Beach Friends

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Author’s Note: This is version 2.0 of Beach Friends and has undergone editing for Spelling and Grammar. A special thanks to all the readers who provided constructive feedback; if you still find errors please let me know.

Announcement: I am taking writing requests and am willing to collaborate on stories. If you have a story idea you want to be written up or are looking for a writing partner you can message me through Literotica or directly email me at [email protected]

The warm salty breeze that blew in from the coast filled Matt’s mind with nostalgia. This was the smell and feel of his childhood. Gazing at a small, light teal beach house, he could remember playing here during summertime visits to his grandmother. She had sadly died when he was a junior in high school but the joy of those days remained in his heart.

He had returned to this familiar place because he was starting college. His parents’ place was two hours north of the campus so he could either pay through the nose to live in a dorm or stay at the Beach House, as the family called it, which was only a twenty-minute drive away. Matt had naturally chosen the house that came with furniture, internet, privacy, and access to the water.

Letting out a breath he smiled and began unpacking his belongings.

The Beach House was small and only had a large main room, one bedroom, one bathroom, and a kitchen. The two couches could fold out for guests and there was a three-walled garage for cars, though it was more like a shed. His parents had renovated the place after his grandmother died and had been using it as a rental though they had kindly lent the space to him so long as he stayed focused on school.

Once he got all his stuff situated he couldn’t help smiling and headed to the bedroom.

He stripped off his clothes and stood nude before a tall mirror.

He observed his large, tone body, his well-defined six pack, and study pecs. His appearance was more athletic than bulky, and his muscular development was in line with a swimmer who went to the gym regularly. He stared into his sea green eyes and toyed with his salty blond hair. His hands momentarily went to his dick that was lip though still a couple of inches long.

He had good genes and a reasonable personality but his last relationship went down in flames after his girlfriend got high and cheated on him, repeatedly. Since then a few months had passed and he was itching for a friend or lover to vent his built-up libido. Still, at the moment he had other ideas and turned away from his reflection before throwing on some swim trunks. He exited the back of the house and navigated a rocky path that led through a wooded thicket.

The Beach House was small but the plot it stood on was rather large. Most of the area was taken up by trees and other foliage but by following a trail one would arrive at a hidden shore. It was a hidden beach covered in soft sand and led out to an ocean of warm water. Matt deeply inhaled through his nose as he arrived here taking in the nostalgic smell of salt water and beach. Eagerly, he rushed forwarded and waded out into the water, letting happy memories fill his mind.

After three months of living in his new home, Matt had fully adapted to his new life. He studied hard, played hard, and when he got tired he could always retreat to his private beach. He had slowly dug out the family’s fishing equipment and paddle boards and could now entertain himself for hours.

Like so, he was paddle boarding back from an adventure along the coast one day when a loud voice rang, “Hey, it’s you.”

Matt was startled by this voice and lost his balance causing him to fall into the water. Once he surfaced he had a minor coughing fit and then rubbed the salt from his eyes. After looking around he found the source of the voice. A lean girl with a skin tone akin to caramel, her ethnicity seemed to be Hawaiian mixed with something that added sharpness to her eyes and strength to her limbs. All in all, her appearance gave off a kind of universal beauty that caused one’s mind to go blank.

Matt’s eyes looked her up and down, taking in her long legs, curvy thighs, slim belly, and round boobs held up in a swim top. Her hair was black and silky while her eyes were a soft brown. Her mouth was covered by a hand as she tried not to laugh though soon she couldn’t help it.

Matt was thankful for the water that submerged his lower body, its cool temperature helped keep him from growing hard at the sight of this beautiful girl. While she laughed the young man mentally recovered from her surprising him as well as her startling hot figure. Matt put on a straight face and clung to his paddle board as he snapped a bit angry, “What was that for?!”

The girl managed to stop laughing and retorted assertively, “I just wanted to say hi. I don’t think you’d panic.”

Matt grew a bit angrier at this and shot back, “I didn’t panic, you surprised me.” Looking around and frantically thinking of a comeback he added, “Where did you Bodrum Escort even come from? I know everyone around here.”

The girl looked at him with playful eyes and waved a hand dismissively, “I’m renting a place with my friends up the street. I just moved in a week ago.” She then grew more focused, giving off an aura of someone used to being in charge, “You have Ms. Dodd’s calculus class Mondays and Tuesdays right.”

Matt was startled by this but responded cautiously, “It’s Calculus III but yah, you’re not a stalker are you.”

The stranger laughed again then answered, “I’m not a stalker, I have Ms. Dodds for calculus the period after yours. I’ve seen you leave her room.” She then looked him over and added, “Calc III is pretty high up there, you seem a bit buff for a math nut.”

Matt got back onto his board and stood up quickly while responding, “I need the class for my major. I’m studying mechanical engineering.” Glancing at her figure again he flirted, “You don’t look bad yourself for a…” He paused, then asked, “What’s your major?”

The girl giggled into a hand before responding, “I’m pre-nursing, though I want to be a Nurse Practitioner.” She used her paddle to get their boards side by side, “By the way, my name’s Jasmin.”

Matt smiled and nodded curiously, “I’m Matt, nice to meet you.” Not wanting to lose his momentum he offered, “Since you’re new to the area I could show you around if you like?”

Jasmin’s eyes lit up and she nodded, “That sounds great.” Then with a bit of a teasing tone added, “But what’s in it for you.”

Matt’s expression grew a bit snarky as he responded, “A great view.”

Jasmin rolled her eyes at this and grumbled, “You sure are honest.”

Matt shrugged at this, “I try to be.” He then pointed to a place down the shore, “If you head that way you’ll get to the boat ramp. It’s probably the nearest restroom while out on the water.”

Jasmin perked up herring some actual useful information and the two began to paddle and talk.

The subject matter varied from information about the neighborhood to school-stuff. Matt expressed how his classes were hard but that he was surviving. Jasmin on the other hand confessed she was doing well in everything but math. They chatted about the ocean and their history with it. Matt talked about how he grew up near the beach and always loved to swim while Jasmin was a native Hawaiian. By the time they had circled back to where they had started almost an hour had passed though it felt like much less.

As they arrived Matt had just finished a funny story about a mousetrap, a jar of peanut butter, and a chihuahua which caused Jasmine to laugh so hard she nearly fell off her paddle board. She whipped the moister that had emerged in her eyes and asked, “Are you always this funny?”

Matt feigned bravado and responded, “My humor shares an exponential relationship with the cuteness of the girl I’m talking to.”

Jasmin laughed again and jabbed back, “You sure know how to flirt.” She then became more assertive and serious, “But who says I don’t already have a boyfriend.”

Matt shrugged though inwardly loathed this idea. Jasmin was not only super hot but also fun to be around. She was a bit spiky around the edges but he liked her fiery personality. He responded, ” Now that would be a shame. Still, I’d rather have a hot friend than a hot nobody.”

Jasmin considered this and responded, “That’s kind of sweet.”

Matt smiled at this, they made eye contact for a moment before she looked away. He asked in an exaggerated tone, “So… Do you have a boyfriend?”

Jasmin looked back at him with a calculating gaze before answering, “No.” After a moment of pause where Matt was going to jump in she then added, “And I’m not looking for one. I want to focus on school right now.”

She then eyed Matt to evaluate his response. His face slightly deflated though remained focused, he then clicked his tongue and let out a groan. “Darn, all you hot girls are either taken, lesbians, or bussy.”

The young woman snorted while trying to hold back a laugh before countering, “That may be true. But I find it hard to believe a guy like you can’t find himself a girlfriend.”

Matt nodded at this before answering, “It’s a matter of quantity vs quality.” Looking at Jasmin flirtatiously he added, “I have some high standards. I’d rather wait for the right girl than just waste my time on relationships that aren’t going anywhere.”

Jasmin blushed a little, not expecting such a romantic explanation. She tried to respond quickly and calmly but her words still carried a slightly frantic tone, “Good luck with that.”

Matt focused his eyes on hers and commented, “No worries, I’ll keep you well informed.”

Jasmin’s blush deepened and she snapped, “Are you always such a playboy?”

Matt laughed at this and responded, “Not at all, I’m making quite the effort.”

Jasmin snorted and looked away from him, “Well it’s not working.”

Matt sighed exasperatedly though felt his Bodrum Escort Bayan heart pounding with playful excitement. Something about Jasmin brought out his mischievous side. She stimulated his instincts and made him want to make her laugh.

Similarly, Jasmin found herself struggling to suppress her fluttering heart. Matt was both funny enough to keep her laughing and assertive enough to keep her on her toes. Being with him was fun. He was honest about liking her but not over the top which was a refreshing change of pace compared to the guys who either only stared at her or came on too hard. Even when she pushed him away he didn’t get irritated but stayed at a comfortable distance and continued to play. He respected her feelings though he also made his stance clear, which to her was an incredibly attractive ability. Not to mention, his body made her want to drool.

She could only imagine what it would feel like for a stud like him to have his way with her. His strong body pressed against her. His arms holding her tight, his hands on her curves, his breath in her ear. In high school, she had discovered the joys of sex but her classmates either weren’t interested or weren’t impressive. She could always have her pick of boys given her looks but in the end, they fell short either skill-wise or personality-wise.

Her interest in boys had eventually become a little excessive to the point where it had negatively impacted her Senior year GPA. So when she had moved away to attend college, Jasmin had promised herself she was going to focus on school and not the opposite sex. Which was why, even though Matt seemed so great she didn’t even give him an inch.

After a few moments of silence, Matt pointed to the wooded shore and commented, “Hey, want to see something cool?”

Jasmin met his eye and teased, “You’re not going to kidnap me are you.”

Responded with equal humor he said, “No at this particular point in time and I promise you’ll like it.”

He winked and Jasmin rolled her eyes, “Fine, show me.”

They paddled on over to Matt’s hidden beach, obscured from the water by draping foliage and a turn in the land. Once the sand was in sight he gestured and said, “This is my place and it has one of the only beaches around.”

Jasmin was excited by the sight of the beach though retorted teasingly, “So you tricked me into coming to your place, how typical.”

Matt smiled and responded in kind, “Oh don’t mistake me for a gentleman, my intentions are not pure.” Jasmin laughed a bit while Matt got off his board and walked onto the beach adding, “Feel free to stop here for breaks, people in the neighborhood come by all the time.”

Jasmin dismounted and walked to the shore as well, “That’s very kind of you.”

Matt picked up his board and leaned it on a tree while answering, “It’s what my grandmother would have wanted. This used to be her place till she passed.”

Jasmin’s face grew sympathetic hearing this, “Oh, I’m sorry.”

Matt waved dismissively, “Don’t worry about it, that was a couple of years ago. ” He grabbed a towel from a tree branch and tossed it to his new friend while calling, “You can use that.”

Jasmin caught it and wrapped it around her shoulders, obscuring her figure. At the same time, she took in the smell of the towel which consisted of salt, sweat, and pheromones. It was a combination that caused her to relax and left her surprisingly turned on. She had to concentrate to suppress this reaction and responded casually, “Thanks.”

For a while, she looked around the hidden cove fascinated while Matt talked about its history. Eventually, he gestured to the rocky path and said, “That leads to the house. We can stop by if you want a drink or something.”

Jasmin looked ready to agree but her waterproof smartwatch suddenly let out a series of dinging sounds. She check the time and her eyes went wide, “Fuck, I’m going to be late.”

Matt didn’t like the look of worry that appeared on her face and asked, “Late for what?”

Jasmin returned to her paddle board and blurted, “My friends and I were going to get our nails done. They will kill me if I’m late.”

Matt considered this and offered, “I could drive you back. It’ll be faster than paddling.”

Jasmin was surprised to hear this but recovered and nodded quickly. “Yes, please!”

Matt smiled, “No problem, you get the board and I’ll get the keys.”

They raced off together and in less than two minutes were in Matt’s car. He handed her a cold bottle of water and commented, “Got you this.”

Jasmin felt touched and quickly took off the lid, “Thank you so much!”

She chugged the refreshing beverage while Matt started to drive, “I’m happy too. We’re neighbors now, plus…” He glanced at her and finished, “Who wouldn’t help a hottie in distress.”

Jasmin blushed and almost choked on the water before growling out, “Eyes on the road buddy.”

Her place ended up only being a three-minute drive away and once they arrived she shouted, “Thanks Escort Bodrum for everything!”

Matt smiled and waved as she rushed to exit the car, “Anytime. How about we get lunch sometime?”

Jasmin was half out the door when his words registered and she responded in a reflex, “I don’t have time to talk!”

She jolted off as Matt called, “See you at school!”

Jasmin looked back and waved, “See you at school!”

Matt sighed to himself contently and drove back home. It was only after he had parked that he realized Jasmin had taken his towel with her. Luckily, it wasn’t gone long, the next morning when he was leaving for school he found it on his door with a note. On it was a neatly drawn phone number and a line that read, ‘Let’s plan that date.’

For the next month, they saw each other at school and texted each other regularly. Though both grew disgruntled with how little a text message could convey. Eventually, they scheduled a lunch meet-up at a time that worked for both their busy school schedules.

The instant chemistry they had felt when they first met was still there and soon the two were laughing merrily. They talked about life and how Matt wanted to design 3D printers. Jasmin expressed her dream of having her small practice. They also found out they both liked classic rock as well as Sci-fi movies.

After a while, Matt got bold enough to ask, “Come on, why don’t you want to date anybody right now. You seem to have everything under control.”

Jasmin sighed at this growing defensive and grumbled, “I want to focus on school…”

She was cut off at this point as Matt complained, “Aside from that? I know you’re not struggling in any of your classes.”

Jasmin felt conflicted but then responded, “Fine, I’ll tell you my reason if you tell me yours.”

Matt considered this and nodded, “Fair enough. I’ve been busy and looking for the right girl. My last girlfriend kind of gut-punched me, so I’m looking for something more real.”

Jasmin became intrigued and leaned in excited for some tea, “Ooo, what did she do?”

Matt sighed at this and explained, “She got into drugs and I wasn’t down for that. After a while we didn’t click and then she cheated on me.”

Jasmin looked surprised and responded, “I can’t believe anyone would cheat on you.”

Matt shrugged at this, “She said she was high when it happened.”

Trying to view the situation from all angles she dug deeper into his story, “I mean if she was high then that was just an accident. Couldn’t you guys reconcile?”

Revealing a pained smile the young man elaborated, “Let me clarify. She got high and cheated on me repeatedly and I only knew this was even happening because a friend told me.”

Hearing the whole truth, her friend’s reasoning was much more understandable. Jasmin nodded adamantly and reassured him, “Good move.”

Matt smiled turned sad and reminiscent for a moment though the emotions soon faded. His usual charm returned and he eyed her like a predator, “Your turn.”

Jasmin was still reluctant but after Matt raised an eyebrow gave in, “Fine, but you won’t like it.” She composed herself but inwardly felt worried, not wanting to put off such a great guy. Still, she knew it was better to get this out of the way earlier than later, “In high school, I slept around a bit.” Matt’s eyes went big and she quickly added hurriedly, “They were boyfriends but each only lasted like a month. I was insecure and curious at the time.” She thought about it feeling regret then added, “Horny and stupid too.” She took in a breath and went on, “I got tired of all that, it made me unhappy. I’m trying to turn a new leaf.”

Jasmin felt miserable on the inside knowing she had just put her foot in something that could have been amazing. Matt was so nice, funny, and charming. He was a perfect guy both personality-wise and body-wise in her eyes. Now she knew he would see her differently, not a hottie in distress but a slut.

Waiting for a change in tone or chastisement she was surprised to hear his voice full of vigor, “Hey, good for you.” She looked up and saw his eyes glow with admiration, “It takes a lot to change yourself.”

Jasmin blinked and couldn’t help but blurt, “What?”

Matt was surprised by this question and became a bit frazzled, “I mean it’s impressive that you’re so dedicated to improving yourself.”

Jasmin could hardly belIeve this and outright asked, “You don’t think I’m slutty or anything?”

Matt understood what was going on at this point and responded comfortingly, “Of course not, that was in the past. Plus you’re trying to change, I think that’s noble.” He then grew sly and added, “Also it’s normal to be dumb and horny when you’re a teenager.” His eyes flickered cunningly as he went on, “I personally very horny so who am I to judge.” Jasmin’s jaw dropped as Matt moved on, his expression turning assertive “In fact, if you had found a nice guy that was good enough at fucking you probably wouldn’t have needed to sleep around.” His eyes were suggestive as he concluded, “I’d be happy to fill that spot for you.”

Jasmin’s face went a deep shade of scarlet as her brain was filled with a mix of embarrassment, anger, and attraction. She tried to clear her head and managed to growl back, “Who’d even want to fuck you?”

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