Bad Little School Girls Pt. 02

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That same night Jen and Hailey laid in bed together. Jen’s fingers traced over Hailey’s body sending goose bumps over her skin. She stoked Hailey’s nipples until Hailey began to grind her wet pussy against Jen’s leg. When it seemed like she would make herself cum, Jen adjusted, withdrawing her leg and replacing it with her hand. She stroked Hailey’s thighs, her fingers just barely grazing her pussy lips, making Hailey moan with need. When Hailey begged she finally stroked her pussy, her fingers easily sliding over her clit as they kissed. Jen kept her in the verge of orgasm for what seems like forever. Her fingers alternated dipping into her pussy and sliding over her clit.

“Please Jen,” Hailey whimpered.

“No baby, I want you ready for tomorrow.” Jen replied as she pressed her body against Hailey’s letting her hand rest between Hailey’s thighs.

Hailey tried for a while, moving her hips against Jen’s hand until eventually the two slipped off to sleep in their exhausted state.

By morning Hailey was ravenous. They stood in the shower washing one another. Soapy foam created a slick sheen on their bodies, easily allowing their hands to slide over their wet skin. Jen’s hand slip down Hailey’s back as she reached below her, finding her tight little pussy and she slid her finger inside. Hailey leaned forwards allowing her access as she moaned begging for more. Jen fingered her faster as Hailey’s legs began to shake, but stopped abruptly just before she was about to cum.

“Please baby, I want what you gave me last night,” Hailey begged to Jen’s amusement.

Jen merely smiled and turned away stepping back under the water, letting it fall on her hair. Hailey was engulfed in a complete role reversal. She had always been the one who teased and taunted. She liked the fact that she had to beg, she liked the way Jen had complete control over her. Most of all she wanted Jen to make her cum like she had the night before.

Hailey had been with a handful of boys from school. She had sucked their dicks, fucked them, she had even had multiple guys touching her body at the same time. She liked that. She liked being the center of attention. It made her pussy throb she loved it so much, yet not one of them had given her what Jen had. She enjoyed the feeling of being fucked by the guys from school but they had never made her cum before, she had saved that for lonely nights under her covers. Jen had not only made her cum, she had made her squirt. Jen gave her something that she never even knew existed and she was desperate for more.

Hailey watched the water fall over Jen’s body. She needed to touch her, she needed Jen to touch her even more. She wondered how Jen had awoken such lust and utter depravity in her so quickly. Before she really knew what she was doing she pushed Jen against the wall and began to kiss her, her hands touching her body as if she couldn’t get enough. She sucked on Jen’s big beautiful tits and slid her hand down between her legs. She sucked in a breath, overwhelmed with desire as she found Jen’s pussy slick with wetness. She moaned and her hand shook as she dipped her finger into Jen’s tight slit. It was truly the first time she had touched her and the sensation was overwhelming. As she slid her finger in and out of her she couldn’t help but touch herself as well. Her other hand slipped down between their bodies and she instinctually slid her middle finger into her waiting cunt. As soon as she did she felt that sudden wave of heat and pleasure course through her body. Both hands moved in tandem as she sucked Jen’s breast hungrily.

Jen quickly pushed her away and before she knew it her back was pressed against the shower wall, panting as she tried to slide her body against Jen’s. Jen pinned her arms up against the wall as she pressed her large tits against Hailey’s. As she moved, Jen’s tits slid against hers and Hailey felt her desire drip down her thigh, at the feeling of another girl’s body against hers.

“I think you like being with another girl, don’t you” Jen demanded as she kissed Hailey’s neck, letting her tits slide back and forth against Hailey’s.

Hailey moaned in response her head falling back as she began to rub her pussy against Jen’s thigh, that parted her legs. Jen slipped her hand down between her leg and Hailey’s pussy, sliding her finger inside of her. Hailey gasped and moved against the palm of her hand.

“I think you should show me how much you like it,” Jen’s said bringing Hailey right to the edge before stopping.

Jen grabbed the back of Hailey’s arm and led her to the seat of the large shower. She lightly pushed her down until she sat right in front of her. Jen combed her fingers through Hailey’s hair, before grabbing a handful and roughly pulling her head to the side. She placed her foot on the seat beside Hailey and looked down on her as she rubbed her fingers over her own pussy. She pulled lightly on Hailey’s hair as she made her watch as she began to finger herself.

Hailey watched her completely entranced. She Gaziantep Olgun Escort watched her movements, her fingers dipping in and out of her pussy, her breasts pushed together, watching her excited Hailey all the more. Hailey’s body begged to be touched, to do the same things that Jen did to herself. Her pussy hurt she needed it so bad.

“Do you like watching me play with myself?” Jen said clearly not caring whether she did or not.

Hailey nodded in response, pressing her legs together to relive the tension building within her.

“Say it, say that you like watching me play with my pussy,” Jen demanded pulling Hailey’s hair tightly in her hand.

“I like watching you play with your pussy,” Hailey moaned reaching down to touch herself.

Jen smacked her arm away and used her own leg to part Hailey’s thighs. It turned Hailey on that Jen was making her say the things that she couldn’t bring herself say on her own. She enjoyed being used by Jen.

When Jen pulled Hailey’s face toward her hips, Hailey became enthralled. For the first time her tongue touched Jen’s pussy. She smelled like the peach soap she had cleaned with and tasted fresh and sweet. Hailey didn’t know what to expect but Jen was smooth and soft, it was so unlike being with a man. Her tongue dipped further and she tasted Jen’s silly cream and as she slid her tongue even higher she found Jen’s clit. She lightly circled it with her tongue and Jen moaned pulling Hailey’s face into her dripping pussy.

“Mmmm you’re such a good little slut,” Jen moaned and Hailey became ravenous as she began to lap her tongue, sucking Jen’s pussy and massaging her with her lips.

Jen moved her hips up and down on Hailey’s face pushing Hailey further into her endeavor. Hailey slid her hand up Jen’s thigh, finding her pussy slick as she slid her finger inside.

“Yes lick my clit baby,” Jen moaned yanking Hailey’s hair and forcing her towards the direction she liked.

Hailey slid her finger in and out of Jen faster as Jen’s movements became wild. She wanted to feel Jen cum, she wanted to make her scream in pleasure. Finally she felt Jen’s body tense. Jen grabbed her head and bucked her hips against Hailey’s face. Hailey felt her pussy clamp down around her finger as she swirled her tongue around Jen’s clit.

“Yes fuck! ” Jen screamed, her pussy pulsing in spasms.

Hailey continued to lap softly at Jen’s pussy until she released her hair. She looked up towards Jen as if to ask if she had done well and Jen kissed her in response. Hailey’s pussy ached she was so incredibly turned on. She wanted Jen again, she wanted Jen to touch her, to push her against the wall again, even if she could just use her thigh. She wanted to slide her pussy back and forth until she came on Jen’s body. But Jen insisted that they would be late for school.

The two girls quickly rinsed and dressed, to Hailey’s dismay. Hailey borrowed one of Jen’s skirts, before driving their own cars to school.

Jen could barely concentrate during her first few classes, as butterflies fluttered every time she thought about the previous night and that morning. She couldn’t wait until she saw Mr. McCabe. Luckily classes were shortened for an assembly during lunch.

For the first time ever, Hailey got to Mr. McCabe’s class on time. Jen was already sitting in the front row and a smile beamed on Hailey’s face as soon as she saw her.

Mr. McCabe had a look of shock as he saw her walk through the door, one of the first students to enter. Hailey walked straight towards Jen, leaning over her desk and letting her skirt rise dangerously high on the backs of her thighs, to kiss Jen. A slew of whistles and hoots erupted in the class as the girls opened their mouths, letting their tongues touch in an extremely sexual way. Hailey had to cross her legs as she felt herself cream in her panties. The two smiled and sat back in their seats actively awaiting instruction from Mr. McCabe. The look of confusion on his face was obviously apparent as he raised his brow and eventually shook his head trying to stay on task.

Although their actions were more subdued than the day before, they could tell they were having an affect on him. During group discussion the girls made a point of stroking each others legs and whispering into one another’s ear, almost innocently. If Mr. McCabe only knew the things they were saying to each other . . .

Michael McCabe

The night after Michael was forced to jerk off in a faculty bathroom, he blew off his date with his girlfriend Heather. He stroked his insatiable cock three more times, that night alone. He laid in bed visualizing the individual mental pictures he had taken of Hailey and Jen. Jen’s massive tits with her kinky little nipple piercing. Hailey’s obscene, slutty display that he knew was just for him.

Spread your legs and show me that little pussy you need fucked . . . Mmmmm

Pull your pants down so I can see the rest of your tan lines . . .

McCabe came in his own hand, thinking about his students. At this point his conscious had abandoned him, leaving only a dirty little voice in his mind that begged him to make a move on one of the girls. His thoughts jumped back and forth between Hailey and Jen, as he was left unsure about which one he wanted more.

Those big fucking tits smashed around your cock.

Your dick buried in that perfect thick ass.

The next day dragged on, despite the shortened class periods as Michael awaited fourth period. That sneaky voice of reason had returned, urging him to stop thinking about Hailey and Jen, and it may have succeeded if it weren’t for a single kiss.

Michael almost gawked at Jennifer Lane as she walked into class wearing a tight little black dress. He was barely able to tear his eyes away and focus on the lesson in front of him. He tried desperately even as Hailey walked in, her short little skirt leaving a gap between her waist and her shirt, but he looked away.

Is she . . . early?

His attention was drawn back to Hailey as he realized for the first time ever she was early to his class. Just as he began to contemplate the reasons, he watched her lean over Jen’s desk.

More. Bend further. Show me exactly where you want my cock.

As the class erupted in whistles he realized she was kissing Jen.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

He felt his cock stiffen. Not even in his darkest fantasies did he envision the girls together.

Do high school girls do that shit?

Fuck yes they do . . . In every porn you’ve ever watched. How could you not have thought about this sooner.

Michael spent the next 35 minutes trying to complete his lesson as his mind reeled. Erotic images flashing across his brain, eventually succumbing to them and allowing for group discussion. He honestly didn’t care that the majority of class was talking about prom, or the assembly. His eyes stayed fixated on Hailey and Jen.

He watched as Jen’s fingers glided up and down Hailey’s leg. He leaned forwards desperately trying to hear what the girls were whispering into each other’s ear as they giggled and looked up at him. He was starting to think they were talking about him.

When the bell rang, both sides of his conscious were relieved. One half begging him to jerk off in the bathroom again, the other to focus on grading. He was determined to stay put, safe behind his desk where nobody could see the faint stain of precum that marked his absolute need. He was almost proud of himself for not jerking off again at school . . . again.

You’re a god damn saint, I wonder when you’ll be canonized, a sarcastic voice echoed within him.

He heard the second bell ring, signaling the start of the assembly. He knew he might be reprimanded for not attending but he couldn’t bring himself to watch another assembly on the dangers of sex on prom night. There was obviously more to the assembly than that, drunk driving, drug use, colleges rescinding their acceptances due to . . . what? Jail time? He couldn’t remember the logic of it, as his brain was focused on one thing in particular.

He watched as the valedictorian walked past his classroom door, pillows shoved under her shirt as she embodied the consequences of prom night sex.

Jesus Christ. Well that worked.

At least now he could focus. He took out a red pen and for the first time that week actually began grading papers. The halls were dead quiet since the entire student body and faculty were across the school in the gym. Which, was exactly why the faint giggle of girlish mischief caught his attention. He leaned back in his chair, peering down the hall, immediately recognizing the two figures that plagued his dreams. They stood just off to the left of his classroom and in plain sight began to kiss each other.



He watched as Hailey’s hand reached around Jen’s back to squeeze her ass, pulling the material up slightly so he could just barely make out one of her perfect cheeks.

No tan line.

His cock stiffened once again. He could see Jen’s hand slide up Hailey’s shirt showing her taut stomach.

Just take it off so I can see.

He watched as Jen was obviously playing with Hailey’s tits. He heard her moan. And felt his cock begin to drip.


Jen moved her hand away and looked back and forth down the hall. It was a small miracle that she didn’t see him, or maybe she chose not to, as she slid her hand down Hailey’s leg . . .

Oh god.

. . . and then back up under her skirt. He watched Jen’s elbow bend as she slid her hand down Hailey’s panties.

“Beg me to let you cum,” he could just barely hear Jen moan.

“Please. Please. Oh God please,” was all Hailey could say as she moaned the words louder than she should have.

That was all he could take. Hell it was more than any man could take. As quietly as he could he unhooked his belt, unbuttoned his pants and slowly unzipped his zipper. He almost moaned in relief as his hand found his pulsing cock. He heard Hailey moan as Jen’s arm stopped moving, clearly now sliding her finger into Hailey.

Turn around and fucking tell me how tight her little pussy is.

He watched as her movements increased once again and held his cock tightly trying not to cum as Hailey moaned louder. He pictured himself sliding his cock into Jen as she finger fucked Hailey. He pictured both girls on their knees, mouths open awaiting his cum. Hailey got louder and he could just barely see her legs shake.

Cum for me you little slut.

Her head dipped low into Jen’s chest as her moans became quick broken sounds of pleasure.

“Cum on my fingers baby,” he heard Jen moaned into her ear.

It was too much. Michaels hips bucked beneath his desk as his cum shot spurt after spurt onto the underside of the desk.

What. The. Fuck. Is wrong with you.

Michael quickly and quietly zipped up his pants and bucked his belt, scooting closer under the desk so nobody would see. When finished he leaned back once again to see the girls, just in time to watch them turn. His eyes met theirs and they both smiled a knowing grin before sauntering off. Michael was left completely stunned.

That’s what’s wrong with you. Their doing this with a purpose.

Hailey and Jen.

Hailey spent the night at Jen’s once again, doubting that her parents even noticed.

“Let’s send him some pictures tonight,” Hailey said enthusiastically.

Jen questioned the idea not sure if it was quite the right time.

“Let’s try texting him first and see how that goes.” She said trying to appease Hailey.

Jen grabbed her phone and her backpack, searching through her papers to find Mr. McCabe’s number.

“So, what do we say?” Jen asked looking to Hailey to see where her mind would go first.

“I mean he won’t know it’s us. We could say anything.” Hailey smiled.

Jen opened a message and quickly typed something before throwing it at Hailey as if it were on fire.

“Oh my god! What did you write!!?” Hailey asked laughing.

“It’s your turn” Jen said flashing her a devilish smile.

Hey Mr. McCabe we have a question.

“Like what? Like about homework?” Hailey asked confused.

“You decide.” Jen replied.

The girls waited for a while in anticipation, until finally Jen’s phone buzzed.

Absolutely, and who is we? Make sure to include references in your paper as well.

Hailey read the text aloud and smiled at Jen as she began to type.

It isn’t about the paper Cabe.

“Your turn!” Hailey said throwing the phone back to Jen.

They got another text almost immediately.

Then what is this in reference to?

Jen raised an eyebrow as she grinned at Hailey.

We were wondering, how you would know if a guy likes you.

She threw the phone back and Hailey rolled her eyes trying to figure out her next move. The two had to wait for a while as Mr. McCabe took his time with his response.

I think that this question might be better suited for our health teacher, Mrs. Flannigan.

“No he’s not into this,” Hailey said tossing the phone back looking a little disheartened.

“Trust me he is,” Jen said confidently.

Jen scrolled through the pictures on her phone taking her time to choose the right one. She decided on one of the first pictures the girls had taken together. Hailey’s back was turned toward the camera and Jen’s face was buried in her neck. Jen’s hand squeezed Hailey’s beautiful round ass as her other pulled her skirt up. Neither of the girl’s faces could be seen, leaving some room for anonymity and deniability. Jen’s heart began to beat faster and she sent the picture along with a message.

What if his cock gets hard thinking about you . . . or while watching you?

Michael McCabe

It had only been a few minutes since Michael had received his first text from an unknown number. At first he had thought it came from two students who had a question about the homework but he had soon begun to realize that it was more than that.

We were wondering how you know if a boy likes you.

Ugh fuck this. Maybe it’s a student pranking you.

I think that this question might be better suited for our health teacher, Mrs. Flannigan.

Michael clicked his phone closed and placed it down on the table as he read through a short answer essay. The student had clearly not studied for the test and all he could write in response was: what? His phone buzzed again and he placed his finger on the button, annoyed by the interruption.

Holy fuck!

He grabbed his phone off of the table and began to really look at the image. Two girls stood embracing one another as one lifted the others skirt giving him the most amazing view of a perfect, round ass that was being squeezed just the way he wanted to squeeze it himself. He immediately recognized the two girls as Jennifer Lane and Hailey Grear.

You don’t know that, their faces aren’t in the picture.

Are you kidding? You’d recognize that ass anywhere . . . and that long blonde hair.

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