Hollywood Jim: The Early Years Pt. 04

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Before he was “Hollywood Jim” in Los Angeles, he was a geeky kid with a funny nickname in the Connecticut suburbs . And before he had numerous starlets as friends, he had various girlfriends. Here then are the “Adventures of Hollywood Jim-The Early Years”


It all seemed too unreal to me, Rose was standing at the doorway in an untied silk robe that showed her cute tits and pussy. Standing next to her was Kelly, a girl I’d known since elementary school. Kelly had sandy colored hair that just touched her shoulders and wore a black t-shirt and jean shorts. They both had a lot on their minds. And that was the stunned geek sitting in front of them, naked on a couch, and wondering when I’d wake up back home, alone, in my bed.

“You remember Kelly, don’t you Jim?” Rose said with a smile.

“I remember him.” Kelly added. “We’ve known each other a long time.”

Rose strolled over to the couch and sat down close to me.

“I told Kelly how much fun we’ve been having and she was, well, interested in joining us.” She said as she kissed me softly. “Would you like her to join us?”

To her amusement, words were not coming from me, especially since Rose was eyeing my growing dick. She smiled at it, then giggled at Kelly.

“Come on Kel, join us.” She said.

Kelly took a deep breath

“Okay…” she said.

She slowly removed her shirt, exposing a black bra. She looked seductively at us, then slowly pulled the straps down and unbuckled yalnızım mesut bey izle it from the back. She had larger tits than Rose, with little pink nipples. I could hear Rose gasp a little, I remembered how she said she and Kelly had fooled around once, and perhaps seeing her tits brought back memories for her. What it was bringing me, was more excitement as Rose began to softly touch my dick which was growing even harder. Kelly now unbuckled her shorts and slid them down and her black panties down. She had a beautiful looking pussy that upon seeing it, brought me to “full staff”, to the delight of Rose.

“Oh my god, Kelly, look!” she said.

“Wow.” She replied as she slowly sat on my left and kissed me on the cheek.

“Touch it, Kel.” Rose said “it feels great.”

Kelly reached over and tentatively touched my dick.

“Oh, my…”she said “it looks great.”

“Wait ’til you, um…” Rose said with a smile that said even more by what wasn’t said.

Kelly put her hand on her mouth and giggled.

Rose and Kelly took turns holding my dick and admiring it.

Throughout all this, I couldn’t say a word. How could I? This was something right out of a porn film that I’d never seen. I had a Latina hottie who had a love for sex previously unknown to me, and a girl I’d known forever who had an appreciation for me also previously unknown.

Hollywood, you better get used to this!

As yüzüklerin efendisi güç yüzükleri izle I got up the nerve to kiss Kelly, Rose was now caressing my dick.

“What do you think, Kel?” she said.

“I think he’s hot!” she replied with a smile.

“Jim, you’re so silent…” Rose said looking at me.

“I-I-I’m just trying to…tell myself this is real.” I said hesitantly.

“It’s real, baby.” Rose said “Just relax, you’re gonna love this.”

Rose looked at me as she slid down the couch until she was kneeling on the floor. Then she spread my legs and slowly licked my balls, then up the shaft of my dick. Kelly was watching this with me, and then softly kissed my cheek.

“Wow…that looks so hot.” Kelly now said, he eyes widening with awe.

“I told you, Jim has the perfect dick.” Rose said.

“Yes, he does…” Kelly said as we smiled at each other.

Rose now had the full length of my dick in her mouth and she made it very slick with her lips and tongue.

Kelly just looked on in awe.

I now felt Kelly’s tits brush against my shoulder. I so wanted to kiss those beauties I’d never knew existed on her until just now. I turned and gingerly touched one. Kelly sensed what I was doing and her attentions now turned to me.

“Oh yes, Jim…please…” she said in a loving voice as she moved closer to me and her tits were now closer to my mouth. I began to lick them as she caressed my head.

Rose saw what I was doing and came off my dick.

“Oh, nice Kel!” she said before resuming her oral work.

Kelly now sighed with pleasure as I licked and sucked her tits. She brought my head up and kissed me deeply.

“I wanna trade with Rose.” She said.

Kelly now slid down and joined Rose on the floor. Rose saw she was there and handed my dick to her.

“Oh my god…I always wondered what he had in his pants all these years.” She said, making all of us laugh.

“Really, Kel? You really thought that?” Rose said laughing.

“Sure…I think a lot of other girls did, they just never had the guts to ask.” She replied before she licked the head of my dick before slowly letting it slide into her mouth. Rose’s mouth slowly opened in loving awe of her friend’s handiwork. Like I said, I was just letting all this happen. It was too unreal to express myself. But I think I was about to.

“Oh my god…gonna cum…gonna cum…” I suddenly said.

“Oh! Jerk him off Kelly! Jerk him off! He likes that!” Rose said excitedly as I suddenly exploded into the air thanks to Kelly’s hands.

“Oh yeah!” they both screamed with delight as each took turns jerking every drop out of me.

“Look at that!” Rose said. “You do that good, Kel!”

“So does Jim.” Kelly said with a smile as she moved back up the couch and kissed me. Rose did the same and our lips and tongues were quickly all over each other.

“You think he’s got more in him, Rose?” Kelly asked with a sexy smile.

“I don’t know, do you Jim?” Rose said looking at me with an equally sexy smile.

All I could do was smile as I tried to catch my breath.

“The night is still young, Kel.” Rose said “Let’s make it last.”

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