Aunt Cathy Pt. 41

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{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

“That stuff’s made out of rotten wood? Sounds delicious.” It wasn’t hard to pick up on the fact I didn’t think this was such a good idea. Misty pulled her knees onto the breakfast nook bench and leaned onto the tabletop.

“It’s kind of like mushroom tea, but all legal.” Her rosy areolas peeked out from the vest’s front gap.

“That’s not very comforting. I seem to remember some kid at school having to be hauled away in an ambulance over those fungi.” Bonnie saw my wariness and leaned over to reassure me (the little bit of ‘boob squeeze out’ from the corset increased exponentially)

“Not one person is going to think they can fly hun.” Mary had something to add also.

“I remember that kid, was my rig that picked him up. He’d eaten close to a quarter pound of those things, unless your planning on drinking a gallon of this stuff, you have nothing to worry about.”

Maybe not, but I still was, on account of two things. We had guests over that I really didn’t think were all ‘that hip’ to coin a phrase, and even if I knew better, the whole drug test thing had wormed its way into me. “If nothing happens why do it then?”

Was my wife who responded this time. “Nobody said nothing happened, just that you don’t start seeing things and hearing voices, unless like Mary said you overdo it.”

Deidra chimed in, “Some people don’t feel anything. To me, all it does is heighten my senses, especially the physical ones.” She gave me that cobalt stare again. I picked up the bottle, opened it, and took a sniff.

“God damn! What is this stuff a hundred proof?”

Dee answered. “More like a hundred and fifty.” That made me come to one conclusion.

“I think the only thing your feeling is drunk then.”

Her eyes stayed cobalt. “Only one way to find out ponyboy.” She’d finished all the woman’s makeup and I have to tell you, they all looked delicious. Mary in particular looked amazing. Whatever dee had done made her absolutely glow with eroticism. Mom had fetched some candles and turned the kitchen light way down. Regardless of whatever solace I’d received, I still felt wary of the drink.

The whole ritual behind drinking the absinthe seemed weird to me. I mean, why spend the money on potent alcohol just to water it down with sugar water? Have to admit the spoon was pretty cool. Kind of looked like a cake server just with a cutout lace pattern where the bowl was. Deidra liked her green fairy (as she called it) warm and the bottle had been sitting on a coffee warmer since it had been brought out.

Okay, so… If you know anything about absinthe, you know it doesn’t cause hallucinations or psychosis, but I’m telling you right now, I’ve been drunk with these people many times, and this time was different. Turns out the sugar water didn’t do a whole lot to change the slow-sipping nature of the drink (I think the warmth made it even more so) and it took a good hour to finish off the lowball glass.

Everybody was mellowed right out, and horny. Dee made another round and Cathy started to mess around with my crotch, about twenty minutes later we were necking away like high school kids. I was right about the nothing under her dress thing as I caressed her breast with my one hand. Her nipple got incredibly hard and she groaned in my ear when I started twirling it between my thumb and forefinger.

That’s when I heard a very similar groan from across the table and looked. I wasn’t shocked at what I saw, but was at the place it was happening.

Popoff had Misty on his lap and was moving from one nipple to the other sucking and nibbling, all the while squeezing and massaging whichever breast wasn’t getting lip service. It took a while for the image to sink in, but when it did my eyes got very big. Misty wasn’t being static on his lap but was moving up and down in a very slow and rhythmic way.

“Damn it man. They’re fucking.” Cathy leaned over into my ear.

“Look at Misty’s face.” It was pure ecstasy. “That’s not the look of fucking lover.” She was right and I found myself entranced with the pleasure she was exuding. Watching her get increasingly faster in her riding and moaning was interrupted by a white stiletto with a red cross on the back that landed with a clunk in front of me. My line mate and his girl took a decided back seat.

Mary was on her back sprawled on the table. Her nurse’s uniform was opened to the waist and she had those monolithic boobs clutched extremely tight with her hands. Her face wasn’t the loving rapture of Mistys; her face was contorted in a grimace of pure lust. Her white stockinged legs were spread wide with a messy splay of red hair laying across them. Between them, all I could see was the top of Bonnie’s head, and said head was making some very rapid up, down, side-to-side motions.

She was getting thoroughly eaten out and loving every second. My brain made a connection. Mary-sob. When I looked at him I thought the fairy had made him sick. His head was back and sweat was beading all over his face. Diyarbakır Escort The note from mom came to mind so I looked to her inquiring whether or not an ambulance was in order (Mary was kind of occupied).

She wasn’t there. A look around the kitchen proved futile, maybe the bathroom? Her voice drifted from underneath the table. “Uh-uh. You haven’t won that hockey game yet. No cuming.” A two-fold revelation happened. One, sob was getting a blow job from his wet dream girl, and two, the note was a promise for some form of sex if we won the game.

I still had half a tumbler of green mamba when Cathy ushered me out the door and stood at the stair bottom sending me up with a, “I’ll be there soon, enjoy.” When I looked back with a ‘huh’, she had a leer on her face the devil would have shied away from. All was explained when I opened the door to our room.

Dee was in the middle of our bed sitting in a lotus position. Her midnight skin was offset with snow-white lace stockings and a silk bustier. She’d changed hair again, this time going with a cascade of platinum waves. I don’t recall moving one bit but the door behind shut with a click of the lock and she giggled.

“Might want to leave that unlocked.” She leaned back and unfurled her legs with a spin. Those long pegs were capped by lacy pumps and she took a long, slow while getting off the bed. “You never know if wifey might wanna join right?” The door was unlocked and she looked at the window teasing. “Wanna go for a soar?”

That got me out of my delirium and I requited. “Okay, okay. But, explain what’s going on around that kitchen table?” She walked over and put her arms around my neck, hips to mine, and leaned back to look into my eyes.

“Every single one of those women down there had a thorn to deal with but have been silent about it. She picked up on the ‘not my Cathy thought’. “Yeah pony, even your wife. Would you like a run down?

I went and sat on my comp desk, feet on the office chair’s seat. “This out to be good.” She just dived right in.

“Misty hasn’t had a moment’s peace since her father, so she went to Woodstock. Bonnie is haunted by the what if’s pertaining to the band she was in; she became the metal queen. (I didn’t even know she’d been in a band) Mary has to deal with nurses straight out of school that have no clue as to what she has to meet on the call, so she became the scary hot nurse you don’t fuck with.”

I was getting shut up very solidly.

“Your mom is a mess. Between you and her sister, your father, and his cheating, and the fact she looks in the mirror and only sees an aging carcass? She gets hugged all over all the time.” That left Cathy. Dee moved my legs apart and sat down looking up at me.

“Your wife is scared as shit you’re going to leave for someone younger. Your Cathys muse to her geisha. I bet you don’t even know she paints and writes poetry, can play the guitar, and makes a wicked cup of tea, do you?” I didn’t know one thing and just silently nodded no. “So she went to Japan. Now I have a question for you.”

I’d been looking at the bedroom door wanting to go find my wife and dig way deep into all I’d just been enlightened on. The question however put me in a totally different mindset.

“Since I don’t wear panties, what exactly did you see pink between my legs when you helped me out of my car?” Not just pink, but hot pink. If she didn’t wear panties, what the hell had I seen?

“I… I don’t know.” Deidra stood up, reached behind, and the bustier fell away. In direct contradiction to every breast I’d ever seen her areolas were lighter than her skin, her nipples even more so. I started getting hard.

“You’ve never been with a black woman before have you?” She started running the palm of her hand up and down on my fabric-encased cock.

“I haven’t been with a whole lot of women period.” Her eyes had a bizarre mix of the sky ice blue, cobalt, and glow from the restaurant.

“Let’s trade places.” I found myself sitting before a beautifully folded-up pussy, with a definite wetness running down the main slit. “Go on, you’ll find that pink if you explore.” That made me wonder what she’d put in there; there wasn’t a damn thing inserted. Remember how I said pink would have me mesmerized? Using my thumbs, I opened dee’s pussy lips, she was wet, glistening, and a stark hot pink contrast to the rest of her skin.

“God damn.” Never seen anything like it before and it did have me transfixed, to the point I forgot what my explorations were doing to dee. A hand full of my hair was yanked back.

“SHIT!! Okay pony boy enough teasing, show me what that gap shit is all about.” The look on her face was a whole lot different than I’d seen to date. She looked displaced, not in control, and definitely in heat.

“Okay. But we’re moving to the bed, I don’t need my monitor getting pushed to the floor.” Didn’t seem to make sense that our positions should change considering they’d be the same once on the bed, so I just picked her up; legs around my neck and all. She gave Diyarbakır Escort Bayan a WTF yip and we fell on the bed.

I guess I figured I’d done enough inadvertent teasing and went to work. Her clit was pulled through the gap and the tip of my tongue went to work buzzing over the fleshy button. Dee’s looks weren’t the only thing exotic about her, she made the most rod stiffing sounds, and I don’t think the words don’t stop and yes were ever repeated as much but never the same in the history of copulation. There was a bit of a masochistic streak to her also, more than once she wrenched out from the gap and begged me to bite it, not nibble, but bite. Then there were the tits she demanded to get mauled.

I would have felt uncomfortable with all that but every time I did what she asked the most pleasure-soaked groans escaped her lips. Who am I to judge? (yeah okay, it was a turn-on… sue me) There had been some intense reactions to the gap trick, Deidra’s was destructive. Before her thighs clamped my head and hips buried my face into her pussy, I heard the sound of wood snapping. My face got rode all but keeping me oxygenless [another made-up word] till her back arched and legs flew wide open. “FUCKING FUCK!!!”

Can’t say as I liked it, but it was definitely new and warm and very wet. Got a female squirt facial. (I also garnered a whole new respect for women that take it in the eye, that shit stung)

When I pushed myself up the sight that greeted me was one of Deidra panting and mumbling something I couldn’t make out, and the headboard spindle she’d snapped in two. This room was taking some serious hits because of orgasms, I still hadn’t fixed the hole red had created by pulling the usb outlet from the wall.

A directive came next.

“Get up here and lie back.”

Was totally expecting this to be sixty-nine time but I was wrong and when I mentioned it she gave me an ‘are fucking kidding me look’. “I would like to get some feeling back there first if you don’t mind. You are fucking incredible at that ponyboy, speaking of which.” Her eyes went all cobalt again. Some women crank the zipper down, others move it tooth by tooth, she didn’t do either, instead biting and hot breath mouthing through my suit trousers.

“Damn it dee.” She looked at me with an evil grin that faded fast at the face I had on.

“Sorry baby. Now let’s see…” Not fast, not slow, just timely; and I was free. She giggled. I’ve reiterated this before and stand by it; ladies please don’t giggle at inopportune times. “I guess that woman was dead on with pussy splitter, you have one thick gorgeous cock.” Cock in hand she moved up to give me a kiss. “This is going to be a challenge.”

I knew what she meant, it was kind of embarrassing, but the look on her face told me she was not only up for it but had it in the bag. Deidra took a long time to assess her situation, puncturing it with a lick here and suck there, when she decided to gusto the situation it was another eye-opener for me.

The wig was flung off she didn’t go up or down on the hotness chart but maybe one or two up on the erotic one. She started to forcefully push me down her throat. Halfway down the tears in her eyes made me try to call it off, I received a hell of a good, blood-drawing scratch down my thigh, followed by a most emphatic finger bird in return.

She was there for the duration, and the more she stubbornly went for it, the more it got into some bones that had just recently come to life. I was enjoying this. The femme fatale in trouble. Had it not been for the fact Deidra was the one pushing the issue, it might not have been so titillating, as it was I let it ride.

When she bottomed out her own trick came about, I have no idea what she did but it was my turn to “FUCKING FUCK!!!” She never pulled even a millimeter away. The cum bubbled from the sides of her mouth and out her nose, she held fast till the throbs stopped then pulled up in a long, coughing, deep gasp.

As dee wiped her mouth and regained control of her lungs it was my eyes that tried to find a steady spot on the ceiling to focus on. What they eventually focused on were a pair of icy, sky-blue, candle-flickering eyes hovering over me. “Now THAT was hot. Cathy’s lover.”

“I thought you were going to choke to death? How is that hot?”

Dee got a soft smile on her face. “Go sit up against the head…” She oh boy’d a face. “I’ll pay for that to be fixed.”

“No, I am keeping all the orgasm scars in place thank you.”

“The what now?” The hole in my wall was pointed out.

“Okay, what happened there?”

“I’ll get Cathy to send you the vid.”

Dee paid no mind to that and my back was parented to the headboard. She moved between my legs back to my chest, phone out. “Okay so this is the best I could make, it’s a compilation of all I love when I’m in the mood, but it’s not right.” Ten minutes of the most hardcore sex I’d ever seen. It was a little unnerving.

“Okay… So, umm, so you’re into being slapped around, called a slut, Escort Diyarbakır and spat on?”

“Nope that’s why it’s not perfect. Spit in my face and I’ll groin you with a heel, slap me as they did in that one clip I’ll break your nose. I don’t mind being called a slut as long as it’s just yours.” I was given a moment or two to mull that all over, it was obvious she was expecting a reply.

“You like to be roughly fucked but not abused. Spanking is probably big on your list, along with having your arms pinned behind your back, and, I’m guessing bondage just heightens it all.” Dee did a three-sixty away from my chest and sat back on her arms still between my legs, she actually looked stunned.

She got a huge grin on her face and giggled musically again. “Wow. I bet you can count to a hundred with your hoof huh?” Was a brilliant shot at Ponyboy and I broke up, she soon followed.

“Okay, that was good. But why show me and tell me all of that?” She made an ‘and now the rest of the story look.’ “Wait a minute.” The expression moved to a does he know one. “Everybody got their own sugar cube… wanna tell me the difference?” She moved her puckered lips to the right side of her face.

“Guess we can up the hoof count to five hundred or so.” That garnered a smirk but not much else. “A natural concoction passed down from my great-grandmother to my grandmother, to my mother, and then me. It was a pain killer, not a lot of pharmacies around where she grew up, but a ton of plants.” I got confused.

“An aphrodisiac pain killer?”

“Totally by accident, it, I want to say supplemented income, but there wasn’t any. Ever heard Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves?”

“Yeah, Cher.” Another song immediately sprang to mind. “You ever hear Dark Lady?” The tip of her tongue pushed through her smiling lips.

“Sorry James don’t recall. Anyhow, nobody’s going to test positive for anything and all that went down was a combination.” I started to speak and got the “tut-tut’ finger. “Of everything! Not just the mean greenie and grandma’s little helper, all that pent-up lust and love added up to the outcome. I just helped it along with some makeup and attire.”

Deidra suddenly got very serious and slithered up to me with a soul-wrenching kiss. “Sorry but no magic number tonight. Cathys is a friend, and even if they come and go, I wouldn’t want to hurt her.” I didn’t get how that could happen but she clued me in. “You put an itch into me, I know for a fact you’d be just what I wanted in bed.” She grinned. “Would be worth growing my hair back so you could pull while ramming me doggy style and slapping my ass.” Cathy’s role-play secretary spank came to mind. “So If I don’t leave now I’ll have to rape you.”

Mirrors are like old-school security cams, just real-time and no need to review. Dee started gathering the clothes she’d worn from earlier, the ones that had got her upstairs into my room unnoticed but kept trying to catch a peripheral glance at me. She didn’t want to leave, and I didn’t want her to but was at a loss to figure out how to give her what she wanted. Till the usb hole caught my eye, then it was time to step way out of my comfort zone.

Dee saw me get off the bed and grab the sash from my bathrobe, she stiffened a little but didn’t say or do anything. “I don’t think you’re leaving till I get what was promised.” She’d been on her hands and knees picking her clothes up so I leaned over her, doggy style, and pulled both wrists behind her back while pulling her upright.

The sash went around her wrists, I told her to sit while I went to fetch a gag gift the team had got me one year. As per my job on the team, I got a big mouth, sometimes too big, and one year I was presented with a ball gag. Never unwrapped its plastic cover and just hung it in my closet, you should have seen dees eyes when I came back with it.

They were positively, and lustfully in glee. And boy did that help me in continuing with what I had planned. That glee turned outright confused when I bent her over the footboard and a pair of my swim trunks were shuffled up her legs, “Wha ba fug?” (Yes the gag had been put in place) there was a reason.

Penetration was out of the question, at least the humankind, we both agreed on that. But the ladies had left a lot of toys in this room after their female encirclement session. Dee’s panties were too frilly to hold any of them in place, and my swim trunks were tight Speedos. “Open your legs.” This was where the role-play kicked into high gear.


“Did you just say no?”


I had to bite my tongue not to laugh because the last bit she garbled was supplemented with a muted giggle. (dee didn’t realize it [or maybe she did] but this whole session was going to save my marriage at a not-so-distant later date) “Well. I guess I need to change your attitude then.” A whole lot of you can do this was mind run on the way to get my belt, even so, when face to face with that gorgeous butt it took a lot to give it a firm lash.

Dee firmed up my inhibitions by syrupy moaning a “uck ess” while her thighs quivered. After two or three more of those the crotch of the speedos was visibly darker; figured it was toy time. I didn’t pick huge toys, but I did pick ones that had a high rate of humming-ness? She figured out what the swim trunks were for quickly, “OH I AWED.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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