Best Way to End a Bad Day

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She simply couldn’t believe what a horrible day it had been. Nothing had gone right, from stabbing herself in the eye with her eyeliner in the morning, to dropping her phone in the sink, and worse yet, the traffic driving home had made her late. She sighed deeply as she pulled into the driveway, so happy to be home. But knowing He was probably disappointed in her for not having dinner ready for him.

Turning off the car, she sat for a moment, closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths. She didn’t want her stressful day to affect Him. As she sat in the car, she had the feeling she was being watched. She opened her eyes and realized he’d stepped onto the front porch and was watching her. A smile came to her face, realizing that the day was over and now she could be in his loving arms.

She stepped out of the car and made her way over to him, his arms outstretching, reaching for her.

As she stepped into his arms, she felt all the tension in her body wash away, as though it had never been there in the first place. Just being in his arms soothed her, and brought the peace back into her mind. He could always sense when she needed his calming comfort, peacefully holding her close while her mind slowed and her tension eased.

He opened the front door and beckoned her through, and just as she had gotten through the door, with him right behind her, his hand wrapped around her wrist, stopping her from stepping further into the house. He pulled her back, turning her towards her, and as she faced him, his free hand took the keys from her hand and set them on the table. He released her wrist as his arms quickly wrapped around her, pulling her body close to his. His lips on hers, tongue slipping between her lips, finding hers.

His kiss was gentle at first, slowly drawing her into him. His arms slowly slid from her waist, up her back, to her hair, twisting it between His fingers, he pulled her head back, his lips pulling from hers, and lowering his head to her neck, gently nipping at first, then biting a little harder while sucking her fragile skin into his mouth. The pressure of his sucking and biting causing her to moan in pleasurable pain, she knew he was leaving his mark on her and that turned her on all the more.

His grip loosened in her hair, as he slid his arms back down her back, to her hips, grasping them and pushing her backwards down the hall, his lips finding their way back to hers. She kept her arms wrapped around his neck as they moved down the hall, him guiding her by her hips as he pushed them into their room, and gave her a hard shove, pushing her back onto the bed. He closed the door behind him, and as she looked up at him, he smiled down at her, his wry, mischievous grin. She smiled back at him, and reached her arms up, beckoning him to come to her.

Slowly, he walked over, and sat on the bed beside her, his gentleness coming out again as his hand slid across her cheek and he gently kissed her forehead, before finding her lips again. His kiss was deep, strong, passionate, her entire body responded to him as she reached her arms around his neck and slid closer to him. His hands slid down her chest, barely brushing across her hard nipples, down to her stomach as he reached the edge of her shirt and grasped it, pulling it over her head, their kiss breaking only as the thin fabric slid across her face.

He made quick work of removing her bra, his hands on her breasts in seconds, fingers grasping her erect nipples, tightening around them, the sharp stab of pleasurable pain radiating through her body as he kept his firm grip on her nipples, her back arched, escort bayan as his kiss released, and his mouth was on her neck again, biting, sucking, drawing her flesh into his mouth. For a brief moment the thought of the deep purple marks he was leaving on her went through her mind, but only for a moment before she was putty in his hands.

He pulled away, quickly, standing up and pulling her by her wrists to stand before him. He gripped her hair tightly as he pushed her down to her knees. He let loose of her hair and unbuttoned and dropped his jeans to the floor, and with no words needing spoken, she immediately grasp his already throbbing hard cock and started stroking him, gently rolling her tongue around the head of his shaft, tasting his salty pre-cum on her tongue as she slid his cock just a little way into her mouth, then pulled back, rolling her tongue around the head again, as she continued to stroke him. Her tongue rolling down the back of his shaft, slowly to his balls, sucking one, then the other into her mouth, then back to the first again as she stroked him, her hand tightening just a little.

She looked up at him, a smile coming across her face as she slid her tongue back up his shaft and knowing the inevitable, she placed the head of his cock back into her mouth. As she did, his fingers tightened in her hair and he pulled her head forward, thrusting his cock deep into her mouth, the head slamming into the back of her throat. She whimpered in pleasure at the feeling and kept her eyes trained on his, looking up at Him while he kept his cock buried deep in her throat. He pulled her head back and slammed his cock deep into her throat again, over and over he repeated this, fucking her mouth, forcing her to take every inch of him in her throat.

He slowly loosened his grip on her hair and allowed her to have some control, she continued what he had started and kept burying his cock deep in her throat, her eyes on his as she slid him deep, then shallow in her mouth, her hands reaching around and grasping his ass, her nails digging into his skin, just a little. He reached around and grabbed her hands, pulling them off him, and holding her wrist tight in his hands, keeping them sliding above her head. She sucked his cock deep into her mouth, her tongue rolling around his shaft as his head hit the back of her throat. She sped up and then slowed, still keeping her eyes on his, watching his reactions. He slowly let her hands go, and let them drop. She slid one up his thigh to his cock and stroked it as she moved back a little, just keeping his head in her mouth and stroking him, her fingers tightening around his shaft as she slid her mouth back and ran her tongue around the head again, then down the back of his shaft, down to his balls, sucking one then the other back into her mouth, her eyes still on his as she slid her tongue back up and just as she was about to bury his cock deep in her throat again, he gripped her hair and pulled her back away from him, the pressure pulling her to standing.

He let loose of her hair and pushed her backwards, hard against the bed. Briefly knocking the wind out of her as he roughly grasped her slacks and pulled them off of her, tossing them across the room. In one swift motion, her panties were gone also and she laid exposed to him. He knew this always caused her to blush and have a brief moment of nervousness. He laughed for a moment, out loud, causing her to blush. They’d been together for years and still, after all this time, she would get a little embarrassed when laying exposed in the light.

He stepped over escort istanbul to the edge of the bed and ran his hand up the inside of her thigh, barely brushing his finger tips against her pink throbbing clit. She twitched, just a little as he slid further onto the bed while sliding his hand up her body, the other bracing himself as he laid on his side next to her. Slowly he traced her nipple, then gripped it between his fingers, tightening his grip just enough to make her whimper, then letting loose, moving his hand over to the other and doing the same, tightening his grip on her nipple, then letting loose. She watched his face as he teased her, the glimmer of a smile across his lips. She moaned in pleasure as he slipped his hand back down her stomach, his fingers pressing against her clit, starting to rub it in a little circular motion, he pressed down just a little harder as his mouth found hers again. Her back arching as he continued pressing down on her clit, rubbing in little circles.

Slowly he slipped his fingers from her clit and ran them down to her warm, waiting slit, her hips instinctively raised up to meet his fingers, but he didn’t slip them inside her, instead he pressed them just against her tight opening. She whined just a little between the whimpers, causing him to lift his fingers from her, and before she knew he, he slapped down hard on her clit. She cried out between his kiss as he started gently rubbing her clit again. He released her from the kiss and looked down at her. She found herself biting into her lower lip as he kept hard pressure on her clit while he rubbed.

Instinctively, she reached for his hard cock, wanting to pay attention to his needs while he was teasing her, he pulled back and wouldn’t let her touch him, she made the mistake of whimpering again, then found his fingers off her clit and slapping down hard on it again. She cried out again, in pleasure, in pain, the exquisite torture he was causing her. He leaned down and kissed her, ever so gently as his fingers slowly slid from her clit back to her warm, waiting pussy. He gently slid one finger inside her, slowly, and with his other hand, reached for hers and placed it on his cock, allowing her to stroke him.

Methodically he slid his finger into her warm tight pussy, then back out, her hips rising to meet his finger. He added a second finger, then a 3rd, causing her to whimper and moan in pleasure as he would press his fingers in, then pull them back, never forcing them deep into her, just enough pressure and depth to drive her to the point of distraction. Her grip tightened as she continued stroking his cock, running her fingers across the head, and then sliding her hand back down to the base of his shaft. All she could think about was having him deep inside her.

“Please” she whispered, almost whimpering, begging for him to be inside her.

“NO” he sternly replied to her.

He continued teasing her, rubbing his fingers in hard tiny circles on her clit, and then sliding them back inside her, just a little, never fully entering her. He looked up at him, staring into his eyes, he smiled down at her and then kissed her gently, his lips barely brushing hers as his hand slid back up her stomach, to her breasts, teasing one nipple, then the other. She moaned as he ran his hand across her cheek again, his fingers brushing the hair off the side of her face.

In one swift motion he was on top of her, grasping her hands and pulling them above her head, pinning her wrists down as he kissed her, his tongue finding hers. His kiss started gentle, then it became more bayan escort aggressive, his grip on her wrists tightening as his chest pressed against hers. He moved to hold both of her wrists in one hand, and slid the other between them, guiding his throbbing cock to her tight, wet, wanting pussy, sliding just the head inside her and then moving his hand back up to grasp her wrist again.

Slowly he inched his cock further into her, gently pressing his hips into hers as she raised her hips to meet his, his hands went from her wrists to pressing his palms against hers, intertwining his fingers in hers as he pressed his cock all the way inside her, the head pressing against the deep nerves, causing her to twitch and cry out in a combination of pleasure and pain. He slid back, then buried it deep into her again, over and over, gently taking her.

She felt like she was going to explode, writhing, trying to get her hands from him so she could wrap her arms around him, encourage him to take her harder, faster, but unable to get her hands free. He sat back just a little looking down at her, smiling as their eyes met. He moved his hips a little faster, causing his cock to bury even deeper inside her. Biting down on her lower lip, but keeping eye contact with him, she raised her hips up to meet his, in so much as she could, with his body pressed against hers, keeping hers pressed to the bed.

“Please!” She said again.

With that, he pulled back, sitting up and grasping her, swiftly taking her from her back to her knees, barely letting her gain her balance before thrusting his cock deep inside her pussy, forcing every bit of himself inside her. The sheer force nearly causing her to fall flat on her face, only his tight grip on her hips keeping her on her knees. He took one hand from her hip and gripped her long hair, pulling her head back and to the side, his lips on hers, kissing her hard, before pushing her head down towards the bed and keeping his hand firmly twisted in her hair, but pressing down between her shoulder blades.

He forcefully buried his cock in her, over and over, her screams of pleasure encouraging him to take her brutally. Her body twisting as she came, once, then again, her juices exploding around his throbbing cock. Once she regained her breath for a moment she whimpered for him to cum, almost begging to feel him explode inside her.

He slowed for a brief moment, then pulling back, thrust his cock deep into her tight ass, not waiting to prepare her, not giving her a moment to adjust to the stretching feeling of his cock entering her tight ass. Again, her body nearly falling to the bed, pain shooting through her like branches of lightning from a storm, the pain causing her to cum hard, her juices spraying from her pussy. He pounded her ass, hard, deep, his hips slamming into hers as his grip on her hips pulled her hips into his thrusts.

Pounding her over and over, forcing her to take every bit of his cock in her ass, taking his hand from her hip every so often and slapping her ass hard, the sting radiating through her body as she whimpered and cried out. She felt the veins in his cock harden further and knew he was ready to explode inside her, resisting the pain she pushed her hips back hard into his, whimpering words of encouragement as he groaned and she felt him begin to explode inside her ass, causing her to cum again. He kept his cock buried deep in her ass as he came, his grip on her hips tightening until finally, he slowly pulled back just a little.

He grasped her and moved them to laying on their sides, his cock still in her ass, and gently kissed the back of her neck. A little moan of pleasure escaped her lips as his arms wrapped around her and she slowly ran her hand up his arm, then down, lacing her fingers between his.

“I love you so much,” he whispered.

“With all my heart, forever,” she responded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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