The Transformation of Paul Ch. 04

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After dinner I went back upstairs to get myself ready to meet Charles. I slipped off my silk robe and stood in front of the full-length mirror. First I adjusted the seams on my black stockings and then I straightened the suspenders and tightened them so that the tops of each stocking came exactly to the same height on my slim thighs.

My cock seemed to have been oozing precum forever and tonight was no exception. I reached for a tissue and pushing my panties down, I carefully cleaned it away from my still beautifully smooth shaft and pubic mound. My balls too needed a little bit of attention and in the end I decided to go to the bathroom and wash. I took my panties off and took them with me. After I had properly cleaned myself, I rinsed the transparent panel at the front of the panties and dried them using the hairdryer.

Next, I lifted my bra cups and examined my nipples. An afternoon of being sucked by Gerald’s little machine and then pinched around the base by the rubber training rings had left them hugely extended. I rolled the transparent ring off each in turn and watched as my nipples throbbed back into life. They felt good and sexy and I knew that Gerald was going to love sucking on them some more. I slipped the cups back over and settled the straps of my bra so that everything was straight.

Standing in front of the mirror again, I slipped my panties back on and for a moment or two, I stood there fondling my body through the satin. My cock was more than slightly hard and was resting heavily against the front of my panties. It needed some attention and I was almost tempted to give myself a quick hand job. Instead, I rebrushed my hair and reapplied my lipstick.

Even if I say so myself, the image looking back at me from the mirror was incredibly horny. Every nerve ending in my body was in an overdrive of anticipation. I looked like a tart, felt like a tart and wanted to be used like a tart. I could already imagine a thick cock thrusting between my red glossy lips and a stream of hot semen sliding down my throat. My rear hole was contracting involuntarily at the prospect of being filled by a hard male member and my hands wanted to feel flesh and hard cocks and stiff nipples. My excitement was almost palpable and I was aware that I could feel my heart beating against my chest wall.

My final preparation was to reach into the bedside drawer and take out the lubricant. I dropped my panties again and bent over. I dug a couple of fingers into the cool gel and reaching back with one hand, I used my fingers to spread my ass cheeks as far apart as I could. I put my other hand back and applied the lube to my pucker. Even this act drove me to further heights of horniness and I deliberately took my time as I worked first one and then another of my fingers through the barrier of my sphincter. I scooped up a little more lube and worked as much as possible into my rectum.

The sound of the doorbell brought my self-abuse to a halt and taking a tissue, I cleaned all traces of gel from my crack. I pulled my panties back up and slipped my robe on again. Making a final check in the mirror, I set off to meet Charles.

Although I had quickly got used to balancing on my high heels, I didn’t trust myself to go down the stairs in them and I slipped them off before padding down in my stockinged feet. I paused outside the sitting room and eased my feet back into them. I could hear voices rising in amused conversation and so taking a long deep breath, I pushed the door open and walked into the room.

Gerald hadn’t lied. Charles was indeed a large man. He must have been 6′ 2″ at least and he towered even over Gerald. A huge shirt of billowing blue silk mostly hid his impressive girth. The sleeves were fastened tightly at each wrist and the shirtfront was half open, revealing a hairless chest. He wore cream linen trousers and what looked like a very expensive pair of loafers. He had gold everywhere. Several chains hung round his neck and he appeared to have ring on every finger.

Thick grey hair swept back from his forehead and fell foppishly over to one side. The ear I could see was pierced with a large gold stud. Caught in mid laughter, his smallish mouth was rimmed by thick, moist, rubbery looking lips that protruded from under a bulbous nose. Between his lips, I glimpsed white teeth and yet another chunk of gold set as a crown at the front of his mouth. Heavy jowls flopped down over a double if not triple chin but what grabbed my attention immediately as he turned towards me, were his eyes.

Romantic novelists would have us believe that people have “eyes like deep pools of liquid this substance or that substance”. Needless to say I had never seen eyes like that nor “felt myself drowning in his or her gaze”. Meeting Charles changed all that. His eyes were blue, a deep clear blue. They reminded me of the cornflowers we had been made to wear in the buttonholes of our school blazers on Speech Day. They were startling, instantly mesmerising and totally attractive. His grey eyebrows had been plucked to Betturkey near invisibility and with a shock, I realised that his eyelashes were heavily coated with mascara.

Both men had stopped talking and were standing looking at me. Gerald was the first to react.

He introduced us formally.

“Charles, allow me to introduce Paul. Paul, meet Charles”.

Charles stared at me.

“Well?” asked Gerald looking at him.

Charles raised both hands to his face and pressed his fingertips to his cheeks.

“Oh my God, Gerry, where ever did you find her. She’s absolutely gorgeous!”

His voice was pure Oxford but high pitched and effeminate. It had a singsong quality about it and he overstressed each syllable in an almost comic theatrical way.

He started across the room towards me. For someone of his size, he was surprisingly light on his feet and defying all logic, actually managed to “mince” in my direction. Up close he seemed even bigger and as he loomed over me I felt small and vulnerable and very, very feminine. I looked at Gerald and he gazed back fondly at me, treating me to that certain smile of his. I felt just like his little girl, his prize even and I knew that I would do whatever he asked of me. I could see the pleasure in his face as his friend of many years stood in front of me, his fingers still pressed into his cheeks and his mouth open in an expression of pure delight.

“Show Charles what you’re wearing,” Gerald said.

I undid the red silk belt and stood with my legs slightly apart. I parted the robe with my fingers and sweeping the material back, planted my hands on my hips.

“Oh my God…Oh my God”. Charles was practically drooling. “She’s perfect Gerry. Look at those legs. Oh my goodness… that cute little belly button…and what a cock she’s got. Oh Gerry, it’s too much, just too much”.

He moved his gaze up to my tits.

“The nipples!” he exclaimed. “Look at them, just look at them. Exquisite, truly, truly exquisite”.

He reached a podgy hand towards me and with infinite softness, caressed my cheek. I noticed that his immaculately manicured fingernails were coated in clear nail polish. He let his hand travel down my neck and over one of my tits. My nipple immediately hardened and he spent a moment lightly brushing his fingers over it.

“Oh, God,” he muttered again. “So lovely….”

He felt down over my stomach and traced the outline of my cock for a moment before taking my erection into his hand and squeezing it through the material of my panties.

“Ooh, big in all the right places as well,” he cooed.

He continued to stroke down to my thighs and then back up again, his hand sliding over the satin until he was cupping one of my ass cheeks.

“Oh Gerry,” he said, “You will let me fuck her, wont you?”

“That’s up to Paul,” he said.

Charles let go of me and stood back.

“Paul? Paul? You can’t possibly call her Paul. I think we should call her Paula”.

I liked the sound of that and looked at Gerald for his reaction. He raised his eyebrows questioningly at me.

“Mmm, I’d like that,” I said.

“Like what? ” said Charles solicitously. “Like be called Paula or,” he added leaning down so that his lips were right by my ear, “like me to fuck you?”

I turned and looked up at him. Despite his size and his effeminate ways, there was something very charismatic about him. He was like a big teddy bear, soft and comforting and I could imagine being snuggled into his arms. And then there were those eyes!

“Both,” I said.

Gerald looked at me with a mixture of lust and pride.

“Let’s go upstairs,” he said.

I kicked off my shoes and then removed my bra and panties. Leaving my stockings and suspenders on I climbed into the middle of the bed and watched the other two undress. I loved Gerald’s body. It was slim and toned without being muscular and his long legs were complimented by tight buttocks. His half hard cock swayed gently above heavy testicles and I felt my own length harden with anticipation of the pleasure I knew he was going to give me. His kindly face gave no clue to his passionate nature and nothing about him suggested that he was gay. He was an enigma, my enigma and as I watched him shed his clothes, I felt a rush of affection for him.

Charles had taken off his shoes and his trousers and was struggling with the cuffs on his shirt. His stomach bulged out where the front had been unbuttoned but instead of falling in the thick rolls of fat I had expected, it appeared to be solid. Freeing his arms at last, Charles shrugged the shirt off. I had forgotten all about Gerald’s suggestion that I “should see Charles’ tits” and momentarily I was completely stunned. Each of Charles’ nipples must have been over an inch long and at least as fat as the end of my thumb. Heavy gold rings stretched them down his hairless chest. He saw me looking.

“Aren’t big nipples so divine? You wouldn’t believe how much work I’ve put into these,” he said, pulling on the rings. Betturkey Giriş “Of course the very best way to stretch them is by having them sucked, as often as possible, he giggled. Still,” he added with a lecherous smile, ” I’m sure you’ll get to find that out for yourself”.

If I thought his nipples were enormous, it was nothing to the shock I got when his silk boxers fell around his ankles. I found myself looking at a cock of elephantine proportions. Even completely flaccid, it dangled between his legs like a trunk. I could see that unlike Gerald or me, he was circumcised and from where I was sitting, the mushroom head looked like the size of a small apple.

Gerald had climbed onto the bed beside me and was idly stroking my erection. “Impressive isn’t it?”

Charles heard him and seized the monster in his fist. “What, this little thing?” he asked in mock innocence, wagging it obscenely at us.

He practically skipped across the room and flopped down heavily on the free side of the bed. I felt very vulnerable being in between them but even though I realised that I would be helpless to stop them doing whatever they wished with me, my excitement completely outweighed my fear.

“Ooh, isn’t this just the most delicious way to spend an evening?” said Charles.

Almost immediately I felt his chubby hands begin stroking over my stocking tops and inner thighs. His touch was feather light as he let his fingers meander up over my hip and play gently across my stomach. He bent his head forwards and kissed me. Like Gerald, his mouth was soft but his kiss was probing and insistent. He pushed his tongue deep into my mouth and set about running it around the inside of my cheeks and over my teeth and gums. I felt as though he was literally sucking me into him, devouring me with his forceful passion.

On the other side of me, Gerald had moved his hand from my erection and was slowly pinching and twisting my nipples. Each time I felt his fingers squeeze my tits, my cock throbbed and jerked and I could feel my precum trickling over my bell end. I reached a hand down between his legs and grasped his rock hard shaft in my fist. I began to wank him, drawing his foreskin back and forth in a slow rhythm. His knob was already slick with his juices and I let my hand spread the wetness down his rigid length, working to milk more and more of it from his pee hole.

Charles withdrew his tongue from my ravished mouth and hefting himself up the bed, he leant over me and pressed one of his huge nipples between my lips. I hadn’t noticed him remove the gold ring from it and I was surprised when I sucked the fat teat into my mouth without any hindrance.

“Oh, yes, my darling little Paula,” he whispered, “suck that nipple for me”.

I drew it in as deep as possible and started to suck it hard. I felt the nipple swell and harden under my tongue until it seemed like I was sucking someone’s finger.

Charles reached down for my free hand and guided it to his other breast. This nipple retained the piercing and I pulled on the gold ring, stretching and twisting the titflesh.

Gerald took this as his cue and lowered his lips to my much smaller nipples. I felt his warm, wet mouth envelop my titty and then he was sucking at it. He used his teeth to slowly draw out the flesh until my nipple was stretched to its limit and then he would let go of it so that it sprang back. The sharp edges of his teeth dug into the tender skin to produce exquisite torture and I found myself moaning and chewing hard on Charles’ nipple as each sensation coursed through me.

Just when I thought I could take no more, both of them stopped and pulled away. They manoeuvred themselves and me so that Charles was lying on his back and I was kneeling between his legs facing him. Gerald knelt beside me and together we started to work on Charles’ mammoth cock. I watched almost mesmerised as Gerald fondled the huge appendage. Erect, it didn’t seem to have got very much larger from when I first saw it but it remained an imperious and mighty weapon.

I tentatively reached out and tried to close my fingers around it. They failed to meet by some way and I noticed that even Gerald’s long fingers only just managed to encompass the girth. I let my fingertips explore the huge penis and I marvelled at the power and strength of it. It felt as though I had hold of a iron shaft that had been encased in a padded velvet sheath. Under the smooth skin, thick blue veins throbbed and I could feel corrugated sheets of muscle running up the length towards the head.

The bell end was equally impressive. The skin was stretched taut across a massive purple dome and the single eye disgorged a long teardrop of clear fluid. I used the pad of one finger to smear the precum over the cockhead and then I leant forward and using the very tip of my tongue, I traced my way across the soft, tight skin, licking up the sticky residue.

In an effort to increase the sensation, Charles was pushing his hips up from the bed and I knew that he wanted Betturkey Güncel Giriş to be sucked. I lowered my head and let the knob push past my lips. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and forced the giant mushroom head into my mouth. I could feel my lips stretch and then as his cockhead entered my mouth, they snapped back behind it to form a tight elastic ring. I took as much of the shaft as I could in to my mouth but I was so full that I couldn’t use my tongue to stimulate any part of it. Charles didn’t seem to mind and was content to let me bob my head up and down and massage the crown of his cock with my lips. I joined both my hands together and formed a ring around his shaft, using my dribbling saliva to lubricate and massage his length.

Meanwhile, Gerald had moved behind me and was stroking my buttocks. I felt his slip a finger into my ass and gasp in surprise as he discovered that I was already open and lubricated for him. He placed his cock at my opening and without ceremony, thrust into me. Had I not had my mouth over-full with cock, I think I would have yelled. This was not my gentle and considerate lover of yesterday taking me but a man who was fired with lust and was using me like his toy. His cock speared into me and he started to fuck me with deep powerful strokes. My ass burned as he rammed into me but my own lust welcomed the discomfort and I found myself pushing back to match his rhythm. He gripped my suspender belt with both hands and began to ride me in the same way as a jockey rides a horse, not fast but with masterful thrusts that thudded into my rectum.

I felt as though I was impaled at both ends and the thought drove me to new heights of lust. The pain had gone from my ass and I relaxed my sphincter to give Gerald free access to my rear canal. My mouth was still fully stretched around Charles’ cock and for some minutes we continued to thrust and suck and groan in a tableau of male on male debauchery. My jaw was aching with the effort of being forced open all the time and I finally pulled my mouth of Charles’ cock. A ring of my lipstick marked the depth of my sucking and I surprised myself to realise how much of his monstrous meat I had managed to get in my mouth. Gerald withdrew from my ass and asked if I was all right.

“I’m fine,” I said, “I just need a rest for a minute”.

All three of us were achingly hard and far too horny to stop for long. Gerald moved to the middle of the bed and lay down on his back. He rolled his hips back and grasped his legs behind his knees opening his rear hole to Charles and me.

“Come on you fat fairy,” he said with a big grin, “let’s see if you can still fuck with that thing or do you keep it just to frighten little boys”. He nodded towards Charles’ cock.

Charles sighed and raised his eyes to the ceiling.

“Sticks and stones, Gerry darling. Sticks and stones. You of all people should know what I can do with this. Have you forgotten so soon?”

Charles reached for the jar of lubricant and began to apply generous dollops to Gerald’s puckered hole. He tuned to me.

“You know Paula, Gerry can be such a bitch sometimes. Fancy calling me of all people a fat fairy!” His eyes twinkled.

“Us girls have got to stick together, haven’t we darling. We’d better show him how to behave himself, yes?”

I nodded and watched as Charles inserted a couple of sausage-like fingers into Gerald’s asshole.

“Ooh, Gerry…so tight, love”, he cooed and ignoring the grimace on Gerald’s face he lubricated a third fat digit and forced it in alongside the other two.

I remembered how easily Gerald had taken my own cock but even so, I had some doubt as to whether he could take Charles’. From previous remarks I supposed that they had fucked before and I could see how eager Gerald was to try again.

Charles shuffled his bulk forwards and pressed the huge head of his cock against his target. Gerald began to take long, deep breaths and I was amazed to see that every time he breathed out, his anal ring loosed and expanded around its invader.

Charles continued to push gently and slowly, bit by bit, Gerald’s asshole opened. Finally, the massive head popped past the sphincter and with a long sigh, Charles buried at least half of his cock into Gerald’s rear passage. Gerald looked as though he was in heaven. His eyes were closed and his lips were parted in a dreamy smile. Only the slight furrowing of his brow gave any hint of discomfort and as I watched in almost morbid fascination, Charles dropped his considerable weight onto Gerald and slowly but surely, imbedded the entire length of his giant cock into Gerald’s bowels. Then, they began to fuck.

At first, Charles moved slowly, drawing his cock out almost completely and then pushing back until he was fully inside again. Gerald lay quite still, his face a mask of pleasure pain but after a while he opened his eyes and looked at me.

“Suck me, please”.

I motioned for Charles to lift his weight up and then squirmed around on the bed and worked my head under Charles’ substantial gut. I found Gerald’s cock and sucked it into my mouth. To assist me, Charles sat back on his heels and with a strength that he didn’t look as though he possessed, he hooked his arms under Gerald’s legs and pulled him back onto his shaft.

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