan was talking to her husband,” Dan, you were supposed to make sure the utilities were turned on. You specifically said you would handle it,” she listened for a moment, “I don’t understand how this could be my fault, but if you are going to stay in a hotel I will come and join you there.” The sound from the speaker got louder and Susan sounded upset when she replied,” What do you mean you aren’t staying in town. We just got here and it’s Saturday. How can you be going out of town on business?” Louder sounds from the speaker and now Joe could hear the hurt in Susan’s voice, “Please don’t yell at me. I have worked all day in this heat. If it weren’t for the gaziantep escort bayan neighbor helping me, I don’t know what I would have done. Now you’re telling me I am on my own again while you leave town for a week in the middle of our move. I cannot believe for a second your job is so demanding that you can’t help your wife move into your new house.” More loud sounds from the speaker ensued. “Your absolutely right Dan. Your career is the most important thing in the world. Way more important than me. I am just here to serve. Thank you very much ASSHOLE!”

Joe jerked as Susan yelled out “asshole”. He gave her a moment then walked into the kitchen. He found her crying, holding the now silent phone. He walked up to behind her, hesitated, then put his arms around her shoulders and hugged her. They stood like that for a few minutes while Susan pulled herself together. She looked up at Joe, “I am so sorry.”

“You don’t have anything to apologize for. I will help you in any way I can. We will get you settled. In the meantime, why don’t you stay in our guest bedroom until your utilities are on? I know mom and dad won’t mind. It does not make sense for you to suffer through this heat.”

“I couldn’t possibly do that. It would be asking too much.”

“You aren’t asking. I am offering and I assure you it isn’t a big deal.”

“What if my husband comes home?”

“Call him now and let him know he is welcome as well.”

Susan’s eyes teared up,” Who am I kidding. He is not going to show up. He won’t answer his phone now for a couple of days. If I say something that pisses him off he blocks my calls to teach me a lesson.”

Joe was shocked,” What if you had an emergency and needed him? I hope this doesn’t piss you off, but I think your husband is a world class dick!”

Susan smiled through her tears, “He is, isn’t he?”

“Why don’t you treat yourself to a nice shower and then we can talk about dinner?”

Susan rose up on her toes and kissed his cheek, “That sounds good. Thank you for being here for me Joe. I really appreciate it.”

He walked Susan down the hall to the guest room. Joe realized he was smitten. No Joe, you cannot go there. He left her to it and walked back to the kitchen.

The shower helped Susan immensely. She washed away the stress of the day along with the sweat. She toweled off and then realized she hadn’t brought clothes into the bathroom. She wrapped herself in a towel and walked out of the bathroom. Joe was coming up the hallway as her foot stepped on the end of the towel and she walked her way right out of it. Joe froze as she stood in front of him naked as the day she was born. Joe realized he was staring and immediately turned around. He didn’t turn so quick that he didn’t good a good look at Susan. She was gorgeous! She had a great figure, perfect pert breasts, and a dancer’s legs.

“Susan I am so sorry. I wasn’t trying to spy on you I swear!”

A red-faced Susan had managed to get her towel back on. “I know, it was my fault. You can turn around now. I am covered.” Joe turned back around and Susan smiled at him, “As I remember I accidentally did the same thing.”

Joe grinned back at her, “Well I can’t imagine what you saw was as awesome as what I saw!”

Susan blushed; I respectfully disagree! She and turned to go to the bedroom. Joe couldn’t help but notice her cute little ass cheeks peaking from the bottom of the towel as she walked away.

Susan closed the door to the bedroom and leaned back against it. You have got to get ahold of yourself girl! She knew she was vulnerable. Dan was usually distant, but he had been even more so in recent months. They had made the initial agreement for her to maintain their home while he established his career. Once he was established, she would then be able to start working on her own career. It was obvious to her now that Dan liked things as they were and had no intention of changing them. He almost never touched her and was constantly traveling. She was almost sure he was cheating on her. No one is that dedicated to their job. She knew something was not right, but was at a loss as to how to deal with it. All she knew was that she was desperately unhappy and so lonely. She was in a new place and had no one she could lean on. Joe was like an answered prayer.

Susan arrived back in the kitchen wearing a t-shirt and nicely snug pin striped short shorts. Joe did a double take when she walked into the room, “You clean up good! I think pin stripes are my new favorite color!” She blushed and smiled. Joe thought that her smile lit up the room. They set about making dinner. Joe proved to be very adept in the kitchen and Susan found herself being the willing assistant. Joe opened a bottle of wine for her and they sat down to eat.

“Tell me about Susan.”

“Well, I had a fairly normal upbringing. I was an only child and my parents were both only children. My grandparents passed away escort gaziantep bayan when I was young. My parents were killed in a car wreck during my freshman year of college.”

“You must have felt so alone. I am sorry.”

“It was bad at the time but it has been a while and I have managed to move on. Dan came into my life shortly after my parents died. At the time I appreciated him helping me through it. He gave me focus and took my mind off of my grief. Looking back on it, I realize he was just controlling me. That seems to be his thing. He had a plan for me every day and I would report back to him after class. At the time I thought he was helping by giving me structure, something to focus on. Anyway, that’s my life, for what it is worth.”

Joe smiled at her, “I think your life is priceless. So, yeh, it’s worth a lot. Probably like elevendy-billion or so.”

Susan chuckled, “Elevendy-billion? Wow, that is a lot! Thanks.”

Joe continued, “So what do you like to do? What interests you, excites you?”

“I like to paint. I wanted to go to art school, but my parents insisted that I get a “marketable” education.”

“I didn’t see any paintings when we unloaded the moving van. Are they being shipped separate?”

“No, Dan thought my “little hobby” as he calls it, was a waste of money. I needed to focus on taking care of him, not painting.”

Joe smiled, “I want to show you something as soon as we finish dinner.”

“Have you had a lot of girlfriends?” Susan asked as she brought her wine glass to her lips.

“I’m not sure how to define “a lot”, but I have had a few. Some weren’t so understanding of my home responsibilities. They wanted me to spend more time with them than I had. My last girlfriend was different. She was happy to get with me when we could.”

“That sounds like a pretty good relationship. You weren’t in love?”

“Not really, we were really close friends and I guess we still are.”

“Really close friends?”

Joe blushed,” Well the truth is that she was interested in exploring the physical side of things. I think she chose me because I am relatively nice, I had just turned eighteen, and she knew I didn’t kiss and tell.”

Susan smiled at Joe, “I think there is more to it than that Joe. You are a nice-looking man.” and I bet she noticed that package of yours as well.

Joe blushed a bit himself as he thought about her words. She hadn’t said nice looking boy, she had said nice looking man. Joe was beginning to have thoughts he probably shouldn’t. She was so nice, so pretty, and so sexy.

“Thank you. That’s a kind thing to say. Please let me give you the number for my Optometrist. I think that it has been a while since you’ve had your eyes checked. “

Susan laughed, “I will have you know that my vision is better than 20/20.”

Joe got up and began to clear the table. He chastised himself, Get a grip. She’s married.

Susan helped him clean up the kitchen and Joe escorted her through the house and out to the back. Susan was shocked when she walked out of the back door. The lot was huge compared to her own. That’s not what shocked her. “Did you do all of this!?”

“Yes. Do you like it?”

“It’s gorgeous! it’s amazing! I love it!”

The back yard was surrounded by a ten-foot tall wooden fence. Planters were hung strategically along the fence with down lights between them. Running the perimeter of the fence was an undulating border of pavers that separated the various flower gardens from the lawn. The flowers swept around the fence, one color blending into the next. A wooden swing hung from a frame near one corner. A dogwood tree provided shade over the swing. It looked like a wonderful place to sit and read.

In front of her was an inground swimming pool. Beyond the pool nestled back into the other corner was a wooden building. The building was thirty feet long and nearly that wide. It was beautifully crafted. Windows with decorative wooden shutters broke up the exterior walls that faced the yard. Climbing roses flourished on the trestle next to the entrance.

“Come on. Let me show you my shop,” Joe was so happy with her reaction he didn’t even think as he took her hand to lead her onward. By the time he realized they were walking across the yard hand in hand they were nearly at the door to the shop. Apparently, she didn’t seem to mind. He hated that he had to let go of her hand in order to open the shop door.

Joe opened the door and they walked inside. The shop was exceptionally well lit. When Susan walked inside, she saw an orderly shop with plenty of room. Skylights were spaced along the ceiling. They would provide a lot of sunlight during the day. Joe turned to Susan, “OK, walk over here. If you look up you can see that the skylights get sun all day. When I designed and built this shop, I wanted uninterrupted sunlight to work with. It makes a big difference when I am finishing wood.

“Anyway, I think this would be a perfect spot for you to paint. You could keep all of your stuff here. I’ll give you a key and you can paint whenever you would like. “

Susan looked at Joe and tears began to run down her face. She began to cry as a flabbergasted Joe stood there frozen. Joe’s nature broke through and he went to her. “I am so sorry! What did I do?” He looked at her in desperation, “I didn’t mean to make you cry!”

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