Love Letter To A Sleeping Man

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It’s early morning and you are still sound asleep. I awake with a tingling in my pussy and look over at you lying there, naked, on your stomach.

It seems a shame to disturb you but I have such a desire in me that I have no choice.

I look at your manly form, the soft sunlight outlining your back you’re deep in slumber still looking so vulnerable and sweet.

The cheeks of your ass rise up hidden partially under the sheet and form perfect mounds. I can see a soft fur that glows in the light. My pussy stirs and I feel a tweak down there.

I decide that this is the perfect time to explore that sweet ass, the ass I have often desired but have yet to know.

While you have no qualms about spanking mine and burying your face in it, yours has always been off limits to me.

Unspokenly off limits.

I sense you think it’s not manly or some such nonsense.

I smile, knowing that now is my chance to introduce you to sensual pleasures you’ve only known to give not receive.

I slowly slip the sheet that lays across your back down past the rise of your cheeks until I see the crevice that hides your sweetness

As the sheet reveals your balls and the dark hidden spot nestled between underneath those cheeks my pussy tingles.

You’re breathing heavily as you dream and I begin to softly run my hand down that back letting it follow your contours like a blind woman reading Braille.

I sit up and use both hands to massage your back ever so lightly fluttering my fingers down to that lovely ass and back up to your shoulders

You make sleep noises and bury your face into the pillow even more.

My hands continue their study of your body but always end up on your cheeks more and more until I begin to massage canlı bahis şirketleri only your cheeks pressing them together and apart.

You stir a little as I spread them, which I do a little more and a little more … and the more I massage them the more I spread them.

And each time I do I see your little hidden bud more and more clearly.

It makes me wet.

You must be nearing wakefulness and yet you don’t brush me away, which gives me all the permission I need.

I slide myself down onto my own stomach between your legs and massage your cheeks open wide and hold them there.

Wide open. Your asshole exposed.

I wait.

You no longer are breathing holding your breath, it seems. I look at that rosebud screwed so tightly shut from intruders.

And blow a gust of warm air right onto it.

You groan and I know that for the first time for certain you like it. You tilt your ass ever so slightly up your cheeks still open wide … and I do absolutely nothing.

You wiggle it just a little to let me know you’re impatient but still … I do nothing.

I want to make sure that you know you want it.

Then out of nowhere I touch your hole with the very tip of my tongue and you groan out loud and shiver.

I point my tongue and press the tip just a little into your ass still holding your cheeks apart and you groan some more.

I stop and look at your little bud and I suddenly give it one big lick like a lion … with my thick, flattened tongue.

I lick you from your balls to your asshole and back, flicking my tongue on that little ridge you have that connects your ass to your cock.

Your groan is loud this time.

You raise your ass a little higher so in one canlı kaçak iddaa swift motion I push your thighs apart and slide them underneath you forcing your ass up higher still … your cheeks pulled open.

I like this pose.

I like looking at you knowing that there is no turning back now. That there is no misunderstanding about what is to come.

I kneel behind you and look down into that virgin rosebud. I bring my hands up to your cheeks and place my thumbs on either side of it and gently spread you open.

I blow again warm air just lightly over and in your opening asshole and with my tongue twirl it around and around licking. You are mine.

“Do you like this?” I ask.

You don’t answer.

“Hmmm?” I say, my mouth now buried between your cheeks, licking and playfully chomping — I want to eat you up. You smell like a musky mixture of soap and man sweat.

“Tell me.” I say firmly. “Say it … out loud.”

I know you are resisting as if there was still a chance you could deny this was happening and how much you were loving it.

I stop everything until you answer.

You start to talk, but you sound garbled. You clear your throat, then say, softly, “Yes.”

I want to hear you tell me that you want it. “Do you want more?” I ask firmly.

A long pause. “Yes.”

Suddenly I slip my tongue deep into your tight hole. “Like this?”

You suck in air … “Yes,” you finally admit.

I twirl it around, poking deeper still. You groan, “Oh my God…”

You spread your legs wider apart and you arch your back more as I bury my face even deeper.

Your cock swells and hardens.

“Do you want my finger?”

You don’t answer. I know you do. But I want to hear you beg me.

“DO canlı kaçak bahis YOU WANT my finger inside you … deep inside –“

“YES,” you say almost angry at your own weakness. “YES … please!”

I slip my finger into my mouth and pull it out wet and glistening and slip it deep inside your ass. Fast and deep.

It takes you by surprise and you call out. “Oh my GOD, YES.”

I slide it out slowly and stop. You swiftly push your ass up to reclaim it again. And again …. fucking yourself on my finger.

My pussy is so wet now, I’m dripping. I reach down and cup your balls and the base of your cock as my finger pumps in and out of you.

Your ass bucking into the air my finger thrusting deep inside you I can feel your asshole opening wider and the softness inside you expanding.

“Fuck me” you yell out. “Oh my god, FUCK ME” you yell out over and over. I’m so excited to see you like this that my clit is swollen and rubs hotly against my foot as I sit cross-legged behind you.

I grab your hard cock with my other hand, tighten up around your smooth shaft and quickly slide it up and down.

Your asshole is so open and wet now that I slip a second finger in and fuck you with both spreading them apart when I get deep inside you.

You scream out, “YESSS!” and as my hand pumps your cock I feel you suddenly expand entirely inside and you grab the pillows and sheets arching your ass high into the air … your cock explodes in my hand and spurts out it’s juice all over the bed.

I come simultaneously from excitement and my clit rubbing against my heel and scream.

I collapse onto your back as you collapse onto the bed. Your cock continues to sputter in waves and I slowly slide my fingers out of your still slightly twitching ass …

… and cover your back and neck in kisses.

“Hmmmm … oh baby, there’s more to come,” I whisper in your ear. You growl in that way that makes my pussy jump and a slow sexy grin spreads across your face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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